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Showing content with the highest reputation on 28/08/2019 in all areas

  1. 22 points
    Do you know what, this series of pictures has finally done it for me. They can come on here and call us "a franchise", "plastics" or whatever else they can think to denigrate us. I will happily accept any of that because I know I will be in the concourse or fan zone, drinking proper drinks, eating tasty food and looking at multiple screens, before the game, at half time and after the game. When the game is on, I will be sitting or standing (as I am in the unreserved section) undercover in comfort and with an unobstructed view. And every time things get a little boring, or the team performance drops off, I will take a deep breath and thank **** that my father took me to City when I was a boy.
  2. 16 points
    For me Bristol City is more than just a football club. My father passed away when I was very young so I never really had a relationship with him. He was a huge Bristol City fan. So when I was old enough to start attending games I suddenly felt as if I had rediscovered some sort of relationship with him. I grew up on a council estate, times were hard, I suffered unimaginable bullying, going to Ashton Gate every other week was my escape, the bullies happened to be Rovers fans! I've lost friends, family members etc and been through various roblems in life. I'm living a rather settled and content life these days, I don't know how much Bristol City has played a part in that but I'm sure it's played it's part. I sadly lost my mother this March. We went on a mini run after her death which really helped. I remember the first home game since her death at home to Wigan. I remember being there and feeling as if everything had changed but at the same time nothing had changed, that was quite a reassuring feeling to have. When we scored our two goals that day I cried. My mother is now burried at South Bristol Cemetery so going to Ashton Gate now has a far deeper meaning, as you can see Ashton Gate from her grave I now feel as if she is watching down on me and us. My connection to Bristol City suddenly feels much stronger. I sound a bit silly don't I but the one constant in my life has and hopefully always will be, is Bristol City FC. It is more than just a football club. I share my story because it's not a unique story to me, every single football fan will have their own stories. I saw on the news earlier people talking about their parents ashes being scattered on the Gigg Lane pitch and that really hit me because they got out of going to Bury games what I get out of going to Bristol City games, and I know how I would feel if I ever lost that so I can really feel their pain.
  3. 15 points
  4. 13 points
    He’s mocking . Brian Clough was a larger than life eccentric with a drink problem who despite all that achieved miracles at, not one , but two unfashionable provincial clubs . He deserves more respect from a bloke who isn’t fit to tie the great man’s bootlaces . His story makes BC out to be a complete clown and a fool and he only uses it because people are still interested in the legend that was Cloughie years after his death. I don’t find the story funny at all and I’m sure that if BC were alive today then he wouldn’t dare tell it.
  5. 13 points
  6. 12 points
    I am just gutted about this whole situation and feel so sorry for Bury fans. Colin Bell started his career at Bury and other prominent players such as Stan Bowles, Neville Southall and Lee Dixon also learned their trade at Gigg Lane before going on to have very successful careers at the bigger clubs. A significant piece of football history has been taken away from our game and having gone through the 1982 stuff I just feel so bad for all Shakers fans ...
  7. 10 points
    We are on Sky Sports on Saturday, considering what we went through in 82 surely us as fans should be doing something on the day to show our support for both Bury and Bolton?
  8. 10 points
    This isn't North Korea. Both things are news and if it people want to discuss then, why shouldn't they? It doesn't take anything at all away from our recent success on and off the pitch.
  9. 9 points
    Just when you thought you couldn't laugh anymore...
  10. 7 points
    Good let them all **** off to play one another week in week out. Leave the rest of us to play in a proper competitive league.
