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  1. Amsterdam, England game.

    Fans once again giving us a good name. I bloody love Amsterdam. Shame people can’t relax and enjoy it without making fools of themselves: https://twitter.com/footyawayday/status/977145473151766529
  2. Eliasson

    I think the key thing to me - and this is the bit where I genuinely do not know the answer - is how the players feel. If the likes of Walsh, Eliasson, Moore, Engvall, Vyner etc. are comfortable with the fact they are developing in training or on loan and will get their chance in time then there is no problem. My concern is when players start to become uncomfortable and unsettled and we lose out on potential as a result. So far, LJ seems good at keeping players on the fringes happy and settled. As long as that continues, there is no issue. I do think in a way those players are a victim of our success. For the last two years, we have either been in a relegation or a promotion battle and it has been harder to bring players in. I suspect the players above would have played a lot more if we were mid-table...
  3. Not surprised. Suspect there is a massive generation gap in who can afford the tickets...
  4. And all it's going to lead to is people shuffling sheets of paper and asking "what song are we on now?" It's not as if it's bloody hard to learn a chant anyway. I cannot think of a single City song you couldn't pick up the words to within three listens. Maybe the Tom Hark one - "do we hate Gazprom or Asda or Gaston? Who the *** is Gaston anyway?" but even then you can pick up the seventeen years bit easily enough. I honesty don't think the reason fans don't sing is because they don't know the lyrics...
  5. Millwall tickets (Merged)

    Thank Christ for that. I can't buy a ticket until Friday and was starting to worry I'd miss out...

    I think the thing for me is that I think the club have ballsed up the season tickets but it seems clear to me from their response that they know it has been a fiasco and I hope they learn lessons from it in the future. I'm fine with protests when clubs continually do not learn lessons and continually disregard their fans but I actually think, whilst far from perfect, fan and community engagement has improved from where it was five years ago. I think the signs and banners in the ground are great - but my feeling wasn't so much an objection to protesting outside the ground as a feeling that I don't think we've reached the protest out the ground stage yet. Not to say we won't but I wonder if the reason the protest didn't get popular support was not so much because people don't support it or don't care but because people simply felt it wasn't yet the right time for that level of protest - signs and banners in the ground feels about right to me at the moment and protests outside does not. Maybe I'm not militant enough and maybe I'm too much of a pushover but that's my instinct.
  7. This is a four horse playoff we can win

    By their standards, that is a bad run...
  8. This is a four horse playoff we can win

    I know nobody in this league ever does what you expect but, based on fixtures alone, I reckon we can realistically aim for 16 more points. I reckon Millwall may win their next four and then lose their last four, giving them 12 more. I’d guess 12 more for sheff Utd, all things being even. Preston do have an easier run in - I reckon they would expect 18 more points. Boro I see as favourites and I think could get 20 more. Derby are in disarray and have the psychological weight of throwing it away before. But I reckon they might get 13 more. So my best guess is Boro - 82 Preston - 78 City 77 Derby - 75 Sheff Utd - 72 Millwall - 70 Which puts us outside by one point. Obviously matches never go as people expect so I certainly think we have chance.
  9. This is a four horse playoff we can win

    Thing is, form only lasts until it changes. Between October and December, we probably over-achieved. Between January and March, we have underachieved. The most likely prediction for April to May is regression to the mean, which would mean winning as many as we lose. Four wins out of eight may or may not be enough but it is certainly achievable.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/mar/15/besiktas-cat-charged-uefa-on-pitch-delays-match
  11. SC&T/FAN/Supporters meeting

    Definitely not wrongly. The biggest barrier to disabled people working is often other people's assumptions about what they can or cannot do. As I say above, the key thing is that many disabled need an additional ticket for a PA or carer and that is the essential thing to provide so disabled people can attend games. That is making a reasonable adjustment whereas discounted tickets have little to no rationale.
  12. SC&T/FAN/Supporters meeting

    Who is to say disabled customers do not and cannot full-time? I certainly bloody do and so do many of my disabled colleagues. As I say below, there is obviously evidence that disabled people are more likely to not be working than non-disabled people BUT then any decision on pricing should be based on giving discounts to all customers who are not working, if that is what the club want to do. Whether or not people are in full-time jobs should be the decision-making trigger, not whether people are disabled.
  13. SC&T/FAN/Supporters meeting

    Speaking as a disabled Bristol City fan - albeit one who is ambulant and doesn't actually book disabled seating for football, though I do for some other things - I completely disagree with the rationale of disabled people getting concessions. The free PA/carer ticket is really important because many supporters cannot attend without that and it would be completely unfair and unreasonable to expect disabled people to buy two tickets to attend an event so disabled people should get an additional ticket at no extra cost but the only reasons I can see to justify offering disabled people themselves are a discounted ticket are: a) You think you are offering a less satisfactory experience than non-disabled customers. In which case, you should be ensuring you are offering an equitable level of service and charging the same level of pricing. b) You think that disabled people have less money than non-disabled people. This is, of course, often true. Living costs are 25% higher for disabled people and disabled people are twice as likely to be unemployed. However, any aim to give a discount to people on the basis of low income should be done on the basis of low income and not disability - the solution would be to offer a rate to anyone who can prove they are unwaged or on an income-related benefit, irrespective of disability. c) You feel a bit sorry for disabled people and want to do something nice for them, which is well-intentioned but quite patronising. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely get why anyone who was getting discount and now is not will be hacked off, and I can completely understand that. And I think the phasing in is a sensible move in the light of this and it was rather foolish of the club not to anticipate this. But, as the club and someone else has stated, what the club are doing is in line with Level Playing Field's policies as I understand them and is certainly something I agree with on principal.
  14. were you going to Russia?and now changed your mind?

    I think you've successfully proved the "unknowing" part. However conspiracies about the Rothschild Family go back years, are pretty much the template for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and are pretty much wholly based on the fictional anti-Jewish propaganda document the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Earlier in this thread, you claimed that Russia are one of the few countries without a Rothschild owned central bank. There are of course several problems with this: a) The Rothschilds do not own all or indeed most Central banks. In fact, I don't think there is a single country where there is substantial evidence that Rothschilds own the Central Bank. b) Most central banks are not privately owned. The US is unusual in that the Federal reserve is owned by a number of banks. The Rothschilds may well be significant shareholders in this but so are various other banks. c) The Rothschilds' banking company holds assets of about £50 billion. By contrast, Goldman Sachs holds assets of 916 billion. You'd need assets of £1.9 trillion to be in the top ten biggest banks in the world. The Rothschilds are nowhere near as wealthy as they were and certainly not wealthy enough to contorl the global banking system. It is very hard to see a reason why people think they do, beyond that they are a Jewish family and it nicely fits in with global anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that claim Jewish people are secretly financing and running the world. Posting that the Rothschilds are secretly controlling the world's finances, when they very patently do not have the assets or resources to do so, is regurgitating anti-Semitism.
  15. were you going to Russia?and now changed your mind?

    It is your prerogative to ignore the advice if you wish to do so. However, when you ignore the people pointing out you are unknowingly posting anti-Semitic things on the internet and continue to post them anyway, you become a person who is deliberately and knowingly posting anti-Semitic things on the internet. Which is your choice. But my advice would then be to grow used to being called anti-Semitic as that is the word people tend to use for people deliberately and knowingly posting anti-Semitic things on the internet.