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Showing content with the highest reputation on 27/05/2019 in all areas

  1. 24 points
    Can only echo the Sky coverage superlatives. Against all the odds. Remarkable achievement by Villa. Two clubs allowed by the EFL to do whatever they fancy under FFP. Two clubs unendingly and disproportionately indulged by EFL match officials. Incredible that they both got here and even more incredible one of them has won it. What. An. Accomplishment. To do it with the deck continually stacked against everyone else. Fair play, that is quite some achievement. Hope the EFL get the credit they deserve before long too.
  2. 17 points
    Phew..! Thanks for letting us know..! When I saw the title of this topic, I just had to read on into, to discover your opinion. Can you imagine my relief now that I know you don’t actually have one. I don’t know what these threads would do without clarification on your indifference, so thank you for saving us all from spending our bank holiday distracted by your position. I’d rather Villa stayed down, personally.
  3. 14 points
    derby for me it would be nice to see villa fail twice at the last hurdle
  4. 13 points
  5. 12 points
    Villa fans and local media have a bizarre definition of obsession. This is Birmingham's main newspaper, dedicating an article to Bristol City fans who were merely asked a question about a match - and apparently we are obsessed? Says the paper which has published an article about us for their fans that can't stop commenting on us. I have literally no idea where this Villa "rivalry" has come from, more so why they hate Lee Johnson so much. The obsession truly seems to be one way. On the balance of history they are well within their rights to say we should be irrelevant to them... but they can't help but keep stoking up an imaginary rivalry. What a very odd bunch. Unsurprisingly, Derby for me. Not because I care less about Villa, but simply never understood where the dislike of Derby comes from. Fans very decent in pubs at games up there, you couldn't exactly say they bought the league the way Villa tried, in fact FL has merely replicated LJ in bringing in the best Premiership teenagers he can get. The FFP stadium sale thing doesn't sit right with me, and they clearly rode their luck with generous refereeing in the run in, but it's not like they've made the decisions in either case. Their performance at Leeds in the semis was exceptional, good luck to them. I won't be cheering but it'll hurt a little less if it's them and not the obsessives.
  6. 12 points
    Unlike the rest of you, I’m taking a far more considered, balanced and entirely logic-based approach in hoping that FLDC win because I f‘kin hate Villa.
  7. 10 points
    If Robbored isn't watching, then I don't even see the point of it being played.
  8. 10 points
    I'm sure had he been a success at Stoke the club would have stood by him , saying they wanted to help him with his addictions and hinting at mental health issues. It's very fashionable these days.
  9. 10 points
    It's probably actually an easy excuse to get him off the wage bill more than Stoke making an example of him.
  10. 8 points
    F’kin gutted. I only ever went to the City v Villa games to see the Villa. They told me.
  11. 8 points
    Derby to win for me. They'll get dicked most week's in the prem. Villa staying down has so many upsides: * Complete meltdown of their arrogant twatty fans. *FFP could come home to roost and make them all the weaker. * Introduction of VAR in the Championship will make them weaker still as the video evidence of their cheating comes home to roost. ....and in the real world, Derby are shit so can't see them winning today however much I want the above to happen.
  12. 7 points
    You had Norwich down as a major threat after they finished 14th and sold their best player? Interesting.... Odd you didn't once mention this on OTIB, despite frequently posting about things you tell us you don't have an opinion on or aren't interested in. One time you have such amazing foresight, not a mention. What are the chances! By way of brief sanity check - a quick search finds a pre-season thread last summer about Stoke being favourites which you contributed to 6 times on the first page, to say you don't think Stoke will do it. Now that was a good prediction, but for some reason you missed an obvious opportunity to mention this additional Norwich vision.
  13. 6 points
    There’s enough tents for gastonbury
  14. 6 points
  15. 6 points
    the sooner those pricks go bankrupt and disappear the better for me vile club with vile fans .
  16. 5 points
    Nope - backward step. Football fans are all romantics but the reality is that it rarely works out going back with an old flame.
