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    Hi everyone. I'm a Hungarian fan (clearly obvious from my name I suppose ), thanks for letting me join the forum. I would like You to have a little insight on Ádám, not the usual stats, etc. I don't want to convince anyone if he's a good or bad football player, just give a little deeper insight on his characteristics, something You can't know about from articles and the usual introductions. Waited for the finalisation of the transfer with this just to be sure and it will be a long read. I'll start by being very honest: he's my absolute favourite player. And that's a very rare thing in Hungary, He's not a “showman”, an enforcer or a crazy dribbler who catches the eye at first sight so everyone should make up his own mind on him after seeing a few games. He won't make the stats tops in tackles but he's very strong in interception, covering passes and a real baller DM. He's quite different from any other DMs I think that's why there are some coaches / managers who don't know what to do with him, how to use him on the pitch. When he was introduced to the first team of Ferencváros in our Cup final he was ok but nothing more to me. I watched him over and over again when he instantly became a regular starter and after about 5 games – when everyone else started to call him 'ok' – I had an epiphany. I admire his game from that moment because for me he is absolutely different from everyone else. His style, his elegance, his pace and outstanding 'football intelligence' amazes me. I was afraid that this angel-faced kid is mentally not strong enough but then I heard him giving interviews, looked up his past and relaxed. He was fired from his club at 11 because he wasn't strong or muscled enough. He wanted to finish football - which he started to play only because of the good company - but there were 2 very young coaches who saw him play. They persuaded him not to give up, it took them a few weeks' hard talk...After that he played in lower kid leagues and paralell to that futsal. Three years later the coach of Ferencváros was Bobby Davison who saw him play and offered him scolarship to a Spanish-English academy. He went to Spain for 3,5 years, amongst his coaches was the current fitness coach of Wolves and Ian Wright as well. Then he played 2 years for Ferencváros's U21 team and continued playing futsal, it defines his style. Now after 3 years in Italy he muscled up in a very athletic way, became much more forward-minded in his gameplay, but remained just as fast as before and tactically very-very disciplined. To show some aspects of his thinking and honesty I would like to quote a bit of his interview after this season. “ When Mihajlovic came in as a coach ( to replace Pippo Inzaghi) it became clear after 2-3 training sessions that he won't count with me at all. He didn't speak to me at all, we only spoke once after we defeated Crotia in the qualifiers, then he congratulated me and that was all of our interaction in the 5 months. But it didn't mean that I can relax in trainings or skip them just because I knew I won't play no matter what. I was first in, last out; always try being the fastest and hardest working because in these situations You have to do Your best so Your teammates, club and country could do their best as well. And I don't like whining either, these things happen in football, still You have to do Your best in trainings.” So it's not really that he “doesn't find his place and all these sorts of stupid things: the same thing happened in the national team as well; Leekens said he don't know how to use him, then now Rossi says he's irreplaceable for him. Regarding his fitness and pace: for stat fans I can only say that in his last 4 EC qualifiers he ran 13 kms / per game and 70% (!!!) of this was at sprinting speed. He's not a sprinter, but he runs constantly very fast and a lot. He came 2nd in the last Serie A year in ground covered with 11,7 kms / 90 mins. He loves running and he's genetically very-very good at it. In mentality he's very different from players at his age or younger. He's old school, gives the outmost respect to the older players, his coaches and an extreme hard worker. Thomas Doll, the former Lazio player was his coach here, he said about him: “ You put him in the training ground, don't look at him for a week and he'd do 120 % of the work and knows everything about the weekend tactics”. He's also very honest and loyal: for him being a foreign player only means more respect for club, country and fans. Once he chooses the club then it becomes “we” and beware everyone who wants to hurt his club. He doesn't need constant media attention,not a poser; You won't spend hours watching his instagram as he puts like 1 picture on it per every 2-3 months... So with my knowledge and study on him I can say that he might looks like a little, mostly sad boy it is all part of his act, he's the angel-faced devil if You ask me. When the big guys put fierce tackles in to stamp authority he plays mind games there on the pitch, like he's playing rapid chess games throughout the game. He speaks 3 languages fluently: English, Spanish, Italian and also basic Portuguese. He definitely won't get homesick as he spent half of his footballer life abroad. Last but not least: all pronounciaton You heard is false. Trick is in the “gy” at the end. The closest is like You say Nadja without the “a” in the end.
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    Pics of the card. Taken 4 days to put it all together. Hope I’ve done you all justice. Will get it over to Benik as soon as I can. Social media gets a lot of bad press, but it also does stuff like this, which some would do well to remember.
