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  1. 209 points
    Was the most ludicrous and misguided statement made last season by a tearful chap on Twentyman's phone in almost as sad a way as the 2 divorces/Thatcher's Government bloke who at least had a point when his club was relegated from the football league. Much of what was said last season was fake news, conspiratorial or just plain venom, deeply personal and wrong. Lansdown didn't kill our club, we didn't get relegated, the fans didn't stay away and Lee didn't lose the dressing room. Every paying City fan is entitled to an opinion but where that opinion gets confused is in the ownership and possession of their club . Of course us fans get deeply sometimes obsessively emotionally attached to our club and the boundary between being a fan and having rights over what goes on gets blurred. We have a right to attend matches and expect to see committed players but much beyond that- we don't because we don't own our club- No we don't. We are the lifeblood of its existence but not the owners. Same as customers of any business. Yesterday an OP accused the club of cheating the fans by entering into "undisclosed fees"- he felt as it was his money he had a right to know. The day that the fan receipts ( match day and merchandise) pay for the running of our football club then I suggest then and only then do we have a right to demand sackings/transfers and a change of ownership but until that happens we have an owner who funds the huge losses this club makes and it ain't because of ego, a rich man's plaything or a secret tax loss. It's because he loves BCFC and he loves sport and he loves Bristol. So for him to be cast as the AntiChrist with LJ as his Satanic side kick is just plain ignorance. Killing our club? I think you could certainly accept the blue few thinking that about Higgs as they dropped out of the League and now without the stadium they so desperately needed. Bolton fans, Portsmouth fans, Morecambe , Hereford, Coventry, Orient, Blackburn could all all justifiably say that an owner was at some point killing their club but Lansdown? That's just plain silly and as laughable as it is ignorant. So as we stand on the eve of another Championship campaign , let's just remember who owns the club and who makes the decisions and exactly who's money it is that buys us new players and gives us a superb stadium, training facilities and more than anything- optimism for the future. A BCFC for the future. Players come and players go - that's football and Steve said as much. Wilbs going means more salary for a younger player with a career ahead not behind him, Flint going will be good business for the club but disappointing to many fans who have elevated him to iconic status. Conspiracy theories are exactly that- conspiracy theories. Those ITK are invariably guilty of "a little knowledge is dangerous". Yes people can of course get snippets but it seems usually that it's snippets given by someone with an agenda inside the club- the unhappy father of a player who thinks they should be paid more, the relative of an international who thinks he should play more, someone who lost their job, overlooked for promotion etc. But one things for certain the real truth is known only by 3 possibly 4 individuals who own and run the club and they don't talk. At least not to us. The problem I have with some on OTIB and footie fans in general are those that are waiting for the club/manager to fail to prove they were right all along. Some posters only post negative comments and disappear if the club does well or switch their discontent to tickets, the price of bovril, or anything that perpetuates their negative outlook on life. Lee Johnson will eventually move on but not because the fans think he should but because him or Steve does. Players will come here because they get sold on a dream and a stack of cash and , if any good, will move to another club for exactly the same reason. And who can blame them in a career that's maybe 15 years long? What pleases me most is that there's a great disconnect between the doom and gloom merchants and conspiratorial theorists on here and the passion displayed at BS3 even when we're on a bad run. Another new season for us all and we aren't going to win every game and LJ will continue to learn by making mistakes same as any young Manager. The best news is that no one's killing our club- in fact they're breathing life into it.
  2. 150 points
    So on 57 mins, I look down for my seat in the Lansdown stand to see three players getting ready to come on. What???? Surely not- I must be wrong?Yet a minute later all three come on in a literally breathtaking move. Then the boos, the "don't know what you're doing" starts and all of a sudden a guy runs down the gantry ( from another block) next to where I sit at the bottom of the stand and launches a screaming blistering attack on LJ. He was incandescent, furious, very loud and .... shall we say- 'somewhat unforgiving'. Now, in all my time of going to watch my team, I've never ever taken to task another fan who verbally attacks our team. In the split second that the subs came on, I just thought wow just wow, WTF? But then just as quick, I thought well Tomlin has been pointless ( awful on this occasion) Tammy not looking like scoring so I sort of get it. I was desperate to see Matty make his debut and at 0-0 guessed we didn't have much to lose. A draw is a defeat v Rotherham. So, I stand up and start saying to this fan " just let's wait and see- you don't know it's lost us the game, etc" He would not listen and had made his mind up and remained furious . " Give it a chance, mate" but he wasn't having it. People around me were a bit concerned something might kick off but he went back to his block. 14 minutes later after a much improved work rate, Milan scores the winner after good work from the other subs. After I stop jumping like a loon and hugging my kids, there's a tap on my shoulder and it's the angry fan. He puts out his hand and shakes mine and says " I'm sorry- I was wrong" and gives me a hug. My kids thought it was brilliant and the guy next to me said " it takes a man to say that- fair play to him". I just wish that fans on OTIB could sometimes do the same. Just man up and say when you've made the wrong call. We won a match, we've drawn a match yet there is still an undercurrent of personal abuse towards LJ on here that is so polarised and usually the same posters that I'm left with the impression that losing is better because it will prove their vindictive positions right. I'm not saying that everything's now ok because it most certainly isn't but credit where credit is due- Lee made changes and we win the match. Well done City, well done Lee.
  3. 149 points
    As a three year old my dad took me to Ashton Gate for the first time, he was a steward in the old grandstand for over 40 years. I have consequently spent the past 58 years supporting the City. He died at 5 am today aged 90. Thank you dad, rest in peace.
  4. 135 points
    Car crashes gardening leave all kinds of insanity claimed beforehand and then for an hour we saw not just the best performance this season but the best for several years. We may have squandered a 3-0 lead but as someone who had given up on LJ, let's just be clear that no blame could be attached to him today. Only credit for still having a team that can play. And did they. We were sensational for long periods. It was the football I was told LJ had wanted to play. It was ridiculous because I have seen none of this all season, not even at Fulham. I have literally no idea where it came from but for an hour it was pressing one touch passing, attacking. People will moan about a capitulation and it's true Goldbourne seemed to mail it in for the second half and we desperately need higher quality full backs, but let's be clear, we were the better team overall and we had clear chances to score six or seven. Derby didn't, they had three chances and they scored two of them. Derby looked like us - surrendered the midfield within one minute and sat deep and got nowhere near anyone. We looked like Barcelona. The one touch passing and movement was sensational. How come it suddenly appeared today? Sh*t or bust? Let's just get this out the way now. Hegeler and Brownhill were off the charts good. The German finds it easy to do everything and was better naturally that anyone on the pitch. But he wasn't the best player. Brownhill through sheer determination was the most complete City midfield performance I have seen for several years. He did everything. This wasn't LJ City. It was pressing up the field, it was one touch forward passing and movement to carve our way through their defence. We ripped them to pieces. The best move of the first half didn't produce a goal but came agonisingly close to a goal of epic passing and quality. In the end 3-0 at half time was not a fluke, it was the minimum we deserved. And you know what? We came out after half time and held it together for the crucial first ten. We still looked half decent. Another swift move and cross had Taylor miss a sitter from a yard out. We could have been out of sight. But Derby were starting to get joy down the flanks because Little and Golbourne were our weakest link - Little played hard but positioning off at times, but Golbourne went into full on meltdown. The black Scottish fella with the big hair changed sides and crosses were coming in from their right and we started to look brittle having run the game. What really changed it is after their first goal back, some of the players stopped backing themselves to play the same one touch passing and movement that worked so well, and started either hoofing it or playing casual backwards passes that the opposition picked off. Either way the ball came back at us and Derby work up. But not everyone stopped backing themselves - Brownhill and Hegeler were still springing us through their midfield on wide open counter attacks, right to the end, Bryan went really close on one. The fact is what did for us is that our best performance since we got promoted was based on energy and movement and legs and we just ran out of juice. Best example was Golbourne of all people got sprung clear on their defence and ran 30 yards and had so little energy left he didn't have the strength to even pass it and just fell over. No coincidence he was involved in the two further goals we conceded. But be clear - Derby did nothing besides their goals, and the penalty was feeble, it did not look one to me, certainly very tame but in the second half the ref seemed determined to give everything their way - perhaps Shhteve McLaren had a word at half time. We on the other hand kept trying to pass and move through them and had by far the clearer and better chances. Even in injury time we were the ones streaking forward. The City of a month ago would have lost 4-3. As it was 3-3 flattered Derby. Well done LJ for finally getting the team playing really good football. And last but definitely not least, I have deliberately not mentioned Cotterill, but wow, he deserves to be the conclusion. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a solid Championship player looks like. What a motor and what experience and confidence. He was better than anyone on the pitch going forward, never stopped working both forward and back, an outlet, holds the ball up, brings others in. I cannot believe how much he did, an absolute travesty he wasn't on a winning side, but guess what, he wasn't even our best player. Take a bow Brownhill and Hegeler. Don't be sad, today is not an LJ out day, if you saw Taylor drifting off defenders and playing one touch triangles with Brownhill and Hegeler and then Tammy in the box, you would forgive everything that has come before it. This wasn't just better than everything else this season (including the 4-0 at Fulham) it was totally out of character for the team but enough for me to look forward today at least with optimism and curiosity instead of waiting for LJ to be sacked. As many of you know, I have been honest about performances irrespective of results even when we were winning. And the same applies today, easily the best performance of the season and the best under LJ. Giefler 6 Little 6 Golbourne 5 Wright 7 Flint 6 Hegeler 10 Brownhill 10 Cotterill 10 Bryan 8 Taylor 9 Abraham 8 Subs: Duric 7 O'Dowda 6
  5. 126 points
    Hi Rockinrobin sadly passed away on Thursday evening. Bristol City Football Club was Chris's biggest passion and I know how much he enjoyment he got from the Fans Form even though it did drive me mad the amount of time he spent on the website. As our daughter Amie said today - at least he can watch football all the time now he is in heaven. Best wishes to everyone and thank you for the many hours of entertainment you have provided to my husband. Carole x
  6. 124 points
    Hello guys and gals, it's been a while. I hope you've all had a great start to the new year, and that you all had a great Christmas. So... Matty Taylor. I'm not going to pretend I'm not disappointed that it's you of all people Taylor has joined, but unlike some of our more, shall we say 'passionate' fans, I can offer a slightly more balanced view. Firstly, the club are to blame here, for allowing a paltry release clause of the rumoured £300k in his new contract, given that although he was a free agent, he will no doubt have enjoyed a significant pay rise in the last six months. I don't necessarily blame Matty too much, ultimately as a lower league footballer it's more of a job than a passion, albeit a great job, so if he's taking his wages from say £2k a week to, what, £10k? Even £8k a week then I can not blame him. At those levels, the increase in wage makes a much bigger difference than Van Persie earning another £30k a week when he is already on £50k. Fair f*cks to him. Ad a player, I've always had a mixed view personally, he scores goals of course, and I'm sure he will for you if you have a decent amount of creativity in the side (he doesn't score many solo goals). He's frustrating at times as he has been known to waste a lot of chances, particularly one-on-one chances, but will then smash one in from 20 yards. A bit of an enigma. He's a goalscorer though, his stats don't lie, and that's why you've bought him, clearly. Whether he converts 20% or 100% of chances, he will run his balls off for you (that's another subject - keep a close eye on any silverware he may win with you!). No sour grapes, of course I'd rather he was in our side than not! He's a decent player who, regardless of the team, deserves a crack at the Championship. Anyway, I'm off for a quick pray that we re-sign Rickie Lambert by 11pm...!! Best wishes all. FP
  7. 115 points
    Man City Fan in peace. This’ll be lengthy.. First of all, you were the best English team I’ve seen come to the Etihad this season. Only Shakthar & Napoli better than you overall. So much to be proud of and I’m expecting a tough, tough game 2nd leg. About the empty seats there isn’t any specific correct answer to settle on, plenty of debate about this as always and we do get a lot of stick from it from other fans. One thing I will say though is just because our club are rich doesn’t mean that the fans are. Just after Christmas & New Year with home games against Watford, Burnley, You Guys & 2 more in January mean that quite simply our fans pick and choose which games they will go to. £20 isn’t much to me personally, I do think City could have priced it better though. Think a family of 2 adults and 2 kids plus food, drink, etc and you’re looking at around £100. Our fans simply can afford that. We’ll see a lot more tourists like our neighbours in the next few years and that’ll see us sell out and probably extend. (we have no problem selling out league games, btw) i really really really really really really hope you come up. You play such good football and you have a cracking manager in Lee Johnson with players that quite frankly embarrassed a couple of ours tonight. Good luck for the season!
