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  1. 61 points
    No - that would make us look tinpot in the eyes of the nation.
  2. 57 points
    1) Don't think it's a really good idea to pull an all-nighter and rock up at one of Australia's biggest casino's at 5am to watch the game live. 2) Don't go with your wife and a few friends and team up with some lads from Devon who decide to support City because they don't like Northerners 3) Don't consume everything you can drink or imbibe on 4) Don't watch it in the same area as a bunch of lads from Sheffield on a stag do to Australia 5) Don't laugh like a lunatic when City score after they should be 4-0 up 6) Don't get lippy when they equalise 7) Don't call them filthy Northern Monkeys when Korey nearly got his leg broken 8) Don't go mental when Flinty scores with minutes to go 9) Don't remind said lads from Sheffield they are still dirty Northern Monkeys when you win 10) Don't tell your missus the only chance she has of getting laid is by wearing an Aden Flint mask. If you follow the above advice, you won't wake up 10 hrs later with a black eye, and a wife who is now withholding any bedroom fun for at least a month. Just a tip.
  3. 56 points
    Dean Holden just confirmed to GT that Korey has large gash to his shin , been stitched But ’Should be ok for Saturday’ Great news eh
  4. 45 points
    An OTIB user has today tried to tout a Man Utd ticket on here for £100. The mods rightly stopped this from appearing in public view. The user then tried again and the mods blocked the post again. Touting is against the law and I'm sure we'd all agree that trying to extract more than 3 times face value from a fellow fan is not acceptable. For the avoidance of doubt, please be clear that to the extent allowed by data protection legisaltion we reserve the right to report - to the club and/or police - anyone found trying to make a profit on here from touting Man Utd tickets. To the user who has already tried this: desist and we'll overlook your two attempts so far. Try again, and face the consequences. Sorry to sound so harsh, but touting tickets at extortionate prices is just not on.
  5. 37 points
    You just went full Swindon, never go full Swindon....
  6. 36 points
    STATEMENT: TRAINING GROUND PLANNING PERMISSION APPLICATION NOT SUBMITTED Bristol Rovers Football Club can confirm it has not submitted a new planning permission application for its Almondsbury base. Crucially the look–at-the-state-of-it site will bring together the club’s first team and Academy players and staff plus enhance Rovers’ care pathway programme. Included in the old-look facility are a main rugby pitch plus two other rugby pitches and a cricket pavilion. The club has worked with Wael’s project managers to design a building that any part time rugby club would be proud of, encompassing a toilet, a changing hut, a first aid kit, rehab facilities and an MFI imitation teak home office set for the first team and Academy staff. 20th CENTURY FACILITIES “This will bring our training facilities into the 20th century and provide the football club’s Academy and first team with a place to hang out” Rovers chief executor Steve Hamster told brfc.coke.uk. “We’ve been pretending to work on the training ground project for the past year and, like the redevelopment of the Memorial Stadium, it’s a fantastic story to tell the fans.” “Our player development programme is supposed to underpin our ethos at Bristol Rovers Football Club and providing a second rate home for our first team and Academy setup is another demonstration of the Al-Qadi family’s level of commitment to the club and its young players.” Hamster added: “We have worked with so many consultants I’m beginning to lose count but when the current lot disappear and new ones are appointed we will keep supporters fully up to date every step of the way because they think it means something.”
