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  1. 56 points
    No it's not. The club have every right to control any messages the fans wish to put out. If a big chunk of the support base wants to go down that route than that's their prerogative and if enough agree, their message will get heard. But right now it's just plain stupid. I certainly don't agree with everything Johnson's doing at the moment but the calls for him to be sacked right now are crazy.
  2. 40 points
    Sadder than when we were nearly bottom of League 1 under O’Driscoll? Sadder than when we were last relegated from the Championship? Sadder than the season under Pulis? We’re having a bad time at the moment, but let’s not forget that less than a month ago, after the Fulham victory, we were close to third place. Even now we’re only two points off the play-offs. Clearly all is not right, but let’s not pretend that we’re at rock-bottom. Things could be a lot worse.
  3. 37 points
    "for whom you can flip a coin as to whether his next 10 league games yield two points or 28." The best description of LJ I have ever read.
  4. 32 points
    Hi Folks, I just wanted to introduce myself on the forum. I'm Jerry your new SLO I've been a city fan since the mid seventies and share your passion for our club. If any of you want to contact me with questions , feedback and anything City related I will always try and answer your questions etc ASAP. email - slo@bcfc.co.uk Twitter - @BristolCitySLO and of course on here. If you'd prefer to chat in person get in touch and i'll happily arrange to meet you Matchdays or Non Matchdays whichever suits you. Cheers Jerry
  5. 30 points
    ..Losing 0-4 at half time home to Manchester City. Cements them in the bottom three. Hope we see them next year and hopefully they get a nice welcome from the EFL re their dubious FFP activities.
  6. 29 points
    Wouldn't it be awful if we just kept winning. Then he'd have to stay Imagine if we won every game for the rest of the season. That would be terrible.
  7. 27 points
    For those who weren't there......ripped them to shreds time and time again.... not one block from his 7 or 8 crosses. Goal assist.....outstanding again.....I'm sure he will leave and not sign a new deal as why would he.... He has been awfully managed....deserves a RUN OF GAMES.
  8. 24 points
    You about 4 years of age
  9. 23 points
    Quite simple....a decline in league position, at some point between 16:50 on Saturday and end of May along with other unknown factors that make SL think LJ isn’t the man. Unfortunately we don’t know what those factors are! We could be back in the top 6 on Saturday evening. Ask yourself whether you’d think sacking LJ would look sensible then? To quote the Monty Python “he’s not the messiah”, and to unquote them “he’s not a very naughty boy” either. He does things that massively frustrate me, as do the players. But we are in the mix, and as long as we stay in the mix, he’ll have my support, and I suspect SL’s too. Will I post “I could’ve done better” stuff on OTIB? You bet I will....but take it with a pinch of salt (as I’m not a pro), and use it as a debating point, not FACT.
  10. 23 points
    Whatever the man says it feels like this forum will look to pick it apart and use it against him. It does feel like a continuation of the abuse he got as a player and the stick he gets is much more intense and comes for lesser reasons than any manager I can remember in the 25 years I've followed City. We are on a bad run, it happens, if we sack a manager everytime it happens we will go through managers like nobodies business. I don't think his position is or should be under threat at present, the earliest we should be having any discussions of this nature is the end of this season.
  11. 21 points
    i am enjoying every second of aston villa's decline
  12. 20 points
    I'm exactly the same, I stop short of those five pithy LJ OUT letters because it's not typically my reaction and it's such an easy and cheap response to a problem for which the solutions are complex and varied. But I'm glad you picked up on the same tone I got leaving the game - I figured titling this thread as potentially fatal for Johnson would be construed as extreme (hence adding the disclaimer) but I really felt, as it sounds Iike you did, that the mood at the end was now turning sharply. Not the permanent sniping of those who have always disliked the guy, but the resigned, frustrated "here we go again" of the right-minded patient majority who schlep all over the country and I sense no longer have the stomach for another optimism-filled City squad to capitulate and be written off as requiring replacements. Because make no mistake that's exactly where we are today, a month or two after many of us - and LJ himself - said it was the strongest group he'd yet assembled. Personally that's why I used the word 'fatal' and called this out as pivotal for Johnson. It feels to me like he is running out of road precisely because we have been down all these roads before and we're heading down them again. Johnson needs to sign players in January is as cheap an answer to the manager not knowing his best side and cycling through players producing confused and identity-less football, as LJ OUT is a cheap answer for a fan. I don't buy either of them, but here we are. I believe I try to talk up the team in my reports when we play well, I get far more criticism for overrating players. I also have found opportunities like at Derby, Preston and Fulham to write reports that salute Johnson's methods and his team's displays. So I'm far from knee jerk. It is "just" 4 defeats, but the difference this season is the football has often been very poor, if anything results are simply catching up with performances, and I don't think LJ has any answers that we haven't all heard before.
