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  1. 75 points
    I wasn't strong enough with my thread a few days ago, now I will be. I can't stand all this Johnson Out Crap. The man is the Bristol City manager and a former player, who cares about the club; he deserves more respect and class then a few on here are showing him. Leave the man alone and support the City. Get down there on Sunday and cheer the lads to (hopefully) another win. I'm not a happy clapper, I just honestly feel LJ is doing a good job in a bloody difficult league, where he is having his hands tied a bit by SL and the lack of spending power / sales of top assets. I'm in bullish mood today, so if anyone wants to row about LJ, let's ave it on here!
  2. 66 points
    LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 1. BRIAN TINNION. Danny Wilson had lost us the play off final and had failed to get us promoted in four full seasons. Lansdown wanted to cut costs, so they parted company, and then, suddenly, without advertising the job or running interviews (unprofessional), he appointed Tinnion as player-manager. From nowhere. He had no experience. This would cost us one of our very best players. The fans were bemused. The dressing room was bemused. Tinnion always implied he did not have the support of the dressing room, and that there were bad eggs in there not playing for him. Lansdown had to come into the dressing room at times for teamtalks (eg Colchester at home). But the truth is, the dressing room were probably just as confused as the fans. Lansdown came out fighting. "Tinnion is not the cheap option. He is the right option" It is arrogant of Lansdown to think that he is an alchemist who can just make a football manager out of anyone he pleases. You have to have certain talents. Brian Clough said "When you get success for a chairman, he is resentful, and thinks that anyone could have done what you did." But Lansdown was defiant. "Judge me on Tinnion." He said, loudly and publicly. OK Steve, I will. Tinnion is currently sat in the dugout in Swansea in an empty stadium 40 minutes after the final whistle. We have lost 7-1. He has a "Vietnam-Vet thousand yard stare" into the distance. He refuses to go back into the dressing room. He refuses to do the press, and Lansdown has to do it. "It could have been 10" Steve told the media. The next day Lansdown goes round to TInnion's house. Tinnion says he cannot face taking training on Monday. Let's be clear. He has not resigned. He has ABDICATED. He has remained in the post of manager while refusing to fulfill his duties. Lansdown has to sack him. I have never seen or heard of a manager ABDICATING like that in 30 years of following football. Since that day, Tinnion has never tried to be a manager again. He wasn't a manager that failed. He wasn't a manager at all. That bad appointment meant BCFC wasted another 2 years in the third tier. It is the old business saying. "You spend 1% of the time recruiting badly, and 99% of the time dealing from the fallout of your bad recruitment." And this from a so-called business expert!!! But Lansdown learnt from his mistakes, went through a lengthy search for his next manager, appointed Gary Johnson who had two promotions under his belt, and GJ took us up in his first full season, and then in the Championship, in our first season back, we were TOP with ten games to go. He took us from the bottom of the third tier to the top of the second tier in less than two and a half seasons. Brilliant. When GJ goes, Lansdown has learnt from his mistakes again, and appoints Coppell. But Coppell did not apply for the job. Lansdown headhunted him. Bad sign. Then Coppell won't take over because............he has a holiday in America booked. Clearly he did not really want the job. You can lead a horse to water.........etc etc. Coppell walks, and Lansdown looks silly. Coppell said on Talksport "I was a bit disappointed with the environment I found myself in." Yes Steve Coppell, we know. BCFC is run in an amateurish fashion. And now we come to.............................. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 2. KEITH MILLEN. You could not have sneezed in the time it took for Lansdown to appoint Millen after Coppell walked. Most Bristol City fans went to bcfc.co.uk and saw the headline "Coppell walks, Millen appointed." Many of them said "Hang on a minute, what just happened there? Why the haste?" Here we go again. Again Lansdown comes out publicly and says "Keith was second in the list behind Coppell. Did a great job as caretaker manager." True, but City now find themselves in a relegation battle. Millen gets us out of it. But the next season another one starts. Millen was on the radio last night. Anyone with half a brain can see he is not a leader of men. He has a voice like soggy cardboard and the manner of a primary school teacher talking gently to six year olds. But no!!! Steve Lansdown can make a football manager out of anyone!!! You just have to flatter his ego and be a thirty-something ex- Bristol City footballer with no experience at all. Under stress people revert to type, and the stress of losing Coppell had reverted Lansdown back into his old error of mediocre internal appointments. Some of the things Millen said were embarrassing. After losing 3-0 at home to Ipswich on the opening day of the 2011/12 season, Millen said "I didn't see that coming!". By Jove, Keef, the ups and downs of being a football manager. And when we were 2-0 up at home to Reading with ten minutes to go and lost 3-2, Millen said, a few days later "I'm over it now." Well I'm glad you are over it now, Keef, because in a few days you are going to lead your team up to Blackpool, lose 5-0, and lose your job. There is a long delay while City appoint the next manager because..............................wait for it..............................our owner has gone to Africa. This is amateurish. McInnes has had his interview, wants the job, but is kept waiting (City now lose another two games) while Steve finishes safari. But he comes in, turns it round, wins 4 and draws 1 (away to West