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    I agree. We're not good enough at breaking down teams who sit in. But don't forget how far we have come, we're not the finished article, and I'll be surprised if we are still sitting in playoffs come the end of the season. But if there was ever a sign of how far we have come, it's teams coming to AG and refusing to play and going home delighted with a point. As much as it is frustrating to watch, take it as a compliment. I don't think we are ready for a play off/ promotion push? We're a good team, no doubt, but still have a bit of building to do. I just hope fans don't forget last season, to where we appear to be now. It's a massive difference. We're 12 unbeaten and 3rd in the table, but after last night, people were moaning like ****. Last time out at Ipswich, Diedhiou was class, but after last night "he's shit". Just calm down and see the bigger picture. Yes last night was frustrating, but we are 12 unbeaten, we are 3rd in the table. And after last season, I'm delighted at where we are. Onto Leeds, Up the City x
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    One 0-0 draw and all of a sudden we need to change the front two who are 2 of the top 5 scorers in the league so far this season...Taylor is a useful player but not prolific at this level thus far..12 games unbeaten why change the personnel...glad you are not a manager
  4. 27 points
    Turn the stand lights out during the game... Turn the advertising boards brightness down... Turn the pitch floodlights up... And improve the atmosphere as a result It would be lovely during an evening game to actually be able to see the players and the game...!
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    Sounds as though the bartender who spoke to the press should be able to identify her, as he witnessed her outside punching the horse, and then again when she returned to the pub. The CCTV must cover the door, so if she went in and out in a short space of time the police should be able to get some good images for identification. Let's hope that the horse doesn't have to make a complaint in order for them to follow it up!
  7. 21 points
    Worst ref i have seen in a very long time. I am astounded he let them time waste from the start. I am gobsmacked that he told the keeper to huryy up over 15 times. I am shocked by 4 minutes added on. He got played and fell for it.
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    puregas Reserve Team Posts: 190 Member is Online Posting Level Next Level in 310 posts 6 minutes ago Post by puregas on 6 minutes ago Just got back. Certainly won't be up there with the one of the great trips! To be losing 4-0 and having 'you're just embarrassing' sung to you by about 100 spotty teenagers with a drum, in a stadium that looks like it was contsructed out of corrugated plastic on a wet Sunday morning, was, quite frankly, humiliating. Quote Can't believe they've got the cheek to take the p*ss out of someone else's stadium!
  10. 20 points
    Fear not, the Ashton Gate chapter of the British Incontinence Society meets every home game in block 31 of the Dolman Stand, Seriously guys, I know the game was shit, but if all you want to do is have your usual Friday night piss-up, give the football a miss and head straight to the pub. There were about 8 utter melts getting up and going to the bogs or to the bar throughout the game last night in the rows in front of me. One prize specimen must've got up five times during the game. Yes, you know who you are. Blond hair, 20s, silly tweed cap. You sir, are an utter bellend!
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    If Billy Bodin is the answer than I'd be interested to know what the question is.
  13. 18 points
    This is looking like the best bit of transfer business Johnson did this Summer!
  14. 17 points
    My 7 year old son's choice! An early Happy Halloween to The Fans!
  15. 16 points
    Coincidence? The article in the Post about horse punching also contains a link to an article about favourite dog names? Darrell has no doubt been browsing that link Edit - oh, and a Sainsbury's advert. Ha ha, well played Post
  16. 15 points
    I thought about putting this in the pre-match thread but didn`t want it to get missed. What a nice gesture and given what players get paid should raise most of the target the family need. Well done and hope the little lad gets well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-41652398
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    https://www.acast.com/osib/-1-hazeorgold- First ep of the podcast is up gang, pretty chilled one to be honest. iTunes currently vetting our podcast so you won't find it on there until later. You could get the acast app on your phone which is really easy to use though or just listen through the link above. We're on twitter @OSIBPODCAST, give us a follow as it's probably the easiest way to ask us any questions. Obviously we want to get better each week so hearing what you guys want to be discussed is really helpful. If you don't like an aspect of the podcast/episode please let us know and tell us why. We genuinely do want as much feedback as possible. I want to get more 1 to 1 stuff on there so expect that on next week's episode. I'm gonna find a cheltenham fan to chat to about our loan players, if you want anything to be asked just get in touch with me. Hopefully you'll choose us over any other local football podcasts. I can't stress enough how helpful you can all be by sharing this podcast with as many city fans as possible. The more fans listening the better it will become for sure.
  19. 14 points
    That 3-3 doesn’t half look a good result atm
  20. 14 points
    I've never come nearer to wanting to vault the barriers and tw*t someone than tonight with that ref. I don't pay money and sacrifice my evening to watch blokes throwing themselves on the floor and feigning injury every time they lose possession of the ball. That isn't football. That isn't "the beautiful game". That is basically just boring, cheaty, untalented crap. But that was Burton's main tactic - and the shit house in black not only bought it wholesale but seemed to collude with their time-wasting. You expect - sadly - a degree of such anti-football at matches these says, but not to the ludicrous degree of tonight. That**** should never officiate a league game again, and as for Burton - I hope they get relegated and go bust.