  8. 97 points
    We have been decimated by injuries. We have players playing out of position. We have players playing with knocks . We got beat by the best side in the championship. Tonight I was proud of our club. We’ve come a long way. In a short time.
  9. 95 points
    1) Don't think it's a really good idea to pull an all-nighter and rock up at one of Australia's biggest casino's at 5am to watch the game live. 2) Don't go with your wife and a few friends and team up with some lads from Devon who decide to support City because they don't like Northerners 3) Don't consume everything you can drink or imbibe on 4) Don't watch it in the same area as a bunch of lads from Sheffield on a stag do to Australia 5) Don't laugh like a lunatic when City score after they should be 4-0 up 6) Don't get lippy when they equalise 7) Don't call them filthy Northern Monkeys when Korey nearly got his leg broken 8) Don't go mental when Flinty scores with minutes to go 9) Don't remind said lads from Sheffield they are still dirty Northern Monkeys when you win 10) Don't tell your missus the only chance she has of getting laid is by wearing an Aden Flint mask. If you follow the above advice, you won't wake up 10 hrs later with a black eye, and a wife who is now withholding any bedroom fun for at least a month. Just a tip.
  10. 93 points
    I don't normally post after home games as most of you will have seen it, more so when Sky broadcast the game to the unfortunate viewing public, but if ever a season contrived to throw up a performance that deserved some comment, it was that. Simply sensational. Don't worry that the fourth goal wasn't a penalty or that Huddersfield were shaken by a horrific injury to one of their players, or indeed that the wind and rain swirled unpredictably around Ashton Gate in search of victims that might think they can play football. What mattered is that for the first time in nearly six months (and I have no idea where this performance came from other than backs to the wall grit and sheer bloody mindedness) we played ninety minutes where everyone knew their role with or without the ball, everyone BELIEVED in themselves, and everyone said - bar a 20 minute first half spell of glue-like one touch passing from Huddersfield - we are not going to break, we are going to present them with a solid wall of defenders and we are going to (faint now) break with pace. I won't dignify told-you-so type posts by Johnson supporters with a direct reply as frankly it is childish to suggest there is precedent or evidence that a performance like that was coming or that this was some kind of reward for patience. This was an end of days, all or nothing display of guts and self belief that owed a lot to long forgotten features of City's football - saying City's football in of itself a revelation as we took the game to Huddersfield rather than the usual respect of adapting around them. Features of City's football like: - Tomlin genuinely playing off Tammy Abraham in as close as we will get this season to a conventional 4-4-2. Not having to sit so deep and do so much to unlock the opposition, actually being on a defenders shoulder knowing the right pass or turn will present openings for Tammy. As per usual, he didn't always pick that pass, but given the ball right in front of the backline, he had space and time to cause panic and allow other City players to push up and create attacking options - uncharted territory for us this season - Not passing backwards. When we got the ball, it was like the team had been told to be brave and be bright. After months of midfielders getting the ball and the ground sighing as the player stopped, panicked, and passed backwards, it was like they were on instructions to only go forward. We had the remarkable sight of midfielders battling to make room to find a forward run or pass, actually becoming more of a catalyst for an attack rather than a piece of furniture good for only ushering the ball back or sideways - Full backs who got tight to their opposite numbers and didn't give them a second to pick crosses or bring others into play, full backs who made it their business to make the flanks their land and fought for and used the ball brightly (winning and then charging forward) in a manner that has been utterly non existent this season - Defenders buzzing around like hawks who knew when to go to the player and stop them - none of this standing off and off ball watching (okay, perhaps a little, particularly as Huddersfield's attacking passing was very good) but actually sending a player to the ball to intercept it when they got anywhere near the box and before they could shoot - Breaking with pace, trying to routinely get them on the back foot, get the ball threaded through to Tomlin or Tammy, who created the time and space for one another to cause problems and bought us not before seen time to sustain proper serious attacking football. Football is a beautiful game when City actually play THEIR football and take control of a game so convincingly. Win all the individual battles and impress OUR football on the game, not spend 90 minutes trying to contain and admire theirs. ****ing brilliant! If anything, what Huddersfield did to make that game, was play so open and attacking - routinely 3 forward players over the halfway line and another 4 pushing up in midfield. They moved quickly with the ball and tried to press us at times further up the pitch. The difference for once was we were solid at the back and first to every ball around the box before they could cross, particularly Korey - now embarrassing every other right back at the club - and Bryan - who pulled a 10 out of nowhere after months of below average. This was the first game where we looked like we had Championship full backs that hunted down opponents with support from the midfield, and then bombed forward with confidence, pace and power, backing themselves to retain the ball and shift the football upfield, rather than the traditional hoof upfield from Flint. Flint, by the way, was making busy leaping for and tackling anything that came near him. That was one thing that hasn't changed, but when the other players all work with him, he looks a class act. The first came from a fantastic bit of advantage from the referee but typical of the problems our two forwards were causing running off the defenders and making themselves available. Abraham was regularly bundled over, but on this occasion Tomlin didn't wait for the whistle and just scooped up the ball and (as so often before he tired) ran on goal, this time with the easy chance to score. If the first was a fortuitous break in the game - but in my opinion earned just by the manner in which our front two were drifting and working the defence as opposed to the recent best of knocking it up to Wilbraham while everyone else in red was static - then the second goal was pure class. We got the ball to Cotterill on the right who raced forward and played an early, fizzing low cross into the box (again, something we just haven't been doing). Begging our forwards to win it. Putting the Huddersfield defenders into problems. Tammy got his split second timing right to get goal side of his marker as it arrived and bury it first time in the bottom corner. Simply sensational, a Premiership finish for a goal of speed and strength that oozed class and was a testament to pace and movement we haven't seen from a City team since, well, September? And right on the stroke of a 59th minute half time, exactly what Lee Johnson needed to setup a rallying half time team talk. We've thrown away two goal leads several times, but not being this bright. And so it was, we came out after half time like a team possessed. A slick move saw O'Dowda denied a near certain goal with a header at close range. Huddersfield had been open from the start but more so in the second half and this played to City's forgotten strengths. Without two banks of four to break down, and with Korey and Joe Bryan getting tight to and closing down attacks and then powering forward with the ball, we got situations where we had options and could release Tammy, Tomlin or O'Dowda at will. Flint and Wright, beasts the pair of them, were first to everything that came near them, Pack and O'Neil were streetwise to everything in midfield, and we weathered Huddersfield attempts to get into the game. If anything it was like seeing the City team of the past six months - run out of ideas and reduced to pot shots from 25 yards. So the third wasn't a surprise. From a corner we had their defenders in full on panic mode, O'Neil knocked the second ball back into the box and Flint applied the backheel. Delerium. Limbs everywhere. Before the end we had a fourth, Joe Bryan, a player possessed by god knows what - a throwback performance to our promotion season - raced forward with a never say die attitude that was so typical of him last night and so atypical of him this season. Inside the box with a defender closing he rode the challenge and launched himself to the floor. By a stroke of luck, the referee, who had allowed the Huddersfield number 10 to dive all game, got into the party spirit and awarded the penalty. Cotterill nearly took the roof off the net off. Pandemonium! A well oiled Ashton Gate crowd, long since boisterous and noisy, had their Friday night made. If ever a group of fans deserved a night like this it was City. We've been well and truly through the mill home and away with awful football and ever worse results with no sight of the kind of football that dominates games and opposition. This wasn't just respite, this was a performance that was earned and hopefully season defining. We have 8 more games to play with the same guts, determination and self believe, and we'll be fine. Well done Lee Johnson - I didn't think you had it in you, I still don't, but I take my hat off to you for whatever you said to the players before that one. Keep it simple, play to your strengths, believe in yourselves, play you game, don't worry about what Huddersfield want to do. Whatever it was, it was unlike anything I've seen since Fulham away (better, arguably) and more than enough evidence that if you play a settled team with 2 up top, hard working full backs, and back yourself going forward... you're far too good to go down. Fielding 7 Wasn't overworked thanks to the stellar defending but had a few things to do including a save at his near post at 2-0 and did it well. Looks so much less fragile and prone to error that Giefer Korey Smith 10 CHAMPIONSHIP FULL BACK SIGHTING ... picked up where he left off at Wigan. Barring when he was rusty post injury, this has been going on for years, I love this guy, it's like he steps onto the pitch wanting to be one of the best players on the pitch and puts the work in required to do so. No one gets the better of him. Just a class act. Joe Bryan 10 CHAMPIONSHIP FULL BACK SIGHTING PART 2.... or even just a JOE BRYAN SIGHTING.... Wow, just wow, no idea where that came from, best performance of the season by a country mile, it was like he had woken up to all the criticism this season, OR had seen how Korey performed at Wigan and decided, I want a piece of this. Just brilliant. Flint 9 As per, an absolute warrior, wins everything, battles for everything, will be kicking anything that comes near him in his sleep this weekend. Wright 8 Really getting an understanding with Flint, they hold their shape and know who should go to the ball. Streetwise and solid. O'Neil 7 Sounds odd to say, but easily our poorest play on a night when no one really was. A couple of brilliant runs in midfield offset by some careless or even chaotic passing or lazy flicks at other times. Certainly the weakest link but a big part of the momentum when we built forward. Pack 8 Wasn't passing backwards today, backed himself and got his foot on the ball and looked to go forward. Vintage Pack. Also towards the end streetwise enough to take the foul and break the game up. Huddersfield's open play gave him the time and space, and he kindly obliged. Cotterill 8 As he has been since he returned, pace and determination, leads by example, and importantly gets his head up and sees what is happening and who to get the ball to, unlucky with two dangerous breaks in the second half that we didn't thread the ball to him as he was clear, but consistently a willing runner, and as emphatic a penalty as you will see! O'Dowda 9 Has been great for weeks now, am always surprised when he is dropped, shaping up to be a class act who starts with the most important attribute: work - knows where to get back and be when we haven't got the ball, and when we have got the ball is deceptively strong and confident on the ball getting forward, is going to be a real asset Tomlin 9 Absolutely knackered after an hour, but what an hour it was. Playing off Tammy up front he caused all sorts of problems, when you get him into space with just defenders to beat, as opposed to working deep out of midfield having to create miracles, he is a different player, full of smart touches and the self belief to take players on. Doesn't always get it right, but a dream for a poacher like Tammy to play around, creates the panic which others can then thrive on, gives defenders too much to think about. Abraham 9 Grew up a little today, class act who beats players for fun with his first touch, but today we saw a more streetwise performance too, buying fouls in the second half (to be fair he was getting kicked about something rotten) but just love his movement and hustle, always looking to spring the defence and his goal was pure instinct and pace. They had a torrid time marking him. All errors and omissions excepted, as I have been celebrating for most of the night
  11. 92 points
    @AdamB Please can you do your job as Fan Liaison Officer and let us know what the current situation is regarding the Manager and why the Board apparently deem it ok for us, the fans, to be treated with complete contempt given the lack of action after the last two inept and embarrassing performances that have been overseen by Lee Johnson. You were happy enough to produce videos praising all and sundry and patting yourselves on the back after the 4-0 win. We deserve to hear something now also. Thank you.
