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  1. 107 points
    Not the team. Half the people on here every time we lose a match!! We are 1 (one) point of 6th place! Anyone would think we were several points adrift at the bottom of the league! We may not win another game all season. We may pick up the results needed to finish 6th, maybe even 5th. Either way it’s been a season over massive improvement. We certainly need to strengthen some areas and improve the quality of our squad depth in the summer, but we are heading in the right direction on and off the pitch. Too many on here act like spoilt little brats, when we can’t keep up significant over achievement, rather than look on things for what they are and appreciate the progress made. Maybe we are a little bit weak mentally. So..? That seems natural with a young, developing team. However it finishes, this will be a season of some great football, great memories and real progress. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen..! Although I’m fully aware that most of the worst culprits on here probably very rarely actually venture to watch & support us! CTID!
  2. 63 points
    I’ve come to the decision that I’m not going to renew. My ticket in the South Stand has not changed in price but this whole episode has made me feel a lot more disenfranchised from the club to the extent that I’m not sure I want to be part of it any more. Treating disabled, elderly & children in this way is simply despicable and I’m very angry with the club over this. They just don’t get it, and I guess they never will. Whilst on the pitch we’ve had a great season, I can’t say the same for off the pitch. My matchday experience has been regularly soured by the way we in the South Stand corner have been treated. I don’t particularly enjoy being surrounded by police and being stared at and filmed for 90 minutes whilst I am innocently trying to enjoy a football match. I don’t appreciate the fact that I always used to stand outside the Spanish bar with a beer but the police clamped down on that and don’t allow drinking outside on the pavement before the match. I don’t enjoy having to drive in from 20 miles away and having little parking options because the club & council can’t get their arses in gear to arrange a proper use of the pretty much empty park and ride facility 5 minutes walk away. It takes me an hour sometimes to get to Ashton and then another half hour finding somewhere to park. It’s frustrating and impinges on my matchday experience, particularly when there is a simple solution just over the road! Above all, I despise the way the club are treating our fans of the future and the more vulnerable / less well-off of our fanbase. It’s disgusting. As I said before, my ticket would be the same price, but to me that’s not important. I would have happily paid another 10% on my ticket if it meant the club didn’t rip off families who don’t want to be split up. They just don’t get it. I’ve got a 4 year old daughter who will now enjoy spending some more time with Daddy on a Saturday afternoon. I’ll still attend occasionally, but if the club think they’re having season ticket money from me in the next 2 weeks plus drinks money for 23 games per season, they can blow. Yes, the product being served is better than it’s been in many a year, but the customer experience is sour and the treatment of loyal supporters, kids, elderly & disabled is shocking. I’m out.
  3. 47 points
    It was with interest that I read @Michael McIndoe 's post back in January that urged City not to make the same mistakes as they did in 2008 in regard to player recruitment. I think it’s fair to say it was a widely held view amongst the fanbase that we didn’t strengthen sufficiently in that window and so it was interesting to see that view was also held by at least one member of the playing staff from that time. The particularly pertinent line from Michael’s post (link below) is as follows: “I remember 10 years ago when Gary was sat in a very similar position and we signed a foreigner who didn't know the division and someone who didn't suit our style of play.” I assume the players Michael is referring to are: 1) Nick Carle (a foreigner who didn’t know the division); and 2) Dele Adebola (someone who didn’t suit our style of play). Skip forward 10 years and the similarities regarding our two ‘marquee’ signings in January are uncanny: 1) Lois Diony (a foreigner who doesn’t know the division & hasn’t scored all season); and 2) Ryan Kent (someone who IMO it is becoming clear doesn’t suit our style of play – I will allow @spudski to elaborate!) We also signed Liam Walsh of course, however I don’t think he can be considered a ‘starter’ just yet. @Michael McIndoe has detailed how our style of play changed once Adebola was signed in that we abandoned our quick, counter, passing game for a more direct approach that didn’t suit most of the personnel we had at the club. Since January we are seeing very similar; the style of play that got us to the top of the Championship appears to have been ditched in favour of a more frantic, direct style not helped by team selection, the re-introduction of Diedhou and the more recent introduction of Diony. We didn’t stick to our playing principles in 2008 or strengthen sufficiently in January and it ultimately cost us promotion. I believe the same is happening again, it has already cost us a top two spot and unless we return to team selection/style of play we adopted pre-Christmas then it may very well cost us a play-off spot which is frankly there for the taking. We need to get back to basics and what we were doing in that brilliant run in Nov/Dec: Fielding; Wright, Flint, Baker, Mags; Brownhill, Pack, Smith, Bryan; Paterson; Reid. http://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/191776-new-signings-needed-for-promotion/
  4. 42 points
    Just wanted to come on here to say that I & plenty of others sat around me last night thought you were the best side we’ve played at Deepdale this season, maybe with the exception of villa, on saying that we were shocking that day , probably a draw would have been a fairer result but I’m not complaining, also every credit to the 400+ who travelled , great effort for a hellish mid week journey All the best for the rest of the season
  5. 41 points
  6. 41 points
    Our policy that has got us from being threatened with relegation to competing for the play offs has definitely failed us have a day off will you it's getting boring.
  7. 39 points
    Ignore Londoner, he'll be sulking because Ipswich didn't win today.
  8. 39 points
    In wake of probably our most depressing game of the season yesterday, and in response to the usual kneejerkers desperate to stick the knife in, let’s look at the bigger picture. Our club was on a downward spiral after the play off final in 2008. Our league position declined season-on-season, culminating in our eventual relegation in 2013. Our stadium was tired and aging, our squad overpaid, underperforming and unpopular with the fans, and the club’s finances were unsustainable. Then came a miserable League One campaign. Yet look what has happened since! If someone had said we’d be competing at the top end of the Championship in 2017/18, at the end of the 2013/14, you’d scarcely have believed it. That’s just four years ago - an Olympic cycle of time, if you like. In the past four years we have risen to become a club almost unrecogisable from the one that preceded it. We have a magnificent stadium ready for Premier League football. Our attendances are improving every year and now average in excess of 20k - that would have meant a sell out every week at the old Ashton Gate. Our league position has incrementally improved year on year (L1 1st, Champ 18th, Champ 17th) and it is all but guaranteed that it will further improve this year - whatever happens between now and May. We are now more financially sustainable than we were previously, and we have shown we have an eye for attracting affordable quality like Korey Smith, Josh Brownhill and Nathan Baker. Our academy is starting to pay back with two established first teamers in Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan - arguably our best players no less! This season we have even enjoyed a cup run, which never happens, peaking with that magnificent win against United. Whisper it - but we might not be promoted this season. But the foundations of the club are stronger than they’ve ever been, we are on the map in a way we haven’t been for years, and we appear to be well placed to continue competing at the right end of the Championship in the coming years. This isn’t a head-in-the-sand post. Of course our decline in form is disappointing. Of course we want to make the most of this opportunity. I went yesterday and left miserable. But let’s also try to look at the bigger picture. Most clubs outside the Premier League - perhaps even some of those in it - would happily swap for the progress we’ve made in the past four years. COYR!
