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  1. 41 points
  2. 39 points
    Ignore Londoner, he'll be sulking because Ipswich didn't win today.
  3. 37 points
    Hasn’t been used enough. Plain and simple. My biggest thing with LJ. Wants to protect players too much. All this talk about learning different aspects of the game is relevant but not to the point we need to pay them for years before we use them. Spent a lot of money on players who won’t have half a season between them in minutes or appearances. Our squad was decimated with injuries for 3-4 months so he just wore out a select 12-13. In my mind, a big reason our form dipped. Play the ones here already. For me it is why teams like Preston and Brentford appear to recruit so well. The players they buy, they play. They grow as part of the squad. Imagine we had bought Ollie Watkins and he was sat on our bench getting 10 minutes every month. Taylor Moore, Gustav Engvall, Liam Walsh, and Eliasson. Almost 6m worth of players with limited appearances. In the case of Moore and Engvall, we bought them, gave them contracts and those contracts now going into their final 12 months!! Sometimes you need to see if players sink or swim but none have been given the chance. Age is but a number and it is BS that young players can’t get the job done. I just watched a CB pairing aged 18 and 19 help beat Bayern Munich the other day with Leipzig. Upemacano and Konate played very well and they have grown given proper chances to thrive. Anyway, these players need chances. I have no doubt that given the minutes, Eliasson would produce. Could have easily been given minutes too. Engvall never been given a fair chance(has looked better than loan strikers like Woodrow and Diony). Walsh fair enough hard to get into the team with Pack and Smith but maybe should be used instead of one of them in matches like Burton where the defensive burden isn’t so great? Taylor Moore also has quite a bit in front of him but with talks of Flint leaving, we all say we can buy a good replacement. So where does that leave Moore? Where does he get his chance? At RB where he doesn’t look as comfortable? No, it is LJ’s biggest weakness imo. He can grow young players but he coddles them too much. Even COD and Brownhill were given chances throughout the season. Need to do the same for the others.
  4. 25 points
    Considering they’ve scored 11 goals in their last eight games, I’m not sure he’s the most reliable statistician..!
  5. 23 points
    I do think the club have got what they wanted: Price increases (tick). A divide in fan groups, the singing section is split and collapsing, no more flags or input, many people walking away (tick) No chance, or very little ,of any protest today, so no bad publicity (tick) and the SC&T making up the money on some people’s tickets, well the club doesn’t care where the money comes from just that it is paid (tick). I personally think we have rolled over and now set a precedent to accept whatever they damn well like to throw at us. #MakingBristolSad
  6. 22 points
    Ipswich will only go one way if they get rid. Working miracles that bloke is.
  7. 20 points
    Not sure who you have been speaking with either winsaw. For your benefit and possibly for others too, we: Brought about the recent movement on season ticket prices and deadlines through campaigning and constructive conversation with the football club Are in the midst of fighting a legal case with West Midlands Police on behalf of supporters mis-treated at Birmingham, for which we are paying the legal costs. Organise and pay for the annual player and supporter of season awards. Launched, administer and pay for the Bristol City Hall of Fame Consulted widely on the stadium design and have since registered it as an asset of community interest Commemorated the Ashton Gate 8 through a major event and producing a plaque Organise and run Q&A sessions in pubs at away games with Steve Lansdown Canvassed widely fans opinions, designed and commissioned the Atyeo statue Produced a book of supporters favourite memories called City 'til I Die, with 600 being distributed free to local schools Pay for this forum www.otib.co.uk Are at the forefront of supporting the campaign for safe standing Campaigned widely on issues like opening the East End, employing an SLO and reduction of fees on ticket sales Purchased surfer flags and chipped in for other match day initiatives like Red & White Nights And yes, there is a bar that we paid to decorate and furnish which is open to members before games and to non-members at half time and after the game and for beam backs. Yesterday, as Chair, you would have found me in a pub around the ground before the game (not in the supporters bar) and then holding up a banner pre-game to protest about the ongoing issue of socially engineering friends and families to move seats through economic sanctions. When the game started, I was fully behind the team getting 3 points. All of this (and I have probably forgotten plenty of things) is done on a voluntary basis and at huge expense in time and money by a small group of people. Thank you for asking the questions and making the points you made. I suppose what this tells me is that as a supporters group we need to do more to promote what we do and make people aware. If you would like to join, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter and at http://bristolcitysupporters.org/supporter-info/ Cheers Stu
  8. 19 points
    Really like the guy Probably , consistently the most honest manager I’ve ever seen in the game No bull , no buff - open and dead straight
  9. 18 points
    We would be daft to sell any of our players to our rivals.