  12. 88 points
    I think it's fairly well known on here that I've had some issues that have lead to me not going to games as much as I'd have liked, so I'd like to say a big thanks to some people who have helped me out this season. To start, a big thanks to @BobBobSuperBob, who helped me go to the Plymouth and Stoke games. @BigAlToby&Liam, who has helped me go to the Leeds and Preston games. And also @City exile 79 who has managed to get me a ticket for the Manchester games. Thanks also to @Davefevs and @RED4LIFE who have given me a lift to and from a couple of games. A simple thank you doesn't really cover things, but I wanted to make it known that the kindness from each of you has been greatly appreciated.
  13. 88 points
    Blimey, just how many car crashes is LJ presiding over this season?
  14. 86 points
    Clearly not very popular with one or two on here but I'd like to thank him for some great memories, three year's top service and the simple fact that unlike some (hello Adam Matthews) even when he had an off day (something we all do) I never, ever thought that was because he wasn't giving of his best. He averaged 29 starts over his three years so can make a serious claim to have been our first choice RB throughout. All the very best for the future, someone is going to get a decent free transfer..
  15. 85 points
    Let's just get this out the way from the get go. That was ridiculously easy. The score flatters Ipswich. This team is the real deal and that result was either evidence that we are in the right sort of position or that Ipswich are in the wrong position. This was my fifth trip to Ipswich (lovely place) and my first win. And it wasn't even close. We just abused them. The first half was a 3 or 4 goal difference in terms of performance. Reid was put through and hit the cross bar and their goal was easily avoidable. Most exciting for me was that it was Diedhiou's best game in a City shirt. He is really growing into the role and for most of the game he won everything and defenders didn't get near him. Johnson and Co are spot on he is the perfect foil for the pacey wide players. Our passing was fast and confident and we went at them every time we could. Bobby Reid is obscenely talented and glided past defenders. When they got the ball they were clearly a sharp passing side but the players themselves didn't move and were easily disrupted. In the first minute Diedhiou won a ball in our own half, shifted past midfielders and broke. Paterson charged forward and took over, running at the defence before cutting it back into the middle. Brownhill took aim and it bounced past the keeper. It was one way traffic and in the next 15 minutes Diedhiou would go clear but hesitate and be tackled on the edge of the box, while a well worked move would slip Reid inside the defence just eight yards out, but his snap shot crashed back off the crossbar. Diedhiou was causing all sorts of problems but it was Bobby Reid as per who was the class act on pitch, controlling or winning balls he had no right to get near, beating his opposite numbers so frequently on 50-50s that they'll probably be waking up this weekend seeing dreadlocks. And of course it was Reid that made the second. He won another 50-50 ball on the halfway line in front of the benches, casually shifted past his opponent, released Paterson whose cross found Famara rising highest to glance it past the keeper. Delirium. Ipswich probed but it was chalk and cheese. City pace and endeavour. Ipswich nothing balls in front of our defence. Garner would instead try to neuter Flint off the ball with a kick while on the ground, before they pulled one back against the run of play. They dropped a ball into the left of our box. Brownhill like the terrier he is knocked it clear of the forward player but our defenders held their line and didn't attack the loose ball and another Ipswich player ran onto it and crossed to the middle for Waghorn to crash it under the bar. Largely undeserved. Second half we shut up shot and it was a bit of a non entity apart from a few long range shots at Frankie and Flint reacting first at a corner and smacking a decent shot just over the bar. Meanwhile at the back City were as comfortable as you'll see away from home but we saw the same second half last week at Norwich too. This is a really good team. Ipswich had made all their subs inside the hour such was the one sided nature to the game (Flint and Baker win literally everything) and O'Dowda, a constant threat, was put clear but hesitated and had the ball stolen when he tried to get a shot away for that illusive first goal. It felt like the game was drifting out to an easy 2-1 win, but to make sure the away crowd left as noisily as they arrived, Johnson threw on Leko and his trickery immediately caused problems and won a corner. Reid, the class act on the pitch, met the ball just outside the box and his shot deflected wildly past the keeper. The score was no more than we deserved. The Ipswich fans were already drifting out in their numbers, probably moaning away in that fake-Cockney accent that makes them so distinctive and different from the country drawl of Norwich. 3-1 but to my eyes a better performance than the 4-0 at Fulham last season simply because the team looked so comfortable in all positions and dominated their opponents far more in the general play to the extent that the second half was largely a non event. I was not a fan of Johnson and with good reason last season but this campaign he has them playing with energy, confidence and no shortage of talent. Diedhiou is growing into leading the line and Reid is the best player in the division by some distance. Fielding 7 Wright 7 Bryan 7 Baker 7 Flint 7 Smith 7 Brownhill 8 Paterson 7 (Eliasson 6) O'Dowda 7 (Leko 7) Reid 9 (Taylor 6) Diedhiou 8
  16. 84 points
    First off I would like to say just how impressed I was with Ashton Gate. I'd not visited since about 2010 or something. It is beautiful now, I loved it. I wasn't in with the Barnsley supporters, I was in the big, shiny stand, upper tier. Superb view, padded seats, so aye, thoroughly impressed with what now looks a stadium as good as most in the country. Be proud of that. My only complaint being the PA system. They must have the volume turned up to 11. In terms of the game it was a blow not to have Matty James available. His partner had given birth that morning. He's been such a key player for us since January and will be playing for Leicester in the Premier League next season I would guess based on what I've seen. Unreal presence in midfield with his size, composure and passing ability. We were bound to miss him. On top of the players we lost in January, plus injured players like Hammill, Jackson, D'Almeida and Yiadom, we were down to the bare bones. So much so we had Will Smith on the bench. No, not that one. But a 17 year old Academy kid. However, it was a first opportunity to see both Mowatt and Moncur together in the same midfield.. I felt we dominated the first half regardless, and deserved our lead. We nearly always play 4-4-2 but yesterday went with one up front which I think probably confused LJ. It confused us! But aye, we dominated the midfield and Kent was giving Little a torrid time of it on the left wing. We should have done more with a few chances created but ever since January we've been all foreplay and little penetration. In fact, the goal was fortuitous itself. The terrible referee should have stopped play in my opinion and then Moncur's strike deflects kindly off Mowatt for the goal. We had referee Duncan at Oakwell this season for a 2-2 draw with Birmingham where we led 2-0 until he decided to give an iffy penalty to Brum AND send off our captain Marc Roberts. He cost us that game. And just a couple of weeks ago now he was in charge of our game against Cardiff. As ever, we absolutely roasted them but couldn't get the goal our play merited, yet when Scowen danced through the midfield he was hacked down by Sol Bamba who had already been booked. Certain red card. Bizarrely, Bamba stays down 'injured' from his foul and instead of still giving him a red card, the ref allows Warnock to sub him off. Unbelievable decision. So I expected more of the same from Mr Duncan yesterday. But he didn't prove to be 'against' us. He just proved to be incompetent. And you suffered for it the most on this occasion. The standard of refereeing since they went professional has only declined in my opinion. You did have one or two moments yourself. I think Davies did well to keep a shot out from the edge of the box and some good blocks prevented the follow-ups. But I certainly felt we were good value for our lead at the break. Roberts rolled his ankle and was replaced at the break and I feared the worst. He holds that defence together, he's such a commanding presence and in the first half he kept check of Abraham who'd been largely anonymous. But I feared the worst mainly because I knew we had nobody on the bench to replace him. The aforementioned Will Smith is a centre half. But I suppose Hecky didn't fancy chucking him on against one of the best strikers in the division. Instead he brought full back Callum Evans on and moved Gethin Jones to centre half. I felt it was the wrong call, personally. I'd have put the 17 year old on. At least he knew the position. City came out in much more aggressive and direct fashion. Looked a different team. And, our defence buckled. It was sad to see actually. When you envisage something happening you still hope to be wrong. But I wasn't. Without Robbo we folded defensively and I think Scowen looked scared to get stuck in following his deserved first half booking. City were attacking us at will and it was no surprise to see the game levelled up. But then a moment of magic as Armstrong took advantage of a sloppy pass to dance through before slipping in Moncur whose finish was devastating. It was classic Barnsley. From nowhere, pace on the break and a clinical finish. We've worked that to perfection this season. But could we stem the tide now? Would that goal re-settle us? Not a chance, sadly. City continued to dominate and our defence offered up chance after chance and I'm relieved actually that you didn't score four or five. I think you deserved the three points. Yes, Robbo going off was massive but ifs and buts are irrelevant. You were the better team on the day and warranted the victory. I felt Abraham was first-class in the second half. He seemed to drop deeper or wider, to take the ball and hold it while others came up to support. Paterson looked lively and impressed me, but Abraham was standout. He's going to be some player I guess. Great acoustics in AG too now. Once you finally found your voice it was good to hear and I can imagine it being very helpful to the players if the place is rocking. I know it's not been the season you hoped for but I kept saying stick with it, back LJ, he will get it right. I still believe that, even though he has completely done everything else I said he'd done when our head coach. He is never average or boring. It's consistently crap or consistently great, and those two sides switch around a lot. He needs to find somewhere inbetween I suppose. As I've said before, he takes too much on. He probably grafts too much. I think he'll come good for you next season and many of these players will have come out of this struggle stronger as players and people. I look forward to returning again next season. Andy.