  9. 38 points
    Well I have to say I am very disappointed to have to post this. I posted this morning suggesting a walkout on Saturday in order to demonstrate to Bristol Sport that us Bristol City fans were a different breed and we would not take price hikes to the most vulnerable in our fanbase lightly. I always thought that we were different. Heard so many times that "oh that wouldn't happen at City" and "we wouldn't stand for that" when there have been stories of corporate greed and fans being taken for a ride at other clubs. From the reaction my suggestion has received, it appears I have completely misjudged our fans. I thought there would be a strong weight of opinion against the indiscriminate price rises for kids, the elderly and the disabled. I thought that we would all stand up for each other, have each others backs, and stick up for those in our fanbase who were being edged out in favour of corporate money, glory supporters and greed. I'm sad to say that I was very wrong. It appears as if there are about 30 or 40 people who seem really behind it, which let's face it is a shit protest. It seems most of our fans are too keen to not upset the players and ruin our (fading) premiership dream, rather than stick up for their fellow supporters who are having their matchday experience nullified by the decisions made. I don't mind other people disagreeing with me on this, but I have received a torrent of abuse today for trying to stick up for others (on all forms of media, not just on here). I'm not in it for that. I thought I was helping others, but it seems I'm causing all sorts of division and hatred. As a result, I am not going to suggest to anyone that they walk out in protest this week. You can all carry on doing whatever you want to do and ignore the bigger picture. That's your right. Over the years I have been someone who has tried to bring as much atmosphere to Ashton Gate as possible. I have been active in support of this club and trying to improve the colour, atmosphere and general experience. It seems all of that is completely futile. After the abuse received today I'm not going to bother any more. I will continue to support my team for the rest of this season, in body, but not in voice. I've had to put up with the following over the years : You think you're a superfan, why do you sing that shit song, why don't you sing this, the atmosphere is shit, S82 is shit, you sing too fast, you sing too slow, that song has too many words, we've got nothing new, we copy everyone else, that new song is shit, blah blah blah. The haters win. I'm not bothering any more. There's plenty who will keep trying, but the majority of fans at Ashton Gate don't seem to give a shit. So I'm gonna join the majority and just be a bit-part in this club and let it continue to be a place of a placid support base that are happy to let their bellies be tickled by the corporates. So much for everyone who says "against modern football", and "we'd never let that happen here". The majority have shown this week that they are happy with how "modern football" is being run at our club, so I'm pissing in the wind. Bristol Sport have missed a trick here. The best 'product' they've produced in decades and they are trying to cash in on it straight away by robbing the poor to provide a place for the rich. Good luck to everyone who wants to continue the fight against this, and to those who want to continue to bring atmosphere to our placid place.
  10. 37 points
    Hasn’t been used enough. Plain and simple. My biggest thing with LJ. Wants to protect players too much. All this talk about learning different aspects of the game is relevant but not to the point we need to pay them for years before we use them. Spent a lot of money on players who won’t have half a season between them in minutes or appearances. Our squad was decimated with injuries for 3-4 months so he just wore out a select 12-13. In my mind, a big reason our form dipped. Play the ones here already. For me it is why teams like Preston and Brentford appear to recruit so well. The players they buy, they play. They grow as part of the squad. Imagine we had bought Ollie Watkins and he was sat on our bench getting 10 minutes every month. Taylor Moore, Gustav Engvall, Liam Walsh, and Eliasson. Almost 6m worth of players with limited appearances. In the case of Moore and Engvall, we bought them, gave them contracts and those contracts now going into their final 12 months!! Sometimes you need to see if players sink or swim but none have been given the chance. Age is but a number and it is BS that young players can’t get the job done. I just watched a CB pairing aged 18 and 19 help beat Bayern Munich the other day with Leipzig. Upemacano and Konate played very well and they have grown given proper chances to thrive. Anyway, these players need chances. I have no doubt that given the minutes, Eliasson would produce. Could have easily been given minutes too. Engvall never been given a fair chance(has looked better than loan strikers like Woodrow and Diony). Walsh fair enough hard to get into the team with Pack and Smith but maybe should be used instead of one of them in matches like Burton where the defensive burden isn’t so great? Taylor Moore also has quite a bit in front of him but with talks of Flint leaving, we all say we can buy a good replacement. So where does that leave Moore? Where does he get his chance? At RB where he doesn’t look as comfortable? No, it is LJ’s biggest weakness imo. He can grow young players but he coddles them too much. Even COD and Brownhill were given chances throughout the season. Need to do the same for the others.
  11. 36 points
    Fellow CIty fans, At the age of 66 and newly retired Per Sjöberg recently passed away. A great and a very warm harted City fan Per was always keen for a debate. Close to always Per took the minority opiniion defending it for a long and fruitful discussion. Per was not on OTIB but always keen for a debate live in Bristol. Per talked about his ex wife as a great girl and when talking about his two daugheters there was a certain warmth in his voice. The first Swedish CIty fan has passed away. Far to early. RIP Per my great friend.
  12. 34 points
    What a great ground - the Pirelli Stadium Burton! It may be small and the pitch is poor but I thought that this was a great ground to visit. It's not one of those grounds in the middle of nowhere, but a ground in town with some good pubs within walking distance. It also has the benefit of different sections for those who want to sit and those who want to stand. Being a dull old duffer I went into the seating section and found the most wondrous extraordinary concourse. Nothing high tech, but the basic things you can't get at Ashton Gate. Firstly, Chips! Yes real chips, those things that aren't allowed at Ashton Gate because the deep fat fryers will burn down the stand. Amazingly, chips don't cause any problems at Burton. Second, shelves along the wall to put your drink on. Another thing banned at Ashton Gate due to safety reasons. Last, but not lease, seats! The fold up sort that used to be in the Wedlock. Can't have those at Ashton Gate as they are far too dangerous, but I can report that there were no accidents at Burton. Obviously the crowds at Burton are much smaller that at Ashton Gate, but so was the concourse. In fact everything was great until the match started, then it went downhill.
  13. 34 points
    No. First and foremost it's a football club. Or it used to be. @Harry don't let the bastards get you down, whoever they may be. S82 and your fellow fans in the various 'singing section' locations around the ground over the last few years have been one of the few sparks of vibrancy, colour and passion at Ashton Gate. Whether there is a walkout or any other form of protest - or not - tomorrow is not the most important thing. The most important thing is continuing to fight for your principles, what you consider to be the values that your club ought to embody. Walk away and the grey suits have won.