Ham) and gets us out of the relegation zone. Lansdown then goes on the radio. I could not believe my ears. I am expecting him to say "Didn't want to sack Millen but it had to be done, but what a great manager we have in Derek Mcinnes. With the same players he has dragged us up the league with 13 points out of 15. Great track record in Scotland, we are really looking forward to hitting the play off places next season." Lansdown barely mentions McInnes once. Instead he launches into a passionate defence of Keith Millen. Voice quivering with emotion, he tells us how he did not want to sack Keith, and how he cannot wait to give him a glowing reference. How must McInnes have felt hearing that? Clearly if you are a nice-guy yes man like Lee Johnson or Keith Millen then Lansdown feels a burning personal loyalty to you because you flatter his ego. A winner like McInnes or Cotterill? Not so much. They are discarded very quickly, as soon as possible. Note also that Millen, like Tinnion, never wanted another manager's job again. He was never a manager in the first place. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 3. JON LANSDOWN. Do you know Jon Lansdown's job title without looking it up? I don't either. Do you know what Jon Lansdown actually does at BS3? I don't either. Do you know what thing Jon Lansdown has to do in the next 18 months otherwise he will get the sack? There isn't one. Look, of course Steve wants his son to have a job, and Jon Lansdown is surely not the worst employee at BS3. And I am not blaming him. He seems a nice down-to earth guy. And why wouldn't you accept a good job if it was offered to you? But it is jobs for the boys. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 4. LEE JOHNSON. So City plummet down the leagues and are back where they started. Facing relegation to the fourth tier. Where they were when Tinnion left. We have spent 50 million for nothing because we can't get a good manager. Lansdown now approves of Keith Dawe's suggestion of Cotterill, who has a good track record. You see, Steve Lansdown can appoint a good manager. We just have to be in the relegation zone of the third tier for him to do it. His two successful appointments are Gary Johnson and Steve Cotterill, both of whom were appointed when we were facing relegation to the fourth tier. The Five Pillars goes out of the window and we sign 35 year old Wade Elliot. There isn't time for managerial mumbo-jumbo in a relegation battle. Cotterill saves us from relegation, gets us up, but Lansdown seems distant. He doesn't even attend the Wembley final (Africa again). Cotterill identifies Harry Maguire and Andre Gray, who would have been brilliant signings whom we could have sold on for a King's ransom. But the club isn't interested, Cotterill loses his mojo, so Lansdown appoints Lee Johnson. His record at Oldham and Barnsley is W1 D1 L1. 46 (yes forty-six) signing later, and 25 million pounds spent, LJ's record at BCFC is..........wait for it.....................W1 D1 L1. He only ever was an average football manager. We could have given the job and all that money to someone better. But note how a bland Yes-man excites Lansdowns loyalty, like Millen. LJ was given a 3.5 year contract, from 2016 to summer 2019. Generous. He keeps us up in his first half season. Then he spends 11 million. In October City are in 6th. He still has almost 3 years of the contract to go. But Lansdown gives him an extension of another year, to summer 2020. Why? We can only conclude that Lansdown is blown away by the talk, and thinks LJ is much better than he is. Why doesn't he just leave him on his current contract? He's not going anywhere. You know when single women finally find a man and start ringing their friends and family after only two weeks, getting over-excited and over hopeful? It ends and then they look stupid. Well Lansdown looked stupid when as soon as adding a year to LJ's contract City lost 13 out of 16 league games (including 8 in a row), and were in relegation danger. Before the Man U game last season, Lansdown told the Sun he prefers Lee Johnson to Jose Mourinho. Excuse me? Yes, Jose is alienating everyone with his negative talk. But he has won over 20 major trophies, including the Champions League, across all of Europe while Lee Johnson has won the square root of diddly squitt. What can we conclude other than that the major requirement of Steve Lansdown's manager seems to be that you flatter his ego first, and win things second? LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 5. JAMIE MCALLISTER. City are in relegation danger. Lansdown has to do something. Can't sack Golden Boy!!! So he sacks John Pemberton. Then he goes on Radio Bristol. He tells Twentyman "We've appointed Macca...............er.......................er..........................I mean............................Jamie Mcallister." Jobs for the boys. At some point in the next 5 years Lansdown will have to appoint a new manager. Let us face it, he will be pining and yearning and aching to appoint Jamie Mcallister. Mcallister is small. He has no managerial experience. He played for Bristol City. He is young. He is an internal appointment. He is the classic Lansdown appointee. Lansdown has shown he can appoint a good manager when he has to, like Gary Johnson and Steve Cotterill, but he prefers the Millen/Tinnion/Johnson style appointment. A businessman once said "I am intelligent enough to appoint men more intelligent than I am." Let us hope Steve Lansdown can do that. Socrates said "I know nothing. I am only wise because unlike everyone else, I know that I know nothing". Let us hope that Steve Lansdown can say to himself "I am rubbish at appointing football managers. But at least I know that, and therefore I need to get someone else to do it, or take bucketloads of advice as I do it." City fans were bewildered when Tinnion got the job without a proper process. City fans were bewildered when Millen got the job without a proper process. City fans were bewildered when Lee Johnson got the job when his record at Oldham and Barnsley was so mediocre. Please Steve. Not again.