  17. 81 points
    In amongst the joke decisions by our head coach and those that employ him , the bullshit , the pitiful PR and fan interaction from the club , the pitiful performances and lack of fight from players downing tools , one glowing beam of light has shone through for me Tammy Abraham 19 years old , first experience of First Team football Talented but with no apparent ego Humble Committed - Leaves absolutely everything on the pitch in every game Seemingly the player who cares the most , looks devastated at every loss , but still has the balls and strength to interact with supporters less than happy And he's not even ours ! I cannot like this lad enough Take a bow young man and take extreme pride in yourself You are a credit to Chelsea Football Club , to your parents , and most importantly to yourself You literally put to shame the coaching staff and squad of so called professionals on our books Your attitude is as good as I've seen from any player on loan here in the last 46 /47 years and up there with any player to have represented us in this time A massive Thankyou - Football supporters aren't stupid , have noticed and will remember for many years to come In the unlikely event you play at AG in the future you will undoubtedly see what impression you will have left
  18. 81 points
    Never felt so disillusioned and disinterested in the club as i do now. as someone who during the Millen and Mcinnes reigns commuted to the Gate from central london on the megabus every weekend to see home and away games i would have classed myself as a massive city fan.....right now i feel like i couldnt give a shit. Even when times were hard i would go. The treatment of us fans by Lansdown and Johnson has been a disgrace,they have taken us for complete fools and treated us with zero respect. I will not be going to the gate again while this clueless waste of space of a manager is leading the club. If only we had lost to Fleetwood. I feel sorry for the players, they have been utterly let down by the mixed messages and ineptitude by a complete and utter fraud. No doubt posters will say bye bye better off without you attention seeker etc etc...doesnt bother me in the slightest very unhappy with this club tsking my money and ******* it down the drain on this clown. Take care all.
  19. 80 points
    Imagine you're sat there, enjoying a tasty pasty purchased at half time, when all of a sudden Woodrow equalises. Cue manic celebrations. In the midst of which someone takes a bite out of your pasty from over your shoulder. SCENES.
  20. 80 points
    Well that was a morale boosting victory over a steady premier league team last night! Perhaps we can now see the fruits of our youth set up starting to pay dividends. Full credit must go to LJ for giving youth a chance when others have not. Also a special mention must go to Brian Tinnion. It could never have been easy taking the City manager's job and then being sacked from a club that you "love'. I shall never forget that Swansea game and his dejection at the end of it was a real low point for me because he plainly cared about the club and was trying to weed out the bad apples we had in the dressing room. To come back says it all about how much he cares about the club and his character. To take a role lower down the structure tells you all you need to know about his passion for the game and for City. In Brian we have a club legend, a top player at our level and also someone who appears to have shaken up our youth set up with the right mentality being put in to those players going into it. It seems that our Academy is now looking to produce an end product with the players, which criminally has not been the case (at least on a consistent basis). McClouskey looks a real threat and is being given league exposure, Vyner had a good spell on loan, Morrell looks a player, O'Leary is getting game time as well and Hinds has plainly made the step up. I think we are now seeing some really good young players who could step into the first 11 - Vyner, Kelly and Hinds could all make a case IMO. Last night is clearly testament to the work done within the club (which is to be applauded) but it can be no coincidence that Brian is there. I for one, extend my praise for him and long may it continue.
  21. 79 points
    Exactly a year ago (well, the second game of the season) I wrote about our 2-1 win up at Burton in a way that I would refer back to throughout the season. The reason I did so was because the result and the performance bore no resemblance and it was a vital clue to what lay ahead. I am struck by the parallels today. And I hope they are good ones. We lost, but in a match we were so much more impressive than this time last year, and in which we dominated so much it is inconceivable Birmingham, in their current complexion, could finish above us. This time the omens are all good ones. For 45 minutes it was a total mismatch. We should have been out of sight. The difference in the quality of the football, the passing, the pace, the movement, the self belief, was stark. Birmingham offered absolutely nothing and were fragile at the back. It was not a case of if, but by how much. The first goal showcased everything we would do so well in the first half. Quick passing and movement to cut through the opposition, led by Diedhiou with a combination of quick touch offs to teammates and then aggressive direct running when the space presented. His 1st minute shot crashed off the bar, he followed up in a chaotic box before Reid finished it off. The half would continue this utterly one sided onslaught for 45 minutes. Instinctive touches and overlapping runs from our wingers carved Birmingham up at will. The quick thinking of Pack and Reid and Diedhiou's bundling front running, at times gave us an overload of players in forward positions. It was like playing at a lower league team. We would hit the woodwork once or twice more and Diedhiou, after good work, would lift two shots high and wide, one when clear on goal. We could and should have added to our lead. Birmingham's defence was in disarray, they could not get close to our movement and their outlet was largely shanked balls from their full backs down the wing. But incredibly, the two teams went in level at half time. Birmingham were getting little joy punting their forwards down the channel, but although Hegeler had cleared up several balls into the box, on this occasion Pisano (who was stretched all game today) bundled over their man. We consistently had the beating of their forwards in the air, but from our clearance to the edge of the box, our attack minded team weren't quickest to get behind the ball and they knocked a low shot past Frankie. The game was decided at half time. We must have gone off feeling like we were pushing against an open door and only needed to keep doing what we were doing for our superiority to tell. When we came out, it almost felt like we became even more attacking and quick moving with the ball, redoubling an attacking approach like we were owed more from a one sided match and wanted our reward. For such a great performance it was a fatal bit of naivety or over confidence. We should have expected Harry to adjust and he did. We were so convinced of our visible superiority we just did not readjust to value the position we were in. We went hell for leather for our perceived advantage and instead sacrificed what we had to a team who were as poor as Barnsley were last week. It had all the manner of a cup upset. Harry replaced a hopeless centre back and a hopeless full back. But he also asked the back line as a whole to step up further and close the space between the defence and midfield, that pivotal "hole" in front of the defence we had been running amok in. He also got them to completely shut down Diedhiou and stop the ball being played into him. Almost immediately instead of pushing home out advantage, the match started to turn. We were playing with the same pace and instinct out of midfield but Birmingham were stepping up into our quick touches and lay offs and to make matters worse, in our confidence from the first half, we started playing reckless square balls. Three times we would knock the ball inside in midfield, piling players forward and believing we were about to launch a break, only for Birmingham to spring the trap and steal the ball and race in on goal. The third time it happened I distinctly remember we must have had five players across the front further forward in the Birmingham half. It was cavalier stuff and it deserved to be and was punished. But not before we nearly got the second that might have given us the incentive to actually defend. Another quick passing combination from the left tore through their defence, we actually picked our way looking for the shot before releasing Reid inside the last man. He only had the keeper to beat but his low shot drifted beyond the far post. He is human after all. Johnson still sensed only blood. In his mind it was a match we should have won easily by that point and it must have consumed him. He threw on two new wingers - including Eliason - and had the players pile forward even more. It was fatal. There is no question that Birmingham were a really poor side but we didn't appear to respect the fact they were starting to outwit us in midfield and had grown into the game going forward, with Cotterill now installed on the right, showing real width where previously they were just punting balls down the channel. And so it was Maghoma, their only real threat all game (and more so when Che Evans went off with a hamstring injury) was presented yet another opportunity to break forward from midfield against our attack minded team. We don't have a no nonsense defender, so we stood off and stood off, so he drilled it into the bottom corner. Delirium for Birmingham who would have known this was daylight robbery. The stylish, high tempo, relentless team were now losing to the limited, regressive team playing largely on the break. It was all a bit of a shock and we didn't have an answer. O'Dowda tried to work this way and that to create openings but now the home team had something to defend, they did do. It didn't help of course that we were still picking our way around the box looking for the optimal moment to shoot rather than exhibiting the shoot on sight policy of Birmingham. Several times we'd cause chaos along the edge of the box but without ever producing a serious shot. Before the end Eliason - who played variously wide right and through the middle, and looked fast if a little lightweight - would cut inside and curl a tame shot beyond the far post, while Reid, who doesn't ever seen to tire, crashed a shot off the crossbar from a tight angle. There would also be a red card for upending O'Dowda in a carbon copy of Fulham away last season (he went flying but no one appealed) which if I'm honest looked harsh - in fact truth to tell I did think throughout that the ref gave literally everything our way, I'm not sure what the opposite of a homer is, but if it was the other way round I'd have been annoyed. So there it is. We lost today to a poor side. That could be the cue for alarm bells but I'm always about the performance as much as the result and actually this was a perfect inverse of our first league away game last season. Where at Burton we played badly, looked bereft of ideas going forward, yet came from behind to win 2-1 here we looked sharp, classy, instinctive going forward, but didn't capitalise and surrendered our advantage to lose 2-1. That surely has to be a better sign, regardless of the result? In the end analysis our biggest problem was the lack of a Wilbraham. Diedhiou went from all action to non-existent - mainly due to Harry's adjustments but also because he is still incredibly raw and got found out. What we then needed was a new anchor up front, a target who could hold the ball and let us capitalise on the field position our attacking was creating. Instead we got more wingers, and unsurprisingly it removed outlets for us to actually aim for and left gaps through the middle for them to exploit. But if I had to take a performance between losing today and winning at Burton last season I would take today everytime. Nine times out of ten we win today's game. I'm sure the stats will bear that out. In the end we lost it by not making our first half dominance count and then over committing in the second half against a renewed Birmingham team, in the misguided belief it was just an open door and we only needed to keep pushing... Fielding 8 Some classy saves when it started going against us Pisano 6 Thought he struggled at times today against more direct players Bryan 7 Still exhibiting the pace and confidence of last Saturday Wright 6 Solid but didn't get into people like I thought he might Hegeler 7 Surprised by how many first balls he won Pack 6 Started most things but became casual with touches in the second half Smith 7 Involved in everything as well and pushed up well when we were chasing the game Brownhill 6 Some good stuff but didn't think he affected the game as much as he has done Paterson 7 Great in the first half but ran out of steam Reid 8 Involved in everything, if only he had finished in the second half Diedhiou 6 A marmite performance. Caused all kinds of problems in the first half, phenomenal in the air, confident on the ball... and then a total passenger in the second half O'Dowda 7 Strong and direct (more than last season) but didn't have much to aim for or at Eliason 6 Didn't get to do much and not much went through him. Think he'll need some time to adjust.