  14. 34 points
    We may have all but confirmed our promotion to this division at Deepdale three years ago, but we really don’t have a very good record here, so it is a surprise to say this is the best I can remember us playing here - AND the worst I can remember Preston playing. Which is an excellent reminder that simply playing well guarantees nothing. For everyone who said “if only we played our football against Cardiff, it would have been alright". Well here was your controlled test. And it wasn’t alright. Preston did a passable impression of Cardiff - direct, quick to the floor, eager to monopolise referee ear time - while we tried, in patches, to pass and move smartly via our forward pair. We failed. Bobby Reid was hit and miss after his big weekend; we lacked true width - certainly absent from our full backs, easily our weakest link; and most crucially we made killer mistakes for both goals. The type of errors City make too often to be successful, and certainly mistakes that stem from our over confidence with the ball. When our passing comes up against more direct teams, we either totally lose control of the game (Cardiff) or we play pretty stuff and dominate possession (tonight) but then get far too carried away with our ability on the ball and become careless. It happened for both goals and was even more of a feature second half with Kent on. In the first half today we dominated the ball and contrived the lions share of chances, but ultimately looked disjointed with Pack and Smith buzzing around centrally but both Bryan - repeatedly poor in the pass tonight - and Wright - almost non existent going forward - providing little width where both Brownhill and Paterson were tucking in. In the second half chasing the game we put up a decent fight, got back into the game, then almost immediately surrendered another mistake, before being suffocated by a painful succession of tumbling, diving, and time wasting from Preston - not something I associate with them - before ultimately losing our heads in our failure to respond. To be honest none of this seemed possible when we took the first half to them. Korey initiated a driving run out of midfield before a smart one touch passing set - the type we saw on Saturday - threatened to carve them open. Then Joe Bryan did similar before exchanging passes with Reid and delivering a return cross that flashed across the box. Next it was Brownhill looping a ball into the edge of the box which Diedhiou did well to control first time, before spinning the ball into the path of Magnússon who cracked our first direct strike on goal from the left hand side. Minutes later Flint headed upfield into the path of Diedhiou who momentarily looked like he would go clear on goal. But for all the chances, it was a mistake that gifted Preston the lead. Magnússon scuffed a clearance which Fielding had already committed to running out to win, and Preston collected the ball and looped a return ball over the top of both players and into the far corner. It was the softest of goals to concede by a side that had been well on top. City continued to play the better football and from a first time ball out of his own box from Flint, Paterson was released to run through central midfield, and he would exchange passes with Reid before slipping Diedhiou clear on goal only for the keeper to be first to the ball. This was City, trying to play football and searching for gaps to exploit. Before the break Magnússon, exposed for the goal but actually convincing at both ends in every other exchange, would make a brilliant leaping header to prevent City falling further behind, as a flick on to the back post left City exposed, only for the the Icelandic defender to head the ball clear of goal with Preston’s striker ready to react. Straight from the second half it was clear that Preston were going to dial up gamesmanship to keep their opponents at bay. From City’s first break Diedhiou was clumsily sent to the floor - similar would happen later to Reid and others without any response from the ref - but at least Paterson raced at the defence on the right and won the corner. Though that first set piece was cleared, the second corner found Magnússon bundling in from yards out and his point blank header was tipped desperately by Preston's keeper over the crossbar with City swarming. Minutes later Reid worked an opening only to be penalised by the first of a series of theatrical Preston tumbles under pressure. Another dubious foul for the home side in their own half after similar pressure, resulted in a long range free kick into our box which was glanced towards the top right corner by Preston and drew a fantastic reaction save from Fielding to tip wide. At the other end Pack drove a spinning low shot just past the post after good work by Magnússon. Johnson sent on Kent for Magnússon and switched Wright - largely anonymous going forward as a full back - into centre back with Brownhill relocating to right back. Within minutes City were level, Bobby Reid collecting the ball on the left and lifting a dipping cross that Diedhiou met at the near post to nod over the Preston keeper for 1-1.\ At this point with all the possession, fresh legs on one wing, and certainly the better football, City will have believed the win was there for them. It would be their downfall, and within minutes we would be reminded for the second time of the night that City simply cannot ground themselves to do the basics before they get carried away with the ball. It was actually City that won a free kick midway into Preston’s half, but Pack’s deep ball failed to meet Flint and from the resultant clearance, Korey Smith returned an indecisive header in midfield which Preston reacted fastest to, winning the ball and releasing a quick central through ball, from which they ran on, shrugged off Smith and fired home. In response Paterson would intercept a crossfield pass and race in on goal but show poor decision making to lose the ball with Diedhiou clear to the right. And with City’s best chance to equalise Brownhill would get clear on the right and drop a ball into Reid in the six yard box, whose point blank shot was beaten away with Diedhiou following up. But in truth Preston’s second goal had already unnerved City, and they were put to bed by a combination of poor decision making on the ball - Kent particularly poor, but Bryan and even Brownhill also careless - allied to Preston’s uncharacteristic gamesmanship in tumbling and time-wasting, and seeking every advantage from the uncertain referee. City were already well riled by Preston’s antics, when in the closing stages a succession of opportunities presented to get the ball in the box. Each were bundled clear, but when in injury time similar occurred by players simply converging on Flint and sending him to the ground, he was sure it was a penalty and sprung up to look towards the official. From directly above the six yard box it appeared to me simply that Cunningham went across and was in Flints ear and then rubbing his head looking for a reaction. My instinct at the time was that Flint, with his back to him, pushed him away - the pictures look considerably worse. But it was not an elbow and Cunningham made far far too much of it. The referee had already let the game get out of hand by allowing Preston to control the tempo of the second half with their constant theatrics and time wasting - but at this point with Preston's keeper and others wading in to exert their influence on proceedings, City’s players reacted and even mild mannered Korey seemed incensed for the remainder. Despite a couple of last second corners with Fielding up from the back, City by now obviously lacked aerial presence to challenge (Flint and Magnússon off) and that was it. A harsh lesson for City that playing football and dominating possession is nothing if you don’t have a solid foundation built on doing the basics right and not making mistakes. In the end it wasn’t the referee, nor Preston’s lamentable style of play which cost City any points - though both were frustrating. It was City’s own inability to have any discipline or security in their passing. Far too often players made poor, often cavalier individual decisions with the ball and lost possession, a flaw which Kent triplicated when he joined in. Fielding 6 One brilliant save but several poor kicks as per, and at least half to blame for the first goal Wright 5 Poor even by his own standards at right back, never got forward, never gave any attacking support Bryan 5 Recovers well when he makes mistakes - but made too many with his passing today by his standards, rarely a threat Flint 6 I thought he was in control at the back and played several good balls (and one shocker) - a shame he was conned into a red card Magnússon 7 Aat fault for the first, but he did lots of things right at both ends, two of our three shots on goal and several good clearances Pack 7 Continued where he left off on Saturday, at times he ran the game, albeit up against a very strong defence with little space created Smith 6 Usual engine but will be disappointed by his part in their second goal and looked like he was affected for the rest of the game Brownhill 6 Poor by his standards, some good crosses early and got forward better than Wright at RB but also gave away the ball easily Paterson 6 Some decent touches and runs out of midfield, but he really didn’t bring others into play or create meaningful chances Reid 6 Also poor by his standards, a few nice touches, but also loose touches and wild challenges chasing back - was trying too hard Diedhiou 7 Some impressive control at close quarters alongside the usual looser touches, worked tirelessly and deserved his goal Kent 5 I really want to like the guy but I just can’t see it. Yet another cameo full of zero end product and rank carelessness