  13. 18 points
    Bang average player who relied on his daddy and a bang average manager who relies on his sugar daddy. Dire, mind numbing football for far too long.
  14. 18 points
    Rubbish comment. He is one of the reasons we are progressing.
  15. 17 points
    Couldn’t care less and the very last thing we need
  16. 17 points
    Again that’s just hyperbole. No one that I’ve seen is ‘demanding promotion’ whatsoever so why say it? From what I’ve seen people just want for us to start playing some decent football which has this fabled ‘identity’ that we are continually told about, with a better use of the resources available, for him to stop with the gobbledegook analysis and also stop chucking players under the bus as opposed to taking personal responsibility sometimes.
  17. 16 points
    He looked really good when he arrived - people were raving about how we wouldn’t miss Pack - but I think it’s the injury that has set him back; he mentions he has just had another scan which shows it’s healed which will hopefully give him the confidence. I wouldn’t let him go anywhere.
  18. 16 points
    I’m gonna be really harsh here, and say he was bricking making a sub. We never had control of the game at any point and he must’ve looked around at the subs bench (he selected) and thought if I make a sub now and we lose I’m stuffed....so he just dithered and dithered, eventually bringing on O’Dowda with 5 minutes to go when he thought it couldn’t impact one way or the other. I know he says he always goes out to win (on BBCRB he said the same), but I think it was placebo of a sub.
  19. 16 points
    LJ moans we don’t have a centre half to bring the ball out but doesn’t play Moore who’s decent on the ball and would personally have him ahead of Williams in recent form
  20. 15 points
    Belters, grow up. LJ annoys me a hell of a lot but get behind the team, AG atmosphere is woeful and it’s mainly down to non existent supporters who only ever shout to counterproductively have a go at our players and coaches.
  21. 14 points
    Good point. It does sometimes seem that our squad is more of an investment portfolio than a team.
  22. 14 points
    S82 take note! F off with your forza songs that no one else can make out and stick to the classics.
  23. 14 points
    Shame he wasn't given Johnsons purse.
  24. 14 points
    Do you realise just how childish you sound when you say things like that?
  25. 13 points
    Because feeling justified is no excuse to manhandle and intimidate officials so that would send completely the wrong message.
  26. 13 points
    https://twitter.com/homeparkhero/status/1218226865820839937?s=09 So it's Plymouth, but Bakinson led the boy out. Thought this was a lovely tweet that reminded me of what it felt like as a young football fan.
  27. 13 points
    Didn’t Bournemouth massive overspend Russian oligarch money, breaching historic FFP rules, to get promotion? It’d be a much different challenge for Howe with us and new FFP restrictions.
  28. 13 points
    Feel sorry for LJ, the club selling the best players every year and expecting him to rebuild over and over again. Plus all the injuries he’s had, I think he’s working miracles.
  29. 13 points
    I think Rowe did such a good job in the early months that Jay’s quality was being forgotten. He showed how good he can be...and is still getting up to speed. But well done Tommy Rowe in his absence.
  30. 13 points
    And here lies the issue, people think we got a god given right to beat these teams?! Millwall are just below us!! wake up and realise we are not a big team in this league and Top 6 would be a huge achievement not a certainty.