  3. 47 points
    Obviously this is a classic RDK reaction thread and I know you're looking for bites, but I don't agree with your point and felt compelled to reply. Clearly the macro factors you mention have to be factored in, of course losing Reid, Bryan and Flint and not being given the funds to replace them is a huge ask. Of course it's not ideal circumstances for a manager to achieve instant success. The impression I get from the mood of the fans is that the concerns aren't just the form. It's the lack of identity in our play, the fact we look toothless at times.. then the factor that Johnson is infamous for these streaks of form. The other - and perhaps most worrying thing - is that it all feels a bit stale. People don't feel very excited about this season, i'm certainly not. I actually feel a bit apathetic about it - I've barely posted in months. I can live with mid-table - it's probably about right for a club of our level at the moment, but I just feel a bit bored. I also like Johnson, I think he's a good man and would love him to succeed. I just don't really have faith in him at the moment - all that nonsense about players 'needing a cuddle' - it just grates. I can't think how on earth that would be motivational or reassuring to professional athletes. I question whether people will take him seriously as a leader too; I see the need for technology in our training and am glad we're embracing it but I do wonder if he over-complicates and confuses the players. Some of the stuff he comes out with I can imagine the players eyes just glazing over. I hope he and the team can change my mind, but I just have lots of doubts at the moment. I get the impression this is a view shared by lots of people, even those that fundamentally like Johnson.
  4. 35 points
    Kev, We’re playing like cat shit. The form of the last few games will see us in the relegation mix. I don’t think he’s doing a good job. And the over reaction to beating relegation certainties Ipswich is baffling to me. I’d be so fickle to change my based on last night. Of course I wanted Lee to do well. I want all of our managers to do well. But he’s not doing well and I want him gone for the good of the club.
  5. 31 points
    A match short on quality between two poor sides was swung decisively in favour of City by a stunning performance from Lloyd Kelly, who kept his head while all around were losing theirs, to create two goals and contribute to another, in a crazy nine minute second half spell. A fixture neither struggling side wanted to lose was played out as a scrappy end to end game both wanted to win, committing players forward at both ends albeit short on quality up front. It wouldn't amount to much for City until Kelly, a class above all others, took hold of the game. He raced down the left three times in less then ten minutes to deliver two equalisers and then a winner - first overlapping an Eliasson run to slide a low ball in for Diedhiou to bundle home, then freeing Eliassson to setup Paterson, before his driving run teed up Diedhiou's winner. City started convincingly, determined to get the opener, inside 2 minutes Webster - at his old club - ran at Ipswich, before an intricate set of passes freed Weimann but his cut back found no support. A minute later the classy Walsh hit a dipping 20 yard shot that was tipped over. Within 60 seconds it was a third chance as Paterson seized on a loose ball only to fire over. Inside five minutes and so far plain sailing for City. It wouldn't last long. Walsh got dispossessed 30 yards out a minute later and Sears slammed a low shot past Maenappa and the post. The game became scrappy and after ten minutes Paterson got clattered while skipping past midfielders in front of City's bench, home manager Lambert arguing with his opposite number as the game boiled over. At the mid point of the half Kalas too was hacked down by Jordan. But before that City showed flashes of the purpose that would eventually serve them well: on 20 minutes intercepting an attack for Walsh to break forward, his long ball out to Eliasson on the right driven into the box where Weimann came close to turning home, but adjudged to be offside. It was all in vain as after the half hour City blinked. Stepping up to attack and with 4 forward, City lost the ball, then hesitated to press, letting Ipswich to play out before releasing Sears on the left who ran at City, turned Pisano inside out, and then curled into the bottom corner. To LJ's credit he hauled off Adelakun at the interval, almost a passenger in the first half and profligate with the ball, an opportunity to switch Eliasson to link up with Kelly, while introducing Diedhiou as a far more direct focal point up