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  1. 64 points
    It is very difficult for me to say on this fantastic forum about my Dad who love Bristol City very much and been supporting them since early 70s. Sadly, my Dad was passed away yesterday after he lost his battle with very rare cancer. He was 68 just two days before his 69th birthday. He was season ticket holder with me in Landsown Stand Lower A4 seat 25 in Disabled Bay. He sat with me (I am wheelchair user). He missed whole season this season cos he wasn't well enough to go to Ashton Gate to cheer his beloved team. He always get excited to go to the match with me and have a good old pint of ciders on pre-match. His favourite player was Chris Garland, Gerry Gow, Clive Whitehead and Joe Jordan. Now it is going to be hard for me when I go back to Ashton Gate without my Dad. Cos I have got no ones to come with me as regular. My Dad will be missed.
  2. 48 points
    Two evenly matched sides going toe-to-toe both having periods of domination. End-to-end stuff for a lot of the time and some great last ditch defending from both sides. Plenty of chances for both sides. We actually looked as if we had a plan for once. Kalas MOM for me but a few other contenders too. Much, much better than it has been recently and a fair result in the end.
  3. 38 points
    I really can't put myself through listening to anymore of his nonsense
  4. 35 points
  5. 34 points
    I would rather be forced to sit though endless replays of Dean Windass’s goal at Wembley, on a repeating loop, than watch the complete and utter Shite that is a Mrs Browns Boys.
  6. 33 points
    Wtf.. was that City? No mention by name, no welcome on to the pitch to allow the fans to show their appreciation? Absolute shambles and embarrassing.
  7. 32 points
    Well if they do cancel the season, I would want any refund that is due,if due, to go to charity,I’ve already paid for it so wouldn’t miss the money. Children’s Hospice or Hospital would do nicely.
  8. 31 points
    Baby Grace was born this morning, can’t wait to buy her first City kit!
  9. 28 points
    This has all just got a bit too much for me. Following the info I posted above and my Nan being in hospital since that chest infection / pneumonia I sadly got a call this evening to say she’d passed away. I don’t know if I had CV, I don’t know if I passed it to her and I don’t know if she had it, but anyone who isn’t taking this isolation and social distancing seriously (especially if it’s because you think you’ll be fine) please re think your decisions and who it could impact. I was a bit dismissive of the panic at first and thought maybe some people were being over the top worrying but do what you’ve got to do people. I’ll be the last to compete about a lockdown now, and I certainly couldn’t care less what happens with football anymore. please stay safe everyone x
  10. 28 points
    Concussion precaution so hardly 'sick note' as it will have been taken out of his hands
  11. 27 points
    Firstly we should have read out the away team before kick off then Bobby could have received the reception he deserved and we would move on. As for the muppets that booed him - it was embarrassing and they should be ashamed he gave 100% for us. Having to make up for this by clapping an opponent who is about to take a corner is even more difficult. What a great gesture from the Fulham Manager who instead of pushing for a winner in the last few mins gave Bobby the chance for a decent send off. We should have managed this much better.
  12. 26 points
    Maybe they'll replace The Killers with The Cure.
  13. 24 points
    So sad ... maybe not of coronavirus but still a hero for giving up ventilator RIP x
  14. 24 points
    Fantastic game from him. Reminded me of the player he was in 17/18. Driving at players. All action. He looked confident today.
  15. 23 points
  16. 23 points
    Has slid under the radar to some degree Ive read about , and heard about , others experience of Jerry’s work and had personal experience too. Yet to hear anyone he hasn’t done the maximum to help and a lot of his work will never reach the public domain All whilst integrating himself into a change of career and new job And , As good as a supporter as it gets Just wondering if the Club has made a better appointment in a number of years Joins the ranks of Tins and Scotty in terms of a perfect fit Keep up the excellent work Jerry
  17. 22 points
    Two minutes in and he refers to Brownhill as a “Lee Johnson identity cog”
  18. 21 points
    I have already renewed the season tickets for next season and always support the club. My Dad wouldn’t let me to give up and want me to carry on to cheer the club forever, that what he want and I will do it for myself, Dad, the fans and this beautiful club that I love. Up the City!