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    Truly today must be our 'finest hour'. I learn today that Weimann should not be on the pitch and Fammy is actually the problem in our team. Meanwhile signing a truly mega exciting player age 18 with Champions League experience from a major European club is questioned as worryingly too much money and a big gamble- then largely glossed over on our forum because it's just not enough or the right position . Un-####in believable !! ( Welcome Han-Noah - I will cheer you at every touch) Signing a goal keeper with the pedigree of Dan Bentley, Making our Chelsea loans of Kallas, DaSilva and Palmer permanent for mega millions. Boom. Signing a very exciting player from Benfica ( Benfica FFS!) who gave one of the best messages about joining BCFC that I have ever read- but no, it's irrelevant because it's nothing compared to an unknown Arse second string player who may or may not condescend to play for our great club. And people are making it out to be the end of the world???? We have a chance of signing a great quality Hungarian International and who knows who else?. Meanwhile-loads of spoilt school children think that SL or MA or more stupidly Lee Johnson only had one single striker target in Eddie whatshisface whose Club has made it clear of no guarantees of him going anywhere. So really??? In a market where virtually every single club in Europe- no, the world, wants a striker who can get goals and our fans believe club's will obviously sell to BCFC? - you silly silly children. There will be a Plan B even if it's not the one fans dreamt of. So- just to sum up what has been the most unappreciative day in OTIB history - we've made some cracking signings and cracking sales. We are doing stuff that I never dreamt possible because I saw my Club almost disappear in 1982, I stood on the terraces of Trumpton when we lost the title and when the Green'un announced yet another pointless journeyman signing for us in order to join a team of journeymen not playing for us. Same old same old for decades. I'm actually in heaven about what's now going on at BCFC, so grateful to SL and pretty much laugh at a 50± page thread of hysteria about a player that 99.9% of posters have never seen play, can't spell and can't pronounce. And the funniest thing that it's always the same group of posters who never believe( I'll be reminding you later in the season, boys) because they always criticise and unless we are guaranteed the Prem - they'll keep on being pretend supporters. If we get to the play-offs we'll have done well- actually,brilliantly in a tough tough League but I just don't get how people are just not able to see how far we've come and how far we can still go. COYR
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    Just wanted to put on here what Joe is doing for some City fans. My daughter buys a new home shirt every season. For several seasons her favourite player has been Joe, so it’s his number and name across the back and she usually gets him to sign it. This year, fully aware he was likely to leave, she waited until the squad numbers came out and because he had No 3 again, decided to have his name on the back. Of course he left a couple of days later and she was gutted. She decided to go into the club shop today and ask if they can take his name off her new shirt or exchange it. The staff there said it wasn’t a problem, as Joe will pick up the tab for fans to change their shirts if they had his name on the back! They took her old shirt and gave her a new one free. Plus returned the cost of printing his name and number on the back! What a top bloke and what a fantastic gesture!
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    LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 1. BRIAN TINNION. Danny Wilson had lost us the play off final and had failed to get us promoted in four full seasons. Lansdown wanted to cut costs, so they parted company, and then, suddenly, without advertising the job or running interviews (unprofessional), he appointed Tinnion as player-manager. From nowhere. He had no experience. This would cost us one of our very best players. The fans were bemused. The dressing room was bemused. Tinnion always implied he did not have the support of the dressing room, and that there were bad eggs in there not playing for him. Lansdown had to come into the dressing room at times for teamtalks (eg Colchester at home). But the truth is, the dressing room were probably just as confused as the fans. Lansdown came out fighting. "Tinnion is not the cheap option. He is the right option" It is arrogant of Lansdown to think that he is an alchemist who can just make a football manager out of anyone he pleases. You have to have certain talents. Brian Clough said "When you get success for a chairman, he is resentful, and thinks that anyone could have done what you did." But Lansdown was defiant. "Judge me on Tinnion." He said, loudly and publicly. OK Steve, I will. Tinnion is currently sat in the dugout in Swansea in an empty stadium 40 minutes after the final whistle. We have lost 7-1. He has a "Vietnam-Vet thousand yard stare" into the distance. He refuses to go back into the dressing room. He refuses to do the press, and Lansdown has to do it. "It could have been 10" Steve told the media. The next day Lansdown goes round to TInnion's house. Tinnion says he cannot face taking training on Monday. Let's be clear. He has not resigned. He has ABDICATED. He has remained in the post of manager while refusing to fulfill his duties. Lansdown has to sack him. I have never seen or heard of a manager ABDICATING like that in 30 years of following football. Since that day, Tinnion has never tried to be a manager again. He wasn't a manager that failed. He wasn't a manager at all. That bad appointment meant BCFC wasted another 2 years in the third tier. It is the old business saying. "You spend 1% of the time recruiting badly, and 99% of the time dealing from the fallout of your bad recruitment." And this from a so-called business expert!!! But Lansdown learnt from his mistakes, went through a lengthy search for his next manager, appointed Gary Johnson who had two promotions under his belt, and GJ took us up in his first full season, and then in the Championship, in our first season back, we were TOP with ten games to go. He took us from the bottom of the third tier to the top of the second tier in less than two and a half seasons. Brilliant. When GJ goes, Lansdown has learnt from his mistakes again, and appoints Coppell. But Coppell did not apply for the job. Lansdown headhunted him. Bad sign. Then Coppell won't take over because............he has a holiday in America booked. Clearly he did not really want the job. You can lead a horse to water.........etc etc. Coppell walks, and Lansdown looks silly. Coppell said on Talksport "I was a bit disappointed with the environment I found myself in." Yes Steve Coppell, we know. BCFC is run in an amateurish fashion. And now we come to.............................. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 2. KEITH MILLEN. You could not have sneezed in the time it took for Lansdown to appoint Millen after Coppell walked. Most Bristol City fans went to bcfc.co.uk and saw the headline "Coppell walks, Millen appointed." Many of them said "Hang on a minute, what just happened there? Why the haste?" Here we go again. Again Lansdown comes out publicly and says "Keith was second in the list behind Coppell. Did a great job as caretaker manager." True, but City now find themselves in a relegation battle. Millen gets us out of it. But the next season another one starts. Millen was on the radio last night. Anyone with half a brain can see he is not a leader of men. He has a voice like soggy cardboard and the manner of a primary school teacher talking gently to six year olds. But no!!! Steve Lansdown can make a football manager out of anyone!!! You just have to flatter his ego and be a thirty-something ex- Bristol City footballer with no experience at all. Under stress people revert to type, and the stress of losing Coppell had reverted Lansdown back into his old error of mediocre internal appointments. Some of the things Millen said were embarrassing. After losing 3-0 at home to Ipswich on the opening day of the 2011/12 season, Millen said "I didn't see that coming!". By Jove, Keef, the ups and downs of being a football manager. And when we were 2-0 up at home to Reading with ten minutes to go and lost 3-2, Millen said, a few days later "I'm over it now." Well I'm glad you are over it now, Keef, because in a few days you are going to lead your team up to Blackpool, lose 5-0, and lose your job. There is a long delay while City appoint the next manager because..............................wait for it..............................our owner has gone to Africa. This is amateurish. McInnes has had his interview, wants the job, but is kept waiting (City now lose another two games) while Steve finishes safari. But he comes in, turns it round, wins 4 and draws 1 (away to West Ham) and gets us out of the relegation zone. Lansdown then goes on the radio. I could not believe my ears. I am expecting him to say "Didn't want to sack Millen but it had to be done, but what a great manager we have in Derek Mcinnes. With the same players he has dragged us up the league with 13 points out of 15. Great track record in Scotland, we are really looking forward to hitting the play off places next season." Lansdown barely mentions McInnes once. Instead he launches into a passionate defence of Keith Millen. Voice quivering with emotion, he tells us how he did not want to sack Keith, and how he cannot wait to give him a glowing reference. How must McInnes have felt hearing that? Clearly if you are a nice-guy yes man like Lee Johnson or Keith Millen then Lansdown feels a burning personal loyalty to you because you flatter his ego. A winner like McInnes or Cotterill? Not so much. They are discarded very quickly, as soon as possible. Note also that Millen, like Tinnion, never wanted another manager's job again. He was never a manager in the first place. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 3. JON LANSDOWN. Do you know Jon Lansdown's job title without looking it up? I don't either. Do you know what Jon Lansdown actually does at BS3? I don't either. Do you know what thing Jon Lansdown has to do in the next 18 months otherwise he will get the sack? There isn't one. Look, of course Steve wants his son to have a job, and Jon Lansdown is surely not the worst employee at BS3. And I am not blaming him. He seems a nice down-to earth guy. And why wouldn't you accept a good job if it was offered to you? But it is jobs for the boys. LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 4. LEE JOHNSON. So City plummet down the leagues and are back where they started. Facing relegation to the fourth tier. Where they were when Tinnion left. We have spent 50 million for nothing because we can't get a good manager. Lansdown now approves of Keith Dawe's suggestion of Cotterill, who has a good track record. You see, Steve Lansdown can appoint a good manager. We just have to be in the relegation zone of the third tier for him to do it. His two successful appointments are Gary Johnson and Steve Cotterill, both of whom were appointed when we were facing relegation to the fourth tier. The Five Pillars goes out of the window and we sign 35 year old Wade Elliot. There isn't time for managerial mumbo-jumbo in a relegation battle. Cotterill saves us from relegation, gets us up, but Lansdown seems distant. He doesn't even attend the Wembley final (Africa again). Cotterill identifies Harry Maguire and Andre Gray, who would have been brilliant signings whom we could have sold on for a King's ransom. But the club isn't interested, Cotterill loses his mojo, so Lansdown appoints Lee Johnson. His record at Oldham and Barnsley is W1 D1 L1. 46 (yes forty-six) signing later, and 25 million pounds spent, LJ's record at BCFC is..........wait for it.....................W1 D1 L1. He only ever was an average football manager. We could have given the job and all that money to someone better. But note how a bland Yes-man excites Lansdowns loyalty, like Millen. LJ was given a 3.5 year contract, from 2016 to summer 2019. Generous. He keeps us up in his first half season. Then he spends 11 million. In October City are in 6th. He still has almost 3 years of the contract to go. But Lansdown gives him an extension of another year, to summer 2020. Why? We can only conclude that Lansdown is blown away by the talk, and thinks LJ is much better than he is. Why doesn't he just leave him on his current contract? He's not going anywhere. You know when single women finally find a man and start ringing their friends and family after only two weeks, getting over-excited and over hopeful? It ends and then they look stupid. Well Lansdown looked stupid when as soon as adding a year to LJ's contract City lost 13 out of 16 league games (including 8 in a row), and were in relegation danger. Before the Man U game last season, Lansdown told the Sun he prefers Lee Johnson to Jose Mourinho. Excuse me? Yes, Jose is alienating everyone with his negative talk. But he has won over 20 major trophies, including the Champions League, across all of Europe while Lee Johnson has won the square root of diddly squitt. What can we conclude other than that the major requirement of Steve Lansdown's manager seems to be that you flatter his ego first, and win things second? LANSDOWN'S JOBS FOR THE BOYS. NUMBER 5. JAMIE MCALLISTER. City are in relegation danger. Lansdown has to do something. Can't sack Golden Boy!!! So he sacks John Pemberton. Then he goes on Radio Bristol. He tells Twentyman "We've appointed Macca...............er.......................er..........................I mean............................Jamie Mcallister." Jobs for the boys. At some point in the next 5 years Lansdown will have to appoint a new manager. Let us face it, he will be pining and yearning and aching to appoint Jamie Mcallister. Mcallister is small. He has no managerial experience. He played for Bristol City. He is young. He is an internal appointment. He is the classic Lansdown appointee. Lansdown has shown he can appoint a good manager when he has to, like Gary Johnson and Steve Cotterill, but he prefers the Millen/Tinnion/Johnson style appointment. A businessman once said "I am intelligent enough to appoint men more intelligent than I am." Let us hope Steve Lansdown can do that. Socrates said "I know nothing. I am only wise because unlike everyone else, I know that I know nothing". Let us hope that Steve Lansdown can say to himself "I am rubbish at appointing football managers. But at least I know that, and therefore I need to get someone else to do it, or take bucketloads of advice as I do it." City fans were bewildered when Tinnion got the job without a proper process. City fans were bewildered when Millen got the job without a proper process. City fans were bewildered when Lee Johnson got the job when his record at Oldham and Barnsley was so mediocre. Please Steve. Not again.
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    Haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere and thought it deserved a thread. A couple of days ago, a young Peterborough fan made a post on social media suggesting that he was imminently going to take his own life. Sam sent the guy his personal phone number via message and told him to call him whenever he needed to talk. And today he met up with the lad for a coffee and a chat. Class young man.
