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  1. Hi everyone. I'm a Hungarian fan (clearly obvious from my name I suppose ), thanks for letting me join the forum. I would like You to have a little insight on Ádám, not the usual stats, etc. I don't want to convince anyone if he's a good or bad football player, just give a little deeper insight on his characteristics, something You can't know about from articles and the usual introductions. Waited for the finalisation of the transfer with this just to be sure and it will be a long read. I'll start by being very honest: he's my absolute favourite player. And that's a very rare thi
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  2. Pics of the card. Taken 4 days to put it all together. Hope I’ve done you all justice. Will get it over to Benik as soon as I can. Social media gets a lot of bad press, but it also does stuff like this, which some would do well to remember.
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  3. Truly today must be our 'finest hour'. I learn today that Weimann should not be on the pitch and Fammy is actually the problem in our team. Meanwhile signing a truly mega exciting player age 18 with Champions League experience from a major European club is questioned as worryingly too much money and a big gamble- then largely glossed over on our forum because it's just not enough or the right position . Un-####in believable !! ( Welcome Han-Noah - I will cheer you at every touch) Signing a goal keeper with the pedigree of Dan Bentley, Making our Chelsea loans of Kallas,
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  4. Hello. Brighton fan in here, in peace. I just wanted to say that I think you've made a fantastic appointment in Chris Hughton. He's an excellent manager and a very decent and measured guy. He did an amazing job with us, taking us on near the bottom of the Championship, getting us promoted and then keeping us up twice. The end of his reign here was pretty dismal but he is still thought of as arguably our best ever manager. He is often criticised for being negative or too defensive. He is certainly a pragmatist and at time in the PL he took a safety first approach but that is
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  5. Just driving past the two storey framed structure of the new training ground building at Failand this morning you realise that SL won't be leaving the next managerial appointment to chance. The new training facility which will also house the u-23s is a multi-million pound development that will be ready in around 9 months. There is absolutely no way he has invested this kind of off-field money to employ a novice, or someone of limited experience, to run. Bristol City is now a sizeable club and a sizeable project that requires a manager with plenty of experience at Championship and Pr
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  6. Just wanted to put on here what Joe is doing for some City fans. My daughter buys a new home shirt every season. For several seasons her favourite player has been Joe, so it’s his number and name across the back and she usually gets him to sign it. This year, fully aware he was likely to leave, she waited until the squad numbers came out and because he had No 3 again, decided to have his name on the back. Of course he left a couple of days later and she was gutted. She decided to go into the club shop today and ask if they can take his name off her new shirt or exchange it. The
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  7. I know that many of you on here were members of the Junior Reds back in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s where there were many awaydays and the club room, formerly behind the Williams and latterly under the Dolman. The main man running the Junior Reds, which took up many hours and with many stresses, all for nothing, was my father, John Banks. Even after ceasing involvement in the Junior Reds, he continued to attend every home game in the South stand despite deteriorating health. John died today at the age of 72. Fittingly, the team won for him and he passed shortly after the final whistl
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  8. Mark Ashton speaks to the fans Following the departure of Head Coach Lee Johnson I felt it important to communicate with our supporters and let them understand the direction of travel that the club is taking as we continue to make progress towards our mission goal of bringing Premier League football to Ashton Gate. Let me begin by paying tribute to the hard work Lee has put in on behalf of this football club, I have worked successfully at the top level of the football industry and it is never pleasant when a colleague has to move on but the football club must move forward, an
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  9. Haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere and thought it deserved a thread. A couple of days ago, a young Peterborough fan made a post on social media suggesting that he was imminently going to take his own life. Sam sent the guy his personal phone number via message and told him to call him whenever he needed to talk. And today he met up with the lad for a coffee and a chat. Class young man.