  19. 21 points
    If you don’t know how to wash your or hands, or how long to do it for, please sing the following in your head:
  20. 21 points
    Here is an Academy player who has gone on and played in the Premier League. What is not to like. I don't understand why on earth anybody would want to boo him. Winning the penalty and scoring it at the Etihad is one of many fond memories he has given me in a City shirt. I am really proud to say that he played for us.
  21. 20 points
    Is it just me? The world has become such a vastly different place so quickly and staying safe & looking after your friends and family has become so important that I honestly haven’t had time to miss football at all. I couldn’t tell you who we were supposed to be playing today either as the iPhone calendar has gone and the OS has removed them too. Have I gone mad or is football just not as important as we used to think it was?
  22. 20 points
    Quick answer - 'Spanish Flu' was believed to originate in Texas from WW1 vets - of hispanic origin. Healthcare was non-existent as the war crippled millions upon millions of troops and civillians - anti-biotics were just being invented. Spanish Flu killed between 50 - 100 million worldwide As with COViD 19 - the figures here will be vague - did the old lady die from the virus or her 25 yrs of asthma damage? Unless tested you'll never know, and we don't have enough kits for the living let alone the dead. In Western Europe - the answer is simply - no. There is enough healthcare to limit the damage - but 250,000 dead would not be unexpected at the end. USA will be lethal for the uninsured and highly populated poor countries like India and Pakistan, African nations will be decimated. I would honestly expect the toll in those countries to be in the millions by the end - but again, we will never know for sure. 3rd world, poor Islamic countries will be the worst as they simply will not adhere to any kind of instruction if it involves Allah. Iran probably has 100,000 dead (again we will never know, but videos and satellite imagery shows over-flowing morgues and vast areas of pits and piles of lime......) - but again, led by the lunatic Imans Iranians have attacked and overpowered security and massed at religions sites to kiss icons one after the other in their thousands. It's suicide frankly, but thats religion for you. So, overall I'd say 'Western' level healthcare countries with strong social control over the population movement will do the best (although look at you guys in the pubs, and us Australians having to put armed troops on beaches to stop the ####### idiots massing in the thousands) Next level - USA Then semi-developed nations like Mexico,Georgia,Thailand Bottom of the pile - as I said above, poor countries that put religion above health care. The death toll WILL be in the millions by the end in those places. For the Wealthy west, after the virus, prepare for the worst poverty since WW2. We have now have had to put armed Police in Supermarkets as workers have been stabbed and assaulted, and pensioners bashed in the car parks. Some f uckwit stole all boxes of sanitiser and 90% of our high-protection masks from Theatre/ICU stores yesterday. I am currently working using the same mask with sanitary menstrual pads changed every case. I'm not a real fan of people at the moment - this is really bringing out the worst in some. One of our nurses was bashed unconcious because she wouldn't let someone with a cough and temp into ICU before staff and security could get to her. 24 years old, probably infected and sick herself, and now needs plates and screws to put her face back together, before her missing teeth can be put back. Trying to help people. I honestly despair at society today. Sorry - I'm tired and pissed off. I'm back again working tonight, but I can say that we do appear to have slowed the virus here (just slowed it) - but if our PM grew a pair and implemented full lockdown for 6-8 weeks, we could actually stop it. I have little confidence he will. I need sleep. I'll answer anymore questions when I get some time (if anyone cares!)
  23. 19 points
    Adam’s Family i see Flinty looking dapper with his bow tie . John Gorman. Ray Wilkins Luke Freeman in front of Flinty Lee in stripey T shirt Greta Thunberg front left .