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    Many apologies for posting something which is another (to add to all the others) negative perspective on my beloved BCFC. I have been supporting them now 62 years, so I do have a bit of a history, but I have rarely felt so low and disillusioned as at present. In recent times we have been so full of hope and promise - the wonderful title winning season, the new ground completed, new income streams, new strategy for youth development, beating all and sundry in the Premier and, yes, year on year progress in the Championship - until now I fear. I do hope I am wrong and my low state is just a mid season blip but much evidence I feel points to the club having gone off the rails after those glorious moments up until mid season a couple of seasons ago. Since then for some strange reason the football has regressed from high press, energetic and exciting football to dour safety first grinding out of results - of course there have been exceptions but this season has been a real struggle to get excited by even in the heady days of only a few weeks ago. How many were really enjoying our football? How many really felt we deserved the lofty league position when we were in touch with the top two? How many believe we are showing signs our position was a false one. Yes we are only a few points off the top six, yes - many are saying this or that signing will kick start our season. We have however reached such a point, in my view, that we are now looking or need to sign players all over the pitch whilst at the same time saying we have our strongest ever squad. No one, not even the Head Coach seems to have a clue what our best eleven are, what our game plan is, is it more about matching opponents rather than stamping our plan, our skills on fearful opposition, where are our strengths? The squad is the most bloated ever, it is the most expensive ever gathered at one time, it has promised so much and certainly at present indicates it will achieve little. We have a very inexperienced coaching squad and an innovative chief coach who are not it seems using the players in a positive focused way. We have very good expensive players losing confidence, we have a number of very expensive poor players or so they have seemed worth only a fraction paid for them. We have good players brought into the squad and not given a good enough run to deliver their true value - mainly because the squad is so big too many have to be given an outing. No worker wants to feel they are a highly valued recruit to watch what goes on in the office. Who wouldn't get disillusioned. It seems we have a great squad losing its way. In the early part of the season we were grinding out results but our optimism that it could only get better as our most potentially exciting players returned mid season from serious injuries. What is unfolding is that now we have a fully fit squad, results and more seriously performances have plummete like a stone with shocking football, it seems poor attitude and or confidence. To be outplayed as we have been in the last few games, to play, generally, poorly at home with drab football has knocked the confidence, enthusiasm and excitement yet again of this crazy long suffering supporter. So seriously at this point in time considering not renewing my season ticket. Who in their right mind believes we are anywhere near gathering a squad capable of getting to the premier and staying there - how many of us thought we were getting close to that mid winter a couple of seasons ago. Since that time we have enjoyed great wealth, relatively, and our football has just gone into reverse. Again I acknowledge we were well positioned only a few weeks ago, we are only a few points of a play off place. We clearly should, without any god given right, be comfortably at the top of the chasing pack. The last five or six games suggests we are to fall further. We need consistency, a plan, to be more assertive and aggressive, have stability within the first team. We, the supporters, need to maintain our confidence, our excitement, our desire to get down the gate and expect to see quality top of the table performances - much more than we are getting at present. Yet again it feels we need to regroup, review and refresh the plan and yet again be renewal planning for next year. Sorry about emotional night time ramblings but I know I am not alone. I don't know how many feel as I do but becoming a stable premier team, so long overdue for Bristol, is still many years away under the current club direction. So hope I am completely wrong and a new signing spreads confidence throughout the club and we start getting excited about the playoffs again.
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    Not sure many on here would have known my dad, who passed away on the weekend at 82 years old, but nevertheless thought I’d share some City related memories. Charlie James – or Charlie Boy, as he called himself – lived during his childhood at Exeter Road, Southville, and spent a significant part of his time socialising in South Bristol where he lived most of his life. Dad was a City loyal. He often spoke about players from the early 50’s like Mike Thresher, Tony Cook and Alec Eisentrager, as well as the FA Cup game against Blackpool in 1959 which saw Sir Stanley Matthews play in front of 43,000 at Ashton Gate. Apparently Matthews didn’t get much change out of Thresher, who was one of the hardest nuts ever to wear a Bristol City shirt. Dad took me to my first game at Ashton Gate as a 5 year old in 1967, a 0-0 draw against Middlesboro, where I remember being sat on the wall at the front of the old Park End with other young kids. Mostly after that we were East Enders, he’d sit me on a stanchion and hold me there for the duration of the game, another earliest memory was a 6-0 win against Blackburn. Another memory was home to Hull on a wet and windy night in 1972 when Ray Cashley punted from his penalty area, the ball bounced deep into the opposition half and sailed over Jeff Wealands for what I had previously thought impossible, a goalkeeper scoring. In the early 70’s, I think my dad’s little business took off enough so he could afford season tickets in the old Grandstand, where we sat with his cousin Pete Scragg, Bob Hunt, Brian Harding, my uncle Roger and a scouser mate of my dads, Chris Ashcroft, who had moved to Bristol and was an Everton fan. One of City’s first games back in the old First Division in 1976 was away to Everton, so we travelled to the game and stayed at Chris’ relatives house overnight after the game and went to a few Liverpool pubs, which at the time felt like being in a different country. City lost the game 2-0. After each home game, we’d go into the Supporters Club, which in those days was under the grandstand, where most of the players would come in for a drink and a chat. Dad was a drinker, night owl and sociable person, to say the least, and became quite friendly for a while with Roy Ashton, who was a big City fan and ran the Nelson (later the Fusells and now the Assembly Rooms) in East Street. A lot of the City players of the time got in there, that was the era of Gerry Gow and the other heros of the mid 70’s, and dad got to know a few of the players, mainly the drinkers which back then was most of them, through that. Dad was also friendly with a great City player from the 60’s Alan Williams, like my dad a social butterfly at the time who went on to run the Miners in Farrington Gurney and the White Horse in West Street. “Willie” was also a very nice man, sadly also no longer with us. Sadly his pubs aren’t either. Dad had distant family relationships through marriage with David Russe who was briefly Chairman during the 90’s, and Angus who is also well known for Bristol City reasons, both like him passionate City fans. My wifes dad Phil Coggins, played a few games for City in the 1950’s, and they would occasionally share