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  1. Anybody else think we’ll win tonight?

    I have no idea if we're going to win. But I'm confident that this team will put in a good performance on the night: no bottlers here. So we have a chance. One of the beauties of football, unlike some other sports, is that margins are so fine and scoring is such a big deal that the lesser team can, quite often, win on the day. A mishit here and a deflection there can be the difference between winning and losing. And the atmosphere is going to be magnificent - for the whole 90 minutes, regardless of the score, I expect. It's going to be a great night, whatever the result.
  2. Spot the spelling mistake

    To be very pedantic (which, in real life, I only do to annoy my children) there's only one board of directors, so "the board of directors has...", but "the directors have..." Saying "their" for a football club has always made sense to me: it's not the whole entity of MCFC that's coming to town tomorrow - it's some of their players and other staff - and there's a kind of mental shorthand here (in my mind at least) acknowledging that we're not discussing MCFC as a whole, but a certain number of indivduals representing it. It would probably feel more natural to talk about the MCFC team as a singular entity. Although, as you and others have said, this is an example of language - and grammatical correctness - evolving so that I wouldn't consider either option to be wrong.
  3. VAR a shambles -Shearer

    Interesting article from the Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/01/18/var-should-have-overturned-willians-yellow-diving-could-have/ They don't say that the penalty should have been awarded, just that it might have been. Which may mean that the question of whether Willian sought the contact is relevant. I think the question of diving doesn't arise if there's contact: there was certainly some guidance a few seasons ago that refs shouldn't give yellow cards for diving if there was contact. Not saying I agree with that, but it may explain the conclusion. But the fact that the VAR apparently thought there was no contact surprised me: Despite watching the incident 10 times, including from the decisive angle, Jones failed to slow down his own footage to the same speed and was, therefore, under the misapprehension no contact had been made and Willian had dived. I watched the videos a couple of times this morning, before I was fully awake, and I was in no doubt that there was some contact. No such thing as foolproof technology: there's always a better fool somewhere!
  4. VAR a shambles -Shearer

    Cheers. That would be good. Just don't let me discuss (i.e. rant on about) refs' interpretations of "holding" and "pushing" which have changed dramatically since you and I started watching and playing the game!
  5. VAR a shambles -Shearer

    I think in the laws of the game the relevant offence for the Willian case would be where the defender "in a manner considered by the referee to be...careless...trips an opponent." (Law 12). I'm not aware that "trip" is defined in the Laws themselves, although I'm sure there are guidelines given to referees. A common sense interpretation of this, though, would be that the reason that Willian went to ground was because (perhaps primarily because) of the defender's actions. Which would mean that if you think that Willian sought the contact, the defender hasn't tripped him - he's tripped himself, effectively - again, only a common sense interpretation. As it happens, seeing this one from two different angles I came to two different conclusions about whether Willian was really tripped. So as others on here have said, that suggests (IMO) it's at least not a blatant mistake by the ref. Now if VAR could be used to overturn free kicks where the attacker is on his way down before there is any contact (which to my mind would mean he hasn't really been tripped - even if he would have been had he stayed upright a little longer) then I'd be all for it. But I don't think it's being used in those circumstances unless there's a penalty (I wonder if it would be used if the free kick resulted in a goal). Just to be clear: I haven't digested the Laws of the game, and have spent very little of my life studying them, honest. But a thread on here a few weeks ago prompted me to download them out of curiosity, and this VAR debate piqued my interest. I also learned what would happen if Frankie Fielding took a corner for us and then, without any other player touching the ball, FF handled it in his own penalty area. I kid you not, there is a section in the Laws on this - about GKs in general, not FF in particular!!!
  6. Our City is Red - Mapping Our Fanbase

    BS36 Coalpit Heath.
  7. City successfully appeal Taylor sending off (Merged)

