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    Was the most ludicrous and misguided statement made last season by a tearful chap on Twentyman's phone in almost as sad a way as the 2 divorces/Thatcher's Government bloke who at least had a point when his club was relegated from the football league. Much of what was said last season was fake news, conspiratorial or just plain venom, deeply personal and wrong. Lansdown didn't kill our club, we didn't get relegated, the fans didn't stay away and Lee didn't lose the dressing room. Every paying City fan is entitled to an opinion but where that opinion gets confused is in the ownership and possession of their club . Of course us fans get deeply sometimes obsessively emotionally attached to our club and the boundary between being a fan and having rights over what goes on gets blurred. We have a right to attend matches and expect to see committed players but much beyond that- we don't because we don't own our club- No we don't. We are the lifeblood of its existence but not the owners. Same as customers of any business. Yesterday an OP accused the club of cheating the fans by entering into "undisclosed fees"- he felt as it was his money he had a right to know. The day that the fan receipts ( match day and merchandise) pay for the running of our football club then I suggest then and only then do we have a right to demand sackings/transfers and a change of ownership but until that happens we have an owner who funds the huge losses this club makes and it ain't because of ego, a rich man's plaything or a secret tax loss. It's because he loves BCFC and he loves sport and he loves Bristol. So for him to be cast as the AntiChrist with LJ as his Satanic side kick is just plain ignorance. Killing our club? I think you could certainly accept the blue few thinking that about Higgs as they dropped out of the League and now without the stadium they so desperately needed. Bolton fans, Portsmouth fans, Morecambe , Hereford, Coventry, Orient, Blackburn could all all justifiably say that an owner was at some point killing their club but Lansdown? That's just plain silly and as laughable as it is ignorant. So as we stand on the eve of another Championship campaign , let's just remember who owns the club and who makes the decisions and exactly who's money it is that buys us new players and gives us a superb stadium, training facilities and more than anything- optimism for the future. A BCFC for the future. Players come and players go - that's football and Steve said as much. Wilbs going means more salary for a younger player with a career ahead not behind him, Flint going will be good business for the club but disappointing to many fans who have elevated him to iconic status. Conspiracy theories are exactly that- conspiracy theories. Those ITK are invariably guilty of "a little knowledge is dangerous". Yes people can of course get snippets but it seems usually that it's snippets given by someone with an agenda inside the club- the unhappy father of a player who thinks they should be paid more, the relative of an international who thinks he should play more, someone who lost their job, overlooked for promotion etc. But one things for certain the real truth is known only by 3 possibly 4 individuals who own and run the club and they don't talk. At least not to us. The problem I have with some on OTIB and footie fans in general are those that are waiting for the club/manager to fail to prove they were right all along. Some posters only post negative comments and disappear if the club does well or switch their discontent to tickets, the price of bovril, or anything that perpetuates their negative outlook on life. Lee Johnson will eventually move on but not because the fans think he should but because him or Steve does. Players will come here because they get sold on a dream and a stack of cash and , if any good, will move to another club for exactly the same reason. And who can blame them in a career that's maybe 15 years long? What pleases me most is that there's a great disconnect between the doom and gloom merchants and conspiratorial theorists on here and the passion displayed at BS3 even when we're on a bad run. Another new season for us all and we aren't going to win every game and LJ will continue to learn by making mistakes same as any young Manager. The best news is that no one's killing our club- in fact they're breathing life into it.
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    Exactly a year ago (well, the second game of the season) I wrote about our 2-1 win up at Burton in a way that I would refer back to throughout the season. The reason I did so was because the result and the performance bore no resemblance and it was a vital clue to what lay ahead. I am struck by the parallels today. And I hope they are good ones. We lost, but in a match we were so much more impressive than this time last year, and in which we dominated so much it is inconceivable Birmingham, in their current complexion, could finish above us. This time the omens are all good ones. For 45 minutes it was a total mismatch. We should have been out of sight. The difference in the quality of the football, the passing, the pace, the movement, the self belief, was stark. Birmingham offered absolutely nothing and were fragile at the back. It was not a case of if, but by how much. The first goal showcased everything we would do so well in the first half. Quick passing and movement to cut through the opposition, led by Diedhiou with a combination of quick touch offs to teammates and then aggressive direct running when the space presented. His 1st minute shot crashed off the bar, he followed up in a chaotic box before Reid finished it off. The half would continue this utterly one sided onslaught for 45 minutes. Instinctive touches and overlapping runs from our wingers carved Birmingham up at will. The quick thinking of Pack and Reid and Diedhiou's bundling front running, at times gave us an overload of players in forward positions. It was like playing at a lower league team. We would hit the woodwork once or twice more and Diedhiou, after good work, would lift two shots high and wide, one when clear on goal. We could and should have added to our lead. Birmingham's defence was in disarray, they could not get close to our movement and their outlet was largely shanked balls from their full backs down the wing. But incredibly, the two teams went in level at half time. Birmingham were getting little joy punting their forwards down the channel, but although Hegeler had cleared up several balls into the box, on this occasion Pisano (who was stretched all game today) bundled over their man. We consistently had the beating of their forwards in the air, but from our clearance to the edge of the box, our attack minded team weren't quickest to get behind the ball and they knocked a low shot past Frankie. The game was decided at half time. We must have gone off feeling like we were pushing against an open door and only needed to keep doing what we were doing for our superiority to tell. When we came out, it almost felt like we became even more attacking and quick moving with the ball, redoubling an attacking approach like we were owed more from a one sided match and wanted our reward. For such a great performance it was a fatal bit of naivety or over confidence. We should have expected Harry to adjust and he did. We were so convinced of our visible superiority we just did not readjust to value the position we were in. We went hell for leather for our perceived advantage and instead sacrificed what we had to a team who were as poor as Barnsley were last week. It had all the manner of a cup upset. Harry replaced a hopeless centre back and a hopeless full back. But he also asked the back line as a whole to step up further and close the space between the defence and midfield, that pivotal "hole" in front of the defence we had been running amok in. He also got them to completely shut down Diedhiou and stop the ball being played into him. Almost immediately instead of pushing home out advantage, the match started to turn. We were playing with the same pace and instinct out of midfield but Birmingham were stepping up into