front. It was decisive for City's fortunes. Before City could get going, the effective Walsh went off injured inside six minutes of the second period, challenging bravely in City's own box. It meant the introduction of Morrell, much needed energy for a City side struggling to use possession. And inevitably minutes later City scored. The ball was played out to Eliasson on the left, who drew a defender, then fed Lloyd Kelly on the overlap, the young City star drilling a wicked low out swinging cross in front of the keeper - pushed into Famara's path, the Senegal striker bundling it back - and wide - but in off the keeper. But within two minutes City were behind again, Ipswich crossing deep from the left to the far post, a header back across goal leading to a shot, blocked and spinning to the edge of the box, Sears again with all the time in the world to pick a corner and drill home low through a crowd. Amazingly the game swung end to end, in a minute City were level again. Once more Kelly roamed down the left, he released Eliasson to beat a defender with a turn of pace, swinging a deep ball to the far post, Paterson unmarked to half volley into the ground and up over the keeper. Comically Ipswich almost retook the lead, a free kick on City's left resulting in a mad scramble in the box, the ball almost fired in at close range but blocked for a corner. And then to the delight of an increasingly noisy 290 away followers, the visitors actually stole into an improbable lead. This was the best of the lot for the classy Kelly, picking the ball up just inside the Ipswich half just beyond the hour mark, he weaved through defenders on a confident driving run, before lifting the ball over the defence for Diedhiou to break the line and steal in to nod home and celebrate. City were finally good value for their lead, and fifteen minutes from the end Morrell collected the ball in his own half after an Ipswich move broke down, fed Diedhiou through the middle, who quickly sent the hard working Weimann away right, his low cross met just too late by Paterson. In the final exchanges Ipswich went close with ten to go from an overhead kick after a beautiful defence splitting pass out to the left, and then in the final minutes of normal time City again broke through the relentless Eliasson who patiently worked it to Paterson to smash wide from 25 yards. City in the end were comfortable with their lead over six minutes added on - Kelly now stepping up convincingly into his defensive duties. He would be the star of the show, elevating a battle of two limited sides into a comfortable victory headlined by his efforts at both ends. Maenappa 6 Couldn't do much with the goals but slow to get down to low shots Pisano 5 Some good headers but slow to close down the opener Kelly 9 Best player on the pitch by some considerable distance Kalas 6 Most dominant in the final 25 with something to defend Webster 6 Generally solid and one great run early in the game Pack 5 Poor form continues, looked slow and nervous, wasted a few passes and didn't break up much Walsh 6 Our best player before he got injured, a driving influence out of midfield and put himself about all over the pitch Adelakun 4 Poor game after Saturday, careless with chances to control the ball and uncertain what to do with it Eliasson 7 Linked up well with Kelly second half and simply never stopped running - wants it more than most Paterson 6 Like Leeds a relatively improved performance but still massively hit and miss, from drifting into fantastic positions to being muscled off the ball in midfield without getting close to getting it under control Weimann 6 Bags of energy and works his proverbials off but no support or pace so also rarely a threat individually Diedhiou 7 Finishes both fortuitous (one deflected the other from a deflected through ball) but his movement and interplay from as deep as the halfway line sharp and more composed than recent weeks and his reaction to winner shows the criticism has stung Morrell 7 Unlucky with the loose ball for Ipswich's second but otherwise looked like he had been playing first team football for years, hard working, energetic and tidy Hunt 5 Didn't play for long
  6. 31 points
    Lansdown's Job for the Fans: 1)We are still Bristol City 2)We play in an amazing Stadium 3)We have a fantastic training set up and facilities 4) Our youth policy is actually working for the first time ever. 5) Despite losing millions and millions and millions - he still covers the losses and invests in the club I'm completely bewildered why he does it especially when the minute it's not going to the fan's plans or time frame - he and his family get contemptible abuse but please Steve..... Do it again.