  11. 6 points
  12. 6 points
    ..... and the loyal and trooo are 91st out of the 92 clubs in replica shirt sales for this season - thought they loved their ‘unique’ kit and are so ‘prowed’ of it! http://www.sportbible.com/football/news-top-10s-premier-league-football-league-clubs-have-been-ranked-on-shirt-sales-20190828
  13. 6 points
  14. 6 points
    We've been sent this heartfelt message from a Bury fan. Sadly they didn't leave a name, but I couldn't not post it. From the times when i first watched the club in the manny road end at a stupidly young age moaning about how **** we were (my first ever game), to the times when Liam Robinson and David Lee were dazzling us, travelling to Bolton at both grounds for the glorious (and some not so) derbies, watching Lucketti, Butler, Johnson and so many other stars, missing the promotion match as season ticket holders, listening to the match in the swan and then somehow blagging our way into the players bar after the promotion ceremony with Stan Ternant and Sam Ellis to celebrate going up with the team, beating City at Maine Rd and seeing a fan tear up his season ticket, the volcano hot coffees in the main stand, the great songs, the familiar faces, the moments celebrating with Neville Neville, the realisation I should have worn thicker socks and gloves on another Tuesday night being snowed on as my season ticket seat was at the front of I block and had no real cover from the wintry weather. The celebrations, the defeats, the highs, the lows. The 'what the' moment as Baichung Bhutia seemed to cling to the referees legs at Blackpool in his debut like he didn’t quite know the rules, the rivalry with Rochdale, watching us play at a old Trafford, eating some god awful food at some truly great grounds, the annual trek to Radcliffe for the friendly. Wondering how Peter Swan could have such a large turning circle, to Ryan Lowe, to the Barmy Army, to Hugh Eaves funded it how??? To some stunning goals, to the hoof it upfield straight from kick off, to the chants of Brazil, it’s just like watching Brazil as the ball spent five minutes in the air being headed back and forth. To the joy of hugging random fans in a big piley on as we belted in the winner vs Dale to trudging home after losing on a Tuesday night away to Plymouth. To all the past players and staff and fans I salute you. All those moments are now lost to time, never to be felt again in the same way
  15. 6 points
    Many people would scream No But Simon Jordan is the man the EFL should employ as their head
  16. 6 points
    One of the guys who helped save them some years back, Ian Harrup , a lifelong (50+ years) Bury fan was in a state on radio last night Poor bloke He claimed that the going ons at Bury were being looked at by the Serious Fraud Office Was this Just him emotional or , (hopefully) is there some truth in this ? Hes also vowed to finance forensic accountants to expose what’s gone on I hope he does
  17. 6 points
    In February 2007 I watched Stockport v Mansfield purely because Wayne Hennesey was about to keep his ninth clean sheet in his first nine games in professional football and he did. However playing in front of him was an absolute rolls royce of a defender. A 22 year old who was as close as I had seen to the imperious Alan Hanson. I sent an email that evening to bcfc. In 2008 Swansea bought him for about £400k after impressing on loan. He played for them for 8 years before Everton paid £12m in 2016
  18. 5 points
    let him back on. That lot don’t want him , we can keep him as a pet
  19. 5 points
    Nice touch from Bury https://www.twitter.com/buryfcofficial/status/1166772525210226688
  20. 5 points
  21. 5 points
    Walking through the concourse at the Mem...
  22. 5 points
    Comes across as one of the least intelligent people involved in football, which is some achievement.
  23. 5 points
    The sooner football clubs are treated as community assets first and businesses second the better. Far too many clubs down the league's getting financially squeezed out and closer to the abyss each season. It's starting to reflect society, the 1% sitting pretty not giving a shit and everyone else having to graft and hustle just to keep going. Can't thank SL and associates enough for keeping us competitive with a sensible and structured approach.
  24. 5 points
    Thing is, it's a members club and I'm afraid Jon Lansdown tweeting about how gutted he is Bury have gone under rings a bit hollow with me. Let's see if him and his Dad via Mark Ashton lobby for more scrutiny over how owners run their clubs in the EFL. I don't think that's going to happen somehow... Simon Jordan isn't a bad shout btw, I'm just not convinced he'd be able to get the members to change their ways.
