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  2. Good, wondered how long they’d last. Looks like Villa the only ones to win the “Ground Sale Gamble”, they got up whilst still having PPs. Wednesday, Derby, now Reading. Unlaaaaaky!
  3. The last 2 games I have been logged in on my laptop but it also says user not logged in so have had to watch it on my mobile phone as it won't play. I thought the first game may have been a glitch so I accepted it but I wasn't pleased at all when it happened again.
  4. Hello SJ, First of all, that is a hilarious tale and exactly the sort of arse-licking I'm railing against, even if I was probably a bit harsh and it did seem odd me interjecting on a Championship forum about two league 2 teams. Brighton and Swindon - hmmm. Well we don't really like each other for sure, but it's nothing like Gillingham and Swindon. To be fair, that is more from the Gillingham side going back to their play-off with Swindon in 1987 or something (a bit like Colchester and Wycombe) although I suspect there was a bit of needle before that. As I understand it, Swindon are a bit more ambivalent towards Gillingham as they do have proper rivals of their own whereas Gillingham are like Bournemouth - fans who hang around like a bad smell desperate to be disliked because nobody cares about them. Back to Swindon and BHA, we don't like them much but Swindon dislike us more than we dislike them. This goes back to our glorious 2003/4 promotion season when we absolutely robbed them* before going on to beat you in Cardiff in a game that was tighter than a gnats chuff. * we didn't rob them at all. They were the better side in both games, but what irritated them was that we equalised in the last minute of extra time. In a situation like that (if we had lost to you at Cardiff, for example), I'd have consoled myself that the team that finished higher in the league won through, so fair enough. They didn't - they whined like bitches forever. I remember coming on here and chuckling at a Swindon fan saying how desperate he was for you to beat us. A few years later, we signed Gordon Greer off them. They couldn't understand why he went and were absolutely fuming - a sideways move apparently. Except we were a year from moving into a new stadium and had built a side that was about to win the league and they were about to head into division 4 again (where they belong). Swindon are a joke club with utter bell-ends as fans. But in recognising that ultimately we're all just fans of our own clubs, I am nevertheless pleased and delighted for them that the ***** running their club into the ground has been booted out. I've just remembered another reason I don't like Swindon. In 1989 some Swindon ***** snatched my Albion ski hat as I was sat on the train home from Bristol Rovers away in Bath. Their demise is delicious schadenfreude for that little ***** as far as I'm concerned.
  5. '..last season'...what season that? Could be it's a much lower percentage than most clubs, depending upon which period the ground sale actually fell in, as opposed to what Morris stated. I thought Derby County FC LTD only filed accounts to the period end June 2018 at Companies House. That the accounts to June 2019 are overdue by 15 months, surely fans must have cottoned-on to what's been happening? Forget the fiction filed with the EFL, let's see what Morris' latest version of events comes up with.
  6. First game where we have struggled to score goals, you are going to get inconsistent performances at this level. Janneh has a strikers instinct in his movement and awareness, just needed to be a bit calmer in front of goal today, but all strikers have days like that. once again, it's worth noting how much younger our U23's are compared to their opposite numbers, I think Peterborough's youngest player was nineteen, we had 5 players playing who would qualify for the U18's squad. Their overage player Gwamfi (26) certainly outshone ours Palmer (24), but then he was up against James Taylor who is an U18's player.
  7. My team, Wingate & Finchley, looking to reach the 4th qualifying round for the first time in their history. Decent chance of it too. Seems crazy that with attendances of approx 150 - 200 a match, could then be one win away from an away day at the Stadium of Light! Magic of the cup certainly feels more alive the further down the leagues you go.
  8. Today
  9. If City was a record label, which record label would we be? Duff Rough Trade? Mute? Beggar's Banquet? Or, perhaps, one closer to home that no-one's heard of and no-one can name any of their acts or big hits: Sarah Records.
  10. Glos have Durham 118-6 with four wickets falling to left arm spin on day one. It can be often that happens, certainly for Gloucestershire home for old seamers.
  11. I still remember the Radio 5 (or was it another BBC station in those days??) reporter saying that City would curse the fixtures computer that sent them to Newcastle on St Kevin's day!
  12. I have a friend who lives in Shoreditch, East London. He gives me info on latest men's trends which will inevitably filter down to the highstreets of smaller cities like Bristol. Here's the latest ins and outs... Ins Massively baggy jeans. I've highlighted this before and we're already seeing them worn in places like Stokes Croft. Combat trousers, like we used to see in the late nineties. Statement/slogan bandanas. So a bandana with a single word on the part that covers the forehead. Vests. These are hugely on point at the moment and my friend predicts that even in the coming winter months we'll see fashion conscious men wearing vests without another layer/jacket. A smooth shave. Sorry all you beardies out there, your time is up. Big trainers with huge tongues. Outs Beards, as mentioned above. Apparently they're now considered to be way too common and are being laughed at in Shoreditch. Tassled shoes with no socks. Skinny jeans. My friend says they've been dying for years but now that they're heavily stocked everywhere from Peacocks to Sainsburys they've become particularly embarrassing. Tattoos. Bit of a tricky one this as they're notoriously long term so it's a hard pill to swallow for our inked friends who also care about being up to date fashionwise. According to my friend, tattoos are a victim of their own success and are considered way too mainstream now.
  13. The lettering is already an anagram of Ipswichs Town
  14. Forest are like us when ashton was here Any manager is going to struggle because they have no say over the players they bring in
  15. Going to bump this one up just in case their are new readers. The lady concerned didn't have the energy today to go to her appointment when I turned up to give her a lift - despite assuring me on the phone half an hour earlier she was fine to go - so it looks like we've reached the stage, with worse weather coming as well, when a visiting hairdresser will be imperative. If anyone knows of a home hairdresser who would be happy to go BS8 please let me know.
  16. I thought this at that time. As a decent member of the goal keepers union, Bentley is thinking that the shot coming back in is going to come back across him hence why his weight and positioning are slightly skewed that way. He is fantastic at prempting these things but this one went the other way. I haven’t brought this up since Saturday as who the $&!& would given his outstanding display? I get bored of listening to Lez saying that any average keeper is expected to make the saves Bentley does. No they don’t.
  17. Seven Drunken Nights...The Dubliners
  18. Indeed it can. There were cases in the early days of rent-a-roof where mortgage providers refused to mortgage properties that had done it. I`ve not heard of it lately though so I guess something must have been sorted. It`s still not worth the risk of leasing them IMO.
  19. Would have to disagree with Mourinho at this moment in time. They're better forwards right now than him. Ivan Toney must be pushing for an England call up the way he is going.
  20. probably be some streams floating around on sat evening.
  21. Interesting comments on Gould v Ashton. For me it was great to hear that Ashton Gate has been registered as an asset of community value. That is a real small piece of protection that will at least ensure that fans are informed of and have the opportunity to affect a sale of the ground, or other very big decisions that could affect the Club. Great news.
  22. I don't get it? It stated in the article that if both clubs agree to the match being played in Jersey....then it could go ahead? Have Sutton refused to play in Jersey?
  23. It was an impact injury in the game against Blackpool (should have been a penalty). At the time he looked to be almost in tears and I feared for him that it was likely to be long term, but he's been back in full training for a while and so seemingly isn't impressing Nige?
  24. Could not agree with this more. The talking over each other and jumping in to finish each others sentences (which comes across as "yeah I already knew that"), has made me turn it off on a fair few occasions It's a shame as there's obviously some good knowledge between them, which can lead to interesting discussions It seems that sorting out these small presentation issues should be quite easy? I've seen it be raised a few times but never seems to be addressed
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