memories about friends and players from their generation. Some stand out away games with dad in my early days were Leeds 1974 and Coventry 1977. Anyone like me at both of those games as a kid would probably agree that they were the most special games ever. Leeds 1974 was an FA Cup 5th round replay and they were unbeaten all season. We drew the first game 1-1 at Ashton Gate and I can recall hugging my dad with sheer joy when Keith Fear lobbed Gary Sprake for the equaliser. It was the time of the miners strike and so no floodlights for the replay hence a Tuesday 1.30 kick off. No all-ticket in those days, they just played the game the week after the first one and you just turned up. So for that game 49,000 did, and as we arrived shortly before kick off I can remember the turnstiles to the terraces were locked, and me and my dad running around the stadium to bag the last few seating tickets for us, my uncle and sister. Not sure how many were locked out, but I can recall looking down from the rear of the stand where we were sat and seeing loads of lads on top of the roofs of the stands at each end, and the amazing moment when Donnie Gillies scored what turned out to be the only goal and winner. Liverpool visited Ashton Gate for the Quarter Finals but I think it was Keegan that saw us off and after the previous cup game it was an anti climax. Coventry May 1977 followed the game at Ashton Gate against champions of Europe, Liverpool, who we beat 2-0 to give us a chance of staying up. The infamous 2-2 draw at Coventry on a Thursday night had been preceded by an evacuation of South Bristol as City must have had what seemed like almost half the crowd of 38,000 and the draw kept both clubs in the First Division at the expense of Sunderland, a surreal experience capped off by a celebratory return journey preceded by a pub stop and continued with dad’s mate Brian producing a bottle of whiskey and literally drink driving all the way home. City had been promoted to Division One in 1975/76 but another memorable away game was Southampton the previous season, March 1975 the terraces were packed with City fans including me and my dad, City won 1-0 and we thought we were going up, only for City to blow it with a home defeat to Norwich on Easter Friday and a home draw against Rovers the following Tuesday, another game incidentally where in addition to the 30,000 crowd that night at least hundreds were locked out. An away game on a Tuesday night at West Brom in March 1976 also stands out, we were rivals for promotion, I got picked up from school by dad and his mates in a mini bus. West Brom battered us but we had taken a 1-0 lead through a goal from an unlikely source, think it may have been Gerry Sweeney, and we held on and that was the point where dad believed that after 65 years we were finally going back to the top division. When I was about 10 or 11, dad took me and a mate to Eastville for a GFA trophy game. On the way into the ground, he spotted a City fan with blood streaming from his nose, and a bigger Rovers bully trying to wrestle the lad’s red and white scarf away from him. Dad was a passive man but I can recall his anger and words “give the kid his scarf back” as he gave the Rovers lad a couple of hard kicks who ran away with a deserved look of fright across his face. But it wasn’t because the victim was a City fan; dad would have done the same had it been a City bully doing the same. Back in the 50’s it was common for City and Rovers fans to attend Ashton Gate and Eastville alternately. Not sure dad ever did that, but I do recall we went to Eastville on a couple of occasions when Rovers had a cup run in the early 70’s, against Ipswich and then Southampton; my main memory being the Southampton fans invading and running the length of the pitch in an attempt to take the Tote End where we were stood, and particularly a Southampton lad using a corner flag as a spear to throw into the Tote Enders. In my teens, late 70’s early 80’s, I started playing local football, but dad continued his season tickets with his mates, and I would attend whenever not playing, but by now in the East End with mine. At some time during the slide through the divisions my dad and his mates gave up their season tickets, and he would go as and when, but after a while he started going more regularly again with a different group of mates. That must have been around 1989 by which time City were back in the old Third Division having got out of the Fourth, because I recall being in the Supporters Club with dad and his mates after a game when the Liverpool disaster at Hillsborough started coming through on the TV news. My dads mate Dave Bright, also sadly no longer with us, became a member of what was called the 51 Club, which was basically a club in the Grandstand for those with aspirations of becoming directors and I can recall going with dad on some 51 Club away executive type coach trips, which were a feast of booze and food followed by the game itself, West Ham and Forest spring to mind. Home games during this period were often followed by a session at a drinking den at Whitchurch, the Little Thatch, now a travesty of semi detached houses. Then of course there was the FA Cup win at Liverpool in 1994, by then I had been regularly travelling away with mates whenever possible when we weren’t playing, so usually Tuesday nights at Mansfield or wherever, but for that one went with my dad and his mates. The atmosphere in the Liverpool pubs was electric, City had taken over the place, both me and my dad bumped into many other mates, I can recall seeing in one pub a great character and mate Dave Rich. The sight of City filling the entire away end and around into the adjacent stand, Brian Tinnion’s goal, plus the memory of the Kop applauding our team and us City fans after the game is something I will never forget. For some reason, not long after that, my dad’s mates stopped going, so I decided to buy season tickets for him and our family, juggling playing football for a few last seasons with attending Ashton Gate whenever possible, and for the past at least 20 years we have all had the same 7 or 8 seats in the Dolman. Each home game usually followed by a few pints, to begin with in the Luckwell but for the past few years the Hen & Chicken. In a token concession to my liver, I don’t generally drink before a home game, but dad did and so he would go early with our mate Austin, my brother-in-law Karl and a few others for a couple of pre-match in the Coopers. A number of years ago I started running a coach to one City away game each season, drunken trips which started with a 20 seater then a 50 seater as more wanted to come, but dad always said the best trip, don’t know why, was the first one, at Port Vale in I think 2006. The season before last, dad stopped going to some games when it was colder, the first one he missed was the Man Utd game in 2017. I was abroad at the time, but was gutted for him that he didn’t get to go to the game either. If I’d been home I’d have made sure he got to Ashton Gate but anyway after that dad started missing other games and then more and more, until finally he wouldn’t go in the winter months at all. I managed to hire one of the exec boxes in the Lansdown from a mate for him and family for the Wolves FA Cup game in February, so we sat in there before the game and he was able to sit outside long enough to watch the game, wearing as he always did his red and white City hat. That turned out to be his final game, I tried desperately hard to get him out of hospital and along to the Derby game in April, but he just wasn’t up to it and all I could feel was sadness as dad spoke to me about what a big crowd and great atmosphere it was going to be. I hope those I’ve named are ok with it, they were all just some of those with Bristol City connections that were a part of my dads action packed life. Cheers and thanks dad, great City memories and I will miss you so much.