  7. 33 points
    Sod the manc game , forest is much bigger imo
  8. 29 points
    I think it is high time to dispel this rubbish about "core support" with every gashead's nemesis - "facts" as opposed to #gaslogic I took some time to analyse the historical attendance data often linked in this thread to see exactly how core support stacked up over the years between the two clubs. Needless to say if that website's data is even partially correct (and there is no reason to particularly doubt it) it confirms what we all knew already. So how to read this graph..... It is based on the percentage difference in average attendances between the two clubs. A blue bar means the gas were better supported that year, a red bar City were better supported. The size of the bar indicates the percentage difference in attendance. For each year there is data (back to 1921, but none through WWII) I worked out the difference in attendance as a percentage of the lower of the two attendances - essentially what this figure tells you is how much the lower attended club would have needed to increase their own attendance to match the better supported club that year. As an example last year we averaged 19256 and the blue few averaged 9302 - the difference is 9954, and that equates to an extra 107% deluded half-wits they would have needed to find (and fit into their dump) to have matched us. Some observations.... Since England won the world cup just over 50 years ago rovers have had a higher average attendance once! Only on 6 occasions would we have needed a greater than 10% increase on our attendance in a season to match them There are 71 occasions where rovers would have needed a greater than 10% increase to match us City have never needed to make up 50% or more to reach rovers attendance On 21 occasions we have more than doubled their attendance (all figures >100% on the graph)
  9. 27 points
  10. 25 points
    Absolutely brilliant news, we could do with some on the injury front. The only downside though is that he will now be banned for two games for simulation.
  11. 25 points
    Email City fans have received the following email: Our records show that you have left the Dolman Stand at least 15 minutes before the final whistle for most EFL matches this season, Therefore I would be grateful if you could leave later, no earlier than 1 minute after the final whistle. As you know we have a load of old moaners in the stand who complain like nobodies business at fans leaving early but then stopping en route in order to watch the match, blocking the view of fans who have remained seated. Also some fans in the Dolman try to complain about early leavers but can't make themselves heard above the tannoy. Thanks for your cooperation.
  12. 24 points
    Everything that SL has talked about for years is finally coming to fruition. You can’t just decide “I’m going to make us a big club” and achieve it over night. It takes stages and time, to plan, build, recruit & appoint the right people. Many of these parts of the puzzle are now in place, which allows him to fill in the other pieces. We weren’t in a position to recruit £5-10million players before now. Now I don’t think it will be long before we break that figure. We may need to get to the Prem before we can afford it, wage wise, but if SL knows we’ve got the chance to sign a bright young player for £10million, then as long as he can see that he’s got the potential to be worth £20million, then he’ll sanction it. I can’t believe that anyone, even the most previously sceptical of people, can’t now see that SL is so incredibly good for our club and we are SO, SO lucky to have him. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that there can’t be very many clubs in this country, at any level, who aren’t a little bit envious of the owner that we have!
  13. 24 points
    He's been splashing the cash for the last 20 years!!!
  14. 22 points
    I’ll nail my colours to the mast; I like him. He is passionate and a character - Football is better with him in the game. I cant wait for his rants on TV when he loses - and his panto antics. Behind the comedy though is a very good championship manager who gets inferior players to believe in themselves. Cardiff - looking beyond the local rivalry - fight to the end - that’s why they got a point today, which will feel like 3 given the circumstances - and that’s Warnock for you. I think he once said he wanted to manage us (?) I may be wrong. Its always special when NW comes to town I accept I’m probably in the minority here but I like and respect the guy. Cue the flak!!!!!!!
  15. 22 points
  16. 21 points
    Anyone else think he had a really good game tonight? Well done Hörður.
  17. 21 points
    Imagine them doing a big review of us, our ambitions and a profile on our billionaire owner, getting all the fans excited. Only to find out out, a year down the line that he’s actually got no money, it’s all been a big misunderstanding, and we’re very likely to be heading into administration during the coming new year. That would be harsh, but very amusing for our local rivals..!