  21. 13 points
    Wow they might be in for Bodin soon then?
  22. 13 points
    Hopefully just a hamstring pull and not a tear. He will certainly miss a couple of games. It is now that fans on here will realise how good he is and the work he gets through.
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  25. 13 points
    The ref was a disgrace, couldn’t wait to give them free kicks for the whole game. And gave the ball back to burton keeper when their defender pretended to hurt his head even tho we had possession. Hope burton go down and go into liquidation, joke of a club boring negative cheating w*****s.
  26. 12 points
    He was there Al, along with a member of the IT team, to meet you before kick off, at the time and place which you agreed. They waited for 15 minutes, having responded specifically to your request for a meeting. You were the one who didn't show up!
  27. 12 points
    The game was calling out for Matty Taylor tonight
  28. 12 points
    Night games should be similar to the cinema, the crowd in near darkness while the match is on, and what they've all come to see bathed in light. It used to be just like that at Ashton Gate, and it was a fantastic atmosphere to watch football. Now there's far too much lighting and it's crap, I'm afraid.
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  30. 11 points
    Yeah, awful stadium compared to theirs...
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  32. 11 points
    Think you're grasping at straws there. He's a professional, can't imagine we're anything but a period in his career.
  33. 11 points
    Going to Burton, going for a burton and being as happy as Larry, dead or alive. Laurence Olivier famously remarked that he was as 'happy as Larry' after leaving Brighton following a season of performing there. Not considered a dump by any means but I think I would be happy too. As for Burton perhaps a lot easier to be happy to leave notwithstanding the superb array, even to this day, of beers which I wrote about in a match day back in August 2016. 'Going for a burton' has somewhat lost its use in recent decades. It seems popular to suggest one of the following might be responsible for the origins of the expression; To 'go for a burton' refers to the beer brewed in the Midlands town of Burton-upon-Trent, which was and still is famous for its breweries. RAF pilots who crashed, especially those who crashed into the sea, that is, 'in the drink', were said to have 'gone for a burton'. Some commentators have referred to a pre-WWII advert for Burton's Ale, in which a place at table was vacant and the missing person was said to have 'gone for a Burton', that is, gone to the pub for a drink. That would be a very strong candidate as the origin of the expression if only any record of the adverts were to be found - and surely they would be evident if they ever existed. Until any do come to light it's reasonable to call the said adverts mythical. 'Go for a burton' is a reference to the suits made by Montague Burton, who supplied the majority of the demobilization suits that British servicemen were given on leaving service after WWII. (Note: Monty is also a contender as the source of the Full Monty). Any serviceman who was absent could have been said to have 'gone for a burton'. This does seem the less likely of the two explanations, as it doesn't quite match the meaning of the phrase. 'Gone for a burton' was used to mean dead, not merely absent, and Montague Burton didn't supply shrouds, as far as I know. The first sounds more palatable to me http://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/178595-the-official-burton-albion-v-bristol-city-match-day-thread/ Burton Albion Football Club is on a marvelous adventure that the Brewers and the Taylors will know all about from their previously humble beginnings. In Burton's last set of accounts at Companies House they made a gross profit for the year ended 31st May 2016 of just over a £1 million. That is no small achievement especially when it is on a meagre turnover of £4.2 million. They are probably most fans' second club in the Championship in terms of, shall we say, likeability. Everybody likes an underdog and for a club, founded only in 1950 to be playing in the Championship, the 5th best league in the world, frankly, is astonishing. Perhaps the biggest blemish on their copy book is the record defeat to a certain Bristol Rovers. Now, correct me if I am being too partial here, but don't you think most Burton fans would prefer to have that record set by a far more illustrious football team like, for example, Bristol City? In short, if our club thrash them tonight at Ashton Gate by a greater margin than the Gas mob then every Burton fan deserves to buy every City fan a bottle of Burton Ale. I mean, the ignominy of having that record from a League 1 or perhaps it was a league 2 team hanging like a cloud over one's head. It is a bit shameful. I think there is little left for me to say this wet Manila evening other than to wish the lads well and hope Lee Johnson conveys a far more positive team talk than he did when interviewed about the match yesterday. Short and sweet. I'm going for a Burton. See y'all.
  34. 11 points
    They've actually punched another horse. Genuinely lost for words.
  35. 11 points
  36. 11 points
    Great atmosphere tonight. More than enough to convert another 2 of my son's mates. It's really not that hard, you don't need premiership football, just an atmosphere and some teenagers that they look up to. Again, getting into a club has nothing to do initially with 'football'. This is where modern football gets it wrong by thinking that you will win kids over by making them sit still for 90 minutes and watch boring football. They'll learn to do that in time but initially it's the buzz and excitement.