our quick touches and lay offs and to make matters worse, in our confidence from the first half, we started playing reckless square balls. Three times we would knock the ball inside in midfield, piling players forward and believing we were about to launch a break, only for Birmingham to spring the trap and steal the ball and race in on goal. The third time it happened I distinctly remember we must have had five players across the front further forward in the Birmingham half. It was cavalier stuff and it deserved to be and was punished. But not before we nearly got the second that might have given us the incentive to actually defend. Another quick passing combination from the left tore through their defence, we actually picked our way looking for the shot before releasing Reid inside the last man. He only had the keeper to beat but his low shot drifted beyond the far post. He is human after all. Johnson still sensed only blood. In his mind it was a match we should have won easily by that point and it must have consumed him. He threw on two new wingers - including Eliason - and had the players pile forward even more. It was fatal. There is no question that Birmingham were a really poor side but we didn't appear to respect the fact they were starting to outwit us in midfield and had grown into the game going forward, with Cotterill now installed on the right, showing real width where previously they were just punting balls down the channel. And so it was Maghoma, their only real threat all game (and more so when Che Evans went off with a hamstring injury) was presented yet another opportunity to break forward from midfield against our attack minded team. We don't have a no nonsense defender, so we stood off and stood off, so he drilled it into the bottom corner. Delirium for Birmingham who would have known this was daylight robbery. The stylish, high tempo, relentless team were now losing to the limited, regressive team playing largely on the break. It was all a bit of a shock and we didn't have an answer. O'Dowda tried to work this way and that to create openings but now the home team had something to defend, they did do. It didn't help of course that we were still picking our way around the box looking for the optimal moment to shoot rather than exhibiting the shoot on sight policy of Birmingham. Several times we'd cause chaos along the edge of the box but without ever producing a serious shot. Before the end Eliason - who played variously wide right and through the middle, and looked fast if a little lightweight - would cut inside and curl a tame shot beyond the far post, while Reid, who doesn't ever seen to tire, crashed a shot off the crossbar from a tight angle. There would also be a red card for upending O'Dowda in a carbon copy of Fulham away last season (he went flying but no one appealed) which if I'm honest looked harsh - in fact truth to tell I did think throughout that the ref gave literally everything our way, I'm not sure what the opposite of a homer is, but if it was the other way round I'd have been annoyed. So there it is. We lost today to a poor side. That could be the cue for alarm bells but I'm always about the performance as much as the result and actually this was a perfect inverse of our first league away game last season. Where at Burton we played badly, looked bereft of ideas going forward, yet came from behind to win 2-1 here we looked sharp, classy, instinctive going forward, but didn't capitalise and surrendered our advantage to lose 2-1. That surely has to be a better sign, regardless of the result? In the end analysis our biggest problem was the lack of a Wilbraham. Diedhiou went from all action to non-existent - mainly due to Harry's adjustments but also because he is still incredibly raw and got found out. What we then needed was a new anchor up front, a target who could hold the ball and let us capitalise on the field position our attacking was creating. Instead we got more wingers, and unsurprisingly it removed outlets for us to actually aim for and left gaps through the middle for them to exploit. But if I had to take a performance between losing today and winning at Burton last season I would take today everytime. Nine times out of ten we win today's game. I'm sure the stats will bear that out. In the end we lost it by not making our first half dominance count and then over committing in the second half against a renewed Birmingham team, in the misguided belief it was just an open door and we only needed to keep pushing... Fielding 8 Some classy saves when it started going against us Pisano 6 Thought he struggled at times today against more direct players Bryan 7 Still exhibiting the pace and confidence of last Saturday Wright 6 Solid but didn't get into people like I thought he might Hegeler 7 Surprised by how many first balls he won Pack 6 Started most things but became casual with touches in the second half Smith 7 Involved in everything as well and pushed up well when we were chasing the game Brownhill 6 Some good stuff but didn't think he affected the game as much as he has done Paterson 7 Great in the first half but ran out of steam Reid 8 Involved in everything, if only he had finished in the second half Diedhiou 6 A marmite performance. Caused all kinds of problems in the first half, phenomenal in the air, confident on the ball... and then a total passenger in the second half O'Dowda 7 Strong and direct (more than last season) but didn't have much to aim for or at Eliason 6 Didn't get to do much and not much went through him. Think he'll need some time to adjust.
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    I'm sorry, rant incoming....but it really gets me going when people talk with sympathy about present day footballers only having a short career. Their playing days might finish mid thirties but that doesn't mean they can never work again does it? Retrain, learn new skills, try something similar or totally different. Many 'normal' people go through their working lives doing different types of work, why shouldn't they??? Ok let's assume at 35 they never work again, surely with the money they have earnt they should have more than enough saved to live comfortably. Who spends five or ten grand a week ffs, and if they fritter it all away they deserve to struggle. But feel sorry for footballers in this day and age with all the poverty in our city never mind the world, no chance. Rant over. Thank you.
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    All I have to say on SC is he delivered a double winning season within a year of us looking worse than relegation fodder; we were #$%&ing abject. That LJ run never tested my patience anything close to SC's predecessor did, who almost got me to pursue other passions. He really, really turned us around and did such a good job in it I doubt if I will see a more successful "short term" manager at the Gate. He got frankly shameful support after that double winning season when he needed it. I do not expect him to speak highly of this club (except for the fan base). If he is bitter, with damn good and justifiable reason imo. Look at Andre Grey today?! How sick must he feel and how bloody foolish should some in the boardroom feel? I have seen people suggesting Flint is a club legend; for me he isn't, the most recent one is Steve Cotterill. Even more so if he encourages for us a big bid for a player we clearly neither need, nor want.
  6. 52 points
    Today was my 4 year olds first game and after queuing in the club shop for what seemed like forever, we got into the ground at about 2.45pm and desperately needed a drink before taking our seats, so we queued up for a kiosk that did cold drinks, coffee and snacks. Got to the front of the queue, ordered our drinks and got my card out to pay, only for the assistant to announce' we don't take cards on here, only cash'. After rummaging through my pockets, I was short by about £2 and was about to put the drinks back. Then the guy behind me, who had worked out it was my daughters first game, handed over a £5 note to the cashier to pay for the drinks, so I just want to say a huge thank you to the dude behind me, who meant we could get a drink and still make the start of the match.