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  10. Many apologies for posting something which is another (to add to all the others) negative perspective on my beloved BCFC. I have been supporting them now 62 years, so I do have a bit of a history, but I have rarely felt so low and disillusioned as at present. In recent times we have been so full of hope and promise - the wonderful title winning season, the new ground completed, new income streams, new strategy for youth development, beating all and sundry in the Premier and, yes, year on year progress in the Championship - until now I fear. I do hope I am wrong and my low state is just a
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  11. Not sure many on here would have known my dad, who passed away on the weekend at 82 years old, but nevertheless thought I’d share some City related memories. Charlie James – or Charlie Boy, as he called himself – lived during his childhood at Exeter Road, Southville, and spent a significant part of his time socialising in South Bristol where he lived most of his life. Dad was a City loyal. He often spoke about players from the early 50’s like Mike Thresher, Tony Cook and Alec Eisentrager, as well as the FA Cup game against Blackpool in 1959 which saw Sir Stanley Matthews play in fron
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  12. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 1. BRIAN TINNION. Danny Wilson had lost us the play off final and had failed to get us promoted in four full seasons. Lansdown wanted to cut costs, so they parted company, and then, suddenly, without advertising the job or running interviews (unprofessional), he appointed Tinnion as player-manager. From nowhere. He had no experience. This would cost us one of our very best players. The fans were bemused. The dressing room was bemused. Tinnion always implied he did not have the support of the dressing room, and that there were bad eggs in there not play
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  13. Slightly embarrassed there isn’t already a thread for MT already. He got that ball, put his head down and ran. Got a really decent shot off and allowed Fammy that chance. He did more in his 10 minutes than Pato has done in 9 months. He might not be prolific for us but he’s incredibly industrious and busy and at the moment you might reasonably argue that he’s our most important attacking player. Well done Matty.
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  14. Allow me to introduce Bristol’s newest football team : Bristol Sands Utd FC Made up of blokes and their families who’ve suffered the devasting impact of babyloss, Bristol Sands Utd FC has been set up by one the committee members of Bristol Sands - the Stillbirth and Neo-Natal Death Society - to try and reach out to guys who find it hard to talk about their experience in a more formal setting. Using football and shared experiences to break down barriers we hope to get men talking about babyloss and the impact it has had on them. Statistically there will be plenty of guys on here who
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  15. So, after 45 games we’re still in the mix with something to play for. Boro have to win because of GD, Derby have to get something from a tough assignment. It’s still possible. But whatever happens, the fullest of credit to the team and management. We’ve been through a GK crisis, a spate of terrible decisions and some godawful home form - yet we’re here and have a shout still. We could finish on 72 and miss out - and anyone would have taken 72 at season start. I’m still calling it. It’s still on. But if it doesn’t happen, we can all be exceptionally proud of our club
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  16. Hello everyone, Someone asked in another thread how Oskar was getting on. I’ve contacted Lizzy his mum and she’s given me permission to post the following.
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  17. Dan Bentley does his usual one v one save at a crucial time, and now we barely notice it. It is almost to be expected. What a signing this giant has been. Cheers, Dan cheers mate you really are fantastic.
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  18. Several months ago I reported on here about how the Frame Footballers of Bristol had had their funding stopped by the FA primarily because they weren't involved in competitions, particularly international competitions, from which the FA could derive kudos. The organiser, Nick Dewfall of 2nd Chance FC, stated that it was a triumph in itself to get these children with walking difficulties to turn up, let alone play in competitions. I am chuffed to inform you, that Bristol City have stepped in and have attended some of the sessions and provided kit etc. The media team from City will be at th
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  19. Thought I’d have a scroll of Twitter and read the positive reaction to today’s game... Only to see a fair few amount of City fans complaining about ‘plastics’ and ‘day trippers’ and asking that they stay away from Ashton Gate in future. What a disappointing and depressing view. I loved the fact that we had almost 25K inside the ground, especially so for a televised game. If today was my first visit then I would absolutely be back again. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of years and I’m proud that more and more people want to come and watch City.
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  20. 2014/15 - 34 year old free transfer who had scored one league goal in the last three years. 43 games, 21 goals. 2015/16 - Ivory Coast nobody from the French League with a dodgy wrist. 48 games, 20 goals. 2016/17 - Teenager from Chelsea who had never started a league game or scored a senior goal. 48 games, 26 goals. 2017/18 - Lightweight out-of-favour youth team midfielder stuck in the reserves. 52 games, 21 goals. 2018/19 - (?) Right winger from Derby with a poor goalscoring record. Derby fans say he runs around a lot but can't finish. 6 games, 5 goals. MONEY PAID
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  21. Interviewed a guy outside the away end for the podcast and without question or prompt he went on about how lovely the overall away fan experience is at AG. Clearly enjoys coming down. Complimented the layout and in particular the stewards who are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. I beat him up afterwards cause he was a Sheffield United fan but he was very complimentary.
