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Showing content with the highest reputation on 04/06/2018 in all areas

  1. 14 points
    25 Years, and what a young age for such a great man to die. I have very fond memories of "Mr Atyeo" as I always called him, he was very kind to me over a period of time when I went to most home games, I would walk to the ground from Hartcliffe, but could rarely afford the gate money as we had little spare cash due to my mother being widowed at a young age with 3 children to support (few of the benefits available to her then as are nowadays), I always hung around for autographs relishing the smell of liniment and the atmosphere of "real football". I recall a game I believe against Leyton Orient (or had they temporarily changed name to Orient at that time?), John was injured I believe and was waiting outside of the old main entrance to what became the Williams Stand, he asked why I was not inside as the game was about to start, I told him the reason and he immediately gave me a ticket that he had in his pocket, after that whenever he saw me outside collecting autographs he would always take me aside and quietly ask if I had a ticket, if not he always produced one. Once John retired I really do believe that he put Brian Clark in charge of giving me a ticket (another absolute gentleman who died far too young!!!) I admit that I was so very lucky to have had such amazing contact from a man who should have been a giant oif the national team, 6 games 5 goals and probably the only reason he didn't go to Sweden for the 1958 World Cup was that he played in Johnny Haynes' position and plied his trade in the 3rd Division. RIP Big John - my hero!!!
  2. 14 points
    In the mid 60s, when I was around ten years old, my mum took me to the Lewis's store in Broadmead where John Atyeo was to be, signing autographs. There was nobody else around when we arrived and I had the Great Man's undivided attention as he signed my scrapbooks (ask your grandparents). He seemed out of his comfort zone just being there but he was very nice and a photographer from the Evening Post took a picture of him and I together. I've no memento of that day. I never did see the photograph in the paper and as a teenager I discovered that my dad had given away my scrapbooks to a workmate for his kid. I wasn't pleased. But nobody can take away my knowledge and memory of the day I met my hero, John Atyeo.
  3. 11 points
    Friday 8th June marks 25 years since John Atyeo's untimely passing at the age of 61. A few of us will gather round his statue at Ashton Gate at 11am on that day in appreciation of his colossal contribution to Bristol City. Even if we simply drape our scarves around his statue, we cannot let this day go unnoticed. You are welcome to join us ...
  4. 10 points
  5. 9 points
    Bit of an over-reaction like most of the guff on this forum. The tweets I saw were of him joking about kit announcements probably because grown men on here are losing the plot over when a football shirt will be released. Need to get a grip.
  6. 8 points
    I think his tweets in the past have been deliberately provocative as opposed to misread. I think he's just one of those people that doesn't take criticism well. Interestingly, the Bristol Rugby Club twitter account has been winding up a fair few of its fans of late. Any replies it receives that are critical of the name Bristol Bears tend to get some unfunny meme/gif in response. So it seems there is a culture of this sort of thing across Bristol Sport. Personally, think it's pretty petty and don't know of many other companies/organisations that would get away with treating its 'customers' with such contempt.
  7. 7 points
    Russia. Russia. Russia. Russia.
  8. 6 points
    I certainly wouldn't have him in the England squad. He's had a horrible season, 3 goals in 30 games. As for the Welbeck comparison, he's scored 10 goals in 43 games, many of which came from a wider position. Welbeck has always been a consistent performer for England, and whilst he isn't great, he covers all the positions across the forward line, and always gives maximum effort. I'd have Welbeck over Benteke all day long at this world cup.
  9. 6 points
    Are you talking about our Lee?
  10. 6 points
    Probably because he was lucky enough to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.. occasionally he likes to give it a little stir for a laugh... and the wooden spooners eagerly react by stirring shit. I'm sure if any of us were blessed with silver spoons we'd use them mischievously from time to time just to show we're normal'ish' and sometimes don't give a stuff.. He's in a similar position to what LJ was in when playing for his dad Gary, easy target and in some peoples green eyes can't to a thing right. I, like most on here, have no idea of JL's qualities, personal or professionally, he's where he is because of who he is for sure, but is that enough reason to dislike the bloke with so much vitriol ? One thing we know for sure is at heart, from a young age, just like the rest of us - He's a genuine City supporter, so my guess is he has a hard nosed business head on his shoulders that might wind a few of us up, but he also still wears his City shit-head with pride and wants the best for club and team, just like us. Must be a fine line for him to walk at times, and quite a difficult one. At least City in 'in the blood' which is better than being run as some mega rich foreigners play thing... no matter what, better the devil we know. Twitter comments? so what? give the bloke a bit of slack I reckon, until he does something seriously bad...which hopefully will occur rarely or not at all.