  37. 11 points
    That decision is a scandal but what is even more of a scandal was the decision to add only 4 minutes on at the end
  38. 11 points
    That's Del Boy's son isn't it...?!
  39. 11 points
    They should change that to Tote End Run.
  40. 10 points
    It's rubbish, I was brought up in Kingswood and there were loads of reds then, even more so now. Loads of young uns walking around proudly in our red shirt. I now live in Longwell green and there is 1 (yes ONE) gashead in our road, loads of City fans though, absolutely loads. These are supposed gas 'heartlands'!
  41. 10 points
    Too late for Taming Of The Shrews...
  42. 10 points
  43. 10 points
    Following on from the Leeds & Burton threads, which have turned into ticket price/availability discussions, I hope the club have/are making serious plans to maximise sales, should we remain in attractive form. After some, understandable, doubts over how this season might go, we know there was an (impressively low) drop off on ST sales. Well, surely even the most sceptical must be impressed with our start to the season! Reel them and others in with new ST sales. Pro rata from any point, for the remaining games. Add a couple of quid per match to the last sales period price and get them committed. Add the benefit of all season tickets purchased before Jan will get first dibs on ST sales IF, IF, IF we were to get promoted and there is the perfect Christmas present for any City fan! (Apart from existing STH, of course!) Bung in a couple of mates rates deals for any game that might get televised. It's not difficult and it's a massive opportunity to maximise potential support.
  44. 10 points
    Welcome to OTIB . I didn't get where Iam today by replying to opposition fan's questions but here goes nothing . 1) We , traditionally, are slow out of the blocks . This year we had a good positive pre-season , the players know each other better and the new guys bought into the project quickly. Last year we started brightly but ran out of steam a bit as other teams worked us out . 2) I doubt we will suffer in the same way this season . We have a better quality and depth in the squad. We don't just rely on one guy to score all our goals and the young players have another season at this level under their belts . 3) I was impressed that Johnson didn't cave in . He is one tough bugger and just kept on going. 4) Many fans didn't want LJ here in the first place . He was a marmite player , often seen as being in the team only because his Dad was manager. It was difficult not to want a change as on top of all that he lead us to a record breaking series of losses . Most of the usual suspects were sited as suitable replacements for him , Warnock , Grayson , or anyone but LJ . 5) This season the team have grown up as Championship players , they have belief , energy and manage games in a way that seemed impossible last year when we were often undone by our naevity. 6) Whilst Aden Flint is a top bloke and a bit of a talisman for the club we did alright without him . Baker , his replacement, was bought in and has been excellent. Joe Bryan , is one of ours , a top player who will go one day but we have an Icelandic international that can take his place and an England U21 player , Lloyd Kelly who is expected to fill the void when Bryan goes . 7) Tammy can go to the very top . 8) Each forward is different ; Tammy is the best poacher Kodja is the best at running at defenders Famara is the best team player 9) I am absolutely delighted by Bobby, his best position is the one he's occupying now and has made his own, a number 10. He is quick , always looking to go forward , extremely hardrunning and has the knack of being in the right place at the right time . 10) Best - Wolves Worst - Burton 11) Wolves, Middlesbrough and City via the play offs ( one can dream ! ) Relegation Bolton , Burton and Millwall. 12) This club have never been so professionally run . Finally the penny dropped for our billionaire owner that he needed executives and investment in the coaching and scouting to take us forward . I have no worries for FFP . 13) I predict an open match with us shading it 3-1 I'm going for a lie down now !
  45. 10 points
    I can hold it in for yonks but once the seal is broken I may as well cut out the middle man and pour the beer straight down the bog. Isn't that why they make Fosters ?
  46. 10 points
    Yes...I agree we need some better quality in midfield, been saying that for a while now. LJ has alluded to it as well in recent months. As for yesterdays game, I don't think it was our midfield that let us down. Burton parked up in front of the 'D'...they had their defenders and then a bank of 3 CM who blocked any progress down the middle. The International break allowed Burton extra time to make a plan of action, to stop us in our natural game. It was our wider players that let us down yesterday. Burton needed to be pulled wide to create the space. We didn't. I thought Elliasson was poor...looked very light weight. Easily tackled and blocked. Leko was even worse..head down, headless chicken stuff. Just kept running into trouble and losing the ball, or not looking up when a pass was on. Very school boy. JB didn't influence as much, and we are missing Pissano with his link up play wide. Our FB's and wide midfield should have been operating better together, influencing play. Instead we kept trying to go through the middle, which was full to capacity. Without making excuses...on another day with a better ref, we would have won 1-0.
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    We have to accept that this is how it's going to be. The national team have found themselves in a very similar situation. Yeah it's anti-football, but these smaller clubs are in a dog-fight, if they came and tried to outplay us, they'd get thumped. Like it or not, this is the challenge. Not enough craft or guile in midfield I'm afraid.
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  50. 9 points
    Doesn't mean we're over achieving though, just means we're "under-believing" !