  24. 19 points
    Pretty fed up of people having ‘political’ arguments on this. Whether you like Boris or not, I think it’s pretty clear to see that he is taking the advice of the eminent experts of our country - he isn’t making it all up himself! This is a totally unprecedented situation and no one, in any country, knows how to handle this. Our ‘experts’ are attempting a softly softly approach rather than an immediate lockdown. Other countries have done differently. It’s not a political point of view. It’s not Boris making these recommendations. Please, he’s not bright enough. Let’s quit the political arguments. We are in the very early days of a very lengthy and deadly situation and no one has any clue yet what the best way to deal with this is. Let’s just abide by the advice being given. If you don’t agree that schools should be open - you are free to make your own choice and keep your kids at home. If you don’t agree that pubs shouldn’t be open - make your own choice and don’t go to one. If you don’t agree that you shouldn’t have close contact with your elderly relatives - make your own choice and go and see them as much as you want. No government is gonna get this right. However, ours is relying on us, as a general public, not to be a bunch of disrespectful pricks and to act with due care and attention to the situation. I personally have been very wary to keep a distance from people over this last week. I’m amazed that when I took my daughter to school this morning there were people still congregating so close together and happily nattering away in close-contact. I kept my distance, dropped her off and went home without coming within 2 metres of anyone. It’s easy to do, if you want to. Our government’s philosophy at the moment is that people act responsibly - sadly many people aren’t taking this seriously. The death rates will not be the responsibility of anyone on government. We are all able to make our own choices. The continual ignorance of the population is what will cause more deaths than anything the government have decided so far. Quit the political nonsense folks and batten down your hatches. They’re giving you a personal choice to do this at the moment. If you don’t all start acting responsibly then they will have to force it upon you via martial law. And then you’ll really have something to complain about. I find it baffling that people are trying to blame Johnson for a fricking pandemic, accuse him of not doing enough, and then still **** off to the pub of a night anyway. Unbelievable.
  25. 19 points
    I absolutely hate MBB, I have no idea how anyone finds it remotely funny. That and the One Show makes me want to kick my tv in.
  26. 18 points
    405,000 signed up to act as NHS volunteers,makes you proud and shows this country isn’t just made up of selfish arseholses
  27. 18 points
  28. 18 points
    LLDDLLDWLLLDLLDDLLDWLLL The Mem has now become a Welsh railway station...
  29. 18 points
    A report from The Southend News Network Hospitals in Southend On Sea in Essex have been moved to ‘Black Alert’ this evening after hundreds of local people died of shock at the news that Southend United had finally won a game. As soon as it was confirmed that The Shrimpers had overcome the footballing behemoth that is Bristol Rovers by three goals to one, 999 operators were swamped with phone calls reporting the casualties. One witness said, ‘Nobody could quite believe what they were seeing.’ ‘Like all good Southend United fans who live within a five-minute walk of the ground, I was watching my beloved West Ham on some sort of illegal streaming service and watching the goal alerts from Roots Hall come flying in, when all of a sudden I looked out of the window and there were people lying on the floor all over the place.’ ‘Sol Campbell should be given the freedom of the town for this achievement. No idea why he would want it because I wouldn’t personally wander around it freely after 4pm, but it’s a monumental feat of footballing excellence none the less.’ It’s been an excellent week for the club, with the three points coming straight after the club announced that planning permission for the proposed new stadium at Fossetts Farm has reached the final, ultimate, never-to-be-repeated, terminal, rubber-stamped, don’t tell the Revenue or Sainsbury’s stage. United were hit with yet another ‘Winding Up’ order on Monday, mainly because the owner can’t f*cking stop winding the fans up.
  30. 18 points
    Like the anniversary - it’s 126 years - that aside, we could have had Cotts walking on carrying the two trophies from that momentous season, we could have had Terry Cooper announced as the guy who turned our club around and played the 1983 Eastville footage and the 1986 Wembley footage - we could have talked at length about the Ashton Gate 8 and all that happened around that time, we could have lauded the squad that won 14 league games in a row in 1905 - we could have waxed lyrical about the team that got to the FA Cup Final etc etc etc etc - but no ...
  31. 17 points
    No doubt he was quite philosophical about it.
  32. 17 points
  33. 17 points
    The current squad has the potential to ‘excite’ us - but are you really ‘excited’ or experiencing ‘excitement’ whilst watching them at the moment? The ‘Go find another team’ comment to those who may have the temerity to disagree with you @Hampshire Red is a bit tiresome and argumentative - supporters and fans of Bristol City FC are perfectly entitled to have the opinion that our head coach talks a fair amount of tripe and express the view that his team doesn’t ‘excite’ us without getting the ‘superfan’ treatment from your good self ...
