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Showing content with the highest reputation on 15/05/2018 in all areas

  1. 15 points
    I’ll keep going as long as I can, because jacking it in, not throwing my toys out when needed, not speaking the truth instead of a bunch of made up nonsense, and sodding off is exactly what they want.
  2. 12 points
    Believe what you want. I know the real story and enough people on here should know me well enough to know I don’t shit stir or make shit up. I stand by everything I have said.
  3. 12 points
  4. 12 points
  5. 9 points
    Point 1: Accommodating the fact there is an age gap and therefore a cultural gap between players and staff; especially considering the gap between millennials and those before them is actually quite significant. This happens in all organisations so we can't ignore that it would happen between club staff. LJ thinks the best way to close this gap is through compromise. Point 2: We've played some damn good football and we have the core of how we want to play, but we are obviously nowhere near consistent enough with playing it and we need to get more players in that are capable of playing this style too. It's a direct comment towards our lack of squad depth, which in this context is more like many of the players signed don't fit it at all and we need to sign more. There you go. Turns out spunking tens of thousands of pounds on a business degree makes you a good translator
  6. 8 points
    I think on this occasion, what he's said is pretty interesting, fairly revealing but also valid. I feel like it's got to the stage now where anything he says will be picked apart by some.
  7. 8 points
    Yes he did answer the questions, in that he responded with some words. Do you genuinely have an understanding of what went wrong this season? Here's a point that I don't have a grip on - injuries and tiredness is the excuse that gets wheeled out, but what frustrates me is it goes relatively unchallenged. Show me a side that hasn't suffered with injuries this year. Show me a side that has played the tiredness card so often. Why does every excuse seem to imply we're the only ones who have to put up with those challenges, presupposing every other team has a fresh and fit squad. These things tend to even out. Why is every excuse about teams working us out. Why isn't it about us working them out and compromising their tactics. That's where the manager comes in. My god, we're good at playing the victim card when it comes to management and tactics.
  8. 7 points
    ..and 6 days after the event. I know what I’ll believe
  9. 7 points
    Shit enough to have played for his country 20+ times? Your post is shit.
  10. 7 points
    People will have to make up their mind, but what I'm getting in this thread is people who who are so down on Johnson that they are not prepared to give him the remotest chance. I listened to the interview and felt he spoke well - I certainly understood what he said - and within the confines of a public broadcast, in which you are never going to reveal your innermost feelings or describe the confidential workings of the club - he gave me enough information to be able to put last season in some sort of perspective and to feel I had some understanding of where we would be going next season. He answered pretty much every question put to him - without revealing details of transfer targets or contract details, but who would have expected that? - and I don't remember him odging any issues. Someone above said he revealed he learned nothing from Mourinho or Guardiola - well that's not the way I heard it. The constant baracking of him on this forum by individuals is getting very tiresome, and must make some threads unreadable at times for anyone who has a sense of optimism about the club. Given that Lee isn't going anywhere, isn't it time to stop the constant sniping and give the geezer a break?
  11. 7 points
    It's a Rubiks Cube. Finally listened. Wish I hadn't. Didn't learn a thing. One thing stood out - GT asked him (I paraphrase) "you've banged on about learning from Pep and Jose, what did you actually learn?" His answer confirmed he learned absolutely nothing. He must be Ashton's golden child though. Deflection, saying lots and saying absolutely nothing. Generic platitudes without substance. Promising nothing. No specific deliverables. No particular timescales. Nothing to hang any sort of hat on (I'm doing it now!) Our deep thinker has very little to offer the man in the street when it comes to explaining how he wants to play football. Words words words. He's more at home in a management consultancy than football management. Just once when he said "d'ya know what I mean" to GT I wish he'd responded "Well, no".
  12. 7 points
    That's a right old list covering the last 30 years, Fredericks we'll take all the glory for that
  13. 6 points
    To be honest it’s quite funny on here sometimes OTIB demands explanation for Adam Baker leaving an explanation is posted OTIB doesn’t believe explanation for Adam Baker leaving.