  18. 20 points
    Close to Sandown Park near Esher Green in Surrey lies the shortest trunk road in Britain. The A3009 is a mere 170 yards long. As delusions of grandeur go this must be the pinnacle as far as main roads are concerned. The rather aptly named Ebenezer Place, meanwhile, is officially recognised as the shortest road in the world located in Wick, Scotland. The A6011 is less well known for any records but at only 2.1 miles long remains one of the shortest A roads in the UK. The A6011 was formerly part of the A52, before that road was moved onto a nearby ring road. The road has three western termini. The A6011 runs along Meadow Lane, Nottingham, from the A60 north of Trent Bridge to a roundabout on the A612. There's also a spur along County Road past Notts County's football ground back to the A60. The mainline turns off Meadow Lane and crosses the Trent over Lady Bay Bridge (where parts of Smiley's People were filmed) and passing the City Ground (the two are the closest pair of grounds in England as many reading this will know). A signalled junction with the A6520 joins us to the former route of the A52. We now pass between Lady Bay and West Bridgford, before becoming dual carriageway. There's a signalled junction to access the National Watersports Centre (at Holme Pierrepont) before the road ends on meeting the A52 at a roundabout in Gamston. A certain Edgar Purnell Hooley was passing a tar works in 1901 when he noticed a barrel of tar had been spilled and, to reduce the mess, someone had dumped gravel on it. A year later he patented the process and the first road to be tarmacked was the A6011 or, back then, called the Radcliffe Road in West Bridgford. Tarmac was not invented by the Scotsman John Macadam. Nottingham has given the world a lot of things such as discoveries that led to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine or MRI Scanner invented by the recently and sadly departed Sir Peter Mansfield of the University of Nottingham with Paul Lauterbur from the University of Illinois. When Mansfield presented his ideas at a symposium in 1977, he recalls facing a silent audience. Sir Peter wasn't entirely surprised, since his method could theoretically speed up the process of producing images from an hour to a fraction of a second. Nottingham also gave us Ibuprofen discovered by Dr. Stewart Adams in 1961; Turning on the taps is a fairly everyday thing, but the technology has its origins in Nottingham. Arnold-born Thomas Hawksley was an engineer for the Nottingham Waterworks Company and developed the first high-pressure water supply at Trent Bridge; Okay, in health terms this shouldn't be in here. But Player's began as a small shop in Beast Market Hill in 1860 and went on to become one of Nottingham’s best-known brands. John Player was the first tobacconist to offer pre-packaged tobacco. Before this, smokers would have to buy it loose by weight; It is pretty hard to imagine a time without traffic lights, but after seeing thousands killed on the roads, in 1866 Nottingham High School pupil John Peake Knight set about trying to solve the problem. His system had a revolving gas-powered lantern with a red and a green light with the first one placed near the House of Commons in London; Lace made by machine has played an important role in the industrial life of Nottingham since the 1760s when net was first made on the stocking frame. By the early 1900's Nottingham was the lace capital of the world with one third of the entire population earning their living in the trade, two thirds of them women. The trade may be a shadow of its former self but lace is woven into the fabric of the city; Yes, the Sally or Salvation Army was founded in the East End of London, but it was the brainchild of Sneinton man William Booth. As well as whipping out the instruments to play Christmas songs, the Salvation Army is also one of the biggest distributors of humanitarian aid in the world; HP Source from 1895; The Video Cassette Recorder from 1963 and more bizarely the Flying Bedstead from 1953 which, remarkably, was a precursor to the Hawker Harrier Jump Jet prematurely retired by the Government and looked liked this.. Arguably far more important than all of those things is Nottingham's 'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem' an 1189 pub purporting to be the oldest in England, not the UK. Perhaps when we visit the City Ground next year a fan or three can pay the place a visit pre or post match and report back to us all. AND.. TO FOOTBALL....... ....That other passion for all of us on this forum are a few other firsts for Nottingham. We of course know all about County being the oldest club but Forest hold a few interesting statistics of their own. Over the Trent from Nottingham based County, in West Bridgford, Nottingham Forest were the first team to wear shin pads and introduce goal nets and crossbars, and a whistle for the referee most of which was down to one man; Forest chairman Sam Weller Widdowson, who previously played for the team and indeed cricket for Nottinghamshire, introduced the novel idea of defending. He played a 