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    To whom it may concern. On Saturday I became enthralled by the rapid and skilful passing and movement of Bristol City for 45 minutes against the second consecutive poor Championship team we had faced. During that time I became convinced that my football team had turned a corner and were exhibiting attributes that would serve us well for the season ahead. Today I realise that while we have a more balanced and close knit team, we are no further forward in terms of ability or quality, and in fact the only consistent tactical development exhibited so far compared to the prior season, is the attacking intent for the first ten minutes of every game. Other than that, it appears the manager is no more capable It sounds amazing to say it, but today managed to not just invert the injustice at St. Andrews, but by far exceed it in the inappropriate results stakes. We were a non-factor for the vast majority of a one-sided game at Griffin Park, were stretched to the point of breaking, yet emerged with a point which was even less warranted than Birmingham's three. I should add that Frankie Fielding, derided so regularly by City fans as not up to our target standard (and on the evidence of another poor day of kicking, with some reason) was actually the difference between us and an absolute thrashing. Ignore Reid's equaliser as pivotal, I lost count of the number of saves Fielding made to keep us in it. If the first few games of the season had showed progress in our passing and movement, today unfortunately pitted us with a team that is well drilled in those attributes and on a like for like basis, demonstrated that we are nowhere close. Besides our opening goal, we were continually on the back foot, and battered for the best part of 80 minutes. What is least satisfactory is that the manager, who the club hoped was riding a mini-revival arising from an easy pre-season and weak early opponents, compounded his mishandling of the second half on Saturday, by standing idly by today while we were comprehensively and obviously beaten in central midfield for more than the best part of an hour. The hallmark of the depths of last season was comically obvious weaknesses and I'm afraid we regressed close to that territory today. Where so far this season Smith and Pack have been the ignition switch for fast pass and move breaks out of midfield, today they were hounded backwards into a seemingly permanent second layer of our defence. Despite convincingly losing that central midfield battle for most of the game, it took well over an hour for Johnson to do anything about it - even persisting with a formation that put Brownhill and Paterson out wide, regardless that no one was left to feed them. Surely at that point you ask Brownhill to help trying to win central midfield back? Nope. And when we did change, it was to leave Reid up front on his own. Now if that was a surrender, it was far more appropriate than the inane attacking over-exuberance that followed the Harry Redknapp adjustments on Saturday, but regardless, with all the money we spend, to have got into a position with zero backup target man is more than concerning. It all started so well. But then that's the only consistent so far this season, and perhaps it's provided more reassurance than was justified. We piled forward and following a mistake like Saturday, Diedhiou rolled his marker and broke in on goal before the ball found its way to Brownhill, who swept it into the far corner. City ahead early again and buzzing. Sadly, it would be another 90 minutes before City would really stretch the opposition defence again. Far from being a platform to push on, we surrendered the initiative as Brentford poured forward with sharper passing and movement. The only consolation first half was we finally got to see our defence, which marshalled Vibe and Jota incredibly well. In my mind the story would be the turn of the City defence to shine, but even with Smith and Pack dropping back to contribute, it would require a succession of saves from Fielding - and the woodwork - to keep City ahead at half time. The number of crosses arising from their left, where Pisano seemed largely off the pace, was a particular concern. Given half time to do something about 30 minutes of one sided football, we changed nothing. Within 10 minutes of the restart, Brentford were level. By now Smith - who was literally everywhere - and Pack, were effectively an extra line of defence. No matter, because their first decent cross from their right, instead asked Pisano to win in the air. He failed. I've lost count of the number of times I've been to Griffin Park and seen them get the ball out wide and cross in and beat our defenders, but yet again we stood off the opponent and allowed the cross, and then Pisano, a welcome mat for crosses in the first half, was instead asked to win in the air one on one at the far post, yet unfortunately came up short. Fielding would go on to make another sensational save (from Jota), before Johnson belatedly reacted to the onslaught by withdrawing Diedhiou (who topped Saturday's anonymous after 60 minutes performance with today's anonymous after 15 minutes) and Brownhill, to leave Reid an unusual solo striker, and bring O'Neil into midfield and O'Dowda out wide. I can't argue with adding O'Neil to the fray and we got a little more stability in the middle, but truthfully a) we were already completely overrun through the middle and b) leaving just Reid up front gave us even less outlet than we had had previously. So the effect was not significant and we certainly didn't turn the flow of what was already a one sided game. Within five minutes Brentford deservedly went in front too. They knocked the ball around the edge of the box, no one got close enough to cut it out, and their man curled it into the corner. It had been coming and it has to be said that it was hard to argue with it. There was still time for them to force more saves from Fielding - we were slipping away grimly. With no other options we added Hinds up front (for Pack) and tried largely unsuccessfully to bundle the ball upfield. Following a prolonged injury to a Brentford player, the closest we'd come is a miscued clearance with the keeper off his line, whipped back in on goal from long distance by O'Dowda, but ultimately headed clear just in front of the line. Then, at the death, a twist. As City piled forward, two clear shouts for a penalty for handling in the box by defenders clearing - the second resulting from a desperate Baker shot with the last kick of the game. It was a good shout but the referee (excellent throughout) kept the game going and in the extra seconds, the keeper raced out to claim and Reid tapped in. Delirium in the away end. It was - after the long injury - literally the death: 8 minutes after the 90th, and in the context of the game, completely unwarranted and a total mugging. I did not speak to a single fan who felt we had done anything other than got out of jail: a scarcely deserved equaliser, in a match we only competed in the first and final 5 of 100 minutes. For that to be the case only 3 league games in, albeit against a decent and specifically counter-acting footballing team (Brentford are masters of pass and move at speed) should be a concern, but even more than that, the manner of Johnson's inability to compete tactically is the real worry from the past two away games. Some of the failings are all still there. On Saturday we quite obviously didn't have a Plan B, a criticism thrown at the manager a number of times last season. Today not only did we not have a Plan B, but our Plan A fell to pieces quickly too. In both cases we surrendered not just the lead, but the match and all visible momentum. The only shard of light was our five minute hustle for an equaliser. The optimism from Saturday may have to be re-assessed. The glowing references in my prior report certainly warrant retraction! Fielding 9 Kicking is still shocking, but without his saves we would have lost 5-1 or more. Kept us in the game - no other way to describe it. Pisano 5 Has the engine to get up and down but positioning and ability to win the ball all suspect. Far too many crosses from his side first half, and beaten in the air for the equaliser. Bryan 6 Regressing to the Bryan at Griffin Park last season. Moments in the first half where he totally abandoned the player he was marking allowing them a free shot on goal. Wright 7 The best of a poor defence. Got stuck in wherever he could and won a number of balls when it felt like Sawyers, Jota and Vibe were slicing our defence open. Baker 6 I thought Hegeler won a number of first balls on Saturday and was unlucky to be dropped. Don't think Baker did nearly enough to attack crosses into the box for us to celebrate his inclusion just yet. Smith 8 Fielding was a clear MoM for us, but Smith was our best outfield player by some distance. Ran himself into the ground chasing everything. Sadly mostly defensively but right to the end he was trying to get himself forward, we don't have many players who give everything in spite of the challenge. Pack 6 Forced into an almost entirely defensive role and didn't have the speed or engine to offer anything other than that. To compound that could have done better for their second goal. Brownhill 6 Good finish for the goal, and not really his fault, but little point him being out on the wing when we're overrun in central midfield and not even close to being able to get the ball played forward and into him. More Johnson's fault than his, but hard to see his value when he's so outside of the action. Paterson 5 The rub on this guy is that he is inconsistent and I'm afraid here we are again. After a couple of bright games, nowhere near the quality or strength needed and I would wager will lose his place to O'Dowda for Saturday who at least affects the game. Reid 7 Still working his proverbials off, had little or no service and a virtually non-existent target man alongside him, but he chased causes to both flanks all game for 98 minutes, and was ready to claim that equaliser. Hard to argue that he is our best player this season by some distance. The guy is on fire. Diedhiou 5 Worrying that he is not getting into games. Was always a project and going to be raw but for over £5m I would expect us to have got closer to a 90 minute player by now. Sharp from the start but too quickly played out of games and unable to effectively link up with anyone. Undoubtedly a workhorse but fizzles out very quickly. Subs: O'Dowda 7 More physical and animated than a below par Paterson, draws fouls and is exclusively forward thinking - his reaction with the keeper off his line, deserved better. O'Neil 5 Added some shape to the huge gaps we were absent from in central midfield, and managed one shot at goal, although truthfully did not look up to speed yet. Hinds 6 Not much sight of the ball but could see from his movement that he would have been welcome on Saturday, he gets into some positions.