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  22. I wasn't strong enough with my thread a few days ago, now I will be. I can't stand all this Johnson Out Crap. The man is the Bristol City manager and a former player, who cares about the club; he deserves more respect and class then a few on here are showing him. Leave the man alone and support the City. Get down there on Sunday and cheer the lads to (hopefully) another win. I'm not a happy clapper, I just honestly feel LJ is doing a good job in a bloody difficult league, where he is having his hands tied a bit by SL and the lack of spending power / sales of top assets. I
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  23. Why after every loss do we go into an utterly embarrassing meltdown. We've played very poorly in 2 away games this year, granted. But in the other 9 we've been decent for large parts, and very good at times too. We lost £24 million worth of quality in the summer and here we are 1 point off the play offs. Im seeing things like Famara is our worst signing ever... a bloke who scored 13 goals last year after having 3 and a half months out injured! A lot of our fan base need to get a grip. There is absolutely no sense of perspective. When you consider everything about the club, what
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  24. Takes a lot to come back to your parent club that deemed you surplus to requirements 5 months ago and hit the ground running, inspiring us to victory in recent performances. Has been criticized on here, sometimes rightly, however think we should appreciate how professional the bloke has been. I for one would love to see him continue his form for the rest of the season and fire us to the play offs. Keep it up Pato!
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  25. Hi, I'm Busters son, I can confirm Dad passed away on Sunday evening, thank you so much for all your kind words and support. He loved City x
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  26. As most of you will know, I'm a fan of Lee Johnson, but, today I've got to say my confidence was a little bit rocked. Yes, I've got strong opinions, but I'm also not arrogant enough to have my opinion swayed, changed or debated. Lets take a step back for a second, which I know will be hard, especially if you have just witnessed that complete shower. Now, what Lee Johnson has done for this club over the years is far bigger than these last 6 games. It really is. He's turned this football club into a well run, respected and rated football club within English football (and outside).
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  28. This guy works his bollocks off without any support or any player within twenty yards of him for over a year. Then we sign Afobe. And Johnson immediately plays a striker alongside him. I am sick and ****ing tired of the abuse he gets He has become my favourite player. Not because I can see what he brings to the table when other embarrassingly thick "supporters" can't. But because of the disgraceful, vitriolic and unjustified abuse he gets. And for what? Sacrificing his best game for the 'good' of a club under a manager's instructions. I hope he gets a shedload
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  30. been busy in lockdown just finished revamping my home bar,do hope you like it even got jacki,s corner with Williams posh seats. some big cheese and even a team sheet from the 70s a very kind old man gave me a interview board with all signutures {could do with some help on this one} anyone one out there with a couple of the dolman b block wooden seats or any eastend stuff would be interested one side is city the other is boxing related and England hope you like and this keeps your spirits up in tough times any questions chaps please ask and keep yourself and your family's safe
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  31. Decent post, and the fact it was at 4am is even more impressive. I never had any issues with LJ as a player and I have no issues with him as a manager - I've always found this "cult of never-liked LJ" nonsense bizarre. I think he is a very likeable manager. He has a massive affinity for the club, he wants to play football the right way and he wants to promote and develop youth. There is no agenda with LJ. What there is, as you illustrated, is the opposite - a repeated pre-emptive attempt to defend him and gloss over months and months of poor results. From people who then say LJ is tr
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  32. I am really amazed at how many ' supporters ' are criticising the team after just two games in . There's already people saying that NM isn't up to it as a replacement for FF, Baker needs replacing , Pato etc Do you not realise that we have had major surgery on the team and squad and it takes a little time for players to adapt to the changes ? I'm guessing that these people have never played football other than in their bedrooms . Part of the pleasure of following a football club is to watch the evolution of the squad and team . I have never seen a City team so comfort
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  33. And this just sums up just how incredibly difficult it really is to land a quality player proven at Championship or above. Even the most blinkered of City fans must realise that Villa have got a much bigger fan base averaging a gate of 32000 and 42,000 for the bigger games.They have a much much bigger budget than us, huge history and so on. Yet they can't get Joe Bryan to sign the minute a Prem club comes a calling with the big wages . And if we go head to head against the big clubs like Villa, Leeds, Boro, Stoke ,WBA and even Forest- we're going to end up disappointed 90% of t
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  34. Just looking again at last night’s match thread and the en-mass overreaction to the performance, “Johnson out” calls and generally ridiculous statements about how terrible we are and how we’ll never achieve anything. I’ll start by saying I agree about the performance. While I don’t believe we should assume to best anyone in this division - especially this division! - we should of course have seen the game out. We played poorly throughout and our game management was poor. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - some people really need to find some perspective on where we are a
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  35. SUMMARY. LJ has spent the last few days having one-on-ones and reviewing the season with individuals. Has had 45 one-on-ones with what sounded like the whole football club. Recruitment; stressed they are looking at all positions all the time, and would not say explicitly that we did need a striker, despite Geoff pushing him hard to say that. As usual the club is looking at character when they recruit. LJ pointed out that we needed to fill left back slot because only Cameron Pring is a left back at the club. There have been relaxed discussions with JDS, and City have made him an offer
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  36. Two words I think this forum lacks sometimes. Its so sad reading grown men calling LJ a "clown" and phrases like "get out of my club". Can we as a fan base just not acknowledge that the current setup of LJ, MA and JL have progressed this club, and that the journey has simply run its course? Lets be thankful for the work that Lee has done in making us a stable, and lets not forget, RESPECTED, Championship club. Things that we haven't be able to say before LJ took the reins. Everyone has a level, and to be honest I think Lee at the moment has hit that ceiling, for whatever reason.