  7. 23 points
    What do we want...Johnson out When do we want it...NOW
  8. 16 points
    Who said anything about anyone expecting us to be top six? I’ve said for a long while now that I just expect us to not be shit. The last time we played well was second half versus West Brom and that was only half a game. Since then; shit, shit, shit, shit, shit I genuinely can’t think of the last time we had a decent 90 minutes. Man Utd perhaps? LJ lost Flint, Bryan and Reid. They’d have been a massive loss to anyone. However, firstly, they weren’t assets created by him - there is an argument that Reid might be, but he wasn’t brought to the club by Johnson and I suspect there was more than a smidge of luck in his transformation to striker rather than judgement. Secondly, Johnson has had more than enough resources to replace them. More than any other manager by absolutely miles. The question now is, who else can by the next player sold on at a massive profit? I can pretty much guarantee you that it’ll be Lloyd Kelly - again - not a player brought in by Johnson. And having watched Lloyd I would expect that he’d have excelled under Stevie Wonder as coach. In short, we’re not progressing any longer under Johnson. The alarm bells are loud and clear on that. And I don’t see why we should be punished any further because of chance win at the worst team this league has seen in many years.
  9. 14 points
    I didn’t see anything tonight to make me excited about the future under LJ. Nice to get 3 points, yes. But we won because Ipswich were comical. Almost at a standard where the g*s would give them a good game. I fear that ironically this win may put us more in a relegation battle than a defeat might have.
  10. 10 points
    Please explain Sunderland with greater resources....Sheffield Wednesday, Hull, Brentford....Stoke and Swansea (parachute payment) 1, yes 1 point more than us so far....
  11. 9 points
    Good win tonight. Win Sunday we will be looking at play offs
  12. 9 points
    Why don't we look at the managers who weren't jobs for the boys then? O'driscoll, coppell, mcinnes, cotterill. All of them have a worse record at championship level than LJ...
  13. 9 points
    Skuse has always been a classy Championship defensive midfielder but seriously underrated by some City fans when he was at AG
  14. 8 points
    But Bakes came out of nowhere to cover and took her the **** out just outside New Look. He's now out injured for 4 weeks with a stiletto to the shin.......true story.
  15. 8 points
    Financial commitment for one. Despite the huge financial benefits of getting to The Premier the liabilities are higher, unless one decides not to compete and is prepared to take the flak of being a whipping boy. Lest not forget he's always said the club will ultimately have to stand on its own two feet (which may be possible in The Championship but would never happen higher up.) May also be the case SL prefers to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond.
  16. 8 points
    I've been thinking about this a lot recently, as i've been an advocate of LJ. I'll start this post by saying - he hasn't been sacked yet. A win against Millwall and we could be back in the top 10, which has us back 'on, or even above (below if you play golf) par' and the circus continues.... But i'll say this - hindsight is a wonderful thing - I know you and others had stayed strong in your views about LJ, fair play to you. But you couldn't have predicted the outcome of his time here, even when you talk about his past and the way in which he was appointed. What do Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez and Antonio Conte have in common - well one (of a few things I guess) is they all suffered relegations in their early years of management. Either Rafa or Arsene had 2 quickly, IIRC. Something LJ has, despite the negativity, not suffered yet. If they hadn't been given another chance on the back of that, 3 very successful careers might not have happened. Just a reference to hindsight. (This bit isn't just directed at you specifically, but i've read elsewhere too) If @Phileas Fogg or myself, or anyone else who have supported LJ now believes he has gone as far as he can, or should be sacked - it doesn't mean we have come round to other's way of thinking (seen the light) it might just might mean, up to now, league positions, progress, other factors, haven't warranted his sacking, in their opinion. In football things can change very quickly, that isn't "sad" as you put it. You say that LJ was never likely to and hasn't succeeded....well i'm sorry, but in my opinion he has succeeded in many ways. He succeeded in a way that one of our best recent managers, SC couldn't. He staved off relegation, that was a success. He has lead us to successive higher placed finishes in the league. He led us to our best showing in the league cup. These are facts. I won't start on the other ways, on and off the pitch he may have been a success, developing and blooding youngsters, for example, as that could be classed as an opinion. So if and when I, or someone else, believes LJ should be sacked, it doesn't mean that for a second that they should come grovelling to the "know it all's" to apologise because he should never have been appointed in the first place, because I still stand by the opinion that that statement is wrong.
  17. 8 points
    Please explain Sheffield Utd with less resources, cheaper players, less overall budget and wages and " a former player, who cares about the club".