  17. 5 points
    The stadium was valued in 2017 at c£41m, this was based on the original cost of construction less depreciation (an annual reduction in value based on the expected useful life of the asset, probably 50 years). In the 2017/18 financial year Derby ‘sold’ the stadium for £81m meaning they could book a profit of £40m. The reason this could be viewed as dubious is the sale was not to 3rd party, but to another company owned by Derby’s owner. There is nothing illegal in that, in business sale and leaseback transactions are quite common usually to allow a company to access cash from valuable assets. However this specific deal does raise three questions 1) is the valuation of the stadium at £81m reasonable, this is subjective as there isn’t an open market for 32,000 seat stadiums in Derby. PSG were done for this a few years ago when they massively overvalued commercial deals from Qatari owned companies so they could show PSG in profit 2) Going forward will Derby be charged market rate rent for the stadium, based on the valuation of £81m this would be around £4-5m per year which be an additional cost they would need to recognise in their accounts going forwards 3) is this in the spirit of FFP. As I understand it you can exclude stadium development costs from FFP so it would be reasonable to exclude profit from stadium trading as well. From an accounting perspective this is legal, the valuation of the stadium of £81m isn’t hugely unreasonable, however it is difficult to see the reasons for the transaction as anything other than getting round the FFP rules. in summary the deal is a bit iffy, but due to the EFL’s incompetence/reluctance to follow through with FFP rules it seems unlikely anything will happen. However it is the only thing a club can do once, so now Derby will have to reign in spending as they have missed promotion and will need to cover the multi million pound rent charge from the sale. The bigger concern is whether other clubs will see this as a get out of jail free card, believe Sheff Wed and Villa have been rumoured to be doing something similar
  18. 5 points
    You’ve obviously never seen Gary penrice
  19. 5 points
    That’s a Kodjia pay out then
  20. 5 points
    It’s the worst possible final tbh but if I had to choose it would be Villa for me, they would have much more of a chance of winning the league next season and personally I can’t wait to see the back of them Plus sky wouldn’t have their wankfest over the overrated Frank Lampard, happy days
  21. 4 points
    As I said in another thread, I think Villa will offload him. Albert is now 31 and the reality is he’s not the player he was. We saw some of the best of him and I don’t want to see the worst of him.
  22. 4 points
  23. 4 points
    Send it to the 15ers.
  24. 4 points
    How is Lampard over rated? Appears to be doing a very solid job in first gig at management.
  25. 4 points
    Robbored has a surprisingly high post count considering he isn't interested in 95% of the content on OTIB.
  26. 4 points
    I don’t think he should be banned but I do think any team that is contemplating signing him should only do so if they are prepared to meet with any of their fans who have lost friends or loved ones through drink driving and explain their decision. I also think Berahino, and any other drink driver, should be made to meet people seriously injured in drink drive incidents and learn about the consequences of his actions.
  27. 4 points
    This final is the worse-case scenario. Personally hope FLDC win Villa implode and have to sell Grealish et al SL invests heavily and we get Tammy back to fire us to top spot as the missing link next season. FL goes to Chelski as manager anyway and loses most games due to the ridiculousness of appointing such an inexperienced manager in the first place. XXDC come down after amassing a single digit total points value all season.
  28. 4 points
    Heart says Derby Head says Villa Dream says NEITHER. Too many reasons why but just two stand out to me. Semenyo red card when Huddlestone ploughed into him a second after Semenyo had won the ball cleanly. That appalling decision for a penalty to Villa, when their player is clearly backing into Hunt and then handles the ball on his way down when Hunt steps back. Am I bitter? Yes!
  29. 4 points
  30. 4 points
    Derby for me, the BBC and Sky can then have their dream of FLDC to cream over. Also the fall out for Villa, it will be fun watching them implode and their adorable fans crying over how unfair it is that a massive club like that should automatically be given a place in the top league.
  31. 3 points
    Those hundreds of others clambouring all over each other was Rory Underwood, Will Carling and Jeremy Guscott trying to tackle him! ....and at what point did the stewards eject you from the try-zone!!