  10. 18 points
  11. 16 points
    Leave Kelly at LB with Joe B wide left midfield.
  12. 16 points
    Sums up how you view the game in my opinion. I watched that slip and thought there's going to be a post on here about how he's had a bad game. Because there are 3-4 poster on here who let standout moments dictate their memory of a whole match/performance. Karey had a decent game broke up play well dropped into the back line to cover and even after this slip (which if you're actually being rationally is hard to blame him for) he was on his feet and chasing back to cover - even taking a yellow for the team. _
  13. 14 points
    Sorry....few more berks to point and laugh at.
  14. 14 points
    Well I have to say I am very disappointed to have to post this. I posted this morning suggesting a walkout on Saturday in order to demonstrate to Bristol Sport that us Bristol City fans were a different breed and we would not take price hikes to the most vulnerable in our fanbase lightly. I always thought that we were different. Heard so many times that "oh that wouldn't happen at City" and "we wouldn't stand for that" when there have been stories of corporate greed and fans being taken for a ride at other clubs. From the reaction my suggestion has received, it appears I have completely misjudged our fans. I thought there would be a strong weight of opinion against the indiscriminate price rises for kids, the elderly and the disabled. I thought that we would all stand up for each other, have each others backs, and stick up for those in our fanbase who were being edged out in favour of corporate money, glory supporters and greed. I'm sad to say that I was very wrong. It appears as if there are about 30 or 40 people who seem really behind it, which let's face it is a shit protest. It seems most of our fans are too keen to not upset the players and ruin our (fading) premiership dream, rather than stick up for their fellow supporters who are having their matchday experience nullified by the decisions made. I don't mind other people disagreeing with me on this, but I have received a torrent of abuse today for trying to stick up for others (on all forms of media, not just on here). I'm not in it for that. I thought I was helping others, but it seems I'm causing all sorts of division and hatred. As a result, I am not going to suggest to anyone that they walk out in protest this week. You can all carry on doing whatever you want to do and ignore the bigger picture. That's your right. Over the years I have been someone who has tried to bring as much atmosphere to Ashton Gate as possible. I have been active in support of this club and trying to improve the colour, atmosphere and general experience. It seems all of that is completely futile. After the abuse received today I'm not going to bother any more. I will continue to support my team for the rest of this season, in body, but not in voice. I've had to put up with the following over the years : You think you're a superfan, why do you sing that shit song, why don't you sing this, the atmosphere is shit, S82 is shit, you sing too fast, you sing too slow, that song has too many words, we've got nothing new, we copy everyone else, that new song is shit, blah blah blah. The haters win. I'm not bothering any more. There's plenty who will keep trying, but the majority of fans at Ashton Gate don't seem to give a shit. So I'm gonna join the majority and just be a bit-part in this club and let it continue to be a place of a placid support base that are happy to let their bellies be tickled by the corporates. So much for everyone who says "against modern football", and "we'd never let that happen here". The majority have shown this week that they are happy with how "modern football" is being run at our club, so I'm pissing in the wind. Bristol Sport have missed a trick here. The best 'product' they've produced in decades and they are trying to cash in on it straight away by robbing the poor to provide a place for the rich. Good luck to everyone who wants to continue the fight against this, and to those who want to continue to bring atmosphere to our placid place.