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    Well, that was 90 minutes of my life I'm not getting back. It was truly shite from beginning to end, the high pressing quick moving passing game has vanished and been replaced by players running into each other, giving away needless fouls, passing behind each other, standing still, turning around and going backwards. We looked devoid of confidence and scared. The only ones to come out of that with any credit really are Fielding and Paterson, Baker was OK and that's about it. Korey Smith had comfortably the worst game I've ever seen him have, I think he completed about two in ten passes and couldn't seem to do anything right. Diedhiou and Reid might as well have been playing over in the park given how isolated they were by our inability to string two passes together. On the plus side we will never concede from a corner again having seemingly decided to use Millwall as an opportunity to practise defending set pieces by giving them about 800 in a row in the first 20 minutes. It was a testament to their complete lack of any talent that we managed to keep a clean sheet, they missed a couple of sitters and on that showing will be joining Barnsley and probably us in the bottom three. For the first 30 minutes they pressed us and then they retreated back as two banks of four and sat there happy to play on the break when they realised we had no threat. We had about ten minutes of reasonable play in the run up to half time which Millwall stifled by fouling and timewasting and arguing, and then we came out after half time looking about half as lively as we did in the first half. Whatever was said by LJ in the run up to the game and at half time didn't work one bit in either case. The subs were confusing. I could just about see bringing GON on but it absolutely should have been Smith that he replaced not Pack as Pack was not nearly as bad. To be honest I'd have overloaded the midfield as we were getting nowhere - someone like Hegeler who has a calm head might have helped more - is he injured now or just dropped out the squad for no apparent reason again? There's never any point in bringing O'Dowda on unless we're winning comfortably and it's just to rest someone else, he seems to have very little impact on any game. Eliasson might be raw but he might have offered some sort of threat. Woodrow looked reasonable but then so would Bas Savage with that sort of service, all you can really do is close down and run around when your teammates have lost the ability to pass five yards. It's probably fair to say I didn't enjoy much about the match. A word on the ref. He got pretty much every decision right but was ridiculously fussy about where kicks were taken from. When we're fouled a free kick is supposed to penalise the opposition, preventing a quick one by insisting it's taken from two yards away helps them. Whatever he was doing with Fielding's free kick was beyond me, Fielding was in line with the linesman's flag but apparently that's not ok. Who the **** cares where in the 18 yard box it's taken when we all know it's going out of play anyway? That's probably harsh on Fielding given he again made a couple of great saves but if you can't hit a red shirt reliably why not take the short option or throw it? Yes, it's only four games in. Yes it could change. But out of 8 halves of league football we've had two good, one ok, and five shockers. That's starting to look more of a worry than a concern. It's patently obvious that we need some real quality in midfield and soon, but that doesn't seem to be a priority for the club. I hope they re-evaluate that or I fear we're going to have the most expensive league one side ever seen. A casual estimate would be that we started today with an XI that cost over £10m to assemble and another £5-6m on the bench. Value for money is not how I'd put it.
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    Anyone else feel like a large number of City fans are just waiting for it to go wrong? We got outplayed by a team that is realistically better than us, a well established championship team. When their 2nd went in, social media went into absolute Meltdown, and the Johnson out folk seemed to be clearing their throats (despite us being very impressive this year). There just seems to be a massive reluctance to like Johnson. Maybe it's because he proved people wrong at the back end of last year and left them red faces? But even when he first joined, there's this uneasy feeling towards Johnson? We weren't great tonight, but we were playing one of he better footballing teams in the league and despite the obviously deluded majority, we're not going to outplay everyone. I personally feel very good about this season, LJ has got us playing some unbelievable stuff, some of the best many of us have seen in years. But there's still a reluctance of some sort. Shame, because the blokes devoted his love for the club and I can really see us building something good under him! Up the City.
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    Seriously? You can't remember all that he did to stop us selling AG site to Sainsbury's? He threw his toys out when Lansdown wouldn't sell him the land at a fraction of the cost that Sainsbury's were offering. He wanted it for his own means to build houses on. I'll never forget being sat next right to Steve when we finally had the go ahead to redevelop AG after several years of hold ups. George came over to SL and tried to shake his hand, like he suddenly wanted to be his mate. Steve point blank refused. I don't think I've ever been as proud of Lansdown as I was at that moment. George now trying to creep and be his mate, like we'd somehow forgotten all the rounding up of newt lovers etc he'd done for years beforehand, when we were trying to get Ashton Vale agreed. Simply because he'd not got his hands on the Ashton Gate site for his own gain. People have short memories it seems. I for one will never forget what he did.
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    Good spot. Now you mention it, something seems off about young Cauley as well!
  13. 42 points
    Can I just get something straight because I'm finding the mood of the forum a little confusing so far this season. Man I right in thinking that if we dominate and win a game, then the opposition isn't strong..? If we dominate a game for long spells but lose, narrowly, despite hitting the woodwork several times, then it's LJ's fault..? If we get out played by one of the best teams (on their day) in the division, with their manager stating how exceptionally well they played, in a fixture that we seldom get much from, but come away with a battling, last gasp point, then it's LJ's fault..? Can someone please provide a list of clubs that are of the required standard, so I know if beating them is to be applauded or ignored. Whilst at it, can that list be distributed to all 23 other teams, who clearly don't know the rules either and keep beating each other. Thank you, in anticipation of some clarity over this.