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    Slightly embarrassed there isn’t already a thread for MT already. He got that ball, put his head down and ran. Got a really decent shot off and allowed Fammy that chance. He did more in his 10 minutes than Pato has done in 9 months. He might not be prolific for us but he’s incredibly industrious and busy and at the moment you might reasonably argue that he’s our most important attacking player. Well done Matty.
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    Allow me to introduce Bristol’s newest football team : Bristol Sands Utd FC Made up of blokes and their families who’ve suffered the devasting impact of babyloss, Bristol Sands Utd FC has been set up by one the committee members of Bristol Sands - the Stillbirth and Neo-Natal Death Society - to try and reach out to guys who find it hard to talk about their experience in a more formal setting. Using football and shared experiences to break down barriers we hope to get men talking about babyloss and the impact it has had on them. Statistically there will be plenty of guys on here who have been through this, myself included. Our daughter, Elizabeth, was born sleeping in March 2012. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about her and only yesterday I ran the Bristol 10k to raise funds for Bristol Sands. So. If you’re a bereaved parent, or your close family have been affected too, and you fancy a kickabout with others who just understand, feel free to get in touch. PM more for more details. Here’s a few links to give you some more info about the football team, Bristol Sands and our fundraising efforts https://m.facebook.com/sandsunitedbristolfc/ https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/my-world-crumbled--men-2695048 http://bristol.sands.org.uk/ https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/reg-coombs
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    I wasn't strong enough with my thread a few days ago, now I will be. I can't stand all this Johnson Out Crap. The man is the Bristol City manager and a former player, who cares about the club; he deserves more respect and class then a few on here are showing him. Leave the man alone and support the City. Get down there on Sunday and cheer the lads to (hopefully) another win. I'm not a happy clapper, I just honestly feel LJ is doing a good job in a bloody difficult league, where he is having his hands tied a bit by SL and the lack of spending power / sales of top assets. I'm in bullish mood today, so if anyone wants to row about LJ, let's ave it on here!
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    Why after every loss do we go into an utterly embarrassing meltdown. We've played very poorly in 2 away games this year, granted. But in the other 9 we've been decent for large parts, and very good at times too. We lost £24 million worth of quality in the summer and here we are 1 point off the play offs. Im seeing things like Famara is our worst signing ever... a bloke who scored 13 goals last year after having 3 and a half months out injured! A lot of our fan base need to get a grip. There is absolutely no sense of perspective. When you consider everything about the club, what gives us the right to be anywhere near the play offs. Wage bill, money spent, attendances, players are all average/ mid table for the championship... yet everyone expects so much more. Why? Because we beat a 2nd string Man United team in the tinpot cup? Grow up
  14. 90 points
    So, after 45 games we’re still in the mix with something to play for. Boro have to win because of GD, Derby have to get something from a tough assignment. It’s still possible. But whatever happens, the fullest of credit to the team and management. We’ve been through a GK crisis, a spate of terrible decisions and some godawful home form - yet we’re here and have a shout still. We could finish on 72 and miss out - and anyone would have taken 72 at season start. I’m still calling it. It’s still on. But if it doesn’t happen, we can all be exceptionally proud of our club
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    Dan Bentley does his usual one v one save at a crucial time, and now we barely notice it. It is almost to be expected. What a signing this giant has been. Cheers, Dan cheers mate you really are fantastic.
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    Hello everyone, Someone asked in another thread how Oskar was getting on. I’ve contacted Lizzy his mum and she’s given me permission to post the following.
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    Interviewed a guy outside the away end for the podcast and without question or prompt he went on about how lovely the overall away fan experience is at AG. Clearly enjoys coming down. Complimented the layout and in particular the stewards who are incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. I beat him up afterwards cause he was a Sheffield United fan but he was very complimentary.
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    Several months ago I reported on here about how the Frame Footballers of Bristol had had their funding stopped by the FA primarily because they weren't involved in competitions, particularly international competitions, from which the FA could derive kudos. The organiser, Nick Dewfall of 2nd Chance FC, stated that it was a triumph in itself to get these children with walking difficulties to turn up, let alone play in competitions. I am chuffed to inform you, that Bristol City have stepped in and have attended some of the sessions and provided kit etc. The media team from City will be at the Frame Football tomorrow to help with giving this noble cause some publicity. So well done to Sam, the City disability development officer, and thanks to all those at Bristol City for stepping in when the FA stopped their funding.
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    Thought I’d have a scroll of Twitter and read the positive reaction to today’s game... Only to see a fair few amount of City fans complaining about ‘plastics’ and ‘day trippers’ and asking that they stay away from Ashton Gate in future. What a disappointing and depressing view. I loved the fact that we had almost 25K inside the ground, especially so for a televised game. If today was my first visit then I would absolutely be back again. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple of years and I’m proud that more and more people want to come and watch City.
