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  2. Interesting discussion on Football Finance Pod this morning regarding fans deliberately goading opposition players in order to provoke a reaction and then film them…
  3. Hanoi in Vietnam is pretty crazy - so much to that the immigration authorities issue a leaflet to tourists with instructions on how to cross the roads!!!
  4. I don’t remember calling for his sacking. However I do remember nearly falling asleep when watching his ‘style’……….. I was delighted when he got himself sacked.
  5. The mileages are based on starting from and returning to Parson Street. Obviously
  6. Today
  7. Personally, I enjoyed the meltdown on Twitter last night. Imagine getting rattled by Liam Gallagher's twitter account.
  8. 19th Nervous Breakdown...The Rolling Stones
  9. Circa £214m according to the article
  10. InCyder

    RIP Tinners

    Such sad news. A real gent. There was a spell around 8/9 years ago where I was going to the gate on my own and I'd usually go into what's now the Rising Sun for a drink beforehand. Without knowing the man personally beforehand, Tinners would always come over and have a 5/10 minute chat as I propped up at a table somewhere. I was going through such a tough patch at the time and i'd go as far as saying that without those little chats, I wouldn't be sure that I'd have continued to take myself down to the football. RIP Tinners
  11. Its not Liverpool i hate its the local plastic fans that gets me. Same with the other big Prem. teams. I hope Liverpool stuff Real Madrid I support any English team in Europe
  12. Ha! I’d forgotten about that!
  13. The BT advert I saw was for buying tickets as opposed to them showing it.
  14. Couldn't see it posted elsewhere. https://twitter.com/ActuFootAfrique/status/1528346610324983809?t=_o0z_1gN6lpYVW3fridItA&s=19
  15. Didn't know there was a Swindon football legends event took place until I saw the news item on BBC points west on Sunday afternoon and disappointed I missed out on the football legends event at Yeovil the weekend before last
  16. Yesterday
  17. More Brexity behaviour from those Stokies today….. https://news.sky.com/story/staffordshire-police-investigate-claims-van-driver-drove-straight-over-family-of-ducklings-crossing-road-12618903
  18. Thanks, but flicking between the Sky games now.
  19. Yep, totally. In our case, it’s why he / MA had to sell players, because he / MA spent too much on players that didn’t deliver. The ones that did were great (Brownhill, Webster, 1 or 2 others), but far too many just clogged up the squad. I get that football is cut throat and not being in a job is a bad position to be in. But surely LJ backed himself? SL’s surrogate son, he should’ve played on that. Or was there a deep down insecurity about his position?
  20. Id pay for a couple and would not mind the club making a small profit.
  21. Also the Leeds game is showing on Sky Showcase for those without a Sports subscription.
  22. I'm there on Day 2, my Dad got tickets through the ballot, think we're in the Mound Stand. Last time I went was against India a few years ago where the entire day was washed out, so hoping for better luck this time. The long range forecast looks good at least.
  23. All FAWC 2022-23 teams confirmed after yesterday's FAWNL Play-Off Final Birmingham City Blackburn Rovers Bristol City Charlton Athletic Coventry United Crystal Palace Durham Lewes London City Lionesses Sheffield United Southampton FC Sunderland
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