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    Dear all Please see an update below from Dave Storr Ashton Gate head of security. I understand that there is a mixed response from fans on this topic, however, the stadium are following the legislation in its approach as well as the safety and comfort of all fans coming to the games. There will be no further dialogue from Ashton Gate on this topic through the forum. I am asking for all fans and in particular a number within the new S82 section to please respect the law and not attempt to either bring or ignite any smoke bombs or flares within the stadium. We have a great opportunity to work together on creating an enhanced atmosphere and in the spirit of doing so we don't want to start off on a negative foot. As always I am very open minded on ideas from the fans on how we can add to the match day atmosphere and this can be communicated through the supporters club and trust / FAN and S82. Thank you Mark Kelly This is a reminder to everyone who attends Ashton Gate. Smoke Bombs are prohibited items under the Football Ground Regulations, it is also a criminal offence to set one off inside a football ground. On Saturday we not only had one thrown onto the field of play that has resulted in damage to the pitch but we also had a person dealt with by the medical team who suffered an asthma attack as a result of smoke inhalation. In addition to this, they can cause a fire alarm activation and have previously resulted in crowd panic at an event resulting in a number of injuries. Bristol City FC have been reported by the Match Official for these incidents on Saturday and could now face a financial penalty. It therefore goes without saying that we take this very serious and anyone found with a smoke bomb, lighting it, holding it, or throwing it will be banned for a least a season from Ashton Gate. Dave Storr
  15. 39 points
    I think some people are really pissed off we got a point! We deserved one at Brum....didn't deserve one tonight...........that's football...what's the problem ?
  16. 37 points
    I share your frustration Andy...and I'll have stab at a considered reply. I think, from his more recent radio interviews, that SL believes that way to make City a financially sustainable Championship club is to sign young players before they reach their peak, develop and exploit their talent, and then sell them if they command high fees...Kodjia being the best example to date. Benefits the club on the playing side and financially. I can understand that...and if that was the publicly stated aim of the club, as it has been at, say, Brentford, I think people would be understanding...we'd get to see some of the brightest talent playing for us and then make a few bob. Of course, to make that work, all that young talent would have to been brilliantly scouted and be being coached and managed through games by a manager and coaching team of rare quality, people who could spot winners, develop young players and nurse them thorough matches with tactical skill. Big ask. Fact is our management team has no proven experience. What it has is connections to SL and to each other. At worst it's a bunch of rookie mates having a go...which in my opinion is unlikely to succeed. And at the same time the stated objectives of the club are what?...I understood it was the Prem and a place in Europe! The inconsistencies are sadly all too obvious. Doesn't bode well.
  17. 37 points
    Absolutely no doubt Brentford will be top 8. Moan about the performance all you like, we've gone there, a place where historically we are pathetic and stolen a point. Well done Bobby Reid and well done to all the fans that made the trip down there. Have a safe journey back. Sorry Johnson boo boys, early night for you.
  18. 37 points
    All, This was a huge success but became a victim of its own success - literally getting more and more emails each game (of course not everyone was actually attending their first game, which is what the original idea from @DaveL was meant for). Regardless, it was still a memorable moment for the youngsters concerned. To try and bring a bit of a control on numbers, it was discussed to alter it to signed pennants for one chosen youngster who we knew was attending their first game - a surprise and delight - starting from the Millwall game, as we still had two existing 'cappings' waiting over for the Barnsley fixture tomorrow. However, having discussed this further, I agree that the "first cap" idea sits better with football than a pennant. To that end, we're now investigating returning to the cap scheme, capped (excuse the pun) at three per game for 2017/18. -- Dastardly and Muttley, can you email vicky.barlow@bristol-sport.co.uk and we'll aim to get that sorted for you tomorrow with the other two cappings. Simon, I'll forward your email on to Vicky and also aim to add you on for tomorrow. Regards, Adam
  19. 36 points
    The image has been 'cleaned up' a little bit. It's Eliasson. He starts on Saturday. COYR.
  20. 36 points
    Nice to see the old pub remembered on the south/dolman stand corner. Fair play to JL & Co for salvaging the sign!
  21. 35 points
    I think LJ was spot on . Birminghams offer was shit . Not attack on the player. Surely common sense
  22. 34 points
    I’ll keep it quick. A fantastic showing of heart from a second string team who looked distinctly lower division in the first half punting balls up to Diedhiou, but defended solidly from the many Watford crosses, with Magnússon the stand out player at the back, and Lloyd Kelly an incredibly impressive firefly on the left. But overall, we were holding on more than threatening. Second half Watford did exactly what they needed to - stepped the pace up of their movement through our defence, and carved open the chance for their opener. I thought it might be the start of a collapse, but Bobby Reid was sensational every time he touched the ball, and Hinds never stopped running. Despite limitations in central midfield we took control of things. Hinds deserved his goal but I don’t think anyone expected him to drift past a midfielder and slam it into the top corner - but it was exactly what his constant purpose and running in behind them had threatened. Then we believed, and the purpose exhibited by him, Eliason, Reid and O’Dowda was thrilling, not perfect by any means, but slowly was pushing Watford back. On another break Hinds released the ball down the left, it found its way to Kelly, who took on his man and drilled a low cross into the box that evaded everyone except Bobby Reid, who slammed it past the keeper with interest. We held on grimly versus the Watford onslaught - Will Hughes is a class act and our limiting of him was probably the standout midfield action. Before the end Taylor - on as a sub - would be set free and run in on goal, squaring for O’Dowda’s easy finish. O’Dowda had looked awkward in a compact formation that rarely wanted to go wide, and with this chance just a few years out, he would take an extra touch to switch the ball to his preferred foot, only to see his shot saved. Thankfully, he’d come back stronger: Within minutes City broke again, the ball was spread to O’Dowda, who had a torrid time versus his markers, but this time he sensed blood and powered through two tackles, broke into the box, before squaring it for Eliason - who looked lightweight but simply never stopped running all game, however much he was kicked - to tap in. Delirium right in front of the away end. In the end analysis, we were second best for nearly an hour, good at defending crosses but ultimately sitting compact inviting Watford’s front 4 or 5 (when in possession) to spread the field. The best we managed was springing the ball forward through the middle and asking Diedhiou or Hinds to get it under control. Hinds did so occasionally, but Diedhiou rarely. What changed the game was adding Bobby Reid and he and Hinds moving their defenders more rapidly. Suddenly where we had left Kelly and Vyner flat in the back four and asked O’Dowda and Eliason to attack (in contrast with attacking roles for