  11. 6 points
    If that's as bad as it gets, I would say he's doing pretty well. The number of direct insults and unfounded allegations that are posted at JL on OTIB would push the average forum member into fits. Some character and a sense of humour are surely better than a distant grey suit? Basically the bloke can't win.
  12. 5 points
  13. 5 points
    Some right snowflakes on here. If you don't want to be offended, stay away from the internet.
  14. 5 points
    So have I got this right ? OTIB posters say never believe the E/Post. OTIB posters make jokes about E/Post stories E/Post headline that new kit details will be released the next day according to their reporter who is in Italy on his Honeymoon. Story is wrong but club is blamed for PR mess-up. Jon Lansdown makes joke about it. Hence Jon Lansdown is a **** ?
  15. 4 points
    Good Friday 1958. City win 3-2 at Ninian Park. On the packed out special train coming home with the players on board. Harry Dolman signed my match programme and said I should collect £1 notes instead. But refused my request when I asked him for one. Back to Big John. I asked him what he thought of the referee in the previous Saturday's match at home against Sheffield United which we lost 1-4. He replied "I don't know as I wasn't playing". I said "but you scored City's goal". (John had four disallowed for offside). His reply brought great hoots of laughter from his team mates. "I might have been on the pitch, but I didn't play" That was John Atyeo. He'd already got six England caps but willing to admit publicly to fans and team mates that he'd had an off day. He then said that his timing was off in the Sheffield U game. He'd gone too early for the crosses and the linesman was right each time. A giant of a man and the best I've ever seen at City. Some come close like Andy Cole but he did it for fifteen years without the respite of being subbed occasionally. And probably many times playing when not fully fit. I was privileged to see his first game in 1951, his last in 1966 and so many in between. Lots of goals to remember but one still stands out. A left footed screamer from 25 yards on a mud head of a pitch at Villa Park, FA Cup round five 1957. Thanks John.
  16. 4 points
    Many memories of the great man.Very modest,usually he would leave after matches by the back of the main stand and walk to his car parked just inside the old car park.In fact City trained on the car park in those days,with a smallish goal at each end maybe like five aside.One day myself and a friend were watching them train and it was raining really hard and we were soaked .John pulled up in his car maybe Morris Traveler? and gave us a lift to Bedminster Bridge. Great rivalry in those days with the other Bristol great Geof Bradford Pity the gas couldn’t erect a decent memorial to him as well t
  17. 4 points
    Looking through his notifications at all the 'announce new kit' tweets and adding up the £49.99's in his head. No wonder he was in a good mood! Our chairman is not the one with a Twitter problem. The grown men begging him for the kit to be released, or such and such a player to be signed are the problem.
  18. 4 points
    This reminds me of the incident in the late-1840s when a diplomat was introduced to Queen Victoria and passed wind as he bent to kiss her hand. 'How dare you fart before my wife!' Prince Albert responded indignantly. 'I'm sorry,' replied the diplomat, 'I didn't know it was her turn.'
  19. 4 points
  20. 4 points
    Have to wonder what is going on at the gate and how much favourites figure in selection. LJ can’t see the advantages of Mags in the championship but CSKA see him as a player worth investing in! somewhere someone has got it wrong! will be sorry to see him go. I can’t see LJ’s ability in man managing the future of our club, his choices don’t add up, selection is shit, team morale is questionable. From Xmas on he he selected the same players over and over again, no motivation, unfit, injured and just pure crap - was that selection on ability or personality??
