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    Was listening to Jim White on Talk Sport earlier and he had an interview with Carl Oysten, owner of Blackpool. Most of us know that plenty of Blackpool fans want the Oystens gone and are holding a number of protests one of which is to boycott games. Oysten said that he'd never sell Blackpool FC amongst other things including him minimising the effect that these protests have and claiming the protesters were "a small number". The subsequence was irate Blackpool fans having their say on the phone in. Now Im not particularly interested in the shenanigans at Blackpool FC but it did remind me of just how fortunate we are as a football club to have an owner who is not only a local man but 100% committed to Bristol City.
  3. 15 points
    I think if SL has demanded 7 points from the next 2 league games then LJ might realise the writing is on the wall.
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  5. 14 points
    Looks like Tomlin has gone the extra mile!!
  6. 14 points
    I fear that all these ideas of protests are just going to hinder the teams performance. We have two home league games coming up and we desperately need the points. By adding all the extra elements of protesting, the pressure on the players is only going to be greater than it already is. As a fan I feel the only thing I can do is support the team and this is how I help the club. If I stop doing this I feel I'm not doing my part. I admit Johnson is in a horrible run of form and would probably have been sacked in many other jobs. But the truth is SL is backing him for now, so we should. I would imagine if he loses the next two games then he is gone. So PLEASE PLEASE don't protest. Get behind the team and do yourself proud.
  7. 13 points
    THIS! Absolutely this. What on earth is going on in this thread? Have @bartolona and I missed the point or has everyone else? I actually feel like I must have missed something as I can't reconcile how this thread has become any kind of debate between those who would back LJ and those who would like to see him go. In what way does this clarification from Tomlin make the situation any more acceptable. @cynic you will probably shake your head at some of us and say LJ is "damned if he does, damned if he doesn't" but apart from silencing a few conspiracies, how does this suddenly make LJ any more credible? Reading this thread is like watching a play where everyone has forgotten their parts. I'm pretty sure for the last several weeks it's the LJ backers who've been howling at me no no no it's the players who aren't turning up. Tomlin says they're playing for LJ and the LJ backers are all like "YOU SEE". I'm confused! Granted this puts to bed some innuendo on here, but to me this rather proves that those on both sides of the LJ argument will use anything to serve their agenda (yes, I'll accept that we all do it) - in this case those that would back LJ seizing on this to show that all is well in the world. The total opposite - as the post above nails so firmly, if (by implication) players are behind the manager (and I did begin to wonder this week, not due to Tomlin rumours, but the way LJ humiliates players like Reid in the press), then this is a badder job of it this past three months than most had believed. For my part, I've been arguing for weeks that the players ARE trying, and have said my view was that the instructions they're given are not getting anything like the best out of them and/or are confusing them. Nothing here does anything to reverse that view, in fact it entrenches it far more strongly. Great that this takes unfounded spite out of some of the lazier recent criticism of LJ, but the storyline here for me is player in terrible form (I've said it myself after matches) and who has not played in much of this run, confirms players are still trying, thus further narrowing down the source of the failure...
  8. 13 points
    Makes a big difference when your team have been winning most weeks for the last 20 years!
  9. 12 points
    According to Mourinho Man U didn't lose last night , so are still unbeaten for 17 games or so, as the penalty wasn't a penalty. Applying his ruling to our last 15 games, then we have picked up a load more points than we thought which puts us comfortably in mid table, because of all the dodgy/wrong decisions that should't have been given against us. Phew - nothing to worry about!
  10. 12 points
    Hmmmmmm a son following in his father’s footsteps, you say? What could possibly go wrong.
  11. 10 points
    I have a new computer, a new analogue converter and I am now making a little time to get some more of my videos online. Some of the quality may not be great, VHS to VHS then to iMac has it's limitations. Some of you have seen one or two of them before, I've seen them pop up here on occasion . I hope to add them regularly until they're all up. To start with they will be in season long videos, but as clips got longer I will have to break them down. If you subscribe to my channel I think you get notifications (I think) as they will be uploaded when I get around to it. Hope they bring back memories to some and educate others , enjoy and here's the latest ;
  12. 9 points
    Was always a big fan of Wade's. Remember one game him being at fault for a goal then 5 minutes later running through their whole defence and scoring. Amazing determination which our current squad could do with a bit of!
  13. 9 points
    Not get any worse ???? Blimey
  14. 9 points
    Well I'm going to Newcastle, nice long weekend planned, back on the Monday only to go to Villa the next day. I'm also going to Burnley tomorrow and am a Season Ticket holder, if that's ok with you. i don't go to many away games but Burnley and Villa are new grounds to me and I've only been to Newcastle once before, 0-0 draw and stood on terracing. Not that I have to justify how I'm spending my weekend, what have you got planned btw?