  34. 17 points
    I think the hard truth is we're just a solid plucky top 10 team. One or two top 6 players sprinkled in, Wells, Kalas, Bentley. Maybe Eliasson in certain situations. The fact is look at our midfield compared to Fulham today, we have no players close to the class of the likes of Cairney, Arter, Kamara even Knockeart coming off the bench. Same against Leeds, Phillips, Hernandez etc. We rely on people like COD, Paterson, Weimann or Fam etc to have excellent games, if they drop off to play an average game, it's just simply not top 6 class. It's plain as day now IMO - we don't have enough of the players with the raw strength, speed or technical ability as the best teams in this division.
  35. 16 points
    "I had a family, three kids, a mortgage. I think I lost about a stone in weight, it was devastating. None of us wanted to leave - but everybody wanted Bristol City to remain."( Geoff Merrick) Premiership and Championship players please take note. Get your snout out of the trough right now and support your club and the community that pays you and make the same sacrifices as so many are making. My love affair with football is being severely tested Angry rant over
  36. 16 points
    I'm a long standing Swindon fan and very sorry to hear that your dad has passed away. When everything settles down and we have some normality back in our lives try and continue supporting your team just like your dad would want you to and where you have so many good memories together
  37. 16 points
    As well as asking for public money to prop up his business, Branson is also telling his staff to go without pay for eight weeks. Sell your tropical island, you bearded ****, and pay them half money at least
  38. 16 points
    Really good interview and informative.
  39. 16 points
    What’s upset me most about this whole Corona Virus episode has been the dismissal of older people and those more vulnerable by lots of younger people. Don’t they have older relatives ? Don’t they know anybody who has diabetes, heart disease, etc ? For me it’s really confirmed what I had feared about society , that it’s become selfish in a way that it’s never been before.
  40. 16 points
    I watched it live and just watched it again over brekkie. Niki: The Good - 2 top-class saves,really really good, loud commanding voice, organises defence very well at corners and free kicks The Best - FINALLY - one player has stepped up and taken control of distribution from the back. After the usual 15-20 mins of playing the ball out to Baker or Kalas - often in our own penalty area, with the usual pointless result of 4 passes and a long hoof, Niki clearly had enough of it. 15 - 20 time he simply ignored one of ours coming into the area or 5 yrds outside to claim to ball, and gestured for them to push up. Every goal kick the same (unless there was a quick break on) - pushed the defence up to at least 5m before the half way. What a difference after that, we were able to actually link play and our mids weren't having to go box to box all game to support the strikers. More men in the middle, better passing, more shots. Hopefully LJ will ditch the playing out 5m into our own box as its plain stupid with the players we have. The Bad - oh Niki maaaate! Dropping a catch 8m out from goal with 30 secs left wasn't doing my Blood Pressure any good - and how lucky not to conceed a penalty. The ref completely bottled it. From the Lansdown, it looked ok - but from the Atyeo Camera view which was shown 4 or 5 times - absolute nailed on penalty. The Fulham player could easily have been badly injured, as Niki just took him out at the knees BEFORE getting the ball back. Overall though - a massive part of getting a point today, great game, as has for me won the starting place from Bentley. Well played Niki, great game.
  41. 16 points
    The loud criticism of Massengo from some is both embarrassing and IMHO inaccurate Firstly some of our fan base chose the 18 year old as our whipping boy yesterday , for any flaws or weaknesses we have , blame the 18 year old player - wow Secondly , like you Dave I thought he was decent and better than Korey on the day (Both worked hard and ‘ratted’) They had their work cut out against Cairney and Arter (Who though despicable was excellent yesterday - as well as I’ve seen him for Fulham) Massengo has quick feet and is one of few that creates angles for teamates - (in a better technical side, with similar around him I’d predict he’d rarely lose the ball ) I lost count the number of times yesterday he had to hold onto the ball due to lack of options or movement from those around him Given the chance Massengo passes first time or at worse two touch At one point one of the centre backs passed the ball into his feet with Massengo facing his own goal and a Fulham player right up his backside , and with no easy first time option for Massengo Massengo gets challenged and they win the loose ball , and a fair section of fans openly moaned at Massengo ! No one mentions Kalas charging out with the ball in first half and getting robbed leaving us wide open , Cairney bursting towards the penalty area with the ball - Massengo reacts the quickest and harries and nibbles at Cairney step by step , stopping Cairney picking his spot and eventually getting us the ball back - No ones mentioned that , or several other times he recognised danger and put out a fire Hes far from a finished or fully developed answer but he’s EIGHTEEN ffs Plenty of people to question before Massengo
  42. 16 points
    He only got injured because he's fearless and didn't bottle out of a challenge with Kamara today. Most people would have got out of the way of the Man Mountain running full pelt at them not Baks he stood his ground and unfortunately got injured for his trouble. I would far prefer a player to play wholeheartedly than bottle out of everything. Can't believe he gets criticised for being a full blooded competitor.