  22. 78 points
    At the moment I couldn't be prouder of my team. 4 years ago today we were heading into oblivion at the bottom of the league one, about to go to Carlisle to get our first win of the season, we hadn't won a conpetitive game in our last 21 and we'd just come off the back of a defeat at home to Brentford in front of just over 10000. Now we are 7th in the championship, we have been drawn in the quarter finals of the league cup to one of the biggest clubs in the world, we have lost 2 home games since February and we have had over 49000 through the gates in our last two home games, we have just put 4 goals past a Premier league team. I am really proud of my team, of our supporters who have stuck with it through thick and thin and of the club who have progressed in ways none of us could have imagined, and no matter what happens this season or beyond Bristol will always be red! COYR
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    This picture (and the facial expressions) just gets better and better the more I look at it. Flint - here I am, just doing what I do.... Frankie - Yep, my boy has got this, no worries Baker and Sterling - Exactly how the f**k has he managed to do that!!!!
  24. 77 points
    So normally after a 5-0 loss, I'd be extremely annoyed. But they didn't deserve that tonight. They've worked so hard and have given everything, and it's pure circumstances the reason we've just gone down 5-0. I was dreading the response from our fans. But it's actually been very refreshing to see the majority on the same page as myself. We all know we had a tired group out there today and it was just a game too far. I have absolutely no doubt we will bounce back against Norwich. No matter what, let's stick by them. I know last season questions were asked if they really cared? But it's quite obvious they do. They're a great bunch and we have a great management team to match. The futures still bright, its red & white.
  25. 76 points
    Well , I thought we were doomed from Xmas up to Huddersfield and then after Preston So glad I was wrong Well done LJ and those players who proved trustworthy Ive just had a big slice Anyone care to join me and partake in celebration ?
  26. 76 points
    I'd suggest people listen to the radio interview before making their mind up! I was really annoyed having read all the snippets on this forum then I listened to interview! Arrogance? Where? The man has openly said yes we have considered Lee's position. He didn't at all back him unconditionally, he just said they have thought about it on a game by game basis and he continues to believe that what's going on behind the scenes justify him being head coach. The comment about him putting more money into the club was meant in a 'yes I put a lot of money into the club too so I understand why the fans are annoyed'. At various times he said he understood the fans annoyance. He even talked about his plans being for the best interests of the football club, at no point did he even sound like he was saying it's my club I will do what I like. And before I get a load of abuse about being a Johnson lover / lansdown lover / gas head etc I don't believe LJ is the right man from the performances on the pitch, I do believe Lansdown will be proved wrong in his decision to keep him, and I've supported this club for as long as a lot of you. sounds to me like some fans listened to that interview to find an issue with SL rather than take everything he said in the true context. Deluded he might be, time will tell, but arrogance? Not in my view
  27. 75 points
    A little slice of karma. After complaining about every hard tackle from City, you boo an opposition player who was clearly badly injured by a terrible tackle. Now fair enough, you may not agree with the decision, but surely after he hobbles off with the assistance of two physios and gets substituted, you could maybe stop shouting "cheat" at him. And maybe not boo him after the final whistle as he's limping badly down the tunnel. Haven't been so happy to inflict defeat on a team in a long time. Both of our goals came after the referee let play continue following bad challenges from your players too. You played well, but you met a resilient team with leaders and playmakers. Unluckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
  28. 75 points
    I'm a Bristol fan. Have been since my dad took me in the Landsdown Stand in 2002, great game. If anyone has a spare ticket, please pm. Cheers. Come on Bristol. Drink up Irene!
  29. 75 points
    From these small seeds, big things are grown. I hope that is the sentiment tonight from everyone connected with City because really it wasn’t a very good performance and although we shaded the result, it was a terrible game between two teams who have rightly occupied close to the lowest positions in the table. We started brightly for about 5 minutes and we finished strongly for about 15 minutes, but other than that it was an awful match between two poor teams and we were indebted to Fielding for a couple of important saves. We on the other hand had about one shot on goal and but for some bright running outside the box, rarely went close. We started uncharacteristically boldly with two up top, Lee Tomlin floating about the place, and Korey at right back. Let me start right away by saying despite the confusing line up, Korey was our best player by a mile, not only did he win everything he was asked to, but he is so much more intelligent than the others with his decision making. For about five minutes we tried to get the ball up to Taylor or Tammy and pour forward. O’Neil looked like he really wanted it from the middle, and we pushed up. For a moment this was going to be Derby or Newcastle again. It wasn’t. Punting the ball to Taylor and Tammy (neither a target man) is not winning football. And it didn’t do much. Our best football at the start was when Tomlin ran at them out of the hole, but the more he tried, the worse he got, giving the ball away feebly or over complicating and missing the shooting opportunity altogether. By about ten minutes in Wigan had adjusted to our game plan and we really didn’t cause any serious problems for another hour. By a quarter of the way through the match it had descended to an awful game of football between two teams that could barely string passes together and made all the wrong decisions. Joe Bryan was casual and routinely giving the ball away. If he got forward, he crossed it straight to a defender. Tomlin was losing the ball every time he got it. Surprisingly, from an incredibly open start that looked like it was only a defensive mistake away from goals - and produced exciting back and forth attacking - we had landed on awful football between two teams that huffed and puffed to create anything of substance. Best example Omar Bogle who was a nuisance - but looked non league. By half time Wigan were opening us up far better than we were opening them up, and hit the cross bar and forced a couple of saves from Fielding. We didn’t force anything. Unsurprisingly knocking it long to Taylor and Tammy is not a great way to build possession and Taylor in particular was awful, and failed to get many balls under control. I honestly thought Wigan were the more likely to score, and they looked it until Wilbraham came on. He changed the game. He properly worked defenders, controlled forward balls, and brought others in. We were a different team when he came on. Tomlin also adjusted - won free kicks rather than over complicated, and Joe Bryan looked more awake. Gradually we grew into the game and for the last ten minutes we saw what I haven’t seen a City team produce for months and months - a barnstorming finish. We were the only team that was going to get the winner, Tomlin was drawing foul after foul and Joe Bryan three times got to the byline and floated a pinpoint cross in (contrasting to aimless lifts into the middle). His third cross in short succession would secure the goal, but before that, Brownhill (on with O’Dowda as rightful subs) had dragged a shot wide with the goal gaping. This was City’s game to win. In the end it was a Bryan cross which Tammy (who was largely poor but a constant nuisance) bundled into and Flint reacted quickest to knock it home. Delirium. It was like a weight was lifted. Bear in mind this was a game which for an hour we and Wigan had contrived to exchange mistakes and look something more akin to League Two than the Championship. But for once City improved from the half time re-group and the substitutions galvanised the team still further. Not often we’ve said that. In the end I’m left absolutely over the moon about an only barely deserved win that was a victory for pure guts and fight. But no getting carried away, both teams were awful and we had probably only one shot on goal. It was like Rotherham at home. Terrible teams battling over who is second worst or third worst. But I will take a win any which way we can get it. I also am left to ponder about team selection again. O’Dowda, so good in recent weeks, dropped. Wilbraham, who amazed everyone by getting 4 consecutive starts, disappears the one time we have no other options for a target man and play 60 minutes punting balls to two players who are not. Let’s be clear, this wasn’t redemption in any shape for LJ. The selection was bold and offered hope of a Derby-like first half with the same forward players. But big difference, O’Neil and Pack sat in, we didn’t have the short passing out of midfield that carved open lanes for Taylor and Tammy at Derby. Instead we tried to release our wingers (but didn’t) or knocked it up and hoped Taylor would control (he didn’t). But a great result and although it surprised me, Johnson had the balls to come and celebrate it with the away fans. He will need a LOT more than this to be taken seriously, but anyone who didn’t enjoy it, can hardly be supporting City. There was a muted attempt at Johnson Out during the second half, but it was shouted down. Not today. Fielding 8 Shout for man of the match, far better than Giefer and kept us in the game with two or three saves you would expect him to make but which quite honestly I would not be surprised to see Giefer concede from. Smith 9 Absolutely outstanding, odd position and it showed at times (thought he had more time than he did, played more centrally from set pieces than he should) but won everything, never stopped going, and quite frankly produced the best forward balls of anyone. A class act again. Bryan 7 Was terrible with the ball in the first half, but was solid against his opposite number and in the second half stepped it up a level and got to the byline and produced far better crosses than he managed in the first half. If he was talked to at half time in did the trick. Flint 8 Won pretty much everything (and there were far more balls flying in at Bogle than we were sending into their defence) and led by example. His goal was deserved. Sick of this guy being the scapegoat. He gives it everything and in poor games like this between awful teams, THAT is the difference. Wright 7 Solid as well, few mistakes although a few of his clearances were poorly placed O’Neil 7 Worked his proverbials off as well. Got a knock early on and that seemed to limit his forward play, but was always looking to cover and pushed up enough to help Tomlin and others play with freedom Pack 6 Some nice patient control and passing in midfield but he wasted several miscued passes and as with earlier in the season a little too ponderous, didn’t look able to build quickly or thread the needle forward Cotterill 6 He set high standards with his first few games and I actually think he is regressing. Struggled to get in the game and didn’t have a lot of space to work with. I don’t think he plays well when we have Tomlin in the team. Tomlin 6 Terrible in the first half, a couple of good runs but made an artform of making the wrong decision - fail to control, give the ball away, pass to an opponent, hold on too long and lose the ball. Second half wasn’t significantly better but kept it simple, won free kicks, and became a nuisance. Taylor 5 Really poor. Nothing like Derby. Didn’t have good service and was being asked to play a really difficult game (drifting off markers and bringing long forward balls under control before turning and going at them). Didn’t do much of that. Abraham 6 A couple of stunning touches early on as he’s liable to do (one by the touchline was amazing) but didn’t look sharp and had very little to work with. Was amazed he stayed on, but thank god he did as even without the service or control, was the nuisance which contrived our goal. Subs: Wilbraham 7 Changed the game. We played football that needed a target man so thank god we finally got one after an hour. We have serious problems if Duric is out for a while. O’Dowda 6 Didn’t have a lot to do when he came on, but did it well. Brownhill 6 Missed our best chance of the game but bags of energy and was the first central midfielder to really push forward which shifted us up the pitch and was important to us building the late momentum which won the game
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    Apologies if already on here - could not see it surprisingly :-
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    That's a real shame, and a very puzzling decision. I always enjoyed working with Tim and felt he had a great fan's perspective of what's required on a matchday.