  15. 14 points
    He’s our second top scorer despite being injured for 3 months, in his first season in this league, and his partnership with Reid has been key to our success this season??? Don’t rate him?? No?!?!
  16. 14 points
    Yes I have received lots of abuse. You haven’t seen my Facebook messages. Besides, I couldn’t really give a shit about that actually. It’s the absolute ******* apathy of most of our fanbase that’s actually got to me more! Half of the people I’ve seen comment today have had to ask “what are you moaning about”. It’s been 2 weeks, with Supporters Club meetings, hundreds (nay thousands) of posts on all forms of media, the club have had to release 3 statements on their pricing and most people STILL don’t have a clue what’s happening. I thought I was doing something for the good of a fanbase that was “different” to others, that looked out for each other, that had a unity and passion for keeping our club “real”, but clearly this is a minority view and most of our fans couldn’t give a shit about their fellow supporters. I honestly wish this football club all the best in its quest for regular top flight football, but the reality is that if we make the Prem, the best seats in the house will be taken by glory hunting armchair Man U/Liverpool fans who will contribute **** all to the matchday experience and once we go down again they will desert us, leaving a half empty sterile and quiet stadium. We are just a few years away from becoming a Reading or a Cardiff, with thousands of empty seats and a fanbase with an average age of over 50. Bristol Sport have truly missed a great opportunity to fill the stadium week on week with those who have a genuine interest in the welfare of the club. They’ve seen the dollar sign and made a bee-line straight for it and bore zero regard to its existing fanbase. And the majority are happy to lap it all up in their own personal selfish quest for top flight football so that they can banter with their Man U/Liverpool plastits at work. The ignorance and apathy of our fans is astounding. For Bristol City 2023, read Reading 2018. It’s amazing that everyone is so bothered about “not upsetting the players” and “don’t protest, we can still make the playoffs”, when many others are being forced to find an extra £300 to stay sat together as a family. It just makes me ******* sick to be honest and I felt strongly enough about it to try to help those affected. But everyone is so selfishly eyeing up the faintest hope of a playoff success that they’ve lost track of what this football club SHOULD be about. Bristolians have always been deemed as a very fickle and incredibly laid back bunch, and this episode just confirms that. No one cares, everyone has their own agenda, couldn’t give a shit about their fellow supporters and just see the pound signs of the Prem without any thought or emotion to what we should be as a club. I honestly thought we were better than that. But we are Reading FC 2023.
  17. 13 points
    How much have the teams in the top six spent compared to what we have spent? What a joke.
  18. 13 points
    Erotic Piano, as my autocorrect dubbed him when he signed. Can't think of him as anything else now.
  19. 13 points
    Korey has been one of the players of the season.
  20. 13 points
    No. First and foremost it's a football club. Or it used to be. @Harry don't let the bastards get you down, whoever they may be. S82 and your fellow fans in the various 'singing section' locations around the ground over the last few years have been one of the few sparks of vibrancy, colour and passion at Ashton Gate. Whether there is a walkout or any other form of protest - or not - tomorrow is not the most important thing. The most important thing is continuing to fight for your principles, what you consider to be the values that your club ought to embody. Walk away and the grey suits have won.
  21. 12 points
  22. 12 points
    Just seen this gem on gaschat!! 75k if needed, just to clarify that’s basically Old Trafford! Amazing http://gaschat.co.uk/thread/11894/consulted-on-stadium?page=2 If the ambition is to compete at the top of the championship and beyond then a new stadium elsewhere will be needed. A 20,000 stadium with the space to allow it to become 75,000 in the future as needed.
  23. 12 points
    They do come out with some classics on there: "Out of order for the way he sarcastically clapped gas fans at the end with the shithead Vyner! Could have incited crowd trouble". Very odd comment, when the Wolves manager Santo went mental here after their winner it was "superb" and "funny" wasn't it. Now it's happened the other way around it's out of order, and one wants the EFL to have a look at it! "Although how can we expect a team who makes McCormick club captain to have any moral values? Wouldn’t accept him near our club". Surely not the same club who signed the ex Leicester City player who got sacked for his part in the racist sex video?? That's ok though......
