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  1. Bailey Wright - Suspended for 2 matches

    Problem here is if you're whacked on the ball 2-0 up you're going to stay on the floor to run the clock down or for a breather. It's probably unfortunate that the player got a red for it, so I get the angle of "deception". But the way Wright went down seemed more like gamesmanship. Its a mess that has to be sorted out in football, hopefully it doesn't effect our results.
  2. Racist comment

    He was asking other fans to come forward with information, the opposite of what you're accusing him of. Picking apart the statement "Black Bastard" and reaching the conclusion the Black part isn't racist, demonstrates you should probably stay away from these discussions. That's the best you can really do.
  3. How big a part does psychology play in sport ?

    If you're well drilled and have another player/coach to instruct you, I don't think it plays as big a part. Playing 5 aside at the lowest level of the pyramid I can even understand that. When playing with strong or vocal teammates you only have to concentrate on the basics of your own role. When that isn't the case the anxieties of the team not having a plan or shape can affect players individually. You stop concentrating on your own game, increasing the likelihood of mistakes around the pitch and frustration. You certainly need these kind of leaders in football for when the plan isn't working and you begin to lose organisation, but not necessarily 11.
  4. Where are Johnson's critics? (Merged many times)

    Considering the amount of games we got outself into winning positions or lost by a single goal I wouldn't say the vast majority were "rubbish". We've seen a lot of negative tactics at times but on the whole I've found following city entertaining the past few years as well as frustrating. Performances haven't been great so far but we have at least shored up the defence, something we have been crying out for since going up.
  5. Where are Johnson's critics? (Merged many times)

    What's there to excuse? Millwall shut us down effectively. Bad day at the office but drawing 0-0 in the division is hardly inexcusable. Therein lies the problem with a lot of fans here. In fairness I believe as a fan base we haven't gotten over the seasons of disappointment and getting relegated 4-7 years ago. Pared with the division winning team who played with a consistent, dominating play style.
  6. Where are Johnson's critics? (Merged many times)

    keep on going with these threads. They're a great reflection on the attitudes of far too many fans who clearly aren't self aware of their behaviour. They say, "I'm glad to be proved wrong" or "I'm only voicing my concern" but the language they use doesn't reflect this. You can take issue with the way the club is wrong or the coach's tactics but at lest be respectful and consistent. Most importantly if you post a thread saying the managers clueless and that we're certainly bottom 4 again, take it as well as you dish it out when someone makes a thread like this.
  7. Eni Aluko / Mark Sampson (Merged)

    That is a fair point. My original post was relating to statues themselves. Then again I feel there there is a direct contradiction in any instance where a statue is on a listed building. A concept that is very European and something a slaves ancestor, raised outside of Europe might have difficulty understanding (why we would be apposed to tearing it down).
  8. Eni Aluko / Mark Sampson (Merged)

    There are some comparisons. Some captaining the slave boats were as brutish as your Roman Legionnaire. Then again your Legionnaire would brag about taking Gaelic slaves, whereas those returning to Bristol were awfully silent about what they had been complicit in. This can only be because they knew what they were doing was wrong in light of the society they lived. This is why context is everything. Of course we can go too far in making everything relative to the point nothing matters anymore. We're lucky not have any recent greviences with our neighbouring countries but you only have to look around the world to see recent history does matter. Again this is about how your perceive history in general. A statue erected and paid for by influential members of society, or actual history taught in classrooms or through media. The point about rights not applying to everyone in our country. I can't really counter that as I don't know.
  9. Eni Aluko / Mark Sampson (Merged)

    In the instance of statues: the majority of American Confederate statues were cheaply mass produced in the 20th century to reinforce racism and propagate a revisionist history that the civil war was about federal power than racism. Now you tell me here who are the people airbrushing history? Same with Colston whose name was plastered about by merchants who didn't know him to give off the knowledge he somehow gave patronage to city buildings out of his own money, rather than off of the back of slave labour. Those who have controlled the school curriculum and what universities can teach are the only example of whether or not we consume "True History". I can tell you children won't be learning about Olgrave or Hilsborough under future Conservative governments. Considering most Brits knowledge of the Empire and Bristolians knowledge of the Slave Trade, the statues aren't doing a great job. Replace Colston with one of his Slaves and people might actually be interested. When would you have chosen for this cut off period of being offended about things to come into place? Before women's suffer age or Civil Rights?
  10. Eni Aluko / Mark Sampson (Merged)

    If you're from a minority background any offence that has been directed towards that identity will I imagine, been seen as reinforcing discrimination. It's a minfield and I don't expect most people with problems of their own to have the awareness to realise this. As much as you can reinforce people to just avoid bringing up sensitive topics in conversion, little understanding is reached between identities that way. is Sampson a racist? His comments like most in sport were probably in jest but it doesn't take away that they're in a professional environment.
  11. Eni Aluko / Mark Sampson (Merged)

    False equivalence to say every culture is racist to some degree. I see a lack of willingness to actually engage with arguments increasingly prevalent in this country. There is a big difference from how a white European would be treated in Thailand compared to an African, most who have issues even traveling around a lot of European countries. You may have been called a name but you would know if you were chased out or arrested for the colour of your skin. Your statement around what is the actual harm shows your lack of empathy. I've rarely seen a white British perso not boil with anger over the notion of their country no longer belonging to them or from immigrants having preferential treatment. Think about being discriminated from a position of authority, like your boss picking on you because he doesn't like your appearance. Free speech when it comes down to it is the ability for one to defend what they have said in the court of law. The government having charges overturned for workers tribunals is an example of where it has really been defended. It's no good to just see it as the ability to say something offensive. Our tabloids have demonstrated the shortcomings in that approach.
  12. Qatar 2022 corruption report

    The report does what it was designed to do in exposing the grubby culture of entitlement in Fifa and how our FA embarrassingly contributed. In terms of the bidding process Russia had destroyed all of evidence after winning the 2018 World Cup.

    Personally I'm tired of the short termism we are faced with in eveyday life. We've constantly seen it in how we're governerned and football mirrors it with its managerial roundabouts. One of the causes of this must be a down to human error. People to use a derogatory term, "throwing their toys out of the pram" and harbouring these strange grudges against people they do not know, it doesn't reflect what is required to run a sucessful football club now. As someone pointed out, our football club isn't a socialist collective. Most people here barely believe in it's general principles anymore outside of football anyway. When the club has to deal with the ramifications of what is posted on here you do not deserve the amensty you're asking for.
  14. are people really boycotting because of LJ?!!

    As no one has asked yet I would like you to list the actual grienvicnes you're talking about? I'm worried you will be picking over semantics and not the real corruption we see at all the ex-prem clubs you want to Emulate. Because the thing is no one really digs up the posing record of most people on here. Don't get me wrong, it's in your credit that you have 1000 or so posts to your profile as apposed to me, but how many people here can say their predications have been even mediocre? Johnson didn't take us down this season and looks like he won't this season. That's already about 90% of posters wrong. The endless list of terrible replacements, team selection, the inconsistencies in the type of manager we want. Last of all of you've regularly referred to Johnson as a 'poisoned dwarf' or likewise abuse that is also something to be reflected on.
  15. Freeman

    I would plead with fans to put the club before any current or ex player. Even if you dislike the manager so strongly we're in a relegation battle!