  14. 6 points
    From what I see, it’s two things: - He’s LJs chosen captain, so is a lightning rod for criticism as being one of his favourites - debate and discuss whether you’d rather have him, Flint or Baker in the side but if LJ chooses him over one of the aforementioned then for some people it’ll never be for the right reasons, but because he’s the bosses favourite. So he gets it in lieu of LJ - He’s not Aden Flint. Personally, I think he offers a lot of things that Flint doesn’t by way of organising the defence (watch the SU game back - that defence is all at sea and had BW been there at least someone would have been organising. For all Flints strengths, and I’ve said it before, he plays in a bubble - leads by example but not by bringing the team along. Nowt wrong with that, but you need both). Both because he’s not Flint, and because he’s not that type of player - or Baker - who when In is our best CB - some won’t give him a fair crack. What he is - is a player who up until the new year played damn well out of position, and then fought through injury thereafter - to a point where the playing through pain, and not as well as he can therefore, has lost him form and probably a WC place. Personally, I think the guys got commitment, character, is in our best 11 when fit and has never given less than 100% even while injured. So yep, I’m with you - I do not get the hate. Full stop. The stats back it up and I’m yet to see a plausible reason outside the above why he gets pellets.
  15. 5 points
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44121606 Fair play Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
  16. 5 points
    I’m pretty sure we celebrated like that after Hartlepool and Palace.
  17. 5 points
    I like GT. He's the real deal.
  18. 5 points
    Shouldn't worry, such clauses have no basis in law in my experience. You can't prevent lawful employment. Anyway, I reckon he'd do a great job. Maybe he could interview LJ with the freedom to nail him on the important questions. Nobody else does. BTW, did BCFC have a non-compete clause for the second half of the season?
  19. 5 points
    AB may well have resigned of his own free will. There may have been no loaded gun. However, if so then I have questions. Why resign when you have a young family but no job to go to? Why time the resignation to coincide with the beginning of (presumably) the slackest period of your working year. If notice was served why wasn't there an immediate statement ready from the club? Why thank Steve Coppell. I mean his tenure was so short and forgettable that I can't believe AB remembers him with any more affection than the rest of us. I listened (at the time) to the BBC match commentary from our last away game, I'm pretty sure AB didn't think he was going anywhere during the summer when he signed off from that.
  20. 5 points
    Amazing how so many people believe anything the club peddle, did you know the earth was flat!
  21. 5 points
    The default old chestnut when you haven't the ability to engage in a contrary argument. Just send the opposing view to the lowest level. I would love LJ to succeed. I would have loved the second half of the season to match the first. But when the sh*t hits the fan you need to man up and admit your failings and explain the plan properly. Admit your weaknesses and not blame all else but yourself. And bin the lingo.
  22. 5 points
    The constant soundbites about injuries Well apologies to his apologists But I’ll repeat again If injuries and lack of ‘options’ as our Head Coach Claims had an impact , perhaps he’d like to reflect and explain , was that because HE had packed the squad out as players put aside as ones for the future , ones he’d signed but didn’t trust , loans HE signed and then decided weren’t up to it, and expensive ones HE signed who were shipped out on loan Unbelievable That Some on here don’t even seem to consider such things
  23. 5 points
    Or maybe that says a lot about the fans.
  24. 5 points
    Blimey, I bugger off to the Spanish GP ( and try to avoid the internet ) and come back to catch up on this. No idea about why ‘they’ might have wanted to get rid of Adam, he has always got plenty of plaudits and I can’t recall any complaints. He was running this forum pretty much single handed back ( not forgetting Tom.... ) when it was the official club forum and I started off as a moderator with him back then, real shame to see a genuine fan and one who was so well liked, lose his job, hope this turns into a great opportunity and a new adventure for him.
  25. 5 points
    Figured an Oskar update was long overdue. I wanted to post this video that I was just sent by Lizzy, Oskars mum. It shows Oskar walking unaided in the swimming pool. Also been sent some pics of him that I’ve been allowed to share. As you can all see, he’s doing amazingly well!