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    It has taken a long time, and it is with sadness and a little bit of regret that this season the reasons for the continued failure at Bristol City has brought the focus to one man. Lee Johnson ? No, absolutely not, he is the pawn in what was clearly a pre arranged plan to allow Mr Lansdown to finally get his way. On any footballing level, Lee J should never have been appointed, and since then, all of the reason for not appointing him, have become clear and evident in the most brutal way. He has not got a clue what he is doing. Any other club would have fired him, and not one club in the Championship would have a coach trio of Johnson, Mcallister and Holden. None. So why have we got this situation ? Why have we got a blatantly incompetent coach, with the worst losing record in our history with the greatest transfer budget ever and 19 new players still sat smugly in a job? The answer lies with the owner. From his interviews he has always wanted to be close, go into the changing rooms, be involved , and be part of the system. As well he might, as he would argue, having thrown millions at the club. He has alledgedly wanted compliant managers and wanted people do do his thing. But the appointment of LJ has taken this to new levels. He himself talks of debriefing with the manager after games and offering advice. Is the only reason LJ is in a job is because it allows Mr Lansdown to play out some middle aged fantasy of being a football manager. It's not new is it ? How many owners have done it, played at it ? Numerous. They cannot help themselves. The passion and desire takes over, and they feel they know better and can do better. Numerous people have left BCFC, but few talk, you don’t want to ruin your name in the game, or you are bound by a confidentiality order with your pay off. Mr Lansdown said the one thing he dislikes about football compared to business is confidentiality. Of course, because he wants to carry on with his game and he does not want the fans of the club to know about it. There have been a few occasions over the last months when people have given accounts of what is going on at AG, but unless you hear that first hand you are reluctant to put it out and it needs to go on record. It goes beyond gossip though, goes beyond tittle tattle and forum chat , it is serious, and whilst we battle relegation, it is hardly supportive to put out anything that could be described as destabilising, not least when you know Mr Ashton will try and use legal means to stop it ( as he did at Watford). But it is the sort of thing that would interest newspapers, the media, not just fans, because what has been happening at BCFC is a form scandal. Not a financial one, not illegal, no one is going to prison, but before fans keep thinking that Mr Lansdown is the savour of this club, you should think about other clubs that have survived worse and start to consider than instead of the saviour, Mr Lansdown is in fact the problem. There is no footballing or business reason Lee Johnson is in a job, not one club in England would still employ him, and now, probably few others ever will. So you have to ask why Mr Lansdown has behaved so irrationally, never explained any footballing reason, or logic for his choice. He cannot, because he is unable to admit, it is he who wants Lee Johnson as manager so he can continue his personal game. There is good reason why BCFC cannot employ top managers, it is because of the way the club is run. There is one common factor. Amongst all this, fans have now become conditioned to thinking that the only person in the world that will support BCFC is Mr Lansdown. Other clubs have shown that there are no lack of buyers of English football clubs. It is simply not true. Someone will replace him, one day they will. But to hear the moaning and complaints of fans, almost held under their breath these days, not transferred to a protest at games has been one of the most shocking aspects of this sorry charade. Our fans have lost their voice, and are now happy to be treated as fools and abject failure as if it is better than nothing. Sometimes you deserbve what you get, and at the moment that is true of BCFC fans. No longer is there a bite no longer is the passion there. We are as limp as a Lee Johnson press conference. It is time we got our voice back. The numbers who write on here are small compared to the fans at games, so you can understand why such forums are regarded as minority groups. If indeed people here are the minority, then forget all of this, and be happy for product that is offered. I rather think it is quite the opposite though, and the vast majority are arriving at the same conclusion. So stop worrying about lee Johnson, he is the least of your worries, the problem is at the top. Hero to zero and time he sold out.
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    Sometimes, things happen that are out of my hands and I start to question myself "is it something Ive done wrong". Today was one of them. But the messages Ive had from City fans has been amazing. Truly amazing. I was just doing a job that I loved and although I cant do that anymore, I will always support the team on the pitch and I'll be up in the stands making myself heard as much as possible with all you lot! Thank you to each and every one of you who has tweeted me or replied on here. Changes happen in any work environment and City is no different. I have no hard feelings towards the club and hope that everyone gets behind Downsy. I'd love to be back on the mic one day.... but in the meantime Im looking forward to getting behind the team from the stands and cant wait for the season to get started! COYR!
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    I still haven't got a clue why people get so hung up about Bristol Sport, if somebody asks who I support I say Bristol City, I don't add they are under the umbrella of Bristol Sport. If it makes Steve Lansdown feel better and it's a talking point when he's entertaining people in the corporate world good luck to him, it never enters my head at anytime though. I 100% couldn't care less about it. I'm not being flippant but how does it get in the way of supporting your football club? We are in the same staium, are called the same, wear the same colour shirts but for paper purposes have a brand that 99% of the football world would know nothing about.
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    Last season it became a bit of a cliché how my reports foretold the quality of the team even if the initial results were misleading. To be honest I found it all a bit embarrassing, in the words of Roy Walker it's not hard to say what you see and I didn't think I had any particular insight, it shouldn't be a surprise that the way the team play is most indicative of standards and progress. This season we have already been (Brentford aside) significantly better than I can remember at this level and Lee Johnson has gone a long way to redeeming himself. But you always need a selection of winnable/losable games to form clearer judgement and today delivered another lesson in how far we have progressed. Today after a first half Norwich shaded we had a) a perfect half time adjustment from our manager and b) an absolutely dominant second half display to run the game and offer only one winner. In our recent run we've had some impressive performances but I actually take even more faith from seeing the team look so comfortable in taking control of a knife edge match and winning everything in defence and in midfield. People usually do that to us. The first half was very even, if anything we got away with poor finishing from Norwich who got wide and broke quickly, setting up several clear chances in front of goal that Norwich wasted. In fact you could say they did a number on us as they stopped us pressing by committing players wide and looking to break quickly, so limiting us getting any sustained pressure at the other end, where Diedhiou and Reid looked more isolated than they have been. The prime culprit in this was Leko who has looked sensational the past two games but was completely taken out of today's match. They made sure their full back was pushed up on him and their winger was further forward and Leko did not know where to play - there was no hole and they closed him down quickly if the ball got near him. He suddenly looked just the 18 year old he is and wasn't able to get on the ball or stop them playing through him. While largely an even half, Norwich created all the clear chances on the break while we played short passing through the middle as per usual but were limited only to a Brownhill shot from distance, not getting behind them and only having square balls outside the box to shoot from. Norwich skewed two clear chances wide but the other feature of their forward play was their young number 11 tumbling theatrically a couple of times. The ref didn't book him but then he didn't book anyone until the 90th minute in an excellent free flowing officiating performance. The feature of the game for me was the comprehensive number Lee Johnson did to take control of the game at half time. It's no secret that I didn't believe in much of what he did last season but I've given him praise for a very different style of football and energy this season (Brentford aside) and today he has further cemented for me that he now knows how the team should play and what to do to adjust. Taking Leko off was obvious but he got O'Dowda on hugging the wing and giving us the outlets to push them back and then press. Later he'd also rightly identify that Diedhiou, despite winning a lot of headers, was not getting behind the defence nor contributing to the slick forward interplay we so exploit these days, and introduced Taylor, which increased our ability to run in behind them and spread the defence. There was only one team controlling the game second half, Smith and Brownhill in particular absolutely ran midfield, our centre backs cleared up anything fired forward, the home team looked exactly like those familiar City sides at home that totally run out of ideas. Brownhill and O'Dowda both had chances from outside the box as we continued to pick out shooting opportunities around the box, before our first really quick passing move saw O'Dowda thread Paterson in and he lifted a dipping shot - out best of the game - that the keeper had to tip over in mid air. Any response from Norwich was eaten up quickly by Smith and Brownhill in midfield who by now looked to be in full control. Reid had a shot cut out, Bryan was put clear on the left and fired way over, before yet another attempt to play in the late running man outside the box saw the ball squared to Korey on the edge of the box with the goal fairly open, but his first time shot was loose and high when a more accomplished finisher would have drilled home. In all this time Norwich had threatened very little such was our complete control of the midfield and our back line. The last five minutes was uncharacteristically scrappy. Keith Stroud was the best referee I've seen in a while with the amount of common sense he used to just let the players play, but he started to call out shoulder barges and other physicality and in the end Norwich got a couple of set pieces to boot the ball into the box from which they had a couple of good chances, one that we desperately cut out, another that they hammered over. It would have been a travesty as Johnson had absolutely run the second half with his changes, and in the end this was a goalless draw that like many of the away games last season had a performance that said more about the team and the manager than the result would. We rode our luck and looked second best in the first half but we adjusted perfectly at half time and it's a long long time since I've seen City look so comfortable for an entire half of football away at a decent team. Ladies and gentlemen this City squad is the real deal and it's manager is making me a believer. The football is a country mile better than last season, we are not scared to pass the football forward where last season we would panic and pass backwards and unlike Tammy we have willing runners across the front to build and press with. But the real difference for me is we finally do not look like conceding and have a set of central defenders who will kick, head or harass anything that comes near them. We haven't looked this solid at Championship level for years. Finally Brownhill, I watched him for some of the second half as I was trying to understand how we were winning midfield so easily. If you drew the pitch as three thirds, he covered every blade of the middle one back and forth, he was pushed up behind the strikers as we broke and an absolute terrier when we were without the ball. Norwich were thoroughly harassed by him. He's still young and he is going to be quite a player. Fielding 7 Flint 7 Baker 8 Wright 8 Bryan 7 Leko 4 (O'Dowda 7) Smith 6 Brownhill 9 Paterson 7 (Pack 6) Reid 7 Diedhiou 6 (Taylor 7)