  18. 8 points
    I'd bench Pack who looks burnt out. Offers nothing at the moment. Walsh/morrell/brownhill give us lots more energy.
  19. 8 points
    What he does need to learn is to stop setting the side up to counteract what the opposition are doing, play to our strengths and let them worry about us ffs.
  20. 7 points
    Its really starting to get on my man boobs. Can anyone on here, seriously, give me a reason why they think SL wouldn't want Bristol City to be in the Premier League. I mean a serious, well reasoned arguement? Its truely pathetic. Maybe I'm wrong, so come on, why do you think SL doesn't want us to be promoted, I 'd love to hear the answers.
  21. 7 points
    Kelly LB and Eliasson LW 2nd half. I’ve been really critical of Eliasson's starting positions over a couple of months. I think he starts too high meaning he can’t get into the game, sits on the periphery and gives difficult angles for passes from his full-back (predominantly when playing RW) and central midfielder, as well meaning he can’t get much ball off of the linking striker too. It also means when we don’t get ball out to him, that he’s got a lot of ground to cover. He lacks a bit of awareness of the danger and reacts slowly. That is what happened with their first goal. Two players wide left (goalside of NE) from a ball played on the angle from inside their half. Easy to blame Pisano for letting Sears run with the ball towards goal, but he’s worried that the man on the overlap is gonna get slipped in. Eliasson never gets near to Sears until he gets the shot off. Pisano maybe could do better, but if I were Eros I’d be having a pop at Niclas. Second half, Eliasson moves to left, Weimann to right, with Diedhiou on for Adelakun. His position for our equaliser, set up ultimately by Kelly, is only 8/9 yards forward of Weimann (centre of pic) who plays a neat ball with the outside of his right foot. We have good shape, good possession, and Kelly is confident that if he joins Eliasson, he can get the ball and join in. Town players retreating too rather than facing play. A second or two later (see below), Kelly is on hand to get the ball down the side, ping a cross, and with a bit comedy the ball is in the net. Morrell (28) has moved forward to the left to give an option inside should Kelly not be an option if the Ipswich man (7) tracking gets a decent position. That to me typified our left side second half. Wasn’t perfect, but the three youngsters created passing angles often in the second period. That has been missing, especially with Marlon out of form (he still was tonight too). Goal 2. Look at how close our front 5 are in this, as Kelly (they are now frightened of him) drives forward. Eliasson with a good receiving angle, no chance of Spence intercepting. Diedhiou probably in Kelly’s way but he moves inside as Kelly advancesand creates the necessary space ultimately. Paterson (20) moves towards pen spot as Kelly plays in Eliasson. By the time he gets a looping cross in, Diedhiou is level with near post, Weimann is on pen spot, and Pato is judging the flight better than anyone, on the move towards the back stick to side volley foot home. 3 players in great positions though. Goal 3 (below). A bit different, but good movement. Eliasson (blurred) inside, coming short crafting space for Kelly to get a nice pass from Webster. Paterson also come short too, but now looking to spin, as is Eliasson. Eliasson runs the diagonal as Kelly drives inside and is on the touchline by the time Kelly jinks past his marker and his deflected cross is nodded home by Diedhiou. To me that made a huge difference. Diedhiou did too, and Weimann (sacrificing and) disciplined on RHS gave us a much better shape allowing Pato to roam.
  22. 7 points
    Condensed version.........SL is shit at picking managers! Copyright @BigTone
  23. 6 points
    Won us the game tonight. Superb second half lets hope he kicks on now as he is easily our best striker.
  24. 6 points
    Q: How many clubs have at various points in the past appointed asistant managers as managers - particularly when those assistants have had successful careers at the clubs in question? A: Bloody loads Q: How many clubs have members of the owners' family in various executive positions? A: Bloody loads Q: How many clubs have appointed qualified former players as assistant coaches? A: Bloody loads Q: Does anyone think Lansdown co-built a business empire without being ruthless, but just by employing "mates"? A: Not anyone who knows him, or has any knowledge of HL.
  25. 6 points
    It's not abuse, it's a fair analysis from a fan on his judgement in football matters. He should not be above that. This post does not question his undoubted commitment to the club and Bristol. Let's hope he reads it. We all want the best for BCFC.
  26. 6 points
    Do you always post with a reaction? It’s been done to death about LJ, we’ve all said what we have thought over the past few weeks/months. We don’t need a telling off from you, and feel the need to tell us we need to get behind him. We were very poor again last night, so I wouldn’t lap this win up because it could have been a League One game. Result was key but again the performance wasn’t there and hasn’t been for months now. Don’t post this nonsense again on Sunday if Diedhiou scores a last minute winner off his bellend.
