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  1. 38 likes
    Thread derailed on post two. Brilliant.
  2. 36 likes
    Just how that good ol' honest as the day is long, cheeky cockney chappy 'Arry likes it. All aboard the Redknapp bankruptcy train crash, next stop Birmingham.
  3. 32 likes
    Sorry but I'm on a roll - Home end. Away end. Bell end...
  4. 32 likes
    Managed to sneak into the Mem Stad and take a few pictures. We may mock but they're starting to get their shit together... Home end. Away end. Directors box. Corporate hospitality. Even provision for those locked out. # Tick tock...
  5. 30 likes
  6. 28 likes
    Lee Johnson took the time and trouble to send me a video 'get well soon' message on hearing that I'd had a life threatening heart attack a few weeks ago, so the least I can do is wish him a happy birthday. Whatever anyone might think of his managerial skills, he certainly cheered me up in the Coronary Care Unit and made my day. Happy Birthday Lee!
  7. 28 likes
    I've looked at this too, wanted this system for us and can't for the life of me figure out why we don't adopt it. At Huddersfield If you have had a ST for 9 years or more a ST is £100, there is something about a 'Premier pledge' linked to this price too so it might have been dependant on being promoted, but anyway that has happened now. 4,400 people we elegable for this. Anyone else £199 to a maximum of 17,000. Under 8's pay £29 and 8-17 years are £79, not sure about concessions but at £199 don't think they are needed anyway! At the moment they have 15,000 ST holders. The capacity of their stadium is 24,500 of which 4000 are away fans. The £199 is for any area of the ground, none of the stand snobbery is in place there. My guess is that because they can follow their team so cheaply at home they can afford to go to lots of away matches and give support there too, that makes a difference, and the fact they are well placed to travel on the whole. There is no excuse of parachute payments propping the club up. If they can do it why can't we, I'm really, really angry about this. No doubt some of you will tell me to 'do one' and become a Huddersfield supporter, but just think about their pricing and find a flaw in it, cos I can't. There are plenty of other teams up there so their catchment t area is more limited than us, they also have a bigger rugby following. Please feel free to pick apart my argument. I would really like to know Steve Lansdown's thoughts on this too.
  8. 26 likes
    I have a Bristol city flag . Not st George's cross . But a red one with Bristol city on it and the badge. It's about 1200 x 800 mm in size . You're more than welcome to it . No charge obviously. I work by bedminster so if u want it . It's yours
  9. 26 likes
    You ******* hypocrite.
  10. 25 likes
    The irony of the forums biggest troll telling others to "give it a bloody rest"
  11. 23 likes
    Guernsey....2nd leg of the Lansdown Cup.
  12. 23 likes
    At some matches- Fulham at home springs to mind I thought it would have been appropriate to have done a lap of honour if we won a corner.
  13. 23 likes
    Knowing City we'd offer Chelsea £20M and offer Tammy £5K per week
  14. 22 likes
  15. 22 likes
    I think most are concerned that we will be going into next season under Johnson.
  16. 21 likes
    Did anybody celebrate staying up? There's a big difference between that and being happy that we didn't go down.
  17. 21 likes
    Oh for god's sake, get a grip. This was a football match, not a memorial service. They held a minute's silence which was meticulously observed. The fact they weren't wearing black armbands is neither here nor there. Were you wearing a black armband at work this week? If you weren't, does it mean you don't care?
  18. 20 likes
  19. 19 likes
    I believe your wife must be mistaken because records clearly show control to be in the hands of Mr Nominee-Shareholder1 and Mr Nominee-Shareholder2. These two esteemed gentlemen are passionate football fans and can frequently be found on the Gloucester Road mingling with supporters and kissing the badge on their quartered shirts. Their business methods are beyond reproach as is their track record of debt accumulation which, fortunately for us, has resulted in the Memorial Stadium being chosen from amongst a host of other assets to have a brand spanking new legal charge taken over it. This now sits proudly on the register at Companies House alongside those old and disreputable ones previously listed by Barclays Bank and MSP Capital. At a time when our national sport is plagued by owners with dubious motives and suspect sources of finance we should be grateful that we are safe and secure under the control of the saintly Nominee-Shareholder family.
  20. 19 likes
    Saw this banded round on Facebook a few times other day... pretty sure we won't be changing it but I for one would love to see the Robin back! Fairly decent design in my opinion. I know this conversation pops up every now and again so apologise in advance, it's that time of the year!!
  21. 19 likes
    What a shame. Well that's two superbly talented footballers in Lees Tomlin and Trundle that we've signed and utterly failed to use properly. This is Ashton Gate, we'll have none of your fancy ball trickery here!
  22. 18 likes
    The sun has got to your head mate... Have a nap or something. Wake up in 2 weeks, we'll have made a couple by then as Lee Johnson eluded to in an interview recently. On behalf of everyone with a brain cell, for the love of god, stop ******* moaning. Thanks
  23. 18 likes
    http://beta.bcfc.co.uk/news/city-duo-receive-honours/ Steve Lansdown gets a CBE and Marina Dolman gets an MBE.
  24. 18 likes
    What about Bobby Reid? He's been the most exciting youngster for the last 15 years. Another 10 years or so and he'll be ready.
  25. 18 likes
    I agree. He still might be a success here like his dad was.