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    I’ll keep it quick. A fantastic showing of heart from a second string team who looked distinctly lower division in the first half punting balls up to Diedhiou, but defended solidly from the many Watford crosses, with Magnússon the stand out player at the back, and Lloyd Kelly an incredibly impressive firefly on the left. But overall, we were holding on more than threatening. Second half Watford did exactly what they needed to - stepped the pace up of their movement through our defence, and carved open the chance for their opener. I thought it might be the start of a collapse, but Bobby Reid was sensational every time he touched the ball, and Hinds never stopped running. Despite limitations in central midfield we took control of things. Hinds deserved his goal but I don’t think anyone expected him to drift past a midfielder and slam it into the top corner - but it was exactly what his constant purpose and running in behind them had threatened. Then we believed, and the purpose exhibited by him, Eliason, Reid and O’Dowda was thrilling, not perfect by any means, but slowly was pushing Watford back. On another break Hinds released the ball down the left, it found its way to Kelly, who took on his man and drilled a low cross into the box that evaded everyone except Bobby Reid, who slammed it past the keeper with interest. We held on grimly versus the Watford onslaught - Will Hughes is a class act and our limiting of him was probably the standout midfield action. Before the end Taylor - on as a sub - would be set free and run in on goal, squaring for O’Dowda’s easy finish. O’Dowda had looked awkward in a compact formation that rarely wanted to go wide, and with this chance just a few years out, he would take an extra touch to switch the ball to his preferred foot, only to see his shot saved. Thankfully, he’d come back stronger: Within minutes City broke again, the ball was spread to O’Dowda, who had a torrid time versus his markers, but this time he sensed blood and powered through two tackles, broke into the box, before squaring it for Eliason - who looked lightweight but simply never stopped running all game, however much he was kicked - to tap in. Delirium right in front of the away end. In the end analysis, we were second best for nearly an hour, good at defending crosses but ultimately sitting compact inviting Watford’s front 4 or 5 (when in possession) to spread the field. The best we managed was springing the ball forward through the middle and asking Diedhiou or Hinds to get it under control. Hinds did so occasionally, but Diedhiou rarely. What changed the game was adding Bobby Reid and he and Hinds moving their defenders more rapidly. Suddenly where we had left Kelly and Vyner flat in the back four and asked O’Dowda and Eliason to attack (in contrast with attacking roles for Bryan and Pisano), in the second half we allowed the full backs to also push up given the speed with which we moved. These overloads shifted the balance of the game and Reid’s smart touches, coupled with Hinds willing running (followed by the same from Taylor) opened up chances for us. But to be fair Hinds opener was out of nothing, but he would go on to start the move that put us in front too. He looks sharp and direct, and contrasted strongly with Watford’s five man front interplay. In the end a sensational win. Make no mistake, Watford played a high line and a formation than granted them a line of five up front much wider than our team, we defended a load of crosses (Magnússon in particular but in the crucial final half hour, Flint more than anyone - he desperately wanted to win) and we broke with pace and purpose - once Diedhiou was off. Fielding 8 Once again a mix of cracking saves and hopeless long kicks. Kept us in it with one save before the end. Vyner 7 Solid but exposed more than once by the movement of the Watford forwards, who pushed up 4 or 5 across the front when in possession. Flint 7 A couple of crucial headed clearances, looked a bit hesitant and jaded first half, but the final half hour he was all over our half defending and clearing balls wherever they fell, a winner and someone we will miss if he is going. Magnússon 8 Won most of the headers in the first half from Watford’s sustained attacking and really wanted it. Still a bit rusty with the ball at his feet but clearly had a point to prove. Nearly scored with a header that was deflected. Kelly 9 Our best player once you exclude Super Bobby Reid’s cameo. Won everything he was asked to, took up smart positioning whenever threatened, I don’t think he put a foot wrong. I was incredibly impressed. Set up the winner. Hegeler 6 Didn’t really get in the game. I don’t think our whole central midfield did and it is clearly our weak link. A few good touches but struggled to get in the game. Certainly didn’t get a foot on the ball and play it, had hands full with Hughes. O’Neil 7 Marginally better than Hegeler but not great. Misplaced a lot of passes and also struggled with the pace through midfield of Will Hughes and Watford. The fact he played the whole game and kept us in it, deserves some credit. O’Dowda 7 Given how compact we were, he was asked to do an awful lot on the wing without any support or people to pass to. It wasn’t great to be honest and compounded by missing a sitter. But the later the game went on, the more lethal he became with his pace and direct running, and he ultimately won us the game with his strength and composure for our third. Eliason 7 Quiet early on, but evident how much he never stopped running or chasing the opportunity to sprint clear, and was roughly treated by a physical Watford side. Takes some fantastic corners which is a major bonus for us too. Diedhiou 5 A few nice headers but didn’t really get into the game, even though we largely played the ball through the middle. Has the physique and the presence, but the touch and the stamina both look like a work in progress. Hinds 8 Never stopped running, this guys self belief and energy is infectious. Caused their defenders all sorts of problems, had them back-tracking, and his opener was simply sensational. Subs: Reid 9 Just looks a class act every time the ball came near him. While most of our play was about springing players on runs at their defence, Reid caused problems simply with sublime touches and losing his markers repeatedly. Goal was deserved. Smith 7 Had one shocker where he fell over and set them clear on goal, but for the most part came on when we were ahead and chased everything, kicked everything, and helped spring us forward when the opportunity arose. A warrior. Taylor 7 A great replacement for Hinds, ran at them when they were tiring, gave O’Dowda a goal on a plate, and kept going until the game was won.
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    Said he was going on trip and would be back in 80 days.
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    Just reading through a few posts on the Manchester City forum and almost every post has been quite respectful of how we've done and the football we can play, but almost to a man, none of them expect to lose. The poll on their forum says that 95%+ expect a Man City victory (fair play to the 9 people who expect us to win) although some of these voters have names like Zider, so well done to you guys. It also appears that the Man City faithful aren't going to be turning up in very big numbers, presumably because they expect to win, but we're taking 7,000 all of which will shout their bloody faces off and will probably make more noise than the rest of the ground put together. Man City fans clearly believe they're already through to the final, they're already talking about final tickets. The last time someone underestimated us was Man Utd and José's so say, luck win against them. The only luck that night was that he and his team thought that all they had to do was turn up, be do a few tricks, and were through to the next round. The omens aren't good, you can't keep coming up against the richest team in the world, and then the best team in the world with only 12 semi fit players and expect to win all the time, but we can go out there and stick it up'em good and proper. Show the stupidly paid demi-gods that they're in a bloody game of football and that we're here to win the game too. We can play better, more beautiful football than anyone in our division and probably half the Premiership too, and I can't wait for tonights game. I'm so bloody proud of what my club has done this season, so proud to be from Bristol. Just like the last round, every supporter of every other team in the country will be behind us tonight hoping that we can land one on them, nutmeg one of them and take the piss. Well done lads, this is one amazing season, go out there and enjoy yourself
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    Sorry for the delay but it turns out that if you want to see what living off the grid is like, you can get the equivalent experience on East Midlands Trains. In a parallel universe modelled on several of our prior managers, Bristol City are still labouring through a home game only to claim an ugly 0-0 draw. In this universe however our team (and its now fully redeemed manager) have set a new and unprecedented baseline for our standard, comfortably dominating every aspect away at a big club and being hugely disappointed to 'only' secure a 0-0 draw. It's not often I have walked out of a 26,000 crowd as an away fan and felt frustrated with getting a draw, but today absolutely, Sheffield Wednesday got away with one. I should be mad, but look over your shoulder, see how far we've come. This is the best team in my lifetime. I'm seeing the same quality of football that I see on TV when the big teams are on. Today, every single player (maybe bar Magnússon) looked better than their opposite number. We played right from the start with pace and width and an energy that Wednesday couldnt match. They were cowed and regressive, we spread the team wide and looked to stretch them at every opportunity. We compensated for a lack of height by pumping the ball forward and then winning second balls from their first clearance. Every second ball. We had a spring in our step and were onto every loose ball outside their box, often then releasing Bryan or O'Dowda to cross. For the first half we looked like the home side. Possession and majority of the game in their half, Wednesday reduced to sporadic breaks and Rhodes drifting between our centre backs looking for tame headers from balls lofted forward. We were committing far more players forward and regularly allowing our wingers to make light work of their full backs, supported gamefully by our central midfield pushing up and setting the tempo. All that was missing was a target man. Our best chance of the half was an exchange outside the box that allowed O'Dowda to get behind them and square for Reid who at close range headed straight at the keeper. O'Dowda, among our best players of the past month, showed no sign of World Cup hangover and routinely abused their full back, also cutting in and steering a shot just over the angle of post and bar. In the second half we came out even more determined to make our dominance count, and led by Taylor, were pulling their defence in all directions. But as with the first half, the lack of a target man meant end product was sadly lacking, often falling to midfielders on the edge of the box to test the keeper, Josh Brownhill going closest, drilling a shot just wide of the post. For all our confidence with the ball, it was becoming that sort of game where Wednesday might land the sucker punch. Magnússon had started to look the weak link and two mistakes during swift Wednesday counters - beaten on the touchline and again giving it away in his box when the clearance seemed easy, seemed to give the home side some belief, and they would win a series of corners, building some momentum. But they never troubled Frankie and didn't have the pace or fluency that City's midfield showed when it sprung forward with significantly more menace and threat. Ironically it was during Wednesday's best spell that the game really opened up for City - the introduction of Duric with 20 minutes remaining making an obvious difference. He won all his headers and gave O'Dowda and others plenty of opportunity to threaten. Suprisingly it was the shaky Magnússon who stepped up into one of their swiftest counters and executed a perfectly timed tackle to rob the ball as they poured forward, initiating a fast counter from which Reid dragged a tame shot wide. But the chance(s) of the half - and the game - came in a barnstorming twenty seconds of assault on Wednesday with 15 remaining, when another typically sharp central midfield incision allowed the commanding Brownhill to release Duric clear on goal from the left, his low shot was blocked by the keeper and with City pouring forward the ball spun loose on the edge of the box. Reid and Paterson converged and arguably got in each others way, but Reid, who is majestic whenever the ball is near, kept his composure to collect it up, shift away from the defender and spin and deliver a reverse cross which Flint met with an overhead kick that flashed agonisingly wide of the post. In the end City had to ride out Wednesdays best spell in the final ten minutes but there was really never any serious threat and I doubt any City fan really panicked, it would have been an act of monumental injustice had City not at least got a point, to be honest Wednesday's late surge had the look of a lower division cup side trying to make good the