  15. 33 points
    I was a season ticket holder for several seasons when I became completely disillusioned with modern football. (The 2010 WC really was the beginning of this sense of despondency). The combination of McInnes tenure followed by O'Driscoll did for me. I stopped going to watch City AT ALL for 3 seasons, getting a S/T at my local Southern League club, Taunton Town instead. When I left the EE was standing, the ground development had not commenced and during the 3 years I was 'away', the ground was completely revamped, City won League One and the JPT at Wembley and I really missed watching City, watching another team was engaging, but there simply wasn't anything like the huge emotional attachment there is when you've supported a club for 40+ years. The bottom line for me is, as I was not enjoying the experience I was happy to walk away as life's too short, but my love of BCFC didn't just vanish. At the start of 2016/17 after 3 years away I got an S/T at City again. The facilities are hugely impressive but we don't live in 1970 anymore, so they bloody should be!! I have NO affinity at all with Bristol Sport, I'm not Bristolian, have never had a BS postcode, my affinity is with Bristol City FC. Home games are a 93 mile round trip, as opposed to a 10 minute stroll to Taunton's ground, but I've enjoyed the football these last two seasons despite the 'DNA/Customer Interface/Jargon bullshit' that permeates. Now? I simply cannot believe how naïve the decision makers at AG are. For the first time in years there's a palpable sense of momentum on and off the pitch, regular gates of 20k+ and the genuine prospect of the club reaching the Premier League with all the spoils and kudos that will bring. And then they royally shaft a sizeable percentage of the loyal support that has helped the club reach this point. Kamikaze PR!! My own S/T will not cost me more as I sit in the South Stand, but that's not the point. Others are being treated with more than a little contempt by automatons who see them as consumer units and not football supporters. Disgusting and unnecessary!! As for the 'perks' that currently are part of the S/T 'package', the obvious explanation as to why they haven't been announced already is that they will be hugely scaled back, not nearly as good a s they are now and would logically add to the dissent when the club wants renewals. If it wasn't broken, why 'fix' it? I cannot believe for one microsecond that that is not the case. These S/T figures were probably outlined months ago. A business of this size and scale isn't working them out the day before they're announced on the back of a fag packet. Similarly they know that is addition to the shitstorm the ticket prices has generated ( and I don't believer for a minute that they didn't see this response coming) that they would delay announcing that the additional cost would be in the shape of less generous benefits to S/T holders. I'm off now to shower my severely disabled 16 year old twin sons now. Yes I'm a carer and football is one of my breaks from my responsibilities, so when the politics and corporate sludge affects the beautiful game I just walk away, as I know doubt will again.
  16. 32 points
    Hi All, I've held off writing this because I came away from the meeting last night dissapointed and angry. Hopefully sleeping on it will allow for a more reasoned summary. The meeting started with Ashton attempting to (rather clumbsily) define the structure of the Bristol Sport, Ashton Gate and BCFC businesses in what appeared to be an effort to deflect the responsibility of the pricing decsions away from himself and BCFC, and on to the Bristol Sport business which is headed up by Jon Lansdown. As others have mentioned above, he then appeared to realise the ramifications of mentioning Jon Lansdown by name and spent the next 5 minutes trying to backtrack and explain that all decisions were of course voted in and passed by the board of BCFC too, a board which Jon Lansdown is also a member of. It wasn't clear who specifically created the new pricing, but it is clear that both Steve and Jon Lansdown as well as all board members effectively signed off on the new pricing strategy. Ashton then stated that a "huge amount of benchmarking and consultation" had been done before the pricing has been released and labelled our existing ST prices as "cheap" a number of times and that we are a loss making company and lucky to have Steve Lansdown funding it all. As others have said, he completely failed to understand or show any appreciation that the majority of the room had contributed a far larger respective percentage of their individual wealth for decades more than the current owners and management team. His comical overuse of the word consultation, combined with Dolly highlighting the fact that there had been no real consultation with any supporters group just emphasised how hollow this statement was. He finished this opening by stating how they "need to get better" and "learn lessons" moving forward, failing to realise that the evening was an ideal opportunity to do precisely this and make positive changes as a direct result of listening to what the supporters had to say. It was clear from this point on that this was an exercise in trying to explain away the changes and that no ground would be given. Gavin Marshall, a CFO with a distinct lack of understanding of what it means to be a football supporter, then laid out in pedestrain terms the new price points. They stated that the disabled concessions were changed because they are effectvely viewing everyone by age now and not social circumstance. Doug Harman then showed the slightest glimpse of empathy (the only example the whole night) by stating that he understood how difficult the rises must be for disabled supporters. When somebody mentioned that there are only 500 or so disabled supporters this would affect, I could have sworn that both Harman and Ashton's eyes lit up. I would not be at all surprised if they view this as an opportunity to make a minor change and one that they can promote and use as PR to show they've "listened to the fans" across the media. As Dolly mentions above, Marshall then showed either a complete lack of understanding/contempt for families who don't wish to be financially/socially engineered or moved into the family section. Having admitted that they made an error with the Under 12's in the Lansdown (would this have happended if they had consulted in the first place?) the "enhanced family experience" line was again used repeatedly, with no explanation of what this entails, or why families would want to move away from being sat amongst friends, families that they've spent decades forming close bonds with. It was difficult to show restraint when Marshall reponded to a few of us explaining what it really meant to be a City fan and the importance of this shared matchday experience with "well you can always move" and Ashton followed up with, football fans always feel like they've got a god-given right to their seat and their part of the ground . If any part of the evening gave a glimpse in to the sheer disregard for the most loyal City fans and the complete lack of empathy, or as others have said, simple appreciation that this is "all a bit unfair" it was this. There is zero respect for those of us who have supported the club up until now, we are simply being viewed as customers. The loyalty programme is clearly a phone app, ST card/BCFC "wallet" designed to reward you with offers based on how much you spend on pies, pasties and pints. Again, this shows such a cynical disregard to how we all feel loyalty should be viewed and rewarded. The only other concession they made was to look at extending the renewal period for a week to allow people to benefit from two pay checks. "What? Is that pay day is it?" - Ashton Hopefully, this provides a fair summary. I do not for one moment believe I'm speaking on anyone else's behalf. So, for anyone else who was in attendence, please feel free to correct me if I've got anything wrong. In summary, my lasting impression is that not once did Ashton or any of the others actually ask a supporter how they felt about any of the changes. I cannot imagine any other business (and that's how they class themselves) showing such an amazing lack of respect towards it's most loyal supporters. I want to steer clear of any personal stuff, but I do want to point out that at times the tone, agression and sheer rudeness shown towards fans was completely unacceptable. Pointing a bottle at someone when they have the temerity to ask you a queston is just not on and really unprofessional. It's clear we are at a watershed in this club's history as to how they view and treat us. Fair play to those at FAN and SC&T for their earlier statement, we really need to show some solidarity and get the message out on this before we lose a large number of very loyal supporters. #fansnotcustomers
  17. 32 points
    Cracking first half that, can see this going either way. Close one.