  26. 5 points
    Here’s done notes in true BobBob style from tonight in case you can’t be bothered to listen. Tried not to add too many of my views into it. Players improved individually over the season. Injuries - 9 long term. Never come back the same. Hence flogged the likes of Brownhill. Small funnel of names in January. For a club of City’s size. Walsh - long term prospect, quickly rephrased as long term who can contribute now. Kent unfit. Atmosphere in stadium affected him. Recruitment team great, but need to improve our infrastructure for foreign recruitment. Contradiction. Lots of excuses. If you don’t have the set up to recruit foreigners, don’t do it. Basics. Mitrovic, etc, out of our reach. Fair enough no arguments there. Prep for this window. Will present a plan on Wednesday. Talked a bit about positives, but most were off-pitch, eg attendances, sponsorship. Club will do its best to keep (players they want to keep - didn’t respond directly to Reid, Bryan names given in the question). Swings, percentiles used to be 5-10% now it’s 200-300%. What does that mean? Is that wage increases? Reid and Bryan deals not his realm. Does want to keep them. Good. There will be suitors though. Talks underway. Different agendas though. Think Geoff saw through this. Be amazed if both are here personally. Final say on transfers. SL financially. Talent ID LJ. No mention on MA. Mmmm. Interesting. Eccle-ectic mix!!!!! GT “ability factor - your say”. LJ - absolutely. Steel. Important to find. Re the likes of Hull, Questioned himself, was there anything he could do - then he spoke in riddles and used the term clutch again. Good group of lads. Need to breed winners. Plan B (and C and D) important. Didn’t have enough options to rotate, swap etc. Retained list. Hopefully Thursday. SL to sign off. LJ pleased with squad last summer. Re style of play happy with squad but wants to improve it. Re Hull GT said what most of us thought that he moved BR to Left Mid and Josh on alongside Fammy. LJ said he actually went 4141. At the time post match he said he went 451???? So did Josh not play to instruction? Gary O’Neil signed to help game management, but unfortunately been injured. Goalkeeper? Trying to improve everywhere. FF had a good season until last 5 games. If right keeper comes along???? Watching from higher up. A poll? A really good idea. That is such a basic idea. Poor that he hasn’t done it, even if not every game. Eliasson. Nice lad, good talent, pleased with the signing.....pause.....for the long term. Took some adjustment. Big jump from Swedish League (my thoughts - how is that helping Gustav then?). 7 aside be £20m. Good trainer. Best crosser. Possible loan. Definitely English club as sees him being part of the future. Again that must mean Gustav isn’t! Man Utd game. Brilliant. Bit of a shock. Mourinho/Guardiola. Huge respect. Talked about tactics, how to manage top players. Built bridges re future loans. Nothing formally agreed though. Lot of good managers at this level, but accepts inexperienced. Biggest lesson. Personal. Manage life better. Improving squad? Right Back been a problem. Bailey needs an operation. Round pegs in round holes. Improve spine and productivity in wide areas, and improve resilience at the back. Paterson. Winger and no10. Could replace Bobby at no10 with Pato. Reduce quantity of squad and gave better pathway. Diony back to France. Yes Young players? 8/9 possibly, but 3 or 4 with a chance. Vyner, Kelly, Morrell mentioned. Helps maximise budget. Sensible. Been saying this for a while.
  27. 5 points
    It's the little things like this, that make a huge difference when a player comes in and is trying to settle quickly BBSB. When I've said in the past that our infrastructure at the Club has been poor, and we have been run like an Amateur outfit, it's this type of thing that fits in that phrase. It's simple...and like you said, not rocket science. Our Club pays peanuts for the majority of it's staff...you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. If SL wants to progress, he needs to pay more money, not play at being a football owner. It doesn't come under FFP...so stop playing around SL. Trying to do well on the cheap in the infrastructure will get you no where. And if it were me...get rid of your son at the Club.
  28. 4 points
    LJ says the current style of play is what he wants (i.e. the style that leads to no away wins in 5 months). Total clown.
  29. 4 points
    We have Walsh who has shown a remarkable ability for pointing in his fleeting appearances Lots Of promise there #Pointerforthefuture
  30. 4 points
    It's quite cleverly worded.. but nowhere does he admit he resigned in that statement.. "It is with a heavy heart that I leave Ashton Gate after nearly two decades of service for the club I love" Not convinced personally..
  31. 4 points
  32. 4 points
    Guess this means when they sit down and watch telly together that occasionally LJ will let them watch Love Island as long as they don't complain when him and Mark Ashton want to watch The Apprentice.