  15. 9 points
    I was bought up in Manc and lived there half my life, I really buggered up this football malarkey didn't I...
  16. 8 points
    Ahh no.. not a superfan at all - in fact i've only supported City for 5 years since moving to the area. You see I wanted to get my kids supporting a local team rather than a Premier League team like all their mates. I must be doing something right as even at the moment when things aren't going well, the kids are still at every home game supporting the team.
  17. 8 points
    most of them are probably from hull and the surrounding area
  18. 7 points
    How fortunate are we? Fortunate when we decide to only compare ourselves to the clubs that are run by crooks and dodgy foreigners. But not when we compare ourselves to Burnley, Swansea, Bournemouth, Brighton, Palace, Reading and Boro. Then this lazy "thank goodness our owner is a true fan but sadly has a pretty abysmal record when it comes to picking our managers" stuff becomes a bit of an inconvenient truth. Southampton, West Brom and Leicester too, reckon they would want to swap places with us? Course not, but let's keep mentioning Blackpool all the time because every other club is just like them, eh? Final point, Hull may have notorious owners but I would not be all that gobsmacked following their recent managerial change if they actually stayed up now. Along with Leeds doing so well this season that would totally bugger up the narrative, wouldn't it?
  19. 7 points
    You read my mind! Re Wade....was the player we never replaced from the promo season. I know he played less as Marlon evolved, but he was a fantastic player, whonwe needed a Championship clone of.
  20. 7 points
    It was a blunder of major proportions to let him go regardless of his indiscretions at Cheltenham. Lets face it we stood up for Orr, Brooker & Partridge for what they did
  21. 6 points
  22. 6 points
    Manager/Head Coach is the most important role at any football club at this level. That said, for true success over a period of time it takes a perfect storm of a good manager, a great squad of players, an understanding and supportive owner and great back team staff. Oh, and usually a fair bit of luck.
  23. 6 points
    Agree PF - I post nothing I don't believe to be true and post because I think it's relevant Any major fall out between our marquee player and the manager is , I'd suggest extremely relevant in the midst of our worst ever run of defeats !! Anyone with an oz of brain will never disclose or even hint at their source - why .......... Well at least one connected poster on here at least , stopped posting after a major witchunt by the Club to identify him/her and the inside source The fact that so many people hear LTs interview and use that as categoric evidence that there never was / isn't a problem is ..... simply laughable Perhaps people don't want to know snippets or inside takes when people have them but instead play 'pick next weeks team, 'slag off Neil Warnick' etc etc whilst gorging on articles on Club Website !?!! Like you , although I'm not a massive fan of either LJ it LT , I hope the air has been cleared and LT will show actions , not words , get himself fit and actually contribute in our relegation battle as , anywhere near his best we need him. As an aside , LJ has publicly criticised to some degree at least 3 players in recent months - Do posters think that's going to sit well with those players and their close mates ! (Not my idea of good man management )
  24. 6 points
    Good point. But how far does Tomlin - 4 goals, 5 assists (I think it was said somewhere) - not playing well go towards explaining 11 defeats in 12? And he hasn't played in all of those games. One player out of form = a club record run of defeats? If it was that simple (which I know you are not saying) it would be easily solved, I would have thought. Is Tomlin to blame for our problems at fullback? Is he to blame for GO'N going off the boil? For Engvall? Are we at risk here of singling out one player - as SL seemed to do when 20man invited him to on Monday? I think Tomlin is responsible for Tomlin; LJ is responsible for the group.
  25. 6 points
    The fight back begins. . . .
  26. 6 points
    If there is no rift and it's nothing to do with LJs tactics then either the players simply aren't trying hard enough or we are simply not good enough. 10+ Million spent on a team that is in free fall towards the bottom 3 is unacceptable, so who is accountable for this mess then? Our form suggests we are hurtling towards Division 3 and we are simply going to stick fingers in our ears and go la-la-la and just hope there are 3 teams worse than us? It's beyond comical. Oh well then happy clappy COYR!
  27. 6 points
    That's it, when all else fails blind faith will lead you through.
  28. 6 points
    We didn't expect Matthews to come back 1/5th of the player he was last season, out of any of the 'mistakes' this season then that's one that I don't blame LJ for.
  29. 5 points
    Love them or hate them you have to say there Away support is incredible!! as one standing and singing non stop! I know numbers help but at forest on Saturday the amount of times we were told to sit down by our own fans!