2-3-5 formation, with the 3 in the midfield known as half backs, being largely defensive, rather than a 1-2-7 which most teams used. Earlier in his career Widdowson was credited with those shin pads, having cut them down from cricket pads and tying them to the outside of his football stockings. Initially ridiculed they soon caught on and are, to this day, regulation. When Widdowson later became a referee he officiated the first ever match that used goal nets. Widdowson is perhaps one of the most underrated and uncelebrated innovators of the game. He played once for England in an international against Scotland in 1880 with England going down to a 9 goal thriller 5-4. Born in April 1851, sixth of 10 children, Widdowson was named after Sam Weller from The Pickwick Papers, his father’s favourite Dickens character. He was 14 when Forest were formed in 1865, 15 when he became a regular member of the side and 22 when he was made captain in 1873, promptly introducing a new formation that was to become the default in English football at least until Herbert Chapman came up with the WM system in the 1920s. This involved, according to the Evening Post, “one goalkeeper, two backs, three half-backs and five forwards, with himself as sole leader of the attack. In this line-up the second centre forward dropped back to the centre of the half-back line to act as a purveyor of passes down the middle of the field to the attackers.” A 'purveyor' of passes; what an exquisite use of the word in describing a footballer at work on the field of play. And Widdowson was to be involved in more novelties: in 1878 the FA used a match between his Forest side and Sheffield’s Norfolk FC to trial for the first time an alternative to the referee’s white flag, which officials used to wave when displeased, and then asked for his thoughts on the experiment. Following his positive feedback, the whistle was formally introduced. “No man did more than this famous all-rounder to bring careful thought and inventive genius to the game,” wrote the Nottingham Evening Post in 1950. “But then everything Sam Weller Widdowson did in sport had the hallmark of class, and the brilliance of a genius.” Nottingham Forest did not see such genius again perhaps until its most successful manager of all time came along, Brian Clough and I wrote a fair few paragraphs of this dour yet erudite man in a previous Match Day. Mark Warburton presides over the 2017 Forest team which are yet to draw a match this season. Will Forest fancy their chances at Ashton Gate today? We expect a victory but 'there are no easy games' as we all know which we often repeat to ourselves like a mantra, but it is very true especially in this Championship division. Enjoy the match today.
  19. 18 points
    This is the particularly funny and ironic part of the interview. Credit to some of the Gas fans for flagging up his mistake on the gasheads.org forum. As PRESIDENT of Bristol Rovers, Wael Al-Qadi should know that that FFP does not apply to League 1 clubs. Instead, they (like other L1 clubs) adhere to the Salary Cost Management Protocol (SCMP). This is a Financial Fair Play framework but rather importantly, owners can invest as much money in their club as they choose. Such investment is not permitted by FFP in the Championship hence the reason Steve Lansdown is trying to build the turnover of BCFC with so much non-matchday activity. Basically, Al-Qadi is lying to the Rovers supporters when he says that FFP is at least part of the reason that the owners are not investing more in the playing squad. They could pour millions in if they wanted to. Played like a fiddle....
  20. 16 points
    Eh, woss goin' on yerr? I been alerted to this ere thread. Give TammyAB a break! He's quite justified - I do look quite a berk. But it was good fun. And the singing was mint, especially the way you all stopped and held it for the silent bits around the Ooh and the Aah... Triffic, triffic. Top, top singing. First I was called a 'gAss'a while back on ere, then 'nause' (guilty as...),, now 'cringe'.... Am I on the way up or the way down? (That's rhetorical, folx) And as for you who've chipped in and said what a legend I am... Get a grip!! But, props, all the same! You Reds!!
  21. 16 points
    I listened this afternoon too. I would urge anyone that hasn't heard it to have a listen. What a thoroughly decent human being Dean Holden is. I was really impressed with how he has dealt with the loss of his daughter, recognised the danger such a loss can have on a family, and was brave and open enough to try to find different ways of coping and dealing with it as a family. He even mentioned he meditates twice a day, which is something I wouldn't expect an ex-pro to do, nevermind openly admit. A loss like that could make a lesser man bitter, and unless we go through something similar who knows how we would cope. But his honest, down to earth manner, willingness to seek unconventional solutions and his compassion for others must only help him as a coach enormously as well as making him all round top human being. I hope he has a long association with our club.