  27. 6 points
    Bloody good post. We sell our 3 best players and everyone expects us to be in the top 6. Deluded fools! If we finish anywhere between 10th and 16th we should all be happy. Think last night would have helped confidence and we have big players coming back to fitness. There is no reason why we can't go on a run of wins now. Always better against better teams so bring it on!!!
  28. 6 points
    It looked like a League 1 game to me, so poor by both teams. I watched the Villa highlights after this game and it just emphasised the difference. Forest scored some great goals and look like a proper footballing side. Contrast with our performance which was woefully short on quality. I don't think we are anywhere close to being out of the woods yet.
  29. 6 points
    A win away from home in the championship is never an easy task no matter what the standard of opponent. I now want to see us take some confidence into Sundays game because our home form has not been good at all. If we can't get some good performances going in front of the 20K rather than the few hundred brave souls that go away then the pressure will continue to mount.
  30. 6 points
    Did you give a toss when we had lost our last 4 and not put in a performance in any of them? Honestly, this "we have the points, I'm happy" attitude is such bollocks. It's exactly why we could be in serious trouble because an attitude like that essentially means "don't worry until it's too late". The performances recently are awful, the last convincing win we had was on 2nd September.
  31. 6 points
    Does everyone realise that we will NOT win every game we play? I despair if we lose, you moan. if we draw, you moan if we win, you ******* moan WHAT DO YOU WANT?? Rugby?
  32. 6 points
    He's a decent player who has been in poor form. Some of the criticism of him being 'direhou' or whatever is embarrassing. Showed he is capable of scoring goals last season.
  33. 5 points
    The way I see it is fairly simple. Like many others, I've supported City and been mostly a ST holder for over 30 years, but.. I have never seen the club so divided; I don't look forward to going to the Gate at all, the football is negative and I'm bored; I believe we could get far more from these players with a better Manager or Coach; Our recruitment of players have been terrible for some time and we have most certainly gone backwards; We got out of jail at Ipswich, terrible side who are going down. Finally, I believe there are fortunately worse sides in this division and believe we will not go down, we will miss SL's need to improve once again though!!
  34. 5 points
    Never much liked Kevin Keegan but reminded of his response when asked by a hack if he was 'feeling the pressure' under treat of the sack? "Pressure? Try telling that to an unemployed Scunthorpe steelworker worrying about how he's going to feed his four kids? Get real."
  35. 5 points
    I wish people would stop peddling the "3 best players" excuse We have been shit since January when these super players were all still here !
  36. 5 points
    Well no. When you’ve played shit for what’s pretty much 12 months and you play a team that look like a pub league team at best, I want to see us dominate. It was a chance to play good football and if we cannot play good football against Ipswich, we can’t play it against anyone. I’ve always said I just want us to not be shit. I want us to play with ‘identity’. Truth is, we as far from having an identity as we’ve ever been. It comes to something when I don’t want to watch my team play because I know exactly how they’ll play. Watching Bristol City has become a chore to me and I only watch now because I feel I have to. Thats where I am at under Johnson.
  37. 5 points
    Spot on Kev. A difficult job in a difficult league with his hands tied by the owner, being the real issue. Being forced to sell your best players doesn't help either.
  38. 5 points
    I am astounded how many of you think everything is ok because we’ve just scraped past Ipswich who were absolutely shit. And @billywedlock sadly you’re right. I wonder who he’ll be playing for next season.
  39. 5 points
    Well that was horse shit. Seriously, if that was an advert for the second league of English Football then I've lost all hope of rationality. Not making excuses is something of a cliché but you've got to lie the finger of blame somewhere and Bialkowski is suspect number one tonight, along with a number of his "team" mates. I can't believe we're actually heading for League One and we're only in November. This was a once proud club that did something unique and memorable in the not too distant past, but by today's standards it's a mess. No offence but you've been poor recently along with ourselves. Many fans thought - along with myself - Bristol City represented a very good opportunity for a much needed three points in the battle to escape the bottom position. Lo and behold we perform worse than yourselves and screw up another chance to take points from something. I'm both dismayed and frustrated with our situation. Not only tonight, but going back some 10 years now. Must have been a strange evening for those (of yours) that came over our way. At certain points of the game you would have had your Johnsons out, next minute bouncing up and down and in something of a frenzy. There's no sense is saying 'well done' as it's of no benefit to anyone within our own club set-up, furthermore it was another inexcusable showing from too many of our players amid a contest that for neutrals at least, was something of a non-event.