  30. 5 points
    My local neighbourhood Scouser was moaning about their mid week defeat by Saints. I replied "You shouldn't play a semi final with only ten players". "What do you mean? We had a full team" was the response to which I replied "No, you had ten plus Sturridge". Then came the sting in the tail, "If we carry on losing games like that, opposing fans will start chanting at Liverpool Are you Bristol City in disguise"?
  31. 5 points
    It's like Casper the friendly ghost meets Banksy around Bristol these days.
  32. 5 points
    The BBC are reporting that the world will end at 4pm today and that they will have a full report on their 6 o'clock news bulletin
  33. 5 points
    But it's not just Tomlin going off the boil is it JD.... Tomlin has been poor all season. As has FF, RoD, Matthews, Golbourne, Smith, GoN and to a lesser extent Little, Bryan and Reid. Now it maybe down to form or carrying an ongoing injury, but that's a massive core of experience in the first team, that's been out of form. No wonder we have been losing. Players with experience always out injured or off form. Having to put players in with less experience, often make do and mend in defence. It wasn't until the additions in January of Hegeler and Duric and Wright and Geifer, that it actually looked like we had some fit healthy players. Still crying out for two full backs. I watch us play, and we are doing exactly the same things as all the other teams. We are structured and play to positions...just like everyone else. The players minds aren't full of tactics they don't understand...they aren't playing football in a way that would blow their minds. All I see them doing is trying to keep shape...which is what every Club in this division is doing. Our undoing...has been down to the fitness and injury or loss of form, by Experienced Key players, in the first team. Because of that, we've had to rely on certain squad players, who although good, are not prone to mistakes, through lack of experience. Watch every game...it's not tactics or formations...we aren't being over run, we actually have a good share of possession...it's just mistakes by individuals each game that kill us. Of course LJ will make mistakes as well...everyone will...however, it is those fine margins that have done us since November. All of the team and management will be pulling together...there will and has been fall outs, but that happens in all walks of life. It doesn't mean they can't be resolved and a remedy found. Everyone is looking to point fingers at Individuals. Looking for an answer...You even see it on here, where people turn on one another, just through frustration. It's unreal sometimes...it's like they hunt in packs. There has been numerous reasons to why we are not getting results...mainly down to the reasons I've give. Not solely LJ or Tomlins or anyone else for that matter. A collision of circumstances...which have no money spent, will have counted for.
  34. 5 points
    Not sure why there now seems to be an impression that the rumours of the fall out was 'sh*t stirring'. I think the most likely simplified turn of events was this, based on posts on here by various posters who've heard things combined with what we know. 1) Tomlin and LJ fell out - whether before Huddersfield away I'm not sure 2) it came to a head at Huddersfield and Tomlin spoke unacceptably to LJ and even made a threat 3) LJ, Tomlin and Ashton discussed what happened and tried to resolve it 4) over the last few weeks it's quietened down and largely forgotten about. Combine that with the rumours about fall outs with O'Neill/RO'D/Golbourne. Tomlin is volatile and we knew that when we bought him, a bit of a trade off for his talent I suppose. I'm glad he's fed up, shows the team care. I'd much rather that than us go down pathetically like we have done before. Hopefully it's a better relationship than it was - in football terms a fair bit of time has past since Huddersfield. People who post what snippets they hear largely do so in good faith. It doesn't take a genius to work out which posters are credible and which aren't. I don't think it's fair to go around and state people are spreading lies when all they did was share what they'd heard.
  35. 5 points
    @Olé- Nail firmly on the head for me; articulates my thoughts exactly. Tomlin being happy and the team being behind the manager is all well and good, but if that is the case then nothing has changed from this time last week. And the only thing different from this time last week is we lost again at the weekend, because we played badly. Tomlin hasn't even been a significant factor in the last few games, and sound like he's not fully fit this week, so not sure his mental state is all that important. Like I said earlier; a week is a long time in football. But that also means the memory of us getting beat by a terrible Forest team have maybe faded. And that is what is important; not statements from the players. I've always rooted we for LJ; even when things were staring to look bleak, I wanted him to pull us out of the tail spin. I'd love it if he did suddenly lead us on a similarly rich run of form as he did when he took over roughly this time last year. Problem is now I'm not sure he can, and the problem expands when you realise we have to do that just to stay up again. Maybe a stunning cup upset can flip around our season; I don't know. But nearly beating WBA didn't help save Cotts' job, because it is league form that matters. Same diffence with LJ. Show don't tell, please.
  36. 5 points
    I'm sure our away end would be full and have a good atmosphere if we were in a League Cup semi-final and on a 15 game unbeaten run. They aren't any different from the majority of away supporters, imo. They just get more to cheer about.
  37. 4 points
    I'm going to confidently predict you're not Susie Dent.