  31. 12 points
    I know I've said it before but I think people underestimate how ruthless and unsentimental Steve Lansdown is. I suspect Lee Johnson is still the manager for one reason and one reason only - which is that Steve Lansdown believes he can succeed as a manager at the club in the long-term. I suspect that's why he stuck with him during the losing streak and why he has not acted so far. But facts are only true until they change. If you go back just over a month to the 7 December, we had won 4 of our last 5, produced hugely impressive performances at home to Huddersfield and away to Fulham and, if Lansdown had sacked Lee Johnson after the Fulham game, everyone would have been livid with Lansdown for getting rid of the manager when we were fourth in the table and looked as well equipped for promotion as we had for over a decade. Just over a month later, the picture looks very very different. But it is still explainable as a blip if things improve. The reality is that, whatever you think about Lansdown's time at Bristol City, nobody can doubt his success in finance. And ultimately you succeed in finance by holding your nerve during temporary blips and riding out the difficult periods on the basis of trusting your instinct that things will improve. But then also taking action if that instinct proves wrong. People talk about Lee Johnson as though he gets special treatment but Steve Lansdown has a track record of backing managers longer than other Chairmen would. The signs were there that all was not right with Cotterill from late August onwards. No change was made until January. SOD started the 2012/2013 season terribly but held his post until December People were clamouring for McInnes to go for at least two months before he did.Tinnion was allowed to start a second season after a disappointing first one. The reality is, throughout his time here, Steve Lansdown as never rushed to sack a manager and - Steve Coppell aside - no manager has left until even people who were sympathetic him have accepted things are not going to change. The fact Lansdown has stuck by Lee Johnson now isn't because Lansdown has a blind spot for Lee Johnson but because he does not rush to sack managers and never has. If things do not improve, Lee Johnson will be out. Simple as. It's up to LJ to prove over the next few weeks that this blip is temporary. Personally I don't think he will but I accept I have been wrong before...
  32. 12 points
    Can LJ really be arrested for those performances?
  33. 11 points
    He won’t convince me, if I ever see them go under it will be a happy day and I’ll be raising a glass or two. It would be some karma and vindication for the vitriol and glee they expressed in ‘82.
  34. 11 points
    For any element of doubt, @CodeRed writes an MA speech every window. He’s becoming so good, OTIBers now think it’s real. I’m pissing myself at those that think it’s real. Sorry to spoil the fun, but I’ve run out if underpants.
  35. 11 points
    Apologies if this has appeared before and been done to death, but you just don't get these combos any more…
  36. 11 points
    And winner of the most ridiculous thread of 2020 goes to...... Ha ha. What a shout this is mind. I’m sure Bielsa was sat there, having recently managed Argentina, Marseille & Lazio, thinking “why hasn’t that Lansdown chap from Bristol City asked me if I want to take Bristol City to glory”. Until Bielsa arrived at Leeds, he probably had very little knowledge of the English 2nd division, let alone a club that hasn’t seen top flight football since he was a 25 year old youth coach in a northwest province of Argentina. “Hi Marcelo. It’s Steve. I’ve got a lot of money and want to make Bristol City the best club in the world. How do fancy having a crack at getting us out of the bottom half of the championship”. “The what? What is this championship of which you speak?, Bristol who? Steve? Have we met before?”
  37. 11 points
    To be fair we had a side that won league one at a canter, quite often momentum is enough to see teams get back to back promotions. He was also able to sign Kodjia, Callum Robinson and Ryan Fredricks. Also in that squad was Fielding, Flint, Pack, Smith, Freeman, Ayling and Bryan. We should have been better than 22nd LJ’s purse has effectively been earnt by selling a lot of talent. Eg Kodjia, Reid, Flint, Bryan, Kelly and Webster.
  38. 11 points
    Niki gets all cup competitions in my opinion, I actually think he's slightly more competent in goal anyway.
  39. 11 points
    Famara offside goal: https://streamvi.com/watch.php?video=1578756784
  40. 11 points
    Is this fair comment from LJ: For me personally, it doesn’t affect me now. It may have done when I started playing. I’m very philosophical about “noise” because I know how it works. I know how media have to earn money for their kids, I know how social media works. We’re talking about a wider society issue - I fear for the children of today because I feel a bullying-type mentality can be constant. You’ve got to try and help the players be as consistent as possible because I can’t be with every minute of the day. I know how it affected me as a player and now it’s constant. But it works both ways: if you’re Player A and you score the winner against Liverpool, you’re the best player for Bristol City - you’re a legend, a hero, we want your babies etc And six weeks later, you score an own goal or you make a mistake and it’s, “get out of my club”. We’ve had situations this year where parents of players have been vilified for loving their kids. Everybody demands instant information, success, knowledge. Everybody wants to get one up on everybody else. Some people, dare I say it, take pleasure from other people’s failure.