Bryan and Pisano), in the second half we allowed the full backs to also push up given the speed with which we moved. These overloads shifted the balance of the game and Reid’s smart touches, coupled with Hinds willing running (followed by the same from Taylor) opened up chances for us. But to be fair Hinds opener was out of nothing, but he would go on to start the move that put us in front too. He looks sharp and direct, and contrasted strongly with Watford’s five man front interplay. In the end a sensational win. Make no mistake, Watford played a high line and a formation than granted them a line of five up front much wider than our team, we defended a load of crosses (Magnússon in particular but in the crucial final half hour, Flint more than anyone - he desperately wanted to win) and we broke with pace and purpose - once Diedhiou was off. Fielding 8 Once again a mix of cracking saves and hopeless long kicks. Kept us in it with one save before the end. Vyner 7 Solid but exposed more than once by the movement of the Watford forwards, who pushed up 4 or 5 across the front when in possession. Flint 7 A couple of crucial headed clearances, looked a bit hesitant and jaded first half, but the final half hour he was all over our half defending and clearing balls wherever they fell, a winner and someone we will miss if he is going. Magnússon 8 Won most of the headers in the first half from Watford’s sustained attacking and really wanted it. Still a bit rusty with the ball at his feet but clearly had a point to prove. Nearly scored with a header that was deflected. Kelly 9 Our best player once you exclude Super Bobby Reid’s cameo. Won everything he was asked to, took up smart positioning whenever threatened, I don’t think he put a foot wrong. I was incredibly impressed. Set up the winner. Hegeler 6 Didn’t really get in the game. I don’t think our whole central midfield did and it is clearly our weak link. A few good touches but struggled to get in the game. Certainly didn’t get a foot on the ball and play it, had hands full with Hughes. O’Neil 7 Marginally better than Hegeler but not great. Misplaced a lot of passes and also struggled with the pace through midfield of Will Hughes and Watford. The fact he played the whole game and kept us in it, deserves some credit. O’Dowda 7 Given how compact we were, he was asked to do an awful lot on the wing without any support or people to pass to. It wasn’t great to be honest and compounded by missing a sitter. But the later the game went on, the more lethal he became with his pace and direct running, and he ultimately won us the game with his strength and composure for our third. Eliason 7 Quiet early on, but evident how much he never stopped running or chasing the opportunity to sprint clear, and was roughly treated by a physical Watford side. Takes some fantastic corners which is a major bonus for us too. Diedhiou 5 A few nice headers but didn’t really get into the game, even though we largely played the ball through the middle. Has the physique and the presence, but the touch and the stamina both look like a work in progress. Hinds 8 Never stopped running, this guys self belief and energy is infectious. Caused their defenders all sorts of problems, had them back-tracking, and his opener was simply sensational. Subs: Reid 9 Just looks a class act every time the ball came near him. While most of our play was about springing players on runs at their defence, Reid caused problems simply with sublime touches and losing his markers repeatedly. Goal was deserved. Smith 7 Had one shocker where he fell over and set them clear on goal, but for the most part came on when we were ahead and chased everything, kicked everything, and helped spring us forward when the opportunity arose. A warrior. Taylor 7 A great replacement for Hinds, ran at them when they were tiring, gave O’Dowda a goal on a plate, and kept going until the game was won.
  23. 34 points
    I personally can't see Johnson done anything wrong. He told the player he wasn't in his plans as a player. But happy for him to be a part of the squad and part of his coaching staff. Which wilbs accepted. Then Bolton came calling and wilbs has got what he wants. As much as I like wilbs . As a team we got to look forward. IMO Johnson got this right
  24. 34 points
    What's the problem? I love it. Adds to the atmosphere. You reds
  25. 34 points
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    My view on womens football is not likely to be liked. If I thought for one minute that any money spent on womens football, was at the detriment of our first team/academy/scouting then I would not be happy. 100% agree they should have competitive leagues etc. But you only have to look at the US Womens national team. Demanding the same salary as the men. Its about revenue generation and they have a long way to do to catch up with that. The standard of goal keeping has to improve massively or else its match fixing. We never got a TV deal in the Wiltshire and districts Sunday league Division 1. There is probably a reason for it. Probably the same thought process applies. You have to have a product. It has to be saleable. Equality will only happen when the skills are of equal value. They are miles apart Steve
  27. 32 points
    With the Rugby as well it would be a logistical nightmare. Given the support they gave us for AV ? Nope they can go f*** themselves
  28. 32 points
    I have not always been his biggest fan but he was simply outstanding today.
  29. 32 points
    Today couldn't have gone any better!! Credit where credit is due. There has been much said, last season and in the close season, and to say LJ has divided opinion is an understatement. I was certainly one of his detractors during last season. But, if you take into account pre-season preparation, incoming and outgoing players and the full 90 minutes today, you would have to say outstanding job LJ. All that hard work paid off. Those team meetings where playing culture, work ethic and style of play he wished to see, probably drummed into the players relentlessly was a joy to behold. They completely bought into it. The passing and movement was decisive, but it was so evident when we lost the ball. We won it back almost immediately. LJ banged on and on last season about energy. Today he got it. Make no mistake Barnsley are not a bad team. They have good players, but we wiped the floor with them. I bet they never expected us to start so brightly. I almost felt sorry for them. Our players set their own standards, and today was of the highest order. The likes of Brownhill, Bryan and Bobby Reid......well Bobby Reid, how good was he!!! all seem to have come of age. We can compete at this level. They have to have taken confidence from this. I take my hat of to LJ and his staff for a fantastically executed pre-season culminating into a very very impressive first game of the season. The jury might be out for many, but even those fans, have to concede that if feels like a very big step in the right direction. Steve
  30. 31 points
    I saw a fired up mob charging into the park, obviously looking to set upon anyone who got in their way. But enough about the police.
  31. 31 points
    Ok, so there have been many recent discussions on several threads about Bobby Reid's pre-season / worth to the team etc, but I just wanted to take the moment to tip my hat to Bobby. I love the fact Bobby has been with us for so many years (how many is it now? Close to ten?) and is still continuing to develop. He looks stronger at the moment, even more athletic, and is scoring goals for fun (yes, to a lower standard in pre-season, but some of his finishing has still looked pretty sublime). He has impressive work-rate and seems to be a solid professional. You never hear of any problems with Bobby. I'm encouraged that he linked very well with Tammy last year, and looks on course to do the same again with Fammy this time round. Bobby Reid, you're my type of player and I'm glad your a City man. Here's hoping for a fantastic season and the coming of age as a true Championship talent!