  18. 32 points
    With all due respect Kev, this is where you’re missing the point. Yes, the value is there if you want to move to the upper tier. But the issue is that everyone under 19 is affected. So it’s not just a dad with one kid that is ok to move, it’s the groups of people who have kids within the group, for example, 3 generations of one family, grandad can’t move to top tier as eyesight and legs aren’t good, or groups who sit together and there’s a dad who brings his kid, they’ll now have to sit on their own and not amongst their usual group. The point is that it’s not the pricing of the u19 tickets in the upper tier that people are angry about, it’s the fact that groups and families are being forced to split up or pay through the roof. The club have misjudged the reason why most people attend football - it’s a social event as much as it is a sporting event. People attend football to spend time with friends and family, it’s out of touch of the club to think that everyone who is under 19 wants to sit in a family area.
  19. 32 points
    The only pressure would come from those begging him to fail throughout.
  20. 31 points
    Also has a sense of humour about no one wanting a left backs shirt.
  21. 31 points
    So to recap now we're on page 14 Season ticket prices are out much earlier than normal and without much notice None of the traditional supporter liaison groups have been consulted If you're a child in the Lansdown lower kindly **** off If you're a child in the Dolman your price has doubled kindly consider ****ing off Children are the future but ideally out the way in the Lansdown Upper Teenagers are also annoying, prices up 50% unless you piss off there too Pensioners, students, and any adults with decent seats prices up 16-18% All the various discounts from food and other club outlets are scrapped We value loyal fans but haven't thought up any new benefits yet give us a chance Did I miss anything? Meanwhile, in unrelated news recent form has been poor and we have just dropped out of the play-offs. A fact which I'm sure is unconnected to this chaotic and clearly unprepared or planned announcement.
  22. 30 points
    Yes I have received lots of abuse. You haven’t seen my Facebook messages. Besides, I couldn’t really give a shit about that actually. It’s the absolute ******* apathy of most of our fanbase that’s actually got to me more! Half of the people I’ve seen comment today have had to ask “what are you moaning about”. It’s been 2 weeks, with Supporters Club meetings, hundreds (nay thousands) of posts on all forms of media, the club have had to release 3 statements on their pricing and most people STILL don’t have a clue what’s happening. I thought I was doing something for the good of a fanbase that was “different” to others, that looked out for each other, that had a unity and passion for keeping our club “real”, but clearly this is a minority view and most of our fans couldn’t give a shit about their fellow supporters. I honestly wish this football club all the best in its quest for regular top flight football, but the reality is that if we make the Prem, the best seats in the house will be taken by glory hunting armchair Man U/Liverpool fans who will contribute **** all to the matchday experience and once we go down again they will desert us, leaving a half empty sterile and quiet stadium. We are just a few years away from becoming a Reading or a Cardiff, with thousands of empty seats and a fanbase with an average age of over 50. Bristol Sport have truly missed a great opportunity to fill the stadium week on week with those who have a genuine interest in the welfare of the club. They’ve seen the dollar sign and made a bee-line straight for it and bore zero regard to its existing fanbase. And the majority are happy to lap it all up in their own personal selfish quest for top flight football so that they can banter with their Man U/Liverpool plastits at work. The ignorance and apathy of our fans is astounding. For Bristol City 2023, read Reading 2018. It’s amazing that everyone is so bothered about “not upsetting the players” and “don’t protest, we can still make the playoffs”, when many others are being forced to find an extra £300 to stay sat together as a family. It just makes me ******* sick to be honest and I felt strongly enough about it to try to help those affected. But everyone is so selfishly eyeing up the faintest hope of a playoff success that they’ve lost track of what this football club SHOULD be about. Bristolians have always been deemed as a very fickle and incredibly laid back bunch, and this episode just confirms that. No one cares, everyone has their own agenda, couldn’t give a shit about their fellow supporters and just see the pound signs of the Prem without any thought or emotion to what we should be as a club. I honestly thought we were better than that. But we are Reading FC 2023.
  23. 30 points
    Just watching the league cup final and thinking about what a great season we've had. Yet people on here after a loss to 2nd in the league calling for Johnsons head or warning him to be careful, despite still sitting in 6th place, punching above our weight. Average history Average money spent Average home / away attendances Young squad & manager. So yes, punching above our weight. Instead of coming on here and blasting squad and staff. Pull your head out your arses and realise we're having a great season and get behind the club!!!! Im f**cking fed up of our fans thinking we just deserve to be where we are and not treating it like an unbelievable season. We've beaten Man United for f**ks sake. Just get behind them and don't ridicule I beg you!!!! YOU REDSS
  24. 29 points
    Apologies @Dollymarie for derailing but can you kindly shove this post back up your arse where I assume it came from. To say you renewed because you are a true City fan implies everyone who hasn't, isn't a true City fan. I care about the fans of this club and want it to be a centre of community in years to come. You on the other hand are doing nothing but being selfish and self indulging yourself because you're alright. I actually couldn't begin to imagine a worse City fan than one who holds that kind of opinion. A note to the others who have renewed, I'm not taring you with this brush. At least you have voiced your opinion from a place of humility and understanding, rather than from your Ivory tower.
  25. 29 points
  26. 28 points
    Riding in the 2.50
  27. 28 points
    Some extraordinary comments on here. Football club getting abused for doing all they can for putting a game of football on! Temperatures rising, no more snow forecast, buses running, sure some won’t be able to make it but ridiculous to think the whole thing ought to be called off for that, they’ll be a decent crowd regardless. I’m already into the second hour of my journey and leaving London on the bus now, well up for it and looking forward to 3 points COYR!