  41. 11 points
    Don’t buy the whole “deserves” argument. He is paid handsomely to do a job. That’s his reward. We literally owe him nothing. I can fully appreciate that Johnson has established us as a top-half side. But I no longer believe he is the man to take us further. Our performances are simply too inconsistent. Rather than allow Johnson to spend the club’s money because of some overly personal notion that he somehow “deserves” that privilege, I would suggest now is the time to make a change - preferably Chris Hughton. The new man would not be expected to achieve promotion this season but neither would he have the pressure of a relegation fight. We’ve become stale. Now is a good time to freshen things up.
  42. 11 points
    I'm not fully in the LJ out camp, but to answer your question - Chris Hughton Lets not forget Luton were terrible
  43. 10 points
    No I think Uncle Steve is happy to invest and in any case how could he resist those pleading eyes of his young protégé ? Please Uncle Steve , just another twenty million.
  44. 10 points
    I hear this phrase everytime we hit a bad run or the managers tenure is, or as some would like, coming to an end. Now this isn't about Lee Johnson or any other manager in particular. If the squad are unhappy with their coach/manager that's fair enough. It becomes wrong when the let it affect their work. In the real world there are plenty of poor manager regardless of the industry we all have to put up with. Imagine you disliked your manager in work and the quality of your work went into free fall. Who would be getting the disciplinary? These players are Bristol City employees not Lee Johnsons, not Steve Lansdowns they are, for the want of a better word, the property of the club. If there is a growing discord between the manager and his squad then those with a grievance should go to either the chairman or the owner and tell them what the problem is. You can question the managements ability to motivate but surely running out to the cheers and applause of 17 or 18,000 home fans should be motivation enough. These guys are living the dream of millions of 18 to 30 year old men, doing something they love and getting far more money than they would in almost any other walk of life. When I thought about starting this topic I tried to see it from many angles and came to a worrying conclusion. The squad may have lost respect for the manager but by putting in substandard performances they are showing disrespect to the club who pay their wages but more importantly they're showing no respect to the likes of you and I, the fans who give up time and money to watch them not just at BS3 but all over the country. So my message to the squad would be, if your unhappy take the problem up with the manager. If you get no joy take it to Steve Lansdown. Finally if there's no improvement hand in a transfer request en mass and do it very publically I'm sure your agents to arrange the publicity. Don't make the fans suffer.
  45. 10 points
    Nobody is saying he does, but neither does Smith, neither does Brownhill, neither does Kalas, cod shouldn't have been in the squad for a year he's been that crap, why is Palmer the one who had to be publicly called out? Why does Moore have to be publicly hauled over the coals? Yet Brownhill can be garbage and no words are said? Kalas can defend like a pub team defender and nothing is said? It's the singling out of certain players that is the problem an KP seems to be the latest one.
  46. 10 points
    This ‘box entries’ shit does my ******* head in. LJ is an absolute blagger, so caught up in analysis and jargon he’s lost touch with common sense and authenticity. Edit - this is coming from someone who does use and appreciate technical language and coaching speak etc but you have to balance the abstraction and analysis with humanity and instinct otherwise you just get blinded by it.
  47. 10 points
    For 65 signings or more, an 8 figure accumulated turnover, massive losses, so many useless 'ones for the future' and 'ones from my past' that even the accountants have lost count; for drab, unattractive and downright clueless football; for lame excuse after lame excuse, he deserves nothing more than a long overdue delivery of his P45.
  48. 10 points
    Name a manager who’s been allowed to spend as much on transfers and sign as many players in the last 30 years?
  49. 10 points
    "Johnson in "..??
  50. 10 points
    Worst team I've seen down the gate in ages. No shape, no attacking threat, no defensive structure. Awful.
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