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    2014/15 - 34 year old free transfer who had scored one league goal in the last three years. 43 games, 21 goals. 2015/16 - Ivory Coast nobody from the French League with a dodgy wrist. 48 games, 20 goals. 2016/17 - Teenager from Chelsea who had never started a league game or scored a senior goal. 48 games, 26 goals. 2017/18 - Lightweight out-of-favour youth team midfielder stuck in the reserves. 52 games, 21 goals. 2018/19 - (?) Right winger from Derby with a poor goalscoring record. Derby fans say he runs around a lot but can't finish. 6 games, 5 goals. MONEY PAID OUT. 5 million pounds. MONEY RECEIVED. 21-25 million pounds. Fantastic business, Bristol City Football Club.
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    Takes a lot to come back to your parent club that deemed you surplus to requirements 5 months ago and hit the ground running, inspiring us to victory in recent performances. Has been criticized on here, sometimes rightly, however think we should appreciate how professional the bloke has been. I for one would love to see him continue his form for the rest of the season and fire us to the play offs. Keep it up Pato!
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    Hi, I'm Busters son, I can confirm Dad passed away on Sunday evening, thank you so much for all your kind words and support. He loved City x
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    As most of you will know, I'm a fan of Lee Johnson, but, today I've got to say my confidence was a little bit rocked. Yes, I've got strong opinions, but I'm also not arrogant enough to have my opinion swayed, changed or debated. Lets take a step back for a second, which I know will be hard, especially if you have just witnessed that complete shower. Now, what Lee Johnson has done for this club over the years is far bigger than these last 6 games. It really is. He's turned this football club into a well run, respected and rated football club within English football (and outside). Little old "Brizzle" was nowhere to be seen on the footballing spectrum. Ironically, the only reason we are having these sorts of discussions is a testament to how far he has taken us! A few seasons ago, we were counting down the points until we reached the magical 50 mark. This leads me on to my point. Without Lee and the rest of his staff, we as a football club wouldn't be in this position. We wouldn't, I think we can all agree on that. I'm not just talking about the team, I'm talking about technology, scouting methods, ethos. There is so much more to being a manager than simply picking a starting 11. What I'm trying to say is, I'm shocked at the simple lack of respect that is being shown by some of our supporters towards someone who has taken this club and pushed it forward to a new level. A level, where we aren't happy unless we are sat within the playoffs. Just let that sink in a second. He's taken us to a position where we feel we have the god given right to be there. He has taken us to a place where we are shouting vitriol at someone who has set our exceptions so high, that we must compete with teams who have 10x the spending power. Is he the man to take us to that next level, who knows, but one thing I am god damn sure of is, he deserves our RESPECT. The guy deserve this window. He deserves to get until the end of the season and then we can reevaluate. SL himself has said he wants progression, so lets give the LJ one last push of support, because he f**cking deserves it.
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    Bringing on the most inexperienced kid on biggest game of season. This is why we tire of getting behind the club. Sick of fans saying get behind the team. People do that every game every year and city in return give you nothing.if you pay your money you have every right to do what you want so fair play to those that leave early.#johnson still out
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    This guy works his bollocks off without any support or any player within twenty yards of him for over a year. Then we sign Afobe. And Johnson immediately plays a striker alongside him. I am sick and ****ing tired of the abuse he gets He has become my favourite player. Not because I can see what he brings to the table when other embarrassingly thick "supporters" can't. But because of the disgraceful, vitriolic and unjustified abuse he gets. And for what? Sacrificing his best game for the 'good' of a club under a manager's instructions. I hope he gets a shedload
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    been busy in lockdown just finished revamping my home bar,do hope you like it even got jacki,s corner with Williams posh seats. some big cheese and even a team sheet from the 70s a very kind old man gave me a interview board with all signutures {could do with some help on this one} anyone one out there with a couple of the dolman b block wooden seats or any eastend stuff would be interested one side is city the other is boxing related and England hope you like and this keeps your spirits up in tough times any questions chaps please ask and keep yourself and your family's safe
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    Johnson admits, Tammy won't be coming here, big wages, city won't pay it, NO AMBITION,
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    Decent post, and the fact it was at 4am is even more impressive. I never had any issues with LJ as a player and I have no issues with him as a manager - I've always found this "cult of never-liked LJ" nonsense bizarre. I think he is a very likeable manager. He has a massive affinity for the club, he wants to play football the right way and he wants to promote and develop youth. There is no agenda with LJ. What there is, as you illustrated, is the opposite - a repeated pre-emptive attempt to defend him and gloss over months and months of poor results. From people who then say LJ is treated unfairly! You couldn't make it up. Either he's a proper manager who is accountable or he's not. I feel conceited pointing this out as I've done it a number of times on here before and it's not meant to sound smug or intellectual, but as always it's not about the results it's about how we're playing. What are our ideas? How are we going to win matches? Is it something we can build on? How do we adapt? I have no good answers to these questions. I just see a team shorn of it's talent, which has doubled down on an LJ clone army of slow, methodical, possession footballers. We look very good - that isn't a debate, Weimann is the best player we've acquired at this level. But we're zero threat, 25 yards deep of goal. There's no pace, there's no change of pace, there's no pattern of play we return to because it causes problems (other than shooting from 20 yards). Bolton were comfortable soaking it up and Boro may as well have had the pipe and slippers out. We look decent in places opponents are happy for us to look decent. I know less than 1% about football compared to LJ, so I'm not qualified to second guess him, but I just see a nice bloke who wants to be remembered as a bright innovative coach but whose "ideas" are incompatible with the players he signs and his use of them. @Harry's thread is excellent and just one example. And to cap it all, Plan B, which has always been our achilles heel, and which more than ever feels like an inconvenience to LJ's stubborn determination to prove that he can get a low budget team playing like Man City, involved Webster suddenly punting three 50 yard long balls at 5'7" Taylor from the 75th minute. It's got to the stage (22 points in 24 games, second half of last season's performances included) where I honestly think a lot of people would be happy to see us go down so long as we did it being nice and playing