  38. 4 points
  39. 4 points
    Universally known in the football world as Gas W*nkers I believe.
  40. 4 points
    I'm totally confused, now. Why are we - or, being positive/optimistic now - why were we, losing week after week and nose-diving toward L1? Some say it is mostly the players, and so not the Head Coach Some say it is all the Head Coach, and not the players The Head Coach says, well, he says lots of things. But he doesn't think it's any of the two above Some cite one bad apple falling out with the HC The bad apple says he has been crap and he has not fallen out with the coach (and they both laughed about the mere suggestion of a tiff, because the bad apple never falls out with his boss) Some say 3 senior players have fallen out with the HC; some say this is cobblers Some have blamed the fans Some fans say they have been told something that could well be the reason we are sh1te at the moment; some say this is sh1te, and b0ll0cks Some have said we are only losing by one goal, so we just need one win to restart our season Some - or, me - say, but we had one win v Ipswich, and then we just went back to losing every time again. By one goal The majority shareholder has offered an opinion: everything is working well, and the HC has been a part of that, but one player needs to buckle down and get his place back in the team. Some others reckon it's a tough league and we have no divine right to expect instant success One chap, weeks ago, suggested the new assistant coach, whose arrival coincided with the run of 11 defeats in 12, might be the problem Another chap said Flint needs to sort himself out, and he hoped we lose a game (to bring an end to the problem) Yet another chap cited some research, saying our form will bottom-out and we'll get a bounce whether we back or sack, so chill (and back) And yet one more said a year ago "I will boo" and if we had only listened to him, well, we might now be third in L1 winning a few games now and then/or we might not. And one bloke says the HC is a midget (strictly speaking, this is easier to back up than some of the other claims above.....) I am exhausted and do not know what to think. It would take Benedict Cumberbatch in his deerstalker to work out who dunnit/is to blame for this slump. Whether the bad apple saying he has been crap and everyone's getting on famously is a turning point or not, only time will tell. I would agree with GrahamC (it pays to, generally) that us gaining some points will be a turning point, not more words, but then I look at the fixtures coming up and I think it might be a while before we start gaining some points...........
  41. 4 points
    We didn't touch the statue of the late, great John Atyeo neither did we mean any disrepect. We just thought that the Johnson Out banners weren't helping with a situation that SL has already appeared on TV about to talk about. Also, the use of the word 'midget' just seemed like downright bullying to us, and lastly, not everyone is on the side of 'Johnson Out' and were being spoken for by those banners. Hopefully these banners will give everyone a lift and we can climb back up the table. COYR!
  42. 4 points
    He had just overplayed in a very successful Chesterfield side and along with Billy Mercer and Paul Holland who we bought on the back of that season , arrived injured and were never 100% fit for us . It was a big loss for us as we bought him back too soon and some ' fans ' never gave him a chance . I hope we learnt lessons as well .
  43. 4 points
    And bears shit in the woods
  44. 4 points
    It's true. I've heard we'd already be Premier League but for the fact that our fans keep putting banners up.
  45. 4 points
    Wouldn't that be bloody typical, 4 points clear of relegation, one game left then incinerated in a thermonuclear fireball
  46. 4 points
    And those are the type of fans that the club really doesn't need.
  47. 4 points
    I'd accept his cheery banter in the spirit it was given and probably reply with something witty like: "If you like Liverpool that much, why don't you go back there. You****."
  48. 4 points
    I do love the notion that too many people have posted about this for it to be wrong. So if someone starts a rumour and everyone joins in, it makes it true? I'm sure Donald Trump would recognise that concept. Me, I'm happy to accept what Tomlin says. There was no falling out. Why is that so hard to believe? Staff have disagreements with their managers every day, and that can be constructive. It's certainly no big deal. Can we just get on with the rest of the season?
  49. 4 points
    UTC's absurd post is becoming typical of the OTT responses of the dwindling number of entrenched LJ supporters on here. Fans protesting in traditional ways after such a diabolical run, the same forms of protest used by fans up and down the country = BAN THEM FOR LIFE! Ridiculous. BTW, the bed sheet comments, a bit juvenile as they were, are being overplayed on this thread imo.- there were no threats, no swear words, and all very tame under the circumstances. They obviously speak for thousands in their basic message, even if many wouldn't choose exactly the same words. I don't let the addition of one or two unnecessary, but fairly harmless, extra words negate the substance which so many plainly agree with. Any City fan sitting back and letting this situation go on, while criticising fellow supporters for finding ways to protest peacefully, must be content with the very real prospect of 3rd division football next season. Odd in the extreme imo that they'd put their sentiment for one man over the good of the club, but, as you say, each to their own.
  50. 4 points