    I agree, Dave. Berardi just lowered his head, which is a fairly standard self-defence technique against someone who is about to head butt you. He made no move towards Taylor other than that caused by dipping his head - which probably is a red card offence in itself, but if Taylor hadn't been moving at a rate of knots towards him, nothing would have happened.
  8. The home team would have to get a share of the money. It then comes down to an analysis of whether they would end up better off overall - which is difficult to do, as it depends on how many people would choose to watch on PPV and how many of those would otherwise have gone to the game. Impossible to know that for sure, of course. My gut feeling is that there would be many games in a season where the home team could make more money by allowing this than not: any sellout, but also midweek games, where many supporters simply can't go because of work commitments; and distant, unglamorous games where the away support will be small. I'm hopeful (but not confident) that this sort of service could be available before too long, at least for some games. In the meantime I may have to consider a 'virtual' move overseas!
  9. I said I might go to one or two fewer games. But I might also pay per view for perhaps a dozen other games. So, for me at least, it wouldn't necessarily mean I would spend less on watching City play away.
  10. I feel exactly the same. I usually go to between 3 and 6 aways a season but will alway listen to the game if I'm home. Maybe I'd go to one or two less if there were the option to watch the game live, but mostly I'd still travel, because the game itself is only part of the point of an away trip. You'd have thought it was possible to come up with a subscription service that allowed the home team to share the revenue. Hopefully we'll have something like this in the near future.
  11. Entirely agree. I might still have decided to go to the game, as it's an opportunity to take my Brixham-resident father-in-law to a match. But it would have been nice to make an informed decision about whether I chose to organise my week to be able to get to the game. You wouldn't expect a full strength 11 for the whole of a friendly, but you'd think there would be a few more first teamers in the squad! As I go to see Torquay a couple of times a season when I'm down here I'll probably be in the unusual position of being more familiar with our opponents than I am with the City team!
  12. Happy 100th birthday Margaret

    Margaret knew some of the people we used to stand with in the Enclosure in the late 1980s. I think we first met her at Northampton, when she was standing at the back of the terrace on a stool she had taken along. On one occasion she came with us to watch a City away game (Walsall, I think). When we took her back to Weston-super-Mare she asked us to drop her at the police station, as that was where she had left her bicycle. She was only in her early 70s, then, of course. If I remember correctly she told us that she had played women's football in her younger days - pretty unusual for someone born in 1917, I imagine. My memory isn't good enough to remember what we spoke about on the trip up and down the M5, but she was excellent company even for a couple of lads in their late twenties and although we lost touch with her and the rest of the Enclosure group we've always remembered Margaret with fondness and admiration: a truly impressive person. Many happy returns.
  13. Still plenty to do but...

    Gutsy from City - certainly. Some good performances from City players - yes. I've spoken to other City fans, a Wolves fan and a couple of neutrals since the game: none of them thought Wolves was a good side today. Let's not get carried away.
  14. What is the matter with people on here?

    It's true that it wouldn't be fair to EXPECT a new coach to save us from relegation. But there's no evidence that LJ's influence will make staying up more likely and I still think a change now could have a positive effect. If we go down we will lose several players. If we stay up and LJ remains head coach we will probably lose some players and next season will be no better than this one. In either case (as always) we are likely to lose our better players. Appointing a new head coach, even this late in the season, might mean we keep more of the squad, whether or not we stay up: a month with the players could be enough to persuade some of them there's a decent future for them at BCFC. Although the players aren't performing ATM, I believe we've recruited well and have a capable squad. The difficullty, of course, is finding someone who's available and will work with the structure at the club. I don't follow the wider game closely enough to know who might fit the bill - although Kenny Jackett has always struck me as a competent coach. He comes across as a strong, level-headed character, who might be able to stand up to SL without falling out with him, and would have the respect of the players.
  15. Last day of seat reservation

    I'm having the same experience trying to organise some seat moves. Luckily I was expecting the service to be appalling, so I'm not disappointed.