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  33. 30 points
    As I navigate my way around the football forum & the transfer forum this seems to be the concern of many posters, somewhat understandably, given the loss of Tammy & our record signing up front still unlikely to match the 23 league goals our erstwhile Chelsea loanee bagged for us. As it seems the obvious place to start, let us start with the forwards. Understandably there is some concern that Diedhiou is not an out-and-out goalscorer and may take some time to acclimatise to the new league and surroundings. The good news is he has pedigree. He arrives from the same club we got Kodjia from, SCO Angers, though wasn't at the club at the same time or indeed play in the same league. Prior to his arrival here, Kodjia scored 15 goals as Angers secured promotion from Ligue 2 to Ligue 1. Diedhiou meanwhile scored 23 goals a season on loan at Clermont in the same division and 9 goals in 29 starts when playing for Angers in Ligue 1. Kodjia went on to score 19 goals in his sole season with us in the Championship. What can we learn from this? Well, all players are different but the early indication is that he should be able to score at a similar rate in England. I'd say an estimate of 13 goals would be a conservative estimate in this example. Next up, rather surprisingly is Bobby Reid, Johnson's supposed replacement for Tomlin in the support striker role. Bobby scored 3 goals in 18 starts in the Championship last season playing a number of roles, but mainly in midfield. During this pre-season Bobby has been on-fire playing in a more advanced role scoring 8 goals in 6 appearances (many where he was on the field for just half a game). If he just scored at his former rate he'd be on for 8 goals over a full season but starting further forward, he should be afforded more chances to score. For now I'm going to try an err on the side of conservatism again, Bobby Reid will go down as 10 goals. The next selection may be a little controversial, Gustav Engvall. I believe this is a big season for Gustav, he had his struggles with health and fitness on arrival last season and he didn't ever really get going for us except for a decent performance with no end product against Hull & an assist for Paterson against Fleetwood in the cup. With the Euro's coming up for the U21 sides, Gustav went back to Sweden on loan and performed better than he had ever before in his young career scoring 7 goals in 13 games. Following his return to the Tenerife training camp & perhaps thanks to the injuries our other strikers are suffering from he appears to have been welcomed back into the fold and scored 2 goals in his first game back on English soil. I believe he will feature quite heavily through August as Johnson beds Famara in and will get reasonable minutes from the bench and starting roles in the Cups. He seems to have decent movement and knows where the goal he is. If he takes this chance I can see him going on to act as a rotation option/understudy to Famara. Engvall to score 8 goals The rest: Much has been said of the effect of the Snake, Matty Taylor, on our survival fight last season. During his run in the side he "only" scored 2 goals. I suspect if LJ favours FD & BR as the main partnership this season Taylor will have to make do with sub appearances & just the occasional start. However, this may benefit him as his lack of pace wont be so noticeable against tired defenders. Matty Taylor 4 goals. Milan Đuric has suffered from recurring injuries last season & this has carried over into this. In his brief appearances he showed hints of being able to play at this level. He scored 1 goal in 3 starts & 8 sub appearances last season. If he can sort his fitness issues out I can see him scoring 5 goals for us. Aaron Wilbraham is probably in his last season as a player with us and will probably not get a lot of playing time. With that in mind I am not predicting him to score any goals. A wildcard here may be Freddie Hinds who is enjoying pre-season with the first team but we have not seen enough of him to know if this is his breakthrough year for us. Into midfield and the main threat appears to be Jamie Paterson who finished last season on fire after some time on the sidelines when it was rumoured he didn't get on with our larger playmaker who has since left for pastures more Welsh. Despite this he managed to score 6 goals in 27 appearances for us last term. Over a full season this would have equated to 10 goals & even with him having a more consistent/important role in the side, I will stick with this 10 goals projection. The remainder of the midfield doesn't have a lot in it but Calum O'Dowda was getting closer to getting his first Championship goal last season & I am backing him to break this duck this season (and score 1 more), Josh Brownhill did break his duck to score his first goal for us, I back him to get 2 next season. Marlon Pack & Korey Smith got 2 between them last season (Pack with both) and I'm saying they'll match it again this season. In defence I have pretty much gone with last season's tallies, however the introduction of Eros Pisano should add more goals as he has some form here and has bagged a couple in pre-season. I'm marking him down for 3 goals. In total this all adds up to 69 goals, 9 more than we got in 16/17. You may disagree with my numbers, maybe you think Gustav will get zero (but then I'd expect some more from one of the others as it'd mean they feature more), but in my mind there is goals throughout this team. You never know, we might still sign someone who will add to our tally too? This coupled with our improved defensive performance in the final 10 games last term gives me the optimism that we can get a comfortable mid-table finish this season. Tl;dr we will score goals, breakdown below: Diedhiou 13 goals Reid 10 goals Engvall 8 goals Taylor 4 goals Đuric 5 goals Paterson 10 goals Pack 1 goal Smith 1 goal Brownhill 2 goals O'Dowda 2 goals Flint 6 goals Wright 2 goals Magnusson 1 goal Pisano 3 goals Bryan 1 goal Total 69 goals
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    It is January 31st, 1858 and the world's largest ship is launched, sideways, from Napier Yard, Millwall. Such were the technical difficulties of building such a large ship, 692 ft, that it was the very last of its kind from the J. Scott Russell leased yard at Napier. The ship was the SS Great Eastern designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel; The maritime connection is a strong one between what is generally known today as the Isle of Dogs and Bristol. Much of the timber and concrete sub structure used for that famous launch remains today amongst the docklands housing developments that sprung up long after the Millwall docks, that came in 1860, and the thousands of terraced docker houses had gone. Millwall football club itself has not played in Millwall since 1910. The success of ship building forced them out and they have played in various locations of Bermondsey ever since. They even dropped their nick name 'The Dockers' and became the Lions as we know them today. Bermondsey was the most bombed part of London in WW2. The Germans called it Target Area G. It had previously been a very wealthy part of London with an Abbey that had rivalled Westminster with an estate that spread across many home counties and even as far as Somerset *. There was a history of faith on this site as far back as the 8th century when it was granted privileges by Pope Constantine for a monastry at 'Vermundesai' becoming the Priory of St Saviour attached to the French Abbey of Cluny in 1089 and well noted in the Domesday Book. Perhaps not so bizarrely for the time the Abbey was dissolved in 1537 by Henry VIII and the estate was acquired by Sir Thomas Pope (founder of Trinity College Oxford) who broke up the Abbey buildings and built a mansion for himself. Today, however, the Abbey and its original site, has been extensively dug by archaeologists. On January 7th, 2017 another long standing Bermondsey resident saw news of its possible fate plastered across the press. Millwall, already no strangers to moving, faced the real threat of being forced out by Lewisham Council so said the Daily Mail. Kent Live announced that Millwall fans are "not happy about the prospect of moving 50 miles into their county". While the Bermondsey land in question does not include the New Den it does engulf the ground and with a category 2 Academy, like our very own, the club would rightly be very fearful that the leasehold facilities they would lose nearby, such as training pitches, would deprive them of Academy 2 status. In short, their prized academy players would leave to local rivals. For this reason Millwall would have to move to preserve that status. In September 2016, the Labour run council approved plans for those CPOs as part of a mass regeneration project for Bermondsey. Both Bermondsey & Rotherhithe, under Southwark, and Lewisham councils are overwhelmingly Labour councillor run. More recently it appears they have won a stay of execution in the CPO battle and will, for now, be able to remain exactly where they are. So what was once famously known as the London Larder, maker of Garibaldis, and is often coined that again today with the famous Borough Market will, for now, have a football club in it. But the subterfuge and shenanigans lurk. A previous senior Labour councillor of Lewisham, Mushtak Malik, is CEO of Renewal the very company seeking the development. But enough of that for now. Maybe we will revisit this on another match day. Lets welcome Millwall fans today folks and hope their mad mad element stay away. We all know the vast majority of football supporters are decent folk. Enjoy the match. * maybe later.