  33. 4 points
    Quite - and it's interesting that the season before last we struggled because he frequently chopped and changed the team, and this season we have struggled because he wasn't able to change the team (or didn't trust his other options). Very easy for us with hindsight to pick on both failings, and I imagine LJ would say he's damned if he does, or damned if he doesn't, but here's where those excuses unravel - BOTH are ultimately failings of the same problem: his and MA's recruitment. If players we recruited were up to it, he could have changed the team sufficiently in either case. Recruitment was the most poorly addressed subject in the interview yesterday. Responses were blasé, contradictory and not even close to answers. As a reminder - after 2.5 years, his 3 transfer windows and nearly 20-30 players, the spine of the team are still all players that pre-date LJ and MA. Also I imagine if you took a straw poll, the common view of our most 4 valuable/saleable/highest quality players in the team (with all due respect to Brownhill) are also all ones that pre-date the LJ/MA. Surely in 2.5 years his recruitment could have put at least one player in that realm. It is an appalling return and was brushed off completely. He actually said he had "his team" last summer: perhaps the new "excuse" will be his team being broken up this summer.
  34. 4 points
    With the 'Blueprint' that we have set out by the Club, wouldn't any manager following that 'Blueprint', have found himself in the same position BBSB? Granted they may have found different loans etc...and maybe played differently. But with the squad with have, all those injuries, and the 'blueprint' being followed....then our 'outcome' was inevitable. Like many including yourself i'm seriously questioning our recruitment and judgement on players, but any manager we have following SL's blueprint is going to find things hard to start with. I'm hoping this long term strategy will come into fruition in the next couple seasons...I wasn't expecting anything this, or the next one tbh....as the long term strategy doesn't really point to top 6 very soon. The reality is, if we blood the young talent coming through like Kelly, Vyner, Morrell etc....then they won't be top 6 quality any time soon. They will make mistakes and will be gaining experience in this division. We need experience and leaders...that is true. We may have players that have now gained experience...but none of them are leaders imo. All too 'nice' and placid. It's all very well having a nice group of lads to work with....but you need leaders on the pitch for those 90 mins...I haven't seen any at our club for a long time. GoN was the nearest to that. I'm not talking about players who are aggressive by nature...but who can manage situations on the pitch, who can be vocal, organise and take situations by the scruff of the neck. As it stands now...when things are going wrong, they all look like rabbits in headlights.
  35. 4 points
    It's almost as tiring as those who think the sun shines out of LJ's gold plated backside and can see no wrong in him or his decisions. ( even when the coach himself says that he's made a mistake)
  36. 4 points
    This Pisano language stuff really defies belief. He is marred to an American citizen who speaks English fluently, so having moved here with her & his daughter (they now have a second child I believe, born here), he would have absolutely no problems in settling as he isn’t on his own &, has someone to help him communicate. He was injured for two thirds of the season, so wasn’t there time for him to improve his English then? Sorry I just don’t buy this, it sounds a pretty lame excuse that he couldn’t learn & understand the 6 or so football phrases required in that time.
  37. 4 points
    No, the injury situation was also a reason LJ stumbled upon a team selection that saw us play our best football.
  38. 4 points
    Funny how's he's classed as sub-standard on this forum. According to the whoscored website (of which their stats have been used to highlight performances of other players on previous threads) Bailey Wright when played at centre back is only 0.02 below Flint for average rating per game. Even when he's played out of position at right back he's given his all to the position despite technically not having the assets to excel in that there yet still gets slated on here. Second highest tackles per game out of the squad and the highest pass completion rate out of our centre backs yet still useless to some on here... I just really want to know what Bailey Wright "haters" really dislike about him to label him as useless.
  39. 4 points
    Doubt we’d win it even with the 12 players you propose
  40. 4 points
    This is a fantastic strategy that I will now be using when writing my dissertation next year. Thank you, O Mighty Oracle
  41. 4 points
    Paid the price for playing out of position for 6 months. Bet he hates us right now. The old adage don't come here if you want to improve your career still runs true.