  21. 4 points
    It annoys me intensely when, in any official publication, such glaring errors are allowed to be released, our own Bristol Live being one of the worst culprits. The legendary Egyptian presenter, Roger Malone, of HTV fame, once introduced me to the following typo, referring to Queen Victoria on a visit to the Menai Bridge in Anglesey, which went something along the lines of: 'The Queen herself pissed graciously over the magnificent edifice' Treason, I should have thought.
  22. 3 points
    She would say spell my name right young man - I’m not a ******* ball-point
  23. 3 points
    OK, I'll do it. £9k per week will be acceptable, I don't want to break any wage limits. I'll put the same amount of effort in as the players did in the second half of the season, and if it doesn't work out they can lend me to build brand equity at Cheltenham.
  24. 3 points
    Sorry can’t be with you, but there in spirit He gave me and others the best of City times Remember being allowed to stay up to listen to 9 o’clock news on radio to see if we had won promotion in an away fixture Why worry? Big John scored to send us up The best of times. Atyeo never let us down we will never see his like again. Gentleman John will live as long as people remember City
  25. 3 points
    Stupid comment, a punctured lung is absolute torture and he'd have been in agony. What nationality he is doesn't make a difference to the fact most of us will wish him well
  26. 3 points
    If I was the boss as you describe the Head Coach, I would recruit an experienced and trustworthy coach to replace myself! One who will keep everyone focused in the aims of the club and maintain discipline.
  27. 3 points
    I think he hasn’t tweeted’ that much wrong in this instance, but he has a few times in the past (the England flag thing for example) where he was either being deliberately provocative or just horribly misread the mood.. I think though that he seems to be one of those unlucky people who has the unfortunate talent of rubbing people up the wrong way.
  28. 3 points
    Everything points to Bielsa coming, as a Leeds fan i am wired to expect the absolute opposite. Steve Bruce to be our new manager, Mick as Director of Football. Ryan Giggs to handle PR.
  29. 3 points
    Talk about the old storm in a tea cup...hang on here. Call me old fashioned, I know trial by Twitter is all the rage these days - ironic @Ivorguy professes to hate these modern things, yet has fallen into the classic modern internet trap. Guilty until proven innocent. Where is the evidence? What is the tweet we are objecting too?! Has everyone or anyone actually seen it?! Because all I can see is one person saying they didn’t like a tweet that they can’t show us to back their claim up and one tweet with some very harmless banter.....
  30. 3 points
    Connecting with fans using a bit of comedy... What’s the problem?? Personally I find it difficult to find flaws in the Landsdowns in general because they have given us a chance of getting premier league football which in the last 25 years has only been a distant/imposible dream,Lighten up those who are offended by an innocent tweet.
  31. 3 points
    Or just better execution of the strategy. For all that has been said (including by me!) about the relative "value" of foreign signings (certainly in our own past record), Huddersfield went up after spending about £2m on 4-5 Germans and a Dutch bloke from Wolves reserves (most of the £2m on one player as well), all of them players who came in and made a difference straight away, several of whom have also just completed a season playing regularly in the Premiership! Magnússon, Eliasson and possibly Engvall each individually each cost more than that entire outlay. Taylor Moore was 50% of that outlay and our gift to the defences of Bury and Cheltenham in the lower leagues! It's insane. Yes Wagner knew the market, but we make too many excuses about "not being able to shop" in the same places as other clubs, when in fact we have all the resources and just do completely daft things with it! Huddersfield got promoted with first team players on loan from Chelsea, Man City and FC Ingostadt. We rave about Tammy but he was the exception relative to loans of Leko, Kent, Woodrow and (shudder) Diony. Huddersfield got 4 first team stalwarts from Germany for under £2m total. We got Giefer and Hegeler, and then spent £3-4m on Nordic players who haven't played. We're not unlucky. We're utter **** at transfers. Mark Ashton is going to reprise this act again for us this summer with the money from all the players who are leaving. (Yes I know, we finished top half of the table and beat Man Utd - mostly with players that were here before he got here).
  32. 3 points
    I am very confused by all of this. Can someone tell me exactly what Jon Lansdown has done to be called a **** by so many on here? I haven't seen one thing he has done wrong, but then I have never read his Twitter.
  33. 2 points
    How would she have felt? Edit: Dammit @Neo
  34. 2 points
    “Ensure targets are me” Chortle.
