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  2. The wind was far from the only determining factor at Northampton.
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  4. I get what he means, really he’s just asking players to be leaders and/or organisers and/or characters on the field. I might be being too harsh here but Lee has the final say on all incoming players so why hasn’t he made sure those characteristics exist? Look at the reactions when we concede goals, usually heads down and no communicating, no geeing each other up. It’s an ongoing criticism of mine, we sign players to fit positions but don’t seem to sign characters.... where’s our vocal organiser? Niggly break the game up player? Gee the rest of the team up player? In the ref’s ear player? We seem to send out 11 nice men which is even stranger when you think about our management team - Lee (in ref’s ear) and Jamie McAllister (organiser, leader, niggly player). For all his limitations, this is when you could do with a Bailey Wright.... when he was at his best.
  5. That report really summed up our day. I mentioned on a different thread it should have been 5 or 6. Better be some scratching of heads by the 3 wise men this week, and I do not want to hear it’s another tough championship game in pre match press conferences. Not expecting anything against WBA but always hoping.
  6. Agree and disagree. Clearly sides can have pointless possession. We've seen it in the past, back in the days that we ourselves had possession to excess and perhaps almost too much of it. However, without it, it really can leave a side vulnerable and the higher up the pyramid a side goes, the more apparent this can become. Possession can give a side crucial breaks from fatigue, resting in possession. Relieve some pressure on a defence. Also if there is a central 3 say and the ball can be controlled quite well this has potential to reduce injuries, aiding the recovery time and again comes back to resting in possession. I'd say it's actually quite important in the modern game at decent levels, let alone above. The Championship most certainly counts as a decent level IMO.
  7. Are Hummel doing the women’s team kits too?
  8. Do you blame an old lady for being stupid enough to get mugged? Leeds deserved to win. No problem with that. Ayling's a cheat. No need to excuse that.
  9. If i was on it i would pose as homeless in a city centre, keep your hood up around cameras, get some cash or get food from supermarkets at the end of the day and repeat daily, that way you wouldn't use your bank account or cards so that they can track you. Easier than trying to out run them
  10. Oh dear, a range of different interpretations let's call them. The £200m for Villa Park speculation was angry and more importantly sourced from an ASTON VILLA fan or related PAGE. I even linked it earlier and I'm happy to do so again and look for the original. Birmingham to the CAS, is actually based on a genuine sports legal precedent. Put into Google 'Inter balance sheets at CAS'. Uefa at that time stood accused of preferential treatment of certain clubs, in this instance Man City, PSG and maybe Inter, hence the case by AC Milan. The EFL at that time stood accused of preferential treatment of a variety of clubs while. Loose parallels. Grealish sale idea was just one of many methods speculating how Aston Villa might have met FFP. The ground sale and leasebacks hadn't fully come to light yet at that time.
  11. In WeeLee's set up he's a show pony. Player to bring on when 2 up with 20 minutes to go and the crowd need entertainment. If he's played alongside ball-winners, grafters and cover men who'll do his dirty work then he'd be a creative type. Like WeeLee would ever sign those.....
  12. No, I'm with Oscar. I feel that my club that I have supported since 1979 has quietly sickened and died. The only things Bristol about Bristol City today are the location and the fanbase. The whole of the first team couldn't have found Bristol on a map prior to signing their lucrative contracts.
  13. Interesting indeed. I would hazard a guess it’s because apart from a few games here and there (as above, maybe these games are the anomaly) he simply doesn’t cut the mustard. And maybe he has a great attitude and is integral to the dressing room and team spirit and is a model pro but just doesn’t show enough in training to warrant that spot leading the line. For all Fam has been criticised by LJ in press conferences etc he doesn’t seem inclined to drop him and go with Weimann. There has to be a reason for that. People on here very quick to say I know nothing about football (just because they disagree) but maybe we could ask LJ why he also doesn’t see Weimann as his star striker?
  14. absolutely agree on every point. more fans the better
  15. I'm on Gloucester Road, not too far from the Arches, was pretty loud! A pal who lives local has reported to me that street light are out, but there isn't (or wasn't) the sound of alarms going off.