  22. 16 points
  23. 15 points
    Thought he had a solid game. Didn't make any mistakes, covered well and got forward on occasions. Even his forward run down the left flank and strike was better than anything Leko does in that position...looking up constantly whilst running and looking for a pass, nothing was on, so gave it a shot. Fair play to the lad...gets lots of unfair criticism imo, has spent time on the bench this season, never moaned, and gave 100% every time he's been called upon. Never easy when you don't get a run of games. Well done Mags...and good little song for his confidence.
  24. 15 points
    Disgraceful really isn’t it. I’m selling mine for only £90! (A joke, please don’t report me)
  25. 15 points
    Hi Guys, Used to make a lot of City related youtube videos but haven't done one in a couple of years due to not having the time and also a lack of highlights from the last two years! Wanted to get back into it so thought I'd do a Joe Bryan Highlights Vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5B2A6-Hn9M If you fancy having a watch that would be great, let me know what you think! COYR
  26. 14 points
    Believe it or not ,it was bloke who was having a bit of fun and enjoying himself............
  27. 14 points
    The more I hear, the more I'm impressed. He sounds absolutely relentless in his pursuit to get the best out of this club. It was tough last year, but I think we need to start appreciating what a class act we have in charge of our team, and I think many are. I like how he reacts to questions about last year, there's no sweeping it under the carpet, he is honest about mistakes (overthinking etc.), which indicates he has used it and is still using it as a massive learning curve. I like how he talks about always learning, and it sounds like his networking skills are top notch and he has some good friends in football. Delighted it's starting to work out, he loves the club and is desperate to succeed here, long may it continue !
  28. 13 points
    3rd game will be the first leg of the Semi final.
  29. 13 points
    I'm getting fed up with us being a successful club already
  30. 13 points
    I care. He gave us an unbelievably successful season and I felt more connected to him as a manager than I have to the years of dross that preceded him. I want him to do well.
  31. 13 points
    Yep. I do. Getting your pants pulled down by GJ made you really bitter didn’t it?
  32. 12 points
    I've no idea why some have such a thin skin. I watched the Channel 5 show last night and I saw no reason to take umbrage at what he said. I got the impression that the underlying message is that we are well set for a PL promotion campaign and the comment about the wealthy owner alluded to stability (unlike his own beloved Sunderland)
  33. 12 points
    Hordurs best game so far this season I think. He even could have scored, his confidence is growing and he becames better.
  34. 12 points
    He consistently says he takes responsibility while simultaneously making it clear it's all the players' fault.
  35. 12 points
  36. 12 points
    I love you as a poster Dave, but if you ever use EFL again, I swear to god I’ll block you.
  37. 12 points
    ....1983....still one of my fave games ever...FA Cup Round 2 - when fourth division Bristol City gave us these memories forever. I never tire of acknowledging this anniversary - apologies if anyone is tired of my annual pronouncement...
  38. 12 points
    The Proforma Affair The sad passing of Christine Keeler last week brought back memories of an early 1960’s scandal involving Bristol Rovers which became known as “The Proforma Affair”. This sordid episode set in motion a long term decline of the club which can be traced to the day when an unfortunate case of mistaken identity led to us being forced to sell our prized asset Stephen “Dai” Ward to Cardiff City. It all began when Rovers’ director John Hare received an invitation to attend a kinky party held at a stately home near London and, knowing my penchant for stately homes, asked me to stand in for him. In those days I had no trouble standing and was pleased to help out but soon after arrival I discovered that our John had been confused with a prominent minister in the Government who shared the same name. Never one to refuse a challenge I carried on regardless and was quickly chatting to a highly successful banking tycoon from the Middle East who seemed very keen to assist with our plan to move from the training ground at the back of the Black Swan car park to a state of the art facility in South Gloucestershire. Mind altering drugs were in their infancy then and were packaged in a remarkably similarly way to Rennies so when I woke up next morning in bed with a girl called Mandy Rice - Krispies it was hardly surprising that I could recall nothing of the night before. And when I was later taken by limousine to a solicitor’s office at Chipping Sodbury I had no inkling that the land purchase papers