  32. 3 points
    I sat next to Jona Lomu once at a rugby World Cup Final - I didn’t say a word to him until he spoke to me, I think he appreciated the fact I let him be - as hundreds of others were clambouring all over each other trying to get selfies, photos and autographs. We had a good conversation once he initiated the chat - I don’t understand people who interrupt ‘celebrities’ in restaurants, pubs, airports, at sporting events etc - they are just people going about their business ... I was stood next to my all time hero, Paul Weller, at a bar in Glasgow Airport once ... he was necking Guinness like water - but I didn’t interrupt him, don’t understand people who do ...
  33. 3 points
  34. 3 points
    This time last year did anyone have Norwich and Sheff Utd down as "stand out" teams?
  35. 3 points
  36. 3 points
    This game sums up every thing that is disproportionately wrong with the EFL. Despite their unpopularity no one would grumble if this was leeds or a friendly West Brom. This thread would merely be about the match. But the fact it's vile and FLDC tells you all you need to know. It's a crying shame that the "winner" will not only enjoy the massive Sky Premier League riches but also escape EFL FFP punishment (whatever that is). If ever there was a case for the flagrant disregard of FFP then here it is with the two "finalists" which really should be a showcase for everything that is good about the Championship not the two best at bending the rules clubs . I really hope something can be done to not only ensure clubs adhere to FFP but also to stop this "gambling" on success.
  37. 3 points
    Cheating bastards , watch them struggle next year
  38. 3 points
    **** off Villa, good riddance. Derby finished now. Up the City !!!!!!!
  39. 3 points
    Glad to see the back of them, arrogant brummie cants
  40. 3 points
    Guela Kanga from Sparta Prague and Roos would add bounce to our team
  41. 3 points
    Need some rebuilding but wonder how they can find it? Selling Pride Park could raise a few bob!
  42. 3 points
    Also, the thought of Grealish, Terry AND Dean Smith all in bits after losing at Wembley again would be such a beautiful sight
  43. 3 points
    Sky has just discussed England U21 squad. Showed Jay Dasilva as Bristol City. Do they know something we don't? Wishful thinking on my part! Or maybe Sky are just rubbish and don't know their stuff.
  44. 3 points
    Hope it goes to extra-time and pens. Then when it comes to sudden death pens whenever Derby miss one, Villa miss one and whenever Derby score one, Villa do likewise and the shootout is still in progress at the start of next season and doesn't finish until some time in November by which time it's too late for the winner to take their place in the prem and Frank Lampard has been away from home for so long that Christine Breaknee divorces him. But can't see it happening really.
  45. 3 points
    I’ll never forget Keith Andrews saying “MK Dons is a bigger club than Bristol City” ....
  46. 3 points
    Struggling to find anyone who’d be seen dead wearing the pre-school robin.
  47. 3 points
    Or they could offer a bog standard chicken burger but package it in a Spice Girls branded cardboard sleeve. They could then knock them out for about fifteen quid.
  48. 3 points
    Yes, lovely Alice, she's one of our own! The programme was largely centred on the Georgian period, with other notable events thrown in the mix. Bath is often regarded as 'The Georgian City' (and with good reason) but it's less widely known that Bristol has more Georgian history; you will have to travel a bit more to see all of it and perhaps that's why Bath gets the popular vote. However, the architecture is here and the history that binds it is in plentiful supply. It is an important and long-lasting period of our past that we should recognise. Yes, the Triangular Trade is a fundamental part of that and Alice doesn't hold back in telling that story. Clearly the issues are very much in our thoughts even today. But the show certainly lets people know just what sort of great history we have here in our old town. Alice as a native herself (and I'll add myself to this) admits that she didn't realise just how much we have. There is a lot to be proud of (and some that we should remember) in Bristol. If you do happen to have a little spare time then why not take a stroll along the Floating Harbour or look into M Shed museum, or indeed surf the net! We all are guilty of not seeing our city as a visitor would.
  49. 2 points
    Derby.................Villa to crash and burn under FFP, then Boro's Gibson to win in the courts (whatever that will mean ).
  50. 2 points
    Naive perhaps, and I admit I am out of my depth here, but isn’t there any way that clubs could force a vote of no confidence in those who administer FFP in the EFL. if they’re not up to the task then they should be replaced by others who are.
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