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  2. Let people on TalkSport or in the pub say what they want. We know what we’ve seen. I’m wholeheartedly with Pearson on this.
  3. Guys an idiot, can’t stand him. Worst thing is he has most our fans wrapped around his little finger. Funny thread awhile ago where a few were claiming they never had an issue with him then a poster went and found threads from his time at Fleetwood with said posters criticising Fleetwood for hiring him and what a nasty piece of work he was etc. He’s been given everything DC asked for and was denied. Publicly came out and said he had been given a big budget for this season but I’m not really sure what he’s done with it other than offer players new contacts then criticise them and want them out after one game. Mental. When he came in I’m sure him and NP were battling for the worse PPG record in the whole EFL. Surprised you lot have been so patient but I’m only looking in from the outside so may be more too it.
  4. He was brilliant yesterday. I need to see it a few more times though. Don’t think he’s been bringing enough to the party of late - but I know he’s a talented lad and he’s got it in him.
  5. For ‘Gold’ Category games you have to be accompanied by 3 children crazy
  6. pillred


    I see the car park at the bottom of Rownham hill next to the Bedminster cricket club have raised their prices yet again to £15 to park on match days so be warned, personally they have finally made me actually use the bus as only 3 seasons ago it was £5 so that's a 300% increase, the term greedy B****rds come to mind, shame a boycott can't be arranged as I think they are now taking the p*ss that's £5 an hour it's cheaper to park in the west end of London.
  7. Heavy rain was forecast ‘imminently’, so I’m a bit surprised they didn’t adjust their bootlaces etc. in the hope that the rain might arrive before 10 overs were completed, thus producing a ‘No Result’ and our first point. I suppose realistically, however, the umpires would have made every effort (quite rightly) to ensure they at least got to 10 overs.
  8. I’m still saying 5-3-1 as well. Not sure where I’ve given an impression of anything different. I’ve said one of the right backs should have come on for one of the strikers. As for the Martin incident, I was in line with that and he was offside. Martin being present didn’t allow us to retain possession, it made us go long. Having a threat in behind (as we’d had all game and was scaring them), would have allowed us territory and at least the opportunity to make them play in their own half for periods, rather than being camped in our final third for the majority of the final 20.
  9. He also scores goals and runs around. Such a versatile player.
  10. Ex-Bristol City striker receives vile death threats after playing against former club - Bristol Live (bristolpost.co.uk)
  11. Get the feeling it'll be over before round 6 one way or another. Need a vintage AJ of old to come out with confidence and just batter him. The question is whether Usyk will just dance around him and pick him off himself.
  12. Bet Russell Martin had over 80% possession stats though. Well on course again to win the possession stats league, whilst finishing 16th.
  13. maxjak

    Sending off

    Yawn PS. Stills show you nothing IMHO
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  15. Kept us in the division by giving youth a chance and slashing the wage bill. Still could always go back to McInnes/SOD who did a wonderful job with the same remit.
  16. There's Barry Manilow's "Mandy" (Oh Mandy, you came and you signed without asking, and we cut half yer wages. Oh Mandy, you run up and down without stopping, and we want you to stay. oh Andy, you scored and you stopped us from shaking .... ) I can see that being adapted quite easily.
  17. I don’t believe they don’t want City to win, which makes them a fan. Whether they’re worth having as fans is more debatable!
  18. Luton changed shape and added an extra man into midfield, so we had less space to pass around. First half the gaps were huge and made it easier for us. I actually thought we came out very aggressive, knowing there would be a Luton reaction. Seemed to me we were trying to counter that reaction and nullify it quickly, which we did. We then had a period when it looked like we would score a shedload. Jones at this point had stopped getting angry and was shaking his head. The red card gave them renewed hope . Then the game was a different type of game. No idea on the numbers, but for that initial period I thought we were very much at them. I thought that was because they were told they had to, as we could not repeat previous efforts where we folded too easily. I honestly saw it quite the opposite and was pleased we had changed approach.
  19. Won 4 test matches on the trot for the first time in a long time. Giving your wicket away is poor. But I would rather watch this side play shots than what we been watching for the last few years. Good test wicket also, plenty happening
  20. Now, it’s you that’s scaring me!
  21. Good result, performance and atmosphere. Big pat on the back for everyone (and I don't mean Pat Roach, the Bristol Bomber). Hopefully, we're going to do a Forest this season (despite the inevitable, further, poor refeering decisions ! )
  22. That's good news and must be a big relief for his family and friends. Really hope he continues to make progress.
  23. Continuing on with her great form
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