  25. 5 points
    Sad, sad day. Don't ask me why but given his laisse faire/useless approach to governance I have a slight suspicion that Shaun Harvey would have let Bury start the season and after that who knows- may have unravelled really quickly but it's a suspicion that I can't fully shake. 12 hours ago it looked all good- the fans were there including Bolton fan helping to clean the ground- that guy in his 70s was there, the one who was turning up to the ground each day. Dark day for English football, first such situation like this since "the modern era" began- sad times. Wise words from JL.
  26. 5 points
    I thought I'd bump this thread - an especially poignant read given the current circumstances of Bolton and Bury - link per original post: https://thesefootballtimes.co/2017/09/20/the-story-of-bristol-citys-three-relegations-in-747-days/
  27. 4 points
    Jailed for 10 weeks for failing to provide a specimen of breath. Maybe he'll use this time to work on a new 'after dinner' routine, rather than the entirely fictional account of when Brian Clough apparently tried to sign him, which turns in to 15 minute routine that seemingly mocks an addict.
  28. 4 points
    Hate the EFL all you want but never forget the Premier League, FA and 5 arrogant clubs, would see us all go to the wall, if it meant they became a little bit richer.
  29. 4 points
  30. 4 points
    I very much like the idea of a museum. We have a rich and interesting heritage. If not...books wouldn't have been written about the Club's history. The museum could show how we came about...showing each decade. Memorabilia, shirts, programmes, notable players, managers and staff. Club supporter culture. Souvenirs...badges, scarves. Covering everything. Having a Club archivist...someone like David Wood...would be an asset. Fans could celebrate being Bristol City, and kids could see our history. The list is endless as to what could be added. History gets lost in the midst of time and often altered. It would be nice to have everything archived in one place.
  31. 4 points
    The day after Burys tragic expulsion and I am still utterly fuming about this. And I am actually very sad to the point I shed a slight tear last night. (Yes I can be an emotional softie but I've had previous problems that probably magnify my emotions) I'm sure I'm not the only one on here who's taken a moment to think about a life without Bristol City. Its unthinkable. I completely agree mate. I've been discussImg this with my dad in great length over the weekend and I have mentioned your name on a couple of occasions. (He's an occasional OTIB reader). We are on the same page. The EFL should be held fully accountable for this. Bury should never have been in this position in the first place. its ****ing ridiculous. Did I mention I'm fuming?
  32. 4 points
    Good striker. Absolutely awful manager. And the most annoying football pundit on telly. No sympathy for drink drivers
  33. 4 points
    Shows you need to have a good, clear , strict , ‘exit plan’ , should we ever get promoted , in anticipation of relegation from the prem
  34. 4 points
    He’s only 20 and he has been in the spotlight more than many of our younger players, because we paid a fee for him at 18 and he scored a couple of goals in early league cup appearances. Had he come through the academy and not had this publicity, we wouldn’t be talking about him as some sort of failure. Plenty of time yet. In reality he’s just following the process of lower league loans at this stage. Not everybody can be like Massengo at 18.
  35. 4 points
    Even the Brighton players were laughing at their shitey little stadium! Ten secs into this vid - “Lovely ground” !!! Haha!
  36. 4 points
    I recall their Smoking Stadium
  37. 4 points
    In the 80s, I once saw Bobby Gould coming out of Rumbelows with a video camera. I had to have a chat with him and asked Bobby about his new tech. "I got it for the team." He replied. "Sounds like you got a good deal."