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    Taylor from the gas for peanuts Tomlin to Cardiff red dragons for millions. If Carlsberg did revenge transfers.....
  36. 29 points
    Listening to the pre-match interview was good to hear Lee not only acknowledge the sad passing of a former player but also the tragic passing of two teenagers this week. Whatever opinions there may be about him as a manager I think he is genuine about our club.
  37. 29 points
    He will be fit, which he wasn't last season. A lot of the "mystery" surrounding his situation is made up by us lot on here, speculating. He wanted a loan-he got one. LJ wanted to see that loan go well - it did. LJ wanted him back for the Tenerife trip - he was. LJ put him in the team when his knock had cleared up - he scored. I'd like to think the plan for him was going pretty much as hoped.
  38. 28 points
    Never again will I complain about the club not getting a good price when selling a player. Ashton deserves a medal for negotiating that.
  39. 28 points
    Goodnight Irene, goodnight IreneI'll see uwe in my dreams
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    Howdy folks! It's the Watford FC tonight in the Crapabao Cup and after the absolute fiasco of the draw (Are we home? Are we away? Are we Neighbours?), we finally get to proceed to the actual match. Turns out we are away after all. John Salako has been banned from every TV studio in the land. The dozy pillock. I'm going to try and emulate a little more fact work into my thread today. I'm no Hav but I'm taking inspiration so please bear with. So Watford is based in Hertfordshire, a county surrounded by poshies to the west (Buckinghamshire), poshies and posh students to the north east (Cambridgeshire), cockneys to the south (Greater London) and perma-tanned brats with flashy motors and life time memberships to the Sugar Hut, to the east (Essex). Watfordians must have a London accent as my cousin currently resides in Buckinghamshire and when they left Bristol, had an accent akin to Adge's. Now they sound like an extra off Eastenders so it goes without saying that with Watford being closer, it's guaranteed. Watford has always been an industrial place with many different aspects to income. With the Great Union Canal and railway lines linking directly to London and Birmingham respectively, coal and gas were mass produced back in the day. There was also a paper mill that produced fine quality paper, which in turn helped Watford become a base for printing firms in the SE. Nowadays, Watford is a centre of excellence for TV and film production. Leavesden Studios (famous for the Harry Potter films) was once an aerodrome and de Havilland factory making the Halifax bomber from WW2. A plane that utilised Bristol engines, these engines were built up in gas territory in Filton... Watford FC is most famous for its association with Reg Dwight himself aka Sir Elton John. He used to own the club when it was at it's peak in the Graham Taylor (RIP) years. They both became life presidents and Elton still is to this day. Hakuna Matata. Watford are nicknamed The Hornets and play in black and yellow. Like a hornet obviously. The nickname was chosen by a fan poll when they changed their main colours from blue and white. A hornet is a giant wasp with a big attitude problem. When I lived in Devon, there was a well known hornets nest on our Uni playing fields. If one of us kicked a ball anywhere near that tree, we'd all shit ourselves at the thought of going to get it. They were nasty bastards and many of us got stung... Vicarage Road is the home of Watford and is smaller than our dear AG at only 23,000. It was originally owned by a brewery. Like us though, Vicarage Road has its own Halt, which like us, is derelict because British Rail/Network Rail/Labour/Tories/the local Council can't see what is blatantly staring them in the face... Fun fact for you all. Vicarage Road has also been the home of Saracens Rugby and Wealdstone FC - yep the team of "You got no fans. You want some? I'll give it ya..." fame... On to tonight. We will probably be schooled and I feel the LJ Tombola might just see daylight for the first time in months, when it's loaded on to the Peter Carol express. Aden Flint will be cup tied and that will make him less attractive to potential buyers... what potential buyers I hear you ask? The ones in January. He ain't going anywhere in the next two weeks now. 3-1 to Reg and co. The bigger boys do tend to win out over the smaller boys. That's the circle of life... Though just occasionally, I'd imagine the Mandrill would pick up the wrong Lion Cub and the circle is altered ever so slightly. I'm stopping there as that is starting to sound like hope. FYI, it's unlikely we'll be in it but the 3rd round draw is scheduled to be held on August 24th in CHINA! AT 4.15AM UK TIME! That's what having money for a sponsorship gets you. A cup draw for a football competition in a country, over a 1000 miles away, at a time and venue suitable to you. Carabao drink is also disgusting btw. Finally, it's time for an old manager cliche. "We can concentrate on the league"..........can't we? Come on you reds/purples...
  41. 27 points
    Anyone else think that the rose tinted specs have gone on again? As soon as soon me people ask questions and voice concerns the belittlers come out in their droves, rubbishing every negative comment. I was there tonight and we didn't turn up for almost the entire game. In fact we were absolutely battered by Brentford....Brentford! We are the 6th biggest spenders this year in this division. We don't expect to win every game, but we expect a reaction after half time, just like Brum did against us. We pay our money we are entitled to our opinions, positive or negative.
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    I'm just whelmed. I'm not overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Isn't it strange that at one stage the word whelmed must've existed and was later prefixed with under and over and now they exist but the original whelmed is long dead. I suppose whelmed must've meant meh. So those who wish meh to go out of existence start using overmeh and undermeh.
  43. 27 points
    Would just like to say first photo with our new player
  44. 26 points
    Not sure if anyone else saw this on Twitter.. funny little story from today's football Walsall playing Portsmouth today and this Walsall fan is delighted with the cheap hotel he booked for him and his mates - only 11 miles from Portsmouth He then realised that the reason the hotel was so cheap - despite being close - was because it was on the Isle of Wight an hours ferry away!
  45. 26 points
  46. 25 points
    So you don't want Woodrow based off stats alone who's played at this level and for England youth but we're furious we didn't splurge on Vassell who's only played in League 2. Righto.
  47. 25 points
    PLEASE can people realise you don't have to copy such a large post every time you reply!!
  48. 25 points
    Can't say how I know without getting someone in trouble but this is 100% done.
  49. 25 points
    there were no bids when he said it, he didn't say there'll never be any bids, infact back in may he said it will be hard to keep hold of flint, so he isn't lying, your ether a grand master troll of the highest order (i doth my cap to you sir) or just looking to be critical of Johnson when ever a small bit of positive news appears, by calling him liitle lee I think it's the second one
  50. 24 points
    Probably because he was busy managing Barnsley and Oldham.