nice football and indulging all these players as bright young things. It's the O'Dreary 4 pillars era mark II. I'd rather be knee jerk than sleepwalk through another season like that. And there is nothing knee jerk about reacting to months of the same failed attempts to reproduce training ground football, and employing the same, if not worse (bar Kelly and Weimann) players, like some brute force attempt at up-skilling. Paterson, Pisano, Brownhill, Smith, O'Dowda, Taylor. Even Pack. All nice people with flashes of talent but soft (physically and mentally) and routinely with their flaws and laboured (at times bewildered) trying to execute the LJ mantra - Man City football at 1mph and with Bristol City players. Add Webster to the list. The three players who on their day could boss it for 90 minutes all left. That's the difference. A good player finds ways to affect games regardless and does so relentlessly until opponents capitulate. Flint tried to win everything in both boxes. Reid was constantly getting inside defenders. Bryan could be a total pest. What we have now is a lot of comfortable ball playing footballers who have little personality or individuality and who are employed to execute LJ's fanciful instructions and will still call it a good effort when the instructions don't work. A team of meaningless platitudes and excuses, not conviction and fight. There is no question in my mind that Reid got to where he is through his own sheer hard work and determination, not some epiphany with LJ. Otherwise we'd see it with others. Come back to me when Paterson has run a game by making the right attacking decisions 100% of the time, not just one time in ten. I was worried right from the Forest game and I'm even more worried now the answer to everything is Famara Diedhiou - forgetting the fact that to accommodate him we will lose a body in midfield, an area we surrendered rapidly most of this bad run. It's as if people think we actually get to play an extra player! We're not "just three games into the season". This manager has (rightly) had years and a lot of fan and media indulgence because of his youth, his "innovation" and his desire to win on his terms and his terms alone. But there is only so long "potential" can be used to excuse a downgrading of players and results. So no, he is not unfairly treated, and there is not some anti-LJ agenda. What there is, is a very realistic and sadly very flat reaction to our preparedness for his 3rd full season from people who've been force fed the spin for too long (even I was surprised talking to people yesterday I consider the yardstick of optimism). "WE GO AGAIN".
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    I am really amazed at how many ' supporters ' are criticising the team after just two games in . There's already people saying that NM isn't up to it as a replacement for FF, Baker needs replacing , Pato etc Do you not realise that we have had major surgery on the team and squad and it takes a little time for players to adapt to the changes ? I'm guessing that these people have never played football other than in their bedrooms . Part of the pleasure of following a football club is to watch the evolution of the squad and team . I have never seen a City team so comfortable on the ball and we have a squad chockablock with talent. These are human beings not robots. Give them a chance and your backing as they find their place . There will be surprising losses and victories just enjoy the ride .
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    And this just sums up just how incredibly difficult it really is to land a quality player proven at Championship or above. Even the most blinkered of City fans must realise that Villa have got a much bigger fan base averaging a gate of 32000 and 42,000 for the bigger games.They have a much much bigger budget than us, huge history and so on. Yet they can't get Joe Bryan to sign the minute a Prem club comes a calling with the big wages . And if we go head to head against the big clubs like Villa, Leeds, Boro, Stoke ,WBA and even Forest- we're going to end up disappointed 90% of the time because we just can't compete. The only thing we've got is the prospect of first team football for someone who may not get it elsewhere and the prospect of shining as a big fish in a small pool and furthering their career with a big money move. The gulf is getting bigger every season and we are pretty much now guaranteed to lose every player who has an outstanding season with us at this level. However, at least our club will make serious cash in the meantime and our Academy is providing a real route to sustainability. Eventually, one too many clubs in the Championship will fall foul of FFP or just become too big a liability for the owner ( like Bolton did selling every asset they had) or Coventry etc.Villa came close, Birmingham are there and who knows how Forest will fare. As for loyalty- there is none when doubling/tripling/quadrupling wages are concerned and nor should we expect any. The only true loyalty is from fans who are more likely to cheat on their wife and family than have a secret moment trying on a blue and white quarters shirt.
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    Just looking again at last night’s match thread and the en-mass overreaction to the performance, “Johnson out” calls and generally ridiculous statements about how terrible we are and how we’ll never achieve anything. I’ll start by saying I agree about the performance. While I don’t believe we should assume to best anyone in this division - especially this division! - we should of course have seen the game out. We played poorly throughout and our game management was poor. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - some people really need to find some perspective on where we are as a club, how far we’ve come, and what we might still achieve. Only six years ago we tumbled out of this division and our club was an absolute shambles. Just over four years ago we were still playing in the third tier. For five consecutive seasons now we have improved our league position - the only team in the entire football league who can claim this. All the while working with a midtable budget and selling our better players to balance the books. Oh, and we also rebuilt our stadium. Today we are 5th in the Championship. Yes, we might drop down today. But we have lost twice in 15 games. All this despite injuries to Nagy, Smith, Afobe, Kalas and Dasilva. All first team starters. Last night we were also without Famara. Any side - particularly one in the second tier - would miss that much quality. It is remarkable that we are where we are without them. Its also ridiculous to say that if we don’t beat Barnsley how can we hope to finish in the top six. It simply doesn’t work like that. Throughout a 46 game season you will win games you don’t expect to and lose games you don’t expect to. Our performance level will vary. The same goes for all teams. I’m not pretending everything is perfect. Clearly recent performances have been disappointing. We are not entertaining enough at home. But look at that quality we have to come back in, and look where we are. Things have been an awful lot worse.
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    SUMMARY. LJ has spent the last few days having one-on-ones and reviewing the season with individuals. Has had 45 one-on-ones with what sounded like the whole football club. Recruitment; stressed they are looking at all positions all the time, and would not say explicitly that we did need a striker, despite Geoff pushing him hard to say that. As usual the club is looking at character when they recruit. LJ pointed out that we needed to fill left back slot because only Cameron Pring is a left back at the club. There have been relaxed discussions with JDS, and