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  2. Can the board only award the points after the Exeter - Sale game?
  3. Wales will be lucky to get a point in the whole tournament based on this
  4. Here we go again...................................
  5. If anyone is being bypassed by this game it’s Ramsey. Absolutely useless.
  6. Never in any doubt for me. Gulls lost just once in the last 15 or so games. Pen or no pen they deserved it and a far better watch than that first 45 minute drivel in Baku.
  7. ….and why “Mark has been brilliant since the day I arrived” should’ve been treated with a huge pinch of salt. He wasn’t gonna say anything different was he? Some people take things so literally.
  8. Today
  9. lenred

    No knee

    Keep kidding yourself
  10. Going to put it out there, I don't think we'll hold the world cup until 2066, FIFA will then award it as a 100 year celebration or some shit
  11. Obviously a different code of football but when a few of us are getting impatient about things another 12 months has passed & this incredible man is still fighting & raising money for a cure. A True Inspiration https://youtu.be/8H_aAmL-1NI
  12. Anyone else see the game last night? 4 hours of some of the best Tennis you will ever see. Will be a sad day when these greats call it a day. Also good to see the crowd being able to stay till the end!
  13. Fair play to Chiellini 36 years old done his ACL at 35, had his shoulder chewed by Suarez, nutted by Zidane and still playing to that standard.
  14. Ordered two ladies' warm up tops… ( I don't go out anywhere) Really liked the goalie shirts from last season but didn't like the huge Yeo Valley logo on them, so now there's more ladies' tops available I thought I'd treat myself.
  15. Sunday, 6 games on but none televised Monday, Surrey v Glamorgan on but not televised Tuesday, 7 games on none televised Friday, 8 games on none televised Sunday next week, 6 games on none televised That's just looking through the next week or so
  16. And the other interesting piece is the lack of a retained list from Derby
  17. Too Fast For Love - Motley Crue
  18. I’d presume 5 from 7 again. As has been said above with just 3 opportunities to change, though personally I’d be happy with some extra common sense here, so if a side who had only made 4 subs then suffered a serious injury that stopped the game, at the referee’s discretion they should then be able to make a final sub as the guy is stretchered off. The rule was introduced to stop the likes of Warnock making the last 5 minutes of a game simply a procession of substitutes, but in my scenario the game has already stopped anyway.
  19. Where have we heard that before...
  20. That’s a positive update, I feared the worst seeing this thread come back up What a brave little boy!
  21. Yesterday
  22. To be honest, I cant even say that I'm 100% committed and do everything I can Bobby Reid has/had a remarkable engine. I don't watch Premier League football but does he still put in that amount of effort for Fulham?
  23. Your place is a Palace compared to that shit hole - and I'm not saying that because it's Rovers. Tents, season tickets sold for a row M that didn't exist, plastic chairs, a large screen that was purchased from a company owned by Steve Lansdown - just that when they took delivery of it they couldn't use it because it couldn't be put up! 4 managers in a season, and still ended up being relegated. Don't play top trumps with them in trying to prove your club is worse than theirs - they'll beat you hands down!
  24. Will need to swap out Chiesa, thought he may have been their starting option
  25. All seems fine for me now - thanks for sorting @TomF
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