  28. 28 points
    Been a while since I did an away match report but while they've all been on TV so it would have been self-indulgent to think anyone needs my version of events. Today we finally weren't on TV at an away game and it's probably for the best as Sky subscribers would cancel their contracts if they were forced to sit through such shite. Let's do the easy bit first - I couldn't watch Warnock ball for a whole season. But but but they're in second. But nothing. That is not winning, it's an artificial advantage. If you're still not familiar with Warnock ball after all these years, let me recap: 1. If the ball is not in the final 10 yards of the pitch get it there immediately 2. If the ball is on the floor get it in the air immediately 3. If the ball is in the air challenge for it 4. If you look like winning the ball from an aerial challenge, see rule 1 5. If you look like not winning the ball, dive to the floor clutching your face so you get a set piece opportunity to revert to rule 1 6. If the opposition has the ball on the floor of all places foul them and take your chances with weak refs (or at set pieces) 7. If the opposition gives up and puts the ball in the air repeatedly revert to rules 3-5 And that's it. Warnock's masterstroke is identifying that if you kill football and turn it into 2 teams hoofing it back and forth, you just need an aerial defence at one end and wait for an eventual mistake at the other. Hence all the late winners. That's why, as for many years, Warnock doesn't translate to the Premiership because there's far less mistakes. And that is why it's an artificial advantage, not a serious future for a football club, and not one I could follow around the country. Let's do the hard bit next - we were awful. I can't think of many worse ways to lose, we might have lost by more playing our game but at least we'd have taken it to them, done ourselves justice. We didn't. And this is awkward, but we did NOT have a go. Hate to say it, but we really didn't. LJ for the first time this season has some explaining to do. In nothing other than putting an extra striker on did we go for it, and that turned into a disaster. By the time it was clear Diony really IS dire, we were reduced to punting it up to Diedhiou and asking him to win it, bring it under control, and bring others into play. He can do it on a good day but not vs big Cardiff centre halves with zero support. At this point anyone feeling sorry for Diony would he well reminded that at about 43 minutes, his latest complete non attempt to control or win the ball not once but twice in 20 seconds resulted in Flint losing his mind. The players can see it. Normally by now I'm into full flow describing our chances and everyone is really impressed by my memory. Anyone could do it this week. There weren't any. It will come as no surprise that Cardiff are better at making something out of a 45 yard ball with snow on it. In the second half we did come out and try to string a few passes together and play with a bit of pace, but it followed a routine of springing Joe Bryan on our left breaking forward, defenders closing the space, and us ultimately crossing it into Diedhiou with his usual array of large centre halves to deal with. (Diony at this point was a passenger). There was the odd moment of excitement as we broke out of midfield (there is no doubt in my mind that Korey and Bobby were our best players but the latter largely wasted) yet all too often we didn't see a way through their defence and reverted to punting it over the top of them like a poor Cardiff tribute act. That is not our game and we are awful at it. Johnson opted to stick with what was at best an ugly point, making no changes, but forgetting that Warnock ball ratchets up the pressure for a late mistake. And so they arrived. First Magnússon under hit his attempt to pass back from a Cardiff attack and they swarmed into the box before Frankie could claim. Then City had to desperately clear their lines after Cardiff raced inside Flint. At the other end City's only response was a break on the right that in a low Korey Smith shot from the edge of the box, and then a right wing cross hooked agonisingly just the wrong side of the far post by sub Paterson. But in a match dominated by long balls punted up to forwards, the mistake Cardiff play for arrived in the closing stages. The ball was swung out to the left wing where Wright, poor all game, tried for the third time to simply bundle his opposite number out of play. Twice previously he'd been penalised with free kicks but this time he'd fail to stop the player altogether and he had room to slip a teammate into the box on the byline, who cut it back for Zohore to finish. In all honesty it was the only clear chance of the game, but that is Warnock football when you suffocate the game as a spectacle and make sure you are ready to capitalise on the one mistake when it arrives. Belatedly we threw on subs but there were few City there who really thought we'd get back into it with less than ten minutes to play: we had yet to employ our own brand of football and had no idea how to play through their defence. In the end we surrendered meekly. Having done little to affect the game and shown only that we can't do a very good impression of Cardiff when trying to play their ugly ugly game. And that's the really sad bit - we sacrificed our football for absolutely F all. Fielding 6 The fact he wasn't really worked is only a feature of the non-event both teams turned the game into Wright 5 Worst game I can remember, clumsy at the back, long balls going forward Magnússon 6 Composed in places but a mistake never too far away Flint 6 Met his match with the aerial battles at both end Baker 6 Ditto Smith 7 Our best player because the calm tidy football he brings to the team transcends however bad everyone else is trying to make it Brownhill 5 Didn't quite justify the abuse from the bloke behind me (which was bordering on the psychotic) but not a good game by his standards Reid 7 Can see what he brings to midfield and he nearly started a few moves but sadly the ball was in the air most of the time it was in his part of the pitch, and he was badly missed up front Bryan 7 Did more than most to affect the game in the second half but denied the space that he really thrives on when up in left wing Diony 4 Not sure what to say, hoped this would be his day, want to like the guy, and you could say the service was not good, which it wasn't, but he looks so utterly raw and clumsy it's hard to believe there is a footballer in there Diedhiou 6 A few nice touches but all too often was just too much for him and never really caused them serious problems Subs - too little too late
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    As most of you gather I live abroad so only get to see 2-3 games a year on my trip back home, but I share your disgust at Bristol Sport and the attitude of Jon Lansdown and especially Mark Ashton. You can fight back though! They want to charge you extra money - so protest and cost them more than they gain so they have to rethink. How? Some principled fans will not buy a season ticket - fair play and that is the ultimate sacrifice - a terribly tough choice but some people just CANNOT afford the increase. If you do renew - here's how you can 'kick them in the goolies' This applies to all wether you drive, walk or take public transport. 1) Alcohol - find your local pubs who are City friendly and drink there pre-game - hit to BS - 4.50 per pint. Drink cans if you like. Don't buy one at half-time. Support your local boozer or corner shop. 2) Soft drinks - drink water - Bristol Sport BY LAW have to provide free tap water and vessel to anyone who asks "Most restaurants, pubs and bars don't have to provide free tap water to the public. If they do, they can charge for it since the provision of any water includes an element of service. However, if they are licensed to serve alcohol and operate in England, Wales or Scotland, then they must provide free drinking water under the terms of their licence. It's illegal to pass tap water off as bottled water." - cost to BS - plastic cups and water 3) Hot Drinks - take a thermos - they CANNOT stop you taking your own non-alcoholic drinks in by law - cost to BS 1.50 per drink 4) Food - eat before the game, and bring in your own sandwiches - they cannot stop you bringing unheated food into the ground by law. Hot Food can be seized. Cost to BS - whatever you usually spend - plus Clarks pies are the best in the world - have a pie and a pint outside the ground! 5) Disabled people should apply for TWO carer tickets - as per their legal entitlement - give one to a mate - Cost to BS - 2 season Tickets 6) Merchandise - just don't buy any. Ebay is your friend for older stuff, plus support S82 and buy some of theirs - Cost to BS - Huge 7) Don't buy a programme - download the teams of the internet 8) All midweek games will soon be streamed by Sky/Fox/Bein. A lot of Saturday ones as well outside the UK - use a VPN and watch for free - cancel the rubbish Bristol Sport TV service - cost to BS 150 quid each subscriber This will cost them millions over a season - support the lads by still going to the non- TV games, and spend the savings by going to an extra away game. For every pound they steal off you with these draconian engineering price hikes, you can hit them twice as hard by simply not spending a penny in the ground throughout the entire game. Next year half the games at least will be on TV or the internet. So Mr Ashton - This is our club - up yours!