  26. 18 likes
    In a team where players like Cheesley, Gow, Richie, Hunter, Cormack et al attracted the headlines I always thought that Trevor Tainton was often overlooked and underrated. A loyal, long serving player who played against the very best and never let the team down.
  27. 18 likes
    Everything points to Neil Kilkenny.
  28. 18 likes
  29. 18 likes
    What he really needs is another year at Ashton Gate to fully develop his potential.
  30. 18 likes
    I wouldn't take too much notice of his time with us. Crazy days with slashing of players budgets, "Big Time Charlies" all over the place. He never had a chance. He may have failed anyway but he was at City when he wasn't given the tools for the job - IMO.
  31. 17 likes
    And that was just in one game..!
  32. 17 likes
    If LT can come back & perform as we know he can, it would in essence be like a new signing for the club & a very good one at that. I would say it will all depend on LT's attitude & performance during pre-season & I for one hope he comes back fighting for his place, he could be a big player for us.
  33. 17 likes
  34. 17 likes
    Poor old LT has had a succession of managers who are not tactically astute. Maybe he'll find one soon.
  35. 16 likes
    ...but fair play to this one. All that practice scrapping came in useful this time. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/london-bridge-hero-knifed-five-10562830 btw, hoping this won't turn into an argument about immigration, foreign policy etc and we can stick to the courageous actions of this Millwall fan.
  36. 16 likes
    Is getting tiresome imv. Sure, he struggled for long periods last season but he's a young and inexperienced manager so mistakes and errors of judgement were always likely and he certainly did make quite a few. That said he ultimately turned things around having had unequivocal support from SL We know that LJ is in for the long haul so can't we just accept that and move on ready for next season. For all his critics - give it a bloody rest.
  37. 16 likes
    For all Gary Johnsons critics - give it a bloody rest. People have only moaned about LJ for a year, you've moaned about GJ for 10 years!
  38. 16 likes
    If we didn't already own Mags, I suggest we'd be delighted to sign him - a 24 year old goal scoring international defender; I'd be impressed if we landed a similar calibre player this summer. What I cannot understand is LJ's insistence that 23 year old (24 in September) Joe Bryan can be a top-level left back, despite the majority of his time in that position being with Plymouth in League Two, and his more accomplished performances at this level being in midfield. However, Mags (only 8 months older) is too stuck in his ways at centre back to be able to play left back, meaning he's out of the squad more often than not, yet he can regularly line up there and impress at international level - he helped keep the like of Perisic, Mandzukic, Modric and Kalinic quiet last night, and now has twice popped up with crucial winners. Regular international who's side might yet make the World Cup next summer, and who has scored as many free kicks as Tomlin this season, and yet might be out in his arse before the next campaign- I don't understand it.
  39. 16 likes
    Ugh - how much longer have we got to put up with Tomlin and is 'will he, won't he' bollocks Two posts in and I'm bored already How about you just knuckle down, train hard and prove you're worth the massive contract you signed less than 12 months ago?
  40. 16 likes
    What complete claptrap but I would expect nothing less from our resident Jonah who can never see anything but doom and gloom at City. Have you seen LT play this season (which I doubt)? If so, give me a summary of why you think he has been `poorly managed` otherwise just shut up about things you know nothing about.
  41. 16 likes
    Annoys me when people pick up on this All The Freaking Time... BRISTOL , so what? Everyone knows what's meant.. In fact one of our simplest and more powerful chants from yesteryear was simply .. " B R I S T O L'' followed by three claps and '' B R I S T O L'' again and the claps .. repeated .. chanted by the East End and joined in with by the whole of The Gate ... intimidating for opponents and powerfully uplifting for us.. Nothing ambiguous about using the word BRISTOL in the context of Bristol City ... we all know what it means cos we are the One Team In Bristol .. ( the Gas can have South Glos or Bath if they want it .... but we are BRISTOL ... BCFC ) Lets stop being so 'preciously pedantic' about it eh? ...& no one confuses us with egg chasers either!
  42. 15 likes
    On the 7th of Sept we'll be celebrating 116 years of continuous football league membership. Not a particularly significant number you may think, unless you consider it's 114 years longer than the Sags.
  43. 15 likes
    Don't ever wish for pubs to close. Very sad to see all these flats/Tesco's etc. where there were once boozers. All we will have left soon will be bloody Witherspoon's.
  44. 15 likes
  45. 15 likes
    Bailey Wright blunder gives Brazil first goal in 12 seconds.
  46. 15 likes
    Maybe change the title to Remembering Bradley Lowery. Low key, minimum fuss and I think most will get it. I hope.
  47. 15 likes
  48. 15 likes
  49. 15 likes
    How people can blame LJ for Tomlins own failures is beyond me. Fourth club in 3 years is it? Presumably it was also Eddie Howe's fault that he thought he was a lot better than he was at Bournemouth too? This league isn't the one for individuals who aren't interested in being part of a team. Certainly not unless you're in an absolutely fantastic team. He'd be incredible in League One like JET was. Half the problem this season was the fact that we tried anything to accommodate Tomlin at detriment to the team as a whole. LJ has learned from that mistake it would seem.
  50. 15 likes
    If true, I can't work out if I'm happy or sad. On his day he is unplayable and worth the admission fee alone. On his bad days he's an absolute hindrance to the team. There is no in-between with him. Probably best if he goes though.