fact they were still in the game against much more capable opposition. So all in all a great game that demonstrated comprehensive superiority of a City side that plays with an energy, pace and confidence to move with the ball that from memory is virtually unprecedented in my life at this level. The players to a man were the better of their opponents and in Bobby Reid, even in a quiet day by his standards, we have a legitimate superstar, twice in the second half in either half of the pitch he executed unbelievable skill to sneak the ball away from an embarrassed opponent. But overall the biggest feature for me was the confidence using the ball. We dominated by playing a forward thinking 'prepared to take risks' game where we bet on quick passes knowing that even when they didn't come off we had the energy and swarm to recover possession. No wonder we had such sustained presence in the opposition half. Wednesday conversely looked nervous and uncertain, compact to our width, and sunk deeper and deeper, even Bannon retreating to a position in front of his box such was City's dominance. A goalless draw away at a big team that we should not be disappointed with, but which does represent two points lost more than one point gained, as it was surely such a strong performance that we win from 9 out of 10 times. I have seen enough now this season to say that it will be a surprise if we are not in the top six by the end of the season, and in Lee Johnson we have a manager who has not only redeemed himself but - let's call it out - is comfortably into credit. Fielding 6 Didn't have a lot to do, and kicking was poor Smith 8 Back in his unconventional right back spot and as per usual wherever you put him he doesn't put a foot wrong Magnússon 6 One brilliant tackle but mostly looked like a mistake waiting to happen Baker 7 Solid in the air without an awful lot to do Flint 8 Also solid and went closer than anyone at the other end with another finish you would expect from a top class striker Pack 7 Solid and neat as the base of our midfield Brownhill 8 Will still be running in his sleep tonight, an absolute engine that doesn't stop, box to box, needs a drug test Bryan 7 Got the better of full back several times but often didn't have room to cross O'Dowda 8 Probably out best player, never stopped running at them and positioning and instinct spot on Taylor 7 Didn't have many clear chances but was a nuisance and his unselfish play to spread the ball was key to the joy O'Dowda and Bryan were getting Reid 7 Not his best game but several glimpses that he was the best natural footballer on the pitch and never stopped going Duric 7 Won everything when he came on, and had our best chance of the game Paterson 5 Didn't really get into the game
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    I'm sorry, rant incoming....but it really gets me going when people talk with sympathy about present day footballers only having a short career. Their playing days might finish mid thirties but that doesn't mean they can never work again does it? Retrain, learn new skills, try something similar or totally different. Many 'normal' people go through their working lives doing different types of work, why shouldn't they??? Ok let's assume at 35 they never work again, surely with the money they have earnt they should have more than enough saved to live comfortably. Who spends five or ten grand a week ffs, and if they fritter it all away they deserve to struggle. But feel sorry for footballers in this day and age with all the poverty in our city never mind the world, no chance. Rant over. Thank you.
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    On holiday in Rhyl, the locals have never heard of him.
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    FINALLY the send off the guy deserved. Great stuff today
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    I don't know about anyone else but this sorry episode is going to have lasting damage on my relationship with City and particularly my faith in Steve Lansdown. Steve is the custodian of the football club for a relatively short time span, he is lucky enough to be in a position where he can afford to have such control of the club. But his duty is to serve the tens of thousands of supporters of this club and do what's best for the club overall NOT to serve his own personal interests and relationships by giving 'jobs for the boys'. Deep down he must know that this is not working and will not work and surely must have people around him telling him this. Do what's best for the football club, not you or any of your friends Steve. But the real lasting damage will be that I won't forget in a hurry that I now feel it necessary to not attend Ashton Gate again until Lee Johnson is removed from post. That is not a decision I have taken lightly given it is pretty much my main outlet of socialising with mates on a regular basis. But I cannot stand by and watch one man blindly pursue with a faint hope that one day Lee Johnson might turn out to be a good manager. All and sundry can see the clear evidence in front of our eyes that Johnson cannot turn the club around from this position. The question is can Steve Lansdown? I am very pessimistic unfortunately and my hopes have not been raised by my visit to the barber's this morning. Not because the barber accidentally stuck a pair of scissors in my eye, but because a senior employee at AG who is a regular told my barber just a few weeks ago that Johnson is very much here to stay...it's becoming very apparent that that is the case and so it looks like I'm in for an extended stay away from supporting the club I love...
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    Even before today, it's quite obvious there is an underlying hate towards Lee Johnson. And today it has been surfaced once more. Its been coming, and as much as I dislike it, it's not surprising. 1 loss in 13, and 2 losses all season, yet there is fans on local radio stations and social media platforms laying into him. A large portion of fans have been waiting for this game to come in my opinion, because those fans are the ones who are still red faced from last seasons revival and a revival that has been carried on thus far this season. And they will sit there or reply to this calling me out, saying things like "I just want the best for this club" blah blah blah, but there sat there waiting for it to go wrong so they can say "told you, told you we should of got rid of him". And ofcourse no one will admit this, but today's reaction/ meltdown says it all. Its unbelievable how easy it has been for fans to almost flip a switch today and go back to "Johnson doesn't have a clue" & "Team selection doesn't make sense" One of the main criticisms I've seen today is Hegelers selection. Well last time he played, against Stoke, he was absolutely fantastic. Admittedly he was poor today, but how dare people berate Johnson over this? He's picked him based off previous performances and rightly so. And to those fans who booed the players off at half time, you're an absolute joke. We're punching well above our weight at the moment in the top 6, we're not a big club, the sooner people realise this the better. We have the 14th highest attendances in the championship, with a good but not quite a finished article squad. But fans seem to think we have the right to go out and out perform every side we come up against. If people really thought along the way this season, we weren't going to have poor performances now and again, then you're deluded. The boo's as half time particularly annoyed me like I said, especially after a good 20min spell from City leading up to half time, it was so poor and massively embarrassing. And it goes back to a underlying hate towards Johnson. And like I said, no one will admit this, but it's true. This will upset a few, because how dare I criticise fans who pay an entry fee. They can do and say what they want, you're right they can. But doesn't mean it's not highly embarrassing to the rest of us who appreciate the season as a whole so far and appreciate the effort the staff and players have been putting in. Get a grip and get behind the boys through the ups and downs. Up the City X
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    A) Why should he show us loyalty? It was a loan. B) He's going to the Prem and will be a regular, Chelsea won't let him go to a club where he won't play. C) Glitz and Glammer? Absolute rubbish. Basically @ciderbeans you've embarrassed yourself and the club. Why would he want to come back when people message him complete crap like you have?
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    Surely a mate of Harry? As one sided a refereeing display as there has been all season.
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    The bar has now been set for the acceptable set of circumstances in which you can post a transfer rumour. Three club members, the player, an agent, a photograph, a FIFA Ultimate Team card, recent achievements, anticipated fee and wage. Anything less and it's an instant forum ban.
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    Probably a vain hope , but hoping that at least one or more of the players have a look at this forum Our Head Coach and owner can only be clear about the issues they have to consider and address but this is what I would like to say to the players, if I could The Forum , or open Letter to the Evening Rag is about the only way I can think of doing so Would be good for others , if interested to add your own messages if you feel so inclined - (All I can ask is that they are sensible , critical , but not abusive as this would IMHO somewhat defeat the object, if we have any hope of them sitting up and taking any notice at all !) Open Letter to Players You are , to a man , privileged to pull on the shirt of Bristol City FC , a club that has been in existence for over 100 years , and a Club that will remain long after you , or I, have long gone. You are custodians of a shirt that many before you have worn with pride As professionals I would hope that you all are , at least , somewhere near as frustrated as the supporters are right now , and also feel a dent in your professional pride , or even a tad of shame that you are part of a squad that has broken a club record for consecutive defeats. Even in the early 1980s when we had a club close to going out of existence , a side cobbled together of players rejected by other clubs, youngsters thrown into the fight, and players recruited from non-league, we never lost eight league games in a row. The (Vast majority at least) of fans are fed up , yet , on the whole have been extremely patient and supportive of your efforts to date Your head coach , and even the owner, have been subject of heavy scrutiny and criticism. As players I'd suggest you have on the whole escaped the criticism that such a period would normally bring. When the whistle blows you are the only people that can affect what happens and influence our current predicament Please don't hide behind the obvious , and public criticism of the Head Coach at the present time, , and please don't be complacent because the heat is on the Head Coach , rather than you players at the present time At least have enough self pride that you don't leave a legacy , that you were part of one of the most , if not the most ,embarrassing, and unnecessary relegations in the Clubs long history. Enough is enough , I personally don't really care anymore whether you like the Head Coach , like the tactics , the formation , the pitch , whether you get on with all your team mates , or anything else What I would like to see right now , ( as most supporters, I would suggest ,and hope ) is for you to put any grievances and disgruntlement in a box , and get hold of your own professional pride and give absolutely everything , in training and on the pitch , from this point on I would hope you would be able to do this for your own professional pride , for the supporters who have backed and continue to back you when the whistle goes , and for the owner , who is a decent man and pays you handsomely for your efforts You as individuals , and as a collective , have far too much ability to be in this situation. Now is the time not only to show that ability , but also strength of character and humility , to put any issues to one side, and give everything for yourselves , for the non playing staff at the Football Club , for the owner , and for the supporters. Time to show some self pride and professionalism , Please If you do that , you will undoubtedly receive the full and obvious vocal support from those who follow you and support you around the country. The time for any personal issues , or disgruntlement has passed Time to pull that shirt on , look around the dressing room , look each other in the eye , and vow individually , and collectively as a squad to turn this around , and prove that you are better than the recent months have suggest If you are not committed to the common cause for the next few months , please speak to the Head Coach or the owner and explain this , and ask not to be considered as part of the common cause that is required. Your reputations and legacy are very much in your own hands. Time to come together as a squad , for yourselves if no one else. Thankyou