  42. 4 points
    I thought it was a very reasonable interview and I thought Geoff T did press him on some issues, such as the signing of a new keeper. Of course Lee isn’t going to announce his retained list or his transfer targets on the radio, but I thought he gave enough information as to what is likely to happen in the summer. What came over to me, yet again, is that we are in a different sub-League within the Championship, and quite rightly so, and the club is trying to build something sustainable rather than just gambling a lot of money on short-term success. I’d like to have learned more about the older ‘youngsters’ - Vyner, Morrell, O’Leary - and no mention of Taylor Moore, who has become the forgotten man. Enough there to make me look forward to next season though, in a league that will include West Brom, Stoke, Swansea and three of Villa, Fulham, Middlesbrough and Derby. That’s a very strong league, full of clubs that will be able to afford players we could only dream of. If we’re competing again next season, we’ll be doing very well.
  43. 4 points
    I feel I should clarify my rubbish reaction. It’s the closest thing to an angry face. I hate the third person. You’d never catch Fordy doing that.
  44. 3 points
    I was made redundant in my previous job - though technically I took "voluntary" redundancy Basically the company told me that they were making most of their software developers and their team leaders redundant; there was kind of point based performance review as to which employees were immediately made redundant with no alternative offers. I had enough points not to be "forced" into redundancy - and the company stated that they wanted to keep me. They offered me positions in other roles -none of which I actually wanted, and all of which I felt were at best a sideways move career wise. In the end I rejected all roles offered me and took the redundancy since it was obviously better to leave with some cash in my pocket than just leave. So on a technicality and from a legal standpoint I "choose" to leave but the options given to me kind of meant that was the most sane choice for me. I do wonder if reading between the lines that is what has happened here - In the end the employee "chooses" to leave with redundancy but the reality is that is the only sensible decision for the individual to make. Its definitely not a good outcome for an employee that wants to stay or loves his/her job, but I don't read anything in the statement they have just made that suggests AB resigned and equally nothing to say he was actually sacked. Just that he is leaving I think he had done an excellent job and always found his co-commentating insightful if not slightly toe-ing the company line!, I hope the payoff he got was good and in-line with his level of long and dedicated service. I hope he gets to spend time with the family, enjoy the summer (and world cup) and gets a great new job soon if he wants one.
  45. 3 points
    GT: So what is the biggest lesson that you have learnt this season? LJ: To get a better life balance. **** all about the tactics and that every time we play Korey Smith at Right Back we get totally over-run in the middle of the park, or that moving Bobby back into midfield and subbing Fammy for a winger pretty much kills off any chance we have of scoring? Tell you what, sling Flint up front to make up for it and totally expose the back line as well?!!!! Doesn’t fill me with confidence to go along with being unable to communicate!
  46. 3 points
    The best bit is everyone is now going to say 'Ashton made him say it' despite having as much evidence of that as when we started assembling our flaming torchlit mob last week. If- IF- he did resign, some people might owe some smarmy bastards some apologies haha! Edit- fair point @Phileas Fogg
  47. 3 points
    Quite amusing how after all the fuss over this that Adam actually resigned. Typical of some on here to use this as a platform to yet again slate the club. Without even knowing all the facts.. anyway all the best @AdamB
  48. 3 points
    The comments about leaders are spot on. My very strong suspicion is that the current HC would have difficulties with those type of individuals hence we don’t have or are unlikely to have any of those anytime soon.
  49. 3 points
    This is what boils my p1££. We harp on about how we can’t compete wage wise with villa et al whilst wasting a large chunk of what we do have on over priced punts don’t look like EVER being championship standard. those responsible for this waste don’t seem to be accountable though. Can you imagine Brentford or Preston paying 2 mil for a player then not using him. If a player costs 2m then you’d expect them to be at the very least, a decent impact player from the bench 18 months on if our much vaunted coaching was as good as it’s supposed to be. Or maybe it’s not, or maybe our recruiting is crap.. or both!!!!!
  50. 3 points
    Does it? Andy Cole, Tom Heaton, Jim Brennan, Darren Barnard, Ralph Milne, Rob Newman, Jon Kodjia, Albert Adomah, Greg Cunningham, Ryan Fredericks, Leroy Lita, David Rennie....etc, etc, etc, - all moved onwards and upwards....
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