  30. 27 points
    I was one of those who was beginning to wonder whether the lad would learn what was required in this league, but since the last time he cost us a goal , he seems to have come back stronger and stronger. I thought that was one of his best performances today, strong in the air and on the ground and confident in his own ability. I realise that Wednesday were poor but I think that the most telling thing was that Flint looked comfortable with him there, which I can't say has been the case in the past. Yes, you could say he has a mistake in him, but you could say that about John Stones and how much did he cost?
  31. 27 points
    Why on earth would he be a poor mans warnock? Feigning injury? Time wasting? Shit football. Cotts has none of those. I know some on here are unappreciative of what he did for us, but poor mans Warnock is bollocks.
  32. 27 points
    Dead man walking from day one. Hope they go down, shit team, shit fans.
  33. 27 points
    My boy does, he has Downs Syndrome & so with this has sensory issues along with other issues that mean it has been challenging at times with his match day experience. My seat, Elliott’s seat & my brother seat ( Lower Lansdown W12 )were purposely picked/advised with Elliott’s disabilities in mind ( by Gareth - Disability Officer ). It took time, but to see that little boys confidence grow from walking through the fan zone, to entering the stadium, wanting to show the staff his ticket & knowing where he is going to sit has been amazing. As well as starting to feel comfortable with the fans/staff around him. Routine is key for Elliott & now potentially this for some unknown ( known) reason has been thrown out the window. So yes, my boy does care where he sits, in his mind it’s his seat where he can watch Bobby & Joe! COYR
  34. 27 points
    SC&T statement (saving you clicking the link): "The Supporters Club & Trust are somewhat baffled by the timing and pricing strategy for the 2018/19 season tickets. In what appears to be a concerted effort to free up arguably the best and most lucrative seats, the impact has fallen squarely on parents with children under 12 who are facing an increase in price for the child’s seat from £50 currently to £335 next season if they wish to stay where they sit at present, often with other family members and friends. Whilst we were not consulted in this instance, FAN was asked for opinions in January but not given the opportunity to offer any feedback on the proposed pricing structure before it was announced yesterday. We have all been taken a bit by surprise, especially with just 3 weeks to find the cash to retain our seats when the season still has 2 months to run. We recognise that the entry-level price to watch, what will at least be Championship (or possibly Premier League) football, is still good. What is hard to reconcile is that this decision impacts hardest the loyal supporters who are bringing their kids along to a stadium that is not sold out each week. Whilst we all want success for our football club, we would argue that this should not come at any price. Come on the Bristol City Board, we urge you to revise your thinking on this one. Withdraw these proposals and commit to some meaningful consultation by meeting with fans next Wednesday evening at 7.30pm in the Supporters Bar."
  35. 26 points
    @Harry I don't know you other than through your posts on here. From those posts I see you as a man who has principles, conviction and the capacity to follow through on what he says he will do. Those are valuable and admirable attributes. Your efforts to organise S82 and to create an atmosphere are appreciated by some, including me. I'm only an occasional visitor to AG but when I do visit it brings a smile to my face to see at least one corner of the stadium supporting the team in a vocal way. Today has clearly been tough for you. You stood up and put your head above the parapet, others have then shot you down from the safety of their keyboards. If that means that you retreat today, re-calibrate and re-assess then so be it. But please, please don't stop completely. Maybe tomorrow has failed but there is always another tomorrow. The club needs guys like you just as much as it needs blokes who can cough up £10,000 a year for a box. In fact it probably needs you more. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win - Gandhi
  36. 26 points
    We’re safe, and after too many dodgy seasons in the last 10 years, I am very damn pleased about it. Apart from our promotion season from League 1, this is the first time for a while I can relax from March through to May. Of course I want the play-offs, of course I want us to go up. I was in bloody junior school when last we were there. Many years and grey hairs later, still never seen a single minute of top flight football. (Didn't start watching till early 80's) So I want to see us get there, desperately! It’s frustrating to slump like this now, but still, I feel tremendous strides have been made. Perhaps the most valuable thing we can take from this year is lessons learned. Particularly LJ needs to take stock of a few things. He’s been terrific for us this season, but I do hope he adds a little bit of wisdom to his game, from certain errors he has made in important games. Notably a gung-ho tendency, when resolve, consolidation was called for (versus Wolves and Sunderland particularly). Do we expect him to be perfect, some sort of new special one? I don't see how. He’s a relative rookie at his age, and still developing. I feel the tough lessons of last term progressed him as a manager. Hopefully that happens again, and next season we'll be better for it. For what has gone wrong these last couple of months, I for one am more than happy to give him the slack he deserves. Yes there are flaws, issues and concerns, like the ropey recent performances, transfer policies, and season tickets etc. But the club still looks strong – looks hungry, like I’ve never seen it before. We’re playing some of the best stuff I’ve seen at the Gate for a long time. I’m excited for our club! If we finish in the top 10, having also reached the semi’s of the League Cup as well, I’ll count this season as a great success.
  37. 26 points
    So you will say that because the 4 police officers from Tilburg were, there were no policing issues with the Dutch fans. Do you really believe in fairytales. We’re over for a party with our brothers from Bristol and see our second club play.
  38. 26 points
    And this would benefit us how, exactly? Those ***** tried to steal Ashton Gate in ‘82. As far as I am concerned they can **** off & play on The Downs.
  39. 26 points
    Is it ****, we were fighting relegation last season and he's turned us into a side thats fighting for the play offs and reached the semi finals of a major domestic cup. Yes we're on a bad run but some context looking at the bigger picture is really required.
  40. 25 points
    Considering they’ve scored 11 goals in their last eight games, I’m not sure he’s the most reliable statistician..!
  41. 24 points
  42. 24 points
    CONDENSED VERSION: Things are looking up you moody bastards, bad form doesn't change that.
  43. 23 points
    You won' get the same amount of time if you go on one of your traditional bad runs. Only so many times fans can accept inept lineups and poor use of subs....top managers are proactive not reactive. Top managers have clear footballing philosophies- i thought we were starting to see you develop one....last 2 months you have neglected it and changed it....and we are suffering. Pressure is on again.
