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  1. Plenty of spare seats for them to smash up (again)
  2. Is top 6 realistic this season?

    Top 16.
  3. Atmosphere today

    I've often wondered how loud our lot sound to away fans. So was pleased to see this vlog from a Barnsley fan who looks like he stood far left of the atyeo. Wind on to the 3 goals and you can really here how loud our fans are in between his unintentionally hilarious commentary. With the only mic being on his phone pointing towards him, not us, I'm pretty proud how he has to almost shout to get his voice over the commentary. Great work boys and girls! Let's keep that kind of racket up all season, .
  4. Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

    Is that tv showing the Bristol Rovers 0 Mansfield 1 game?
  5. Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

    i think Geoff meant that tens of thosands of people are listening and laughing their socks off
  6. Atmosphere Saturday

    'my old man said be a rovers fan' ?
  7. Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

    Your stadium? It was all a dream, Irene.
  8. Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

    bluebutterly, you recently questioned why this thread has survived so long. So, Ifyou're reading, these events are why this thread goes on, and on . It seems not a month goes by without more comedy gold. Firstly Sainsbury's pulled out and left Rovers offering olive branches all around, and now Bristol Rovers have pulled out and the UWE are saying a deal can still be struck...you couldn't write it. Add in the wilderness non league year, the 'I've lived through the Thatcher years' and 'I would rather see my dog die than rovers go down' phone ins, the cup exits to brickies and plumbers, the swooping in of the richest man in the universe only to find he's left his wallet back on planet Wally, the 'we are the 6th richest club in the country but we have a stadium made up of tents, and portaloos and we don't buy anyone' Sprinkle in selling your best player for peanuts to us, the completely empty streets on your victory parade, the 'tick tocking' and the 'we're coming to get you' quotes. Mix in your "oh yesssssssss" thread which ended with us staying up and rovers going down. Your ever so 'prowed' fans. The huge and legendary fan base, the lock outs and invasions, the horse punching, and the pictures of the self confessed 'family club' fans pulling opposition players through the goal net. Stir in your terrible dirge of an anthem which I believe is about a prostitute. Bake for 2 hours on a medium Gas and serve with a running away Higgs, the infamous Wonga loan, the creation of Dwayne sports that whipped the ground you whipped off someone else away from you, saddled it with charges and gave it back with new curtains. all of this is more is why this thread keeps building. And for that, I thank you...
  9. Bristol Rovers Dustbin Thread

    Do you think blubutterfly is aware that posting on the thread puts it back to the top of the page, increases the views and postings count? Whilst decreeing that we are obsessed with his club while he spends his time reading and contributing to our forum. if carslberg made idiots eh?
  10. Humble suggestions re: women's football

    Most straight men I know only watch women's beach volleyball. Can't think why
  11. I think it's from that game at home, can't remember the opposition where even the most casual fan could see the relentless baiting, cynical tugs, and dodgy tackles metered out to Baker once he had his yellow. Everyone around me was shouting for him to be subbed because we knew what was going to happen....and it did.
  12. Gareth Thomas - Hate In Football (Merged)

    As a gay man, I find the chants at Brighton fans pretty funny. Its innocuous - we can see you holding hands? Does your boyfriend know you're here? Not really in the same category as 'Kill the queers' (I heard this shouted by an invading group of bigots at a gay pride event in Cardiff maybe 10 years ago) The misconception that they gay community at large are en masse offended by bigotry is not actually that true. When some politician, I think it was UKIP, correct me if I'm wrong said the floods that were deluging the country at the time was due to gay marriage being legalised was not met with open mouthed indignation from the gay community. We launched a campaign to get 'Its raining men' to number one. I think you straights get more upset than us gay lads do. I have never had any anti gay comments on any of my sexuality related posts on here. I am also pretty certain that if i was verbally attacked on here, there would wholesale condemnation of his or her comments I've said it before, but I really do feel that all this homophobia in sport is blown out of all proportion. If one did come out I am pretty sure that he would be accepted pretty quickly. Sure he would get wolf whistles etc, but I dont think there would be too much of a problem with that - he may well like it...
  13. Gareth Thomas - Hate In Football (Merged)

    Homophobia - a dislike, hatred fear of homosexual people, mainly gay man rather than lesbian women, not exclusively, but primarily so. The word phobic is the key here, as in agoraphobic, the fear of open spaces, arachnophobia - the fear of spiders etc. Are football supporters in the main homophobic? I have no idea, there are no openly gay players to see if they got shouted abuse at. Until we get one visiting the Gate no one can really say. I know Justin Fashanu used to get abuse from terraces around the country, but that was back then, when Bernard Manning was considered funny and white actors used to black up and overdo Indian accents on 'It Aint half hot mum' I dont feel you can draw comparisons. Does chanting at Brighton fans 'Does your boyfriend know you're here?' or 'We can see you holding hands' make us as fans homophobic? As a phobia suggests a dislike, fear or hatred of a group of people I dont feel these chants are offensive. Indeed, if the Brighton fans were offended why would they respond with 'One nil to the Nancy Boys'? For me at least it shows a healthy dose of football humour banter. Now, a guy standing up and shouting offensive remarks about someones sexuality is another matter entirely, but in all my years of watching football at the Gate this has never happened. So is the Ashton Gate crowd PC or just not given the chance to show their true colours as we dont have any openly gay players? In years gone by I have heard 'You black b*****d' shouted at black players, but not not in this millennia, so i think that people have become more tolerant, or just as likely, feel unable to shout abuse at a group they have a phobia of. Until we get an openly gay player, these arguments of homophobia are moot and cannot be tested. I think for whatever reasons, religious, ideologically, people can have their own opinions about homosexuality, and they are just as valid an opinion as mine or yours. Its only when they force their opinions or use language intended to inflame hatred, belittle or upset someone does it become an issue. I am a gay man and I have a very religious friend who considers it a 'sin'. He doesn't judge me (only his God can do that, apparently) and I dont judge him for having a different view of my sexuality. He socialises with me and my husband, and has from time to time watched City at the Gate. If we had an entire team of gay players he would still watch, enjoy the sport and not let his faith taint his experience of the match. If I tell him that he is wrong and should accept homosexuality does that not make me a bigot as I am being intolerant of his faith? I'm sure there is homopbia on the terraces, just as there may well be in other sports, your job, the church, my gym or your knitting circle, but the key, as it always has been is until a player comes out and we see the reaction, we cant really make much from this debate.
  14. Crowd for the first game v Barnsley ?

    Isn't it great that for the passed 15 years or so, until last season we would get anywhere between a low of 8000 and, on a good day between 12-14000, but nowadays I get a twinge of disappointment at 'only getting 18000'. How things are changing!
  15. I Can't bloody wait for next Saturday

    I like day one when we are always in the top 4 or 5 due to alphabetical order. Probably the highest position we will reach