  43. 15 points
    ...and this is why, as I mentioned a couple of pages ago, I have little sympathy with their situation (not that I think that they’re that close to the edge). I appreciate that not EVERY Gashead wants us to go out of business and fold but it does seem that the majority would love nothing more than for City to disappear for good. So to every Gashead who has called us ‘82ers’, every Gashead who has bored other clubs fans about our financial troubles 40 years ago, every Gashead who has said how they can’t wait for SL to go and leave us in the shit..... **** YOU!
  44. 15 points
    You know when you’re sat in one of those training sessions, and the facilitator asks for your most fascinating fact about your life, well....... my very kindly Aunt gave me one of those Reliant Robins as a gift. It was the Estate version mind, which, if you had slightly impaired vision could - on a good day - give a passable impression of a proper car. Now then, to salvage any credibility on OTIB that remains, it did have an 850cc BMC engine - the same as fitted to the mini at the time. Body weight was a fraction of a ‘normal’ car, so it shifted! Regularly did the Bristol-Tamworth ‘commute’ in the outside lane of the M5. The only problem with them, was not tipping over ( my only near-tip was the BBC junction Whiteladies Road at 10mph slightly misjudging the position of the high, granite curb), but in the snow. Having that centralised front wheel meant you were ploughing your own furrow - quite often with alarming consequences!!!! You felt you were in a bob slay travelling down a boulder strewn mountain. Did a good impression of one of those nodding dogs in the front seat The other major embarrassment was that other Robin drivers would wave at you, as if you were in some kind of freak club!!! Anyhows, don’t tell anyone will you.
  45. 15 points
    Couple of remarks from asschat Because rest assured, this club is on the edge of oblivion. Even genuine City fans sympathise with us at the moment with the people running our club Um I don’t think we do
  46. 15 points
    I am now back near Bristol and living with my Mum for the next twelve weeks as she and I have underlying health conditions and need to avoid social contact, and there was no way I could shut myself away successfully living in London. Hoping I won't be here too long as BristolBristolian is a rubbish username. I am quite frustrated at being stuck home without seeing anyone for the next twelve weeks but, being blunt, I am in many ways relieved to have a health condition and - for now at least- to be able to shut myself off from the wold. It is becoming very clear in Italy and Spain that, for many people including some without health conditions, this is something far worse than a bit of flu. People are on ventilators, hospitals are stretched and people are dying. Businesses are going under and people are struggling to get food and basic resources. I know some people still don't want politics brought into it but that is the same kind of thinking that would have balked at any suggestion of removing Neville Chamberlain after the disastrous start to the Second World War. You can just imagine those posters pointing out Chamberlain was being advised by his experts and we needed to trust his decision making even as we saw country after country fall into disaster across Europe. The reality is there are lessons we can learn from Italy and Spain, where things are going badly, and from countries that have got this more under control. We are not doing enough. We need to be at a point where people are only leaving the house when it is essential and all non-essential contact is avoided and the government need to be making sure this is happening. At the moment the government are worrying too much about being liked, lacking the resolve to make decisions with anywhere near the strength of France and Germany and people may and probably will die as a result. NHS staff need to be being tested, every single case needs to be being logged and tracked and there need to be firm laws preventing people spreading this virus. And nobody should have to be making the decision between going to work to make a living or keeping themselves and the rest of society safe. Politics is not a parlour game. It is the key question of how our country is governed and how decisions are made, especially during a crisis. When we leave politics out of this, we leave out everything that matters in terms of protecting people's financial wellbeing and, more importantly, their lives
  47. 15 points
    But it was against Villa so praise the lord
  48. 15 points
    Yeah but do they have their own version of you to make matters worse?
  49. 15 points
    I wish we could sub YOU.
  50. 15 points
    Much worse things in the world to worry about
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