  16. LJ only has to worry about the support of one person. All the rest is white noise. The only support SL worries about regarding anyone on here is how much wedge they spend. Problem is if you have spent the money you are more likely to express an opinion and that is ok. We continue to get big crowds and followings! In general The club gets excellent support when it matters as does the manager that rarely shows any other descent than leaving early.
  17. Leeds were better than a side with players so ill they had to come off or not even start. Shocking!
  18. Gameweek 32 Update - Com-for-ta-BALLS WHAT’S HAPPENING?! Three goals and a clean sheet. What a fantasy dream. Points galore! Everyone’s a winner! We’ve conceded two! It’s incredi - wait, we’ve what? While we all saw those defensive points tumble before our very eyes, fact is that it remained a pretty decent match for us all, with only @Chivs a little scuppered by Weimann’s late cameo and the fact that an (otherwise decent) defensive captain made those lost clean sheet points even more of a kick in the teeth. But more importantly, we hung on. Phew. @Chivs: 13pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Weimann) @Chessels Chick: 15pts (Williams - Paterson - Wells) @bissellredhead: 19pts (Dasilva - Smith - Wells) @Dogbert: 19pts (Benković - Henriksen - Wells) @jrt55555: 19pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Wells) @citywest30: 21pts (Dasilva - Paterson - Diédhiou) @RedYoshi: 21pts (Dasilva - Eliasson - Wells) @Oubliette23: 30pts (Williams - Eliasson - Diédhiou) Yet again, Oubliette streets ahead the rest of us as the only manager to captain 12-point Diédhiou. Dogbert probably deserved more after an inspired choice of Benković at the back but, while Wells supported well, the midfield skipper proved unwise. 600 points! Blimey. Citywest has successfully held me at bay, maintaining that 1 point lead, as has Dogbert over bissell. How long will that last? I do think we might be at the stage of being able to predict who will be in the top 8 at least, but you never know in fantasy sports... I’ll get round to the Leeds update at some point this week, but to be honest I don’t want to relive it. GW32 Points Breakdown Diédhiou 12 Benković 9 Wells 6 Dasilva 5 Eliasson 5 Henriksen 2 Paterson 2 Smith 2 Hunt 1 O’Dowda 1 Rowe 1 Weimann 1 Williams 1
  19. Cavan Grogan 15/2/20 http://www.crazycavan.com/index.html
  20. Indeed, when you see the whole pitch and the positioning of players and their input instead of following the ball on TV it gives a totally different perspective. I really didn't like some of the things I saw - especially concerning Dasilva who had a thankless task due to the abject performances of Henriksen, Paterson, Weimann, and Eliasson. They hid - they must have seen him having to deal with two runners but did nothing (I've mentioned in many threads that, imo, Dasilva has a problem with his defensive positioning but that wasn't the problem here). Those mentioned have a lot to do to make up for that, they let down Massengo and Dasilva 18 years old and 21 years old. Both of them gave all they had unlike those mentioned. Not surprised at all with Paterson or Eliasson as they are both flaky and not made of stern stuff either mentally or physically, but surprised at the other two - expected much more. But illness may have played a part, I don't know but it didn't look good. The defence in general were good and had to cope with Leeds just running through the midfield at will - especially down our left side in the first half. Not a good day at the office and, at worst in the first half, bloody embarrassing. Second half better with Williams and Massengo trying to get us forward despite a lack of a midfield. O'Dowda imo did more in his limited minutes than Henriksen, Weimann, Eliasson, and Paterson combined - they all hid and were a complete waste of space. At least LJ would have seen who he can trust - once again.
  21. Who buys newspapers nowadays anyway? I haven’t bought one since 2011. Don’t know why people bother.
  22. Agreed. No doubting on our day, if it all comes together, we can beat anybody in this division. Exciting times.
  23. I went to the Athletic Club Museum at the old estadio San Mamés as well as the Camp Nou and estadio Santiago Bérnabeu museums. Absolutely chock full of awe inspiring history. I would genuinely love to see City celebrated in such a way.
  24. Of me and Joe were on the newest episode of OSIB, just went out. We discuss Derby, Leeds and the KIT announcements this week. Follow us on Social media (@osibpodcast) and give us a review on iTunes. Listen on iTunes Listen on Libsyn As always we're keen to hear people's thoughts on the topics discussed and the opinions dished out xx Cheers for listening!
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