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  2. I dont think ive heard, top level performers who have been about given that moniker. Di canio, defoe, teddy sheringham, plenty more, but never heard it after that levels name.
  3. Hard to see many other options. We’ll struggle to contain them unless Antoine outscores or outruns them.
  4. Turkish. If you look at the players they’ve been linked with since the takeover, all of them are Turkish or play in Turkey. The new coach is from Georgia (he was a brilliant player) & has also coached Turkish sides. Completely ridiculous but this often happens after a takeover.
  5. My first visit to Kenilworth Road was on Saturday 3 October 1970 to see City lose 3-0 in a Division Two clash to two first half goals from Malcolm Macdonald and a third from Alan Slough. Travelled up on the supporters club coach and stood behind the goal at the back of the home end! Today, I searched a useful site https://www.hattersheritage.co.uk/luton-town-vs-bristol-city-19701971 and came across the match report and a photo of the match programme. There are other photos of the match available on the site. At the time, Luton were pushing for promotion under Alec Stock whilst we were in a relegation fight - they eventually finished 6th while we scraped to safety in 19th above Charlton, Blackburn and Bolton. Earlier in the season, we'd won the home fixture 3-2, going behind in the first half to goals from Macdonald and Viv Busby before a second half Chris Garland inspired fightback. He scored two and set up another for Dickie Rooks. Thought it may be of interest to some of my fellow old farts.
  6. Since and including QPR, the team has been different. The goals are a result of it, not the entertainment. The energy and intent has been there, so even if mistakes are made in application, fans respond positively. A circle of positivity has essentially been created by energy and intent. Long may it continue.
  7. Reports coming through that there has been a military coup in Burkina Faso. I wonder how that will affect their team's morale.
  8. Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey
  9. Love some of old music, his newer stuff isn't for me though. Heard he's a bit of an arrogant sod, a bit of an arse, and his recent COVID views doesn't help this. Saw him back in March 2020 just before lockdown, doing a charity gig with Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Mick Hucknall etc. Still got his voice, unlike some others who "performed" cough Paul Young cough.
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  11. I jokingly said last week when we all agree that we shouldn’t have Davies tonight that we’d get Geoff Eltringham instead. And that’s who we get. Hes in my crap list…just makes lots of wrong decisions. Ward on Saturday (right at the bottom of my crap list until Davies replaced him) was ok. I think Martin’s goal bailed him out of a big decision on Flint when he tripped Weimann through on goal.
  12. Still waiting for any action from the Huddersfield game... not sure if it's as big a deal in real life as it is in some people's heads to be honest.
  13. And me. This was my first club and that fantastic Admiral kit was worn when promoted to the First Division. Behind the squad is the old Bobbers Stand which has since been converted into Executive boxes. I moved back with my family to Bristol in 1977. The Oak Road Stand is now the Away End. In my day it was for the home supporters as the Away End (Kenilworth Road) was an open terrace. I would say that photo is around 1975. Peter Anderson was sold to a Belgian team around that time. My hero, John Aston, isn't in the photo. Denied! Neither is Ron Futcher but he wasn't a hero. His twin brother Paul was a magnificent player though. What we could do with someone like him today.
  14. Shame there isn't a Basil Brush emoji…
  15. Super

    Dave Ryding

    I used to watch it back in the day when the Bell brothers were usually about 10 seconds off the pace every race!
  16. Suggest a listen to the podcast and hear Scott Davidson’s plans for the Ashton Gate 8 tribute, before the Middlesbrough game and the fans involvement!
  17. We should be on Freeview 719, the other lot are also away,but as we are the biggest club in Bristol I expect us to be on 94:9fm as well The team from East Devon or is it North Dorset? ain't in action we should be on freeview 722 as well. Available in Devon and Cornwall for those on holiday down in the south west of england I'll be listening(and recording) the game courtesy of three counties whilst watching the game at Kenilworth Road
  18. Tried to get ch940 says it's unavailable are you sure it exists?
  19. Real heart-stopper at Arrowhead. Great effort by two of the league's best QBs, but only Mahomes will be playing next week. I get the feeling these two will be part of the New Generation once Brady and Rodgers hang up their helmets.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Spot on I would say. Loans could be important in the right circumstance (very possible we would have gone down without Tammy for example) so they shouldn't be written off completely, but this is not the season to do it.
  22. Bobbers Supporters Club, 101 Oak Road, Luton, LU4 8AA Beech Hill Conservative Club, 18a Leagrave Road, Luton, LU4 8HZ The White House, 1 Bridge Street, Luton, LU1 1SA which is a Wetherspoon outlet, https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/pubs/all-pubs/england/bedfordshire/the-white-house-luton Bricklayers Arms, 16-18 High Town Road, Luton, LU2 0DD. This quirky pub, which has been run by the same landlady for over 30 years, is popular with Hatters fans on match days, has TVs in both bars. The six hand pumps serve a variety of guest beers from breweries all over the nation with a choice of light, amber and usually a mild. Draft Belgian beers and two real ciders are also available.
  23. Sounds horrendous, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-60120367
  24. Wouldn't be surprised if more restrictions are put on clubs/fans based on historical behaviour. With covid still causing work absences and clubs being low on cash, I guess there needs to be a balance of revenue coming in to policing bills (no idea if the cost is on a match by match basis, by season or just fixed).
  25. London City is a must win, but can't see enough teams taking points off Liverpool, which is a shame as was hoping the game at Ashton Gate was going to be a title decider
  26. Just an observation as a fan, no reason to doubt him, just never really considered AA that quick a player.
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