I signed on behalf of a Jersey company were part of a devious plot to alter the balance of power in British football. But before the week was out a danger existed that my name and that of Bristol Rovers would be forever linked with failure to pay debts as and when they become due in one of the first cases of solvency abuse to hit the United Kingdom. At that time the Middle East, in economic terms, was a neglected backwater with the oil boom not yet underway and the West Bank a tiny sub post office just outside Petra. But politically it was a hot bed due in no small part to the success of the local electric blanket industry. And we at Bristol Rovers were merely prawns in this game of intrigue but, lacking any marie rose Source, extremely vulnerable to being blackmailed into supporting the application of Amman Disunited to join the football league. Within days bills started to arrive for goods and services supplied to that blasted overgrown field. Goat hooks, hedge fund trimmers, metal fences, metal mickeys, youth opportunity scheme kids, all came by the lorry load. And we had no way of paying for them because the promised suitcase full of used dinars had not turned up. Matters came to a head when a delegation of vendors, tax officials and the PFA arrived at our office demanding proforma payments in advance and threatening to name and shame us if we did not cough up. After 80 years of existence our histrionic club was in danger of being forced out of business because of those unscrupulous Arabian schemers who deliberately risked our integrity just to satisfy a desire to have their name read out on the BBC Light Programme Sports Report. But fortunately we still had one ace up our sleeve. Top scorer Dai Ward was sold to Cardiff, the bills were paid and with the help of the military attache at the Soviet Embassy in Saint Helier we managed to have the mysterious offshore company wound up and ownership of the field transferred into the name of Bristol Rovers. I spent many a happy minute in that cosy Portakabin at the Hambrook training ground as Christine Keeler would have been delighted to testify.
  39. 11 points
    And on the flip side, Colin Murray seems to have a soft spot for us. Always saying positive things and seems to take genuine pleasure in our fortunes. As does Iwelumo - always praising LJ. Not everyone is going to like us and regardless, nothing Gray said was that contrversial.
  40. 11 points
    Living in the past and carrying a grudge is part of the joy of being a football fan. The fact that the guy looks like Plugg from The Bash Street Kids, and his dad’s a**** just adds to the fun
  41. 11 points
    I have a radical idea. Let him wear what he likes. Crazy, I know.
  42. 11 points
    Who is that cringey bloke "orchestrating" the crowd?
  43. 11 points
    Surely watching us winning our second trophy of the year (and part two of the treble) holds some interest for you?
  44. 11 points
    Out of interest, did the list of commands from the PL make any sort of comment regarding sprinklers? Asking for a third party.
  45. 11 points
    I’ve just found this on an old memory stick- can’t recall if my daughter actually sent this to GJ or not.... thought it might amuse everyone! I’ve taken out her name for obvious reasons!!!
  46. 11 points
    Was a lovely afternoon at CHSW today. Virtually all staff and players were there. Exceptions were a few injured players and Steve Allen...perhaps they were still having treatment, or finishing off Xmas Lunch leftovers!! They are a credit to the club. You forget how young some of them are, but they make a real effort with the kids and their families. Doug Harman (and family) was also there, must’ve been tough for them. So was Marina Dolman MBE, she is a remarkable lady. Very excited to have met William when getting her MBE.
  47. 11 points
    Appears the squad are on their Christmas Party by all accounts. Love seeing the team spirit in the group, reminds me of the double-winning season a few years back! some interesting costumes haha
  48. 11 points
    A little slice of karma. After complaining about every hard tackle from City, you boo an opposition player who was clearly badly injured by a terrible tackle. Now fair enough, you may not agree with the decision, but surely after he hobbles off with the assistance of two physios and gets substituted, you could maybe stop shouting "cheat" at him. And maybe not boo him after the final whistle as he's limping badly down the tunnel. Haven't been so happy to inflict defeat on a team in a long time. Both of our goals came after the referee let play continue following bad challenges from your players too. You played well, but you met a resilient team with leaders and playmakers. Unluckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  49. 11 points
    The one in Bethlehem?
  50. 10 points
    The stadium will look fantastic. It will be full and Sky will have the most cameras they’ve ever had at the place to cover it.