  24. 12 points
    I think there are certain individuals now running our football club who would much rather fill the place with polite day tripping happy clappers, rather than those who have been around much longer than they have. They don’t want anyone questioning what they want to do, or ruffling feathers such has been tried to be done over the last couple of weeks. Anything that can detract from what they’re trying to get on and do is alright with them. If we all just shut up and went away, they’d like that.
  25. 11 points
    Don't want to be pedantic mate but when we take the piss out of the gastards for being prowed you may want to edit your title to "our mid season slump?"
  26. 11 points
    Nonsense Dave. Apps are rubbish. I'm in my 40s and I activated the fitness app on my Samsung phone. Almost 12 months on and I'm still unfit and overweight. That app hasn't done anything for me. It's almost like they expect me to exercise myself or something. This isn't progress.
  27. 11 points
    Don't really see how the two are linked. - I'm happy not going up because it doesn't matter to me what league City are in. Secondly, I'm wary of it being transformed in to a corporate monster, and a husk of the BCFC i fell in love with. - Every team but 2 or 3 on the planet loses their players to bigger clubs. It's highly unlikely we'll ever be in a position to compete with those clubs. Even then, has it been made official BR is off yet? Not even sure if this is meant to be a wind up post.
  28. 11 points
    “Hey guys, oi Man City fans...stop praising Bristol City’s management, players and fans and give us some attention, please! Don’t you love us more? Huh? we’re really great, look at our kit...what about Irene? Don’t you think were amazing? Please say something nice about us pleeease, we took 4 thousand to Chelsea....”
  29. 11 points
    You should meet Londoner. You and him would get on very well. Anyone who brags about their academic achievements as a means of belittling other people isn't worth the oxygen they breathe.
  30. 11 points
    Apparently 10 minutes later he restarted it and carried on his journey as if nothing had happened.
  31. 11 points
    Surprised there isn't a thread about Mags i thought he was excellent today, won everything in the air and looked strong and calm at the back, his best City game so far for me. Hope his injury isn't to bad. Keep it up Hörður
  32. 11 points
    No he didn't. He was bang average and got caught out on occasions and offered nothing going forward.
  33. 11 points
    The club are clearly trying to drive them away. I mean, the cheek of keeping their prices the same...! That certainly seems like a statement of intent to me..!
  34. 10 points
    At what point does a users post count make their opinion relevant, Robbo? Just so we all know. As it happens, I also do like Hegeler but to shoot down someone's opinion because of the number of times they've posted on here is ridiculous, even by your standards
  35. 10 points
    Can't seem to find the thread congratulating Djuric on his return from injury and winner on Saturday. So here it is - Well done Milan. Looks like we have our Plan B when teams sit deep, and we need to be more direct. I wasn't at the game on Saturday but I love how dominant he's been so far in the air. Hes not the quickest, but at only 70% percent fit he's only going to get stronger and faster. He could be the difference in the run in.
  36. 10 points
  37. 10 points
    It was good fun while it lasted though. 'We're the biggest, richest, most famous club in Bristol, Premiership in 5 years. Unlucky the 5hit' wasn't it?
  38. 10 points
    Is he? Rather have Bryan at LM, especially if it means Kelly gets game time.
  39. 10 points
    Unbelievable talent. Actually looked a class above, and he's only 19 ffs. So composed, yet aggressive and strong in his aerial duals. I'm not one for completely changing my mind after one game, but id seriously think about pushing joe on to left midfeld, with lloyd at left back. And I like joe at left back, but Kelly has to play.
  40. 9 points
    The last piece of music played at Pers funeral Tuesday. Music picked by Pers two daughters 19 & 22 years old. Pers genes are still alive. RIP Per
  41. 9 points
    How many times a week do you buy a new shirt?
