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  2. Yes. Yes he did, we’ve seen him have a game at Sheffield Utd. It’s happens..
  3. I said the same at Ht, but then he had a bit of a shocker 2nd half
  4. Definitely just outside. I was as surprised as Callum that no free kick was given.
  5. I have wondered how many are will arrive in January and if they are already agreed. I also suspect not more than three in with maybe two leaving us. At the moment our good spells during games are too short to control the outcome of the match. And while our current practice of long clearances from goalkeeper almost always result in another spell of defending, we cannot control the way the match goes. @billywedlock
  6. Whilst the government have been far from perfect, the majority of action has / would’ve been challenged by those banging the human rights drum. I see it regularly in the work place. Our country was long ****** before this.
  7. Reading that TWTD thread most of the comments could have been lifted from here! The scales seem to be falling from their eyes.
  8. Strange game football, can’t win at home then we are unbeaten in 4 with 3 wins. Flip side away form disappears. Heard a quote the other day saying that transition is an excuse for failure. Amazing how confidence affects performance and how we’ve gone from collapsing every home game to managing to get over the line . Derby have beat Bournemouth and drew with Fulham so are no pushovers. Reality is that this season is about getting to safety by whatever means possible and accepting any points without moaning about performance. We all know we are lacking in several areas and have players the manager does not want . There is no magic wand it takes time to get rid and getting players in is as tricky . Im confident NP is the right man and think others would have struggled even more , I would of done my nut dealing with the situation. It’s showed last few home games the importance of fans particularly at the end to get players over the line . I think we will be ok and probably and up just below half way if we can get a couple in January.
  9. Australia XI for first Ashes Test David Warner, Marcus Harris, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Travis Head, Cameron Green, Alex Carey (wicketkeeper), Pat Cummins (captain), Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood
  10. Absolutely this. We are flogging Martin to death - give they guy some bloody help !!! We may end up getting better quality out of Martin in a 70 minute outing. Britton took his chance last time when many others seem to get there’s, get criticised by the manager and then start again the following week !
  11. grifty

    Young guns

    I wish our other players had the same composure on the ball. While Veneer constantly kicks it as far as he can to the opposition goalie or our out play and Weimann can't make a 5 yard pass, Scott, takes the ball down, looks up and passes along the ground to. someones feet. For an 18 year old in his 5th or 6th game, he also loves a challenge and getting stuck in which is great to see.
  12. Today
  13. Oh I didn't realise that. My sympathies are with you, your family and anyone who has to visit you.
  14. I can’t remember. Someone else asked me that some time ago. Was it Bob Hamer? I also don’t remember/didn’t know he did - run the post office. I was in BH from early 70s through to late 80s. Don’t get me going on Monty though….
  15. I can’t remember an aerial dual he lost today. He really shouldn’t be playing the amount of games he is at the moment at his age but I think he is still an important player to have at the club while we are bringing through a few of the younger players. His experience and professionalism will be key to their learning and at this level their are not many players who have been better. Pretty sure I read somewhere he is the 4th top goal scorer ever in championship football. I hope we can bring in a new striker in January of a similar ilk to Martin but realise that is probably clutching at straws.
  16. Surely death by stoning, or a severe thrashing would do the trick? Bah!
  17. Gas are through to round 3
  18. Yesterday
  19. Sheppy2003


    There’s a 10 mile tail back causing 4 hour delays
  20. Sounds like someone is getting a new TV upgrade for Xmas
  21. Boom. Some serious power there. That was a good stoppage cus Arthur was really hurt.
  22. Just heard about this. Didn't see it on news here. No words really. As a parent, I cannot fathom how anyone could do this. Put them in Gen Pop. Job Done.
  23. There will be DNFs tomorrow, lets hope Lewis and Max aren't amongst them to take this to the final race.
  24. Oh 100% a waste of time. But just in theory would they ever stop a flare by waving a wand over you?
  25. You seem to have forgotten that Wayne said, 1) We're not going into liquidation. 2) We won't be relegated.
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