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  37. It's no secret that over the first half of this season the atmosphere in our corner, as well as Ashton Gate on the whole has been noticeably flat when compared to that of last season. Granted, City haven't excelled to the same levels on the pitch either (yet), but that shouldn't be an excuse for the noise in the stands to be any less. LJ and the players have said repeatedly how much the noise generated in AG can push the team on. Although we didn't ultimately get the result we wanted, the Stoke game earlier this season is a perfect example. The s
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  38. And me too. Have a lovely memory of TC from a year earlier I think. We all remember how he brought the club through times of hardship and back almost single handedly. Well some may remember that he said at one point that his office was open to any fan at any time. I was working at Eagle House Youth Centre and being cynical thought I would test him out. The next day I phoned the ground to complain that no Bristol City player had been seen in Knowle West for a long time and how they should send a player to coach our kids. To my great surprise I was put straight through to Terry. “Eh la
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  39. 9 match unbeaten run, Mark Ashton surfaces.....What a uncanny coincidence .
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  40. Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere but feel the magnificent support today is worthy of mention. I took a non City fan and he was hugely impressed with how the fans supported the team and the atmosphere created. He asked at half time whether the fans would keep up the level of support if we went behind. Well he certainly got his answer. The fans stayed with the team right to the finish. What a moving moment with that young Blues mascot getting great applause and a big cheer from the City fans and giving a thumbs up. Not ashamed to say that brought a tear to my eye. Extra
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  41. Alternative version, courtesy of @Cheesleysmate , this is class!
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  42. Thank you Lee for improving us. This is the right time and good luck for your future career.
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  43. On the day that we gave a debut to an expensive new striker, City’s established frontman Famara Diedhiou, so often the source of dismissal and ridicule from fans who barely set foot anywhere but Ashton Gate, produced not only his best performance under Lee Johnson, but perhaps the most complete forward contribution City has seen for a generation. For 90 minutes the Senegalese would not be knocked off the ball, QPR could not get close to him, and as well as drifting off his markers to power a first half header past the hosts keeper, he also reproduced Nicky Maynard’s insane overhead kick f
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  44. I bumped into josh in Cabot circus the day after the Millwall game and we had a chat . Coincidentally my son was mascot the following game vs Blackburn - I explained to josh that he was very nervous and suffered with anxiety . Josh made a call there and then into the club - when we got to the ground the staff all knew about my son and said he would be walking out first with him . Something he was over the moon with . I could see on the big screens of Josh chatting with him - my son said he was really kind and talked to him about various things. I didn’t ask for any of that to happen - bu
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  45. Absolutely superb today. Apart from the poor finish with his head first half. Not seen him play so well at home all season. Won most balls and held it up well. Passed it well and even went on some runs with the ball. What a handful. MOTM
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  46. What a player this guy is. When Aden Flint left I was gutted but Webster’s positioning intelligence and calmness on the ball is amazing and is twice the player Aden is. The way he brings the ball out and links the play to midfield is very refreshing as not sure if any city centre back has had these attributes. Great signing for LJ and well done to Adam Webster keep it up don
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  47. The bar has now been set for the acceptable set of circumstances in which you can post a transfer rumour. Three club members, the player, an agent, a photograph, a FIFA Ultimate Team card, recent achievements, anticipated fee and wage. Anything less and it's an instant forum ban.
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