  40. 5 points
    We absolutely deserved that win tonight. Played against an in-form team, with bags and bags of talent vying for a repeat of Leicester's antics that other season ago. We absolutely outclassed them in every single way and if we carry on playing like we did tonight with our lord and saviour Lee Johnson behind the helm, there's no reason why in 5 years time we can't be playing the greats such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus. Can't thank him enough.
  41. 5 points
    Price tag hardly his fault though. I think 15 in 35 isn’t bad - essentially he will get you 10-15 goals a season. His form has been poor though - frustrating - this season for the most part. But he will be our top scorer by a distance.
  42. 5 points
    “Idiots in the West Stand” - what a great time to slag off some fellow City fans...Fammy ain’t a good player, he certainly ain’t a £5m+ player - and no, I’m not a ST holder in the West Stand...I’m a ST holder, but more realistic than some it seems...
  43. 5 points
    Sometimes you need wins like that. What I did see that was positive was a refusal to roll over and just bemoan our luck and a team that are still clearly playing for the manager (I know how much that hurts some posters on here). When you consider how we have been performing, we did some good things, shame that Walsh's effort in the first few minutes didn't go in because I think we would have run out comfortable winners with that extra bit of confidence. Eliasson and Kelly absolutely murdered the left flank in the second half, which was closer to what they were doing to teams a few weeks ago. Hang in there Fordy, I don't think we have turned a corner quite, but I think we just might be poking our heads around it.
  44. 5 points
    Well done Little Lee. A superb win over a dire Ipswich who will most certainly be relegated this season. I can just picture his smug little face getting back on that coach knowing thats bought himself yet more time to feed us more of this utter bullshit.
  45. 5 points
    Anyone expecting a team that have lost 4 on the bounce to come out and play attractive, free flowing football is seriously deluded in my opinion. Tonight was about one thing, getting a result. Which, however ugly things were at times, is what they got. If anything this win increases expectations for Sunday in my mind. Now a little of the pressure is off, I expect more of a performance against millwall.
  46. 5 points
    Watched the whole game and we were truly shit
  47. 5 points
    Well done Lee for avoiding 5 defeats in a row.
  48. 4 points
    Yeah, 47 transfers, tens of millions of liability incurred and what do we have to show for it? Now that's what I call having one's hands tied.......
  49. 4 points
    I spoke about quality and experience at this level etc on another thread. When you have the likes of Smith injured, Pack out of form....we are left with Odowda, Brownhill, Walsh and Morrell. I won't count our 'wingers' of Elliason, Watkins, Adalunkin. With those four players available for midfield...how does anyone expect us to be better than what we are at the moment? Seriously? No doubting they have ability...but a Midfield of out of form Pack, injured Smith, Odowda, Brownhill, Walsh and Morrell...how does anyone think those midfielders are good enough to be anything more than mid table in this league...and that's at a push. The Club see Hegeler as a defender. Defence is fine, and is top 6 quality imo. Midfield...Average quality...average/below average experience at this level.... to compete against better quality and vastly more experienced midfielders in this league....they are doing well considering. It's no surprise we are inconsistent....and with Smith injured, it's no surprise that Pack has lost his form...imagine how nervous he must be with such inexperience and quality around him. Playing like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Then take the rest of the team...Weimann and Watkins...experienced but they are average quality in this league. Mid table players. Pato...quality...but never been the same since virus. The rest all inexperienced at this level. The majority of our midfield and Front players wouldn't walk into most of the top 10 clubs imo. The point i'm making...we are imo...a mid table side, getting results that a mid table side would get. As for Walsh and Morell... got potential...but no way are they good enough to make us better than what we already are imo. This squad needs more experienced better quality players in midfield and up front to climb the league. The Clubs ethos of buying young promising players to develop and gain experience is fine...but imo, this season we are too lop sided in midfield and up front. Not enough quality with experience to help develop these youngsters. Unless we get a couple in with Quality and experience in January, then I can see us being mid to lower by the end of the season. It's just not sustainable as it is over the whole of the season imo.
  50. 4 points
    Awww someone pissed on this Sag’s chips tonight They're losing 2-1 currently, would love for Harrison to come off the bench and add insult to injury. If there is one small saving grace to our situation currently, it is that the Sh1t could be about to lose 5 in a row too. EDIT: 2-2 almost instantly ffs
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