  44. 23 points
    I do think the club have got what they wanted: Price increases (tick). A divide in fan groups, the singing section is split and collapsing, no more flags or input, many people walking away (tick) No chance, or very little ,of any protest today, so no bad publicity (tick) and the SC&T making up the money on some people’s tickets, well the club doesn’t care where the money comes from just that it is paid (tick). I personally think we have rolled over and now set a precedent to accept whatever they damn well like to throw at us. #MakingBristolSad
  45. 23 points
    Gary Johnson once promised to show his backside in Burton. His son just showed his bad side there instead. Terrible pun but I haven't got much material to work with here. And I worked on that for 3 hours. This was easily the worst game of football you will see this season. The pitch wasn't the best but City continually gave the ball away with a succession of underhit and overhit passes or long range punts. Our first shot on target was in the 92nd minute by which time Korey Smith had put in easily his worst game in a City shirt and Bobby Reid had been reduced to dropping 30 yards deeper and hoofing it upfield. By virtue only of knowing the speed and run of their pitch better, Burton were the more convincing team, but to say it was just the pitch would do them a disservice - they got the ball down far more than us. We for some reason (though Cardiff away was a clue) turned into a team that put the ball in the air at every opportunity: the players looked like they hadn't met each other before. This wasn't LJ's finest hour. We started brightly enough, but quickly it became apparent that Burton would close us rapidly in midfield, resulting in us losing possession to underhit touches or overhit (or downright ambitious) forward balls. We did contrive the first good move of the game, Pack, Reid and Paterson combining on the left but no one meeting Paterson's cross. Paterson got to the byline next but his near post shot was beaten away. It was as good as it got for another hour. Burton showed more conviction when they broke, actually holding the ball up better than we could, creating room to threaten and pushing our lot deeper and deeper. But quality was at a premium in what must be one of the worst ever football games in Championship history, and neither keeper was troubled by largely speculative shots high over the bar - or out of the ground. That would change just before half time as Burton worked their striker a clear sight of goal inside the box and Fielding made a smart save, but we failed to clear our lines and a further mad scramble went close. By half time Bobby Reid had dropped as deep as his own defence to get the ball, but in truth his touch has long since deserted him as much as it had his teammates, and little of his contribution was positive. Diedhiou was marooned up front and did a poor job most of the time of bringing the ball under control. The rest of the team did not know how to get the ball anywhere near him without putting snow on it. Our first good move of the second half arrived just before the hour, Kelly sent to the byline on the left, and his sharp cross - the best of the match - flashed across goal to where Diedhiou yards out inexplicably sliced over. With Djuric on, our ability to win the ball in midfield and actually string the odd pass together was marginally improved (from a very low start) and with 20 left he started a move that saw Reid put Brownhill clear on the right, but the keeper was out first. Burton were still more purposeful with the ball - helped by their ability to run with it and play simple passes where our lot were determined to launch everything up in the air, or lay it off perpetually to the invisible man. But our defence, aided by Hörður, held firm, letting us enjoy a predictably awful cameo by Diony - his headless running and total inability to trap the ball a brief comical respite from the continuous skied passes. Diony has lots of intent but plays a bit like he is being controlled by someone in the stand using a broken Xbox controller. The ball can arrive at his feet and he has already taken off in the other direction. With minutes left Burton deservedly had a chance to win it (given their better endeavour breaking down the channels), their striker flashing a looping shot across goal from just inside the right of the box, that just curled wide of Fieldings far post. But two minutes into injury time City could nearly have nicked it. Less smash & grab, more trash & grab, as an awful display was punctuated by a late City rally, the ball breaking to Brownhill on the edge of the box whose stinging shot - our first on target - was straight at the keeper. In the end a goalless draw that flatters both teams, a game so poor the ref would have been forgiven for abandoning it after an hour, and a pitch that wrongly will get the blame for City's failure to match their lowly opponents ability with the ball. Notwithstanding the pitch being comically cut up by tyre tracks on the wings, today we saw our real lack of true wingers and apart from Paterson's ability to run with the ball, we rarely stretched their defence. Worst of all, when Pack and Korey aren't able to pass out of midfield the whole side implodes, Bobby drops too deep, Famara is isolated, and we become aimless punt it long team with no common sense and no desire to put a foot on the ball and play. Fielding 6 A couple of routine saves Pisano 6 One of the few to actually get the ball down and run, and strong with it Kelly 6 Our best cross and a few nice overlaps but poor decision making at times Wright 6 Solid but unspectacular. One good run (I think he'd give up on everyone launching it) Baker 6 As above but for half as long Smith 4 Probably his worst game in a City shirt, kept giving it to the opposition Pack 5 His range of passing was severely curtailed and became totally ineffective Paterson 6 Easily the most purposeful with the ball but not much end product and faded quickly Brownhill 6 Always willing but either no one could find him properly or he needed several touches to control the ball out in the rough on the wing Reid 5 Dropped deeper and deeper but his passing was way off and understanding with Diedhiou non existent Diedhiou 5 Couldn't control the ball much of the time and missed a sitter. Had very little support Magnússon 6 Also solid and unspectacular, dealt well with their threat from the right and did more than most to get the ball into their box Djuric 7 Two touches where he reminded us how well he wins and controls forward balls, are enough to make him our best player on the pitch - it wasn't hard Diony 4 Becoming an entertaining 100mph sideshow simply from his inability to do the basic things
  46. 23 points
    Response from FAN and SC&T: http://bristolcitysupporters.org/1144-2/
  47. 23 points
    Disappointing day today. I think Johnson got it wrong today. But I encourage anyone to listen to his post match interview on Radio Bristol. Fascinating interview. Absolutely no doubt he is the guy for us moving forward. Everyone is slamming him for 'tactics' today. But he is adamant he did not ask that from his team today. Told his team post match to believe in our style or you won't be here. He will take responsibility for them playing the way he wants them to if it goes wrong. But won't take responsibility for playing the way we did today. Quite easy to hammer the manager after a performance like that. But clearly the players got sucked into Cardiff style, rather than Johnson demanding long ball. But yeh, please have a listen. Brilliant interview considering we just lost
  48. 22 points
    Ipswich will only go one way if they get rid. Working miracles that bloke is.
  49. 22 points
    Not many would have grumbled about the starting line-up and Mags for Baker at HT was forced. When he belatedly decides to try and change the game, he swaps Fammy for Djuric - which was fair enough (Fammy was one of several playing poorly). However, Diony on for Pato WTF, how did that make any sense at all? Pato although not doing much, had a least created two chances, if you are going to take him off he had to replace him with somebody else who could create - Kent, Eliasson, even Walsh, after all with Djuric on you needed a supply line. To put Diony on and drop Reid back to midfield was madness, and madness that has already failed in other games! I know there are many with rose tinted specs who seem to think LJ can do no wrong, but his use of Subs since the turn of the year has been really poor most of the time and this is not a question of hindsight. So for any of LJs fan club that want to rubbish this, just explain HOW did Diony for Pato make any sense, when we needed to get crosses in the box to feed Djuric's excellent heading ability?
  50. 22 points
    It was the biggest turn-out in years (if not since the desperate days of 1982) for an open fan meeting with the club on non-playing (or stadium development) matters. That in itself shows the level of feeling, as did the many well argued points put to MA and the others. Whether it was 75 or 7,500 fans there is actually immaterial, the point was clearly made to the BCFC/BS execs that their pricing structure is hugely unpopular and that many fans (whether personally affected or not) find the percentage increases, short purchase window and particularly tough impact on junior and disabled fans totally unacceptable and an indication of a failure to understand the social aspect of going to football, i.e. a failure to understand the difference between fans and clients. They reluctantly agreed to look again at disabled pricing (e.g. whether the increase could be staggered over 1 or 2 seasons) and at the length of the purchase window, but they were a long way from promising any movement on either of those... and appeared completely unwilling to consider any review at all of any other prices.