  35. 2 points
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, it brought a tear to my eye! God bless you big John a true legend.
  36. 2 points
    Not much of a story about big John, but he used to bring in eggs to sell to team mates for a bit of extra money! I can’t image Premier League players doing that today
  37. 2 points
    I was 11 years old sat in the back of my Dad’s car going up St Micheals Hill when they announced on the radio that he’d died. That was the first time I’d heard of him. My Dad, who passed away himself last year, always held that 54-55 team up as the pinnacle of his time following City, and John Atyeo was the Jewell in the crown. I was so pleased when his statue was finally erected back in 2016, because possibly only Billy Wedlock apart, he stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to City’s greatest players.
  38. 2 points
    Yeah not having a go at you mate, it's just the typical shite the post come out with.
  39. 2 points
    Wouldn't be that surprised if we look at Winnall. Johnson likes him, especially if one of Djuric or Diedhiou leave he might be seen as a good stylistic fit. Another one I'd quite like us to look at is Rico Henry - especially if Bryan goes.
  40. 2 points
    He replied to a comment I made about the new Bristol training kit being called ‘stash’ by their media team saying that it was part of the ‘4 pillars of rugby - stash, lash, cash and you can work the last one out’. Now I may be getting a bit prudish but with a young daughter I thought it was really unfunny and bordering on out of order. Sexist as well and maybe not the message that BS would be looking to portray. Also having played rugby I didn’t recognise the 4 pillars!
  41. 2 points
    They'll be wanting to take their own jobs next.
  42. 2 points
  43. 2 points
    I’ve noticed the Bears thing. Forum favourite Downsy has been joining in with that too which is irritating. He’s another one who replies to any sort of critique he gets - jokey or not. We seem to employ lots of these types. I was giving JL the benefit of the doubt but I know that England tweet was designed to be provocative.. was such a weird thing to do.
  44. 2 points
    Personally I don’t believe anything until I read it on Ceefax. Much safer.
  45. 2 points
    Why? What has @Up The City! got to prove to you? @Up The City! has sent a screengrab to show their location, a picture is 100% not nessicary. It’s just you being nosey. Do I think some parts of the story have been exaggerated and twisted? Yes. Do I think there may of been some white lies, particularly around their sex or children? Potentially. This is OTIB, exaggerated and twisted posts go up all the time, e.g. “I Will Boo”, or the thread about ODonnell being one of the best keepers in the league. Overall I believe the crux of the story is true, and there’s now a witch hunt going on, which is over the top.
  46. 2 points
    smart move to leave the topic title as it is! When the kit is eventually released it will actually be "launched today"
  47. 2 points
    I wouldn't be surprised if supporters of Bristol City were behind these disturbances. Has anyone seen Kid in a Riot lately ?
  48. 2 points
    I do find it rather amusing that some on here rip every aspect of the club, from board through manager/head coach to individual players, to shreds. They state their opinions as fact because they are fans not suits or happy clappers and anyone who disagrees should F off to whorefield and support the gas. What seems to be forgotten is before becoming boardroom "suits" they were paying fans and , to the best of my knowledge, still are fans. But they (that is Steve Lansdown ) have have paid a huge amount of cash to enable them to run the club as they see fit. They are not perfect but on the other hand they could be like the Oystons at Blackpool, then we would have cause for concern. I don't really understand the criticism leveled at Jon Lansdown. Is it because he's been "given" his position with both the City and Bristol Sport? As an aside, I knew and was privileged to call Harry Dolman's son Ron a friend. As much as I like Ron I have to say I'd prefer JL being connected with the club than him. Regardless of what we think of the Lansdown family (and I am a fan of what they've done at City) there is very little we can do to change things. The one thing I think would get the fans views listen to is if we only moan about serious issues. Moan about very little thing perceived to be wrong and the serious issues will be missed,
  49. 2 points
    Well quite. The last bastion of stirring yet civilised, informed, balanced and rational debate is right here. What's not to like? And if you don't like it you must be a ******* gashead ***. FACT. End of.
  50. 2 points
    You keep saying a lot of things that knock Bristol City FC left right and centre. I do sometimes wonder what your ultimate aim is?
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