  42. 9 points
    We sit near the front in the Lansdown and I have to say in what was a fairly dour first half McCarthy kept us all well entertained - I have never known a manager yell at his own players quite like he did throughout the whole match and he actually swears more than me which is really saying something. He was yelling at Spence and Ward particularly - and motivational he aint. The two instances that stuck with us the most were 'Wardy give the ball to Jordan - give him the ball now, Wardy give Spence the ball - Wardy give Jordan the f****g Football NOW!! " Then when Spence had the free kick outside our box, big build up and then he laced it well over the bar - City fans jeered and then it hit that quiet moment just as McCarthy yelled out "that was F****g shit!!" On a serious note, thought he looked a bit haggard today - wonder if he'll be the next manager to go in the Championship. Poor game of football - great 3 points for us - Bolton beating Villa makes our defeat at Bolton look a bit more acceptable - and the beat goes on COYR
  43. 9 points
    Love that we use metric for weight height and imperial for height in this thread.! Duric is 100 kilos and 6 feet 7 inches Nobody I know says their weight in kilos ,always stones and lbs. EG New babies weight always in lbs and ounces .Height always in feet and inches .Nobody says I'm 1.8288 metres , they say I'm 6 foot! Duric therefore is 15stone 12 lbs and 6 feet 7inches
  44. 9 points
    Lots of negatives comments from Jose Mourinho about Luke Shaw after substituting him at half time V Brighton. Can't see him staying at the Club much longer. Wonder if he might perhaps be looking at Joe Bryan as a replacement ? Certainly will remember his performance and tremendous goal against them at Ashton Gate . We seem to have a promising replacement for Joe with another "one of our own" in Lloyd Kelly.
  45. 9 points
    Completely changed the game Saturday, what I liked was that he wasn’t just there for the long ball, he closed down and chased back also! And he bullies defenders! When their CB towards the end, (Webster I think..?) started giving abuse to a fan/bsllboy ( didn’t see who..) Milan gave him an absolute tirade of abuse for it! Literally kept going for a good few minutes! Next time Frankie kicked it long Webster has literally ran away giving him a free header! Think he will be a completely different player if he can stay fit pre season
  46. 9 points
    So all of you in Sweden keep saying. Yet when he has been given minutes as a sub, I have been impressed by his defensive work, tracking back and winning tackles to begin counter attacking. I agree with Joe Aman's earlier post. I think our coaching staff are too overprotective of the fringe youngsters. Vyner, Eliasson and Kelly have been treated like this. Kelly was many people's MOM against Ipswich. He will have poor games and good ones but the only way forward is play and get experience. Eliasson and the other young Reds likewise.
  47. 9 points
    Man of the match Lloyd Kelly
  48. 9 points
    I was just trying to find the Vyner thread to post the same thing. The reviews below are quite amazing: 'This lad is getter better game by game, I don’t know what BCFC are doing at their academy ?? It’s one of those moments where, if I was a betting man I’d stick some money playing international football at some point, He would be my first name on the team sheet every day, The best CB currently at Argyle IMHO.' 'a superb player.a credit to the sport who is totally committed to us,his loan club.city and his parents/friends must be very proud of this talented young man.'
  49. 9 points
  50. 9 points
    @Harry I don't know you other than through your posts on here. From those posts I see you as a man who has principles, conviction and the capacity to follow through on what he says he will do. Those are valuable and admirable attributes. Your efforts to organise S82 and to create an atmosphere are appreciated by some, including me. I'm only an occasional visitor to AG but when I do visit it brings a smile to my face to see at least one corner of the stadium supporting the team in a vocal way. Today has clearly been tough for you. You stood up and put your head above the parapet, others have then shot you down from the safety of their keyboards. If that means that you retreat today, re-calibrate and re-assess then so be it. But please, please don't stop completely. Maybe tomorrow has failed but there is always another tomorrow. The club needs guys like you just as much as it needs blokes who can cough up £10,000 a year for a box. In fact it probably needs you more. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win - Gandhi