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  2. I think you’ll be surprised. Yes, a few people will throw their toys out of their prams, but most supporters will just keep on coming (assuming we can). Remember Pulis? I can’t think of an appointment more liable to cause a revolt, but nothing happened, aside from many people hating him. I think if Holden is appointed, many supporters will be disappointed, but they’ll listen to what he has to say and give him a chance.
  3. I get it some people do not want DH as boss but some of the over reactions on here are pathetic, its a football club appointing a manager at the end of the day, check in with yourself on that. I will probably be a little disappointed if he is appointed, but I'll also be intrigued as to how he gets on and might as well support him!
  4. Just to follow that timeline up, if McGregor was told 7-10 days from 24th July, whoever the source was would have know that Holden would be away on his holiday’s at the time of the expected announcement............
  5. He didn't do much, scored once in 20 games but despite that, he still felt PNE was below his standing in the world. We'd signed him on a season-long loan but he asked to return to Man Utd as soon as the January transfer window opened to go back to compete for a first team place! For the remainder of the season all he did was play 20 minutes away at Shrewsbury in the FA Cup. Was a stupid decision because he'd actually just started to settle in to our team as well. He's always had a lot of ability but his career has been hampered by injuries and also the fact that he thinks himself far
  6. He was never leaving Rangers for us but I'm not too disappointed- he wasn't really top tier on my list anyway- he seems to have done reasonably well but doesn't look (from the outside) like anything spectacular yet. I get the commercial opportunities and the big name factor- absolutely- but as a manager, he didn't necessarily get me wildly excited- we have a bit of a problem or have in my time when it comes to signing 'names' too- we signed Bridges and Stewart in League One 2005, pretty disappointing! Age wise and ability wise should've been excellent at that level. We signed Coppell
  7. I am hoping if there's a limited crowd then that might help some young players. Certainly Semenyo who looks nervous when at home in front of a big crowd.
  8. I sometimes wonder, if the club announced they were replacing the meat in their steak and ale pies with shit to increase their profit margins, if there would be some on here applauding them for it ........ and probably buy them if the club said it was ok.
  9. Anyone who leaves City (of their own volitiion, for whatever reason) no longer means that much to me. This applied to heroes such as Garland, Murray and others. When they left, they meant nothing, but when they came back they were idolised as always before. One thing I'll never do, no matter how bads things are, is abandon the club or switch my allegiance.
  10. Robbie Fowler is into his Real Estate business whilst football is useful for meet ups.
  11. It helped Rangers revenues to the tune of £14m in 18/19s accounts. Not to be sniffed at!!! Obviously not reflected by covid impact.
  12. Today
  13. 22A that was 2006-2007 Similar thing happened for us was back in december 2015 we played Hudderfield on the saturday stayed in Yorkshire for a few days then headed for Derby on the Tuesday night
  14. Take off that face-mask Lee, we know it's you.
  15. Let's hope they set the place alight... (Not literally of course)
  16. Needed that rain break. Babar is ace to watch mind.
  17. “I hope the unseasonably cold morning hasn't caused the rubber O Rings around the fuels tanks to turn brittle and thus crack and fail when we heat them up now...”
  18. Thank you for the info and clarification. For me, it still begs the question why the club would think DH be capable of being head coach/manager? Being a top bloke, familiar with the club and respected by the players doesn't seem to be good enough criteria to take on the running of a Championship club. It does actually sound like they only have one candidate…DH is already employed and obviously doesn't want to lose his job. I like DH, and it makes me wonder if he would be being fed to the lions by taking on this role?
  19. Interesting from Warren, perhaps skint and needing Eddie..?
  20. Perhaps they think because he is somewhat young and inexperienced as manager they can manipulate him too. With the added benefit of much bigger exposure driving up merch and SC sales.
  21. Pain in the arse, at 7:45, kids are in bed and I can crack open a cold one and assume the position.
  22. That will be it for me falling more out of love with the game every season
  23. Maybe, I remember he was signed as a swap with Anderson going to Ipswich, so something would have been sorted between the clubs regarding wages, particularly as he was out of favour at Ipswich. He was never really first choice under Cotterill then, as he had been the season before, as we had signed Wilbs and Agard, he and Smith came in when they were injured, so after promotion would think that Cotterill had others in mind to try to sign instead ahead of him...Gayle, Gray, Kodjia as it turned out.
  24. Stats don't measure impact. Stats just reflect a narrow measurement and aid the pursuit of joyless efficiency..
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