  38. 4 points
    Wait until you get to 76 years when your lung capacity is significantly less than even twenty years ago. You climb to row 25 and maybe do this a couple or three more times in the game because of the "old man's bladder problems". I'll be there , doing my best to encourage them but if I don't sing and shout for 95 minutes, please forgive me. @TuxHarry
  39. 4 points
    Brighton literally bought your best player to stick in their reserves who then got out muscled by little Tom Nichols who then scored what must be his 7th goal in about 100 apps. Thanks for spending another night obsessing over us. Much love, always in your minds, Rovers x
  40. 4 points
    There is a significant difference between a museum and a trophy room. There is plenty to put in a museum, we should have one and it should be included in stadium tours that should be on offer. The importance of City to the Bristol community cannot be overstated and supporters and visitors, both young and old, should be given the opportunity to learn about, and celebrate local history. As for the Mickey Mouse cup jibe I'm sick of it. The trophies may not have the kudos of the FA Cup or League Cup (although many premiership teams interest in these is disgraceful) but they were honestly competed for and won with no little effort from the players and supporters alike. As someone who has been watching City for nearly 60 years I am deeply insulted by sh**s who decry the winning of such trophies and try to undermine the immense pride I felt in seeing City walk out at Wembley in the Freight Rover Trophy final of 1986 and then proceed to demolish Bolton Wanderers. It is still for me the greatest day I ever had in watching the team I passionately love.
  41. 4 points
  42. 3 points
    Lets ALL buy FGR shirts to put the sags in their rightful place !
  43. 3 points
    Kakas and Dasilva wishing to avoid a ‘ scene’ down town yesterday.
  44. 3 points
    The FA and the EFL need to look into this as a matter of urgency. There should be an independent audit of clubs accounts at the end of every season. If the audit raises concerns / queries then the owner(s) should have to explain and prove how the club will run for the next season. There should be a removal of undisclosed fees, payments. Payments to third parties should be more transparent. Basically every penny a club receives should be recorded and disclosed where it has gone. It will remove the option of clubs selling the ground for an inflated price as well. This should take place for ALL professional football clubs. Hopefully it will remove the dark arts of the finances of the game. Slightly concerning to hear ‘Big’ Sam on talksport other day talking about club finances It would also be ideal if the greed of the premier league was removed, whilst I appreciate for many it is the ambition, personally I couldn’t care less if we never reached the overhyped, egotistical premier league.
  45. 3 points
    Given how much we spent on him I'd prefer if he was frozen in a cryogenic chamber for three months...
  46. 3 points
    I thought he looked very assured and in command, even if only playing at half pace. He appeared to be in control of the defence with Baldwin and Soady benefiting from his authority and experience. I was also impressed with the pin-point accuracy of a few of his long cross field passes. It will be interesting to see how he fits into a Championship game at twice the pace. I would hope, however, that his vast experience would compensate for any lack of pace. Overall I'm cautiously optimistic that he'll be a worthwile addition.
  47. 3 points
  48. 3 points
    It only needs one player to be picked regularly to disprove your theory that LJ won’t pick academy players - and Kelly was that player. He was very clearly good enough, and he played. In recent years we’ve also seen Reid and Bryan establish themselves in the first team from the academy route, albeit not initially via LJ. Rather than blame LJ for not picking them, maybe the current options available to him simply aren’t good enough. We’d all be quick enough to complain if he started playing sub-standard players regularly, simply to prove the academy pathway, but at a cost to results. The other point I would make is that as the team continues to move up the league ladder, it’s going to be increasingly difficult for academy players to reach first team standard quickly, unless the quality of output from the academy progresses at the same rate. That’s a big ask. Top half Championship is a world away from mid table League One, where a youngster would have a better chance of establishing themselves in the first team.
  49. 3 points
    Out in town and out on the town are not necessarily the same thing.
  50. 3 points
    I've suspected you've lost your marbles a long time ago but this just confirms it. Yes we have not had the most illustrious of history's but to call our history insignificant I actually find quite offensive. We are where we are today, because of our history, it is our history and we should be proud of that. I absolutely love being a Bristol City fan because we have a real history, a history that I feel a part of, Bristol City runs through the blood in my family. I have been through some extreme highs and lows with Bristol City but when but when we beat Man United and achieved other significant feats, having gone through the extreme lows, it made those times all the more enjoyable. I remember where our club has come from, when we went to the Etihad in a major semi final, with that huge away support and went one nil up the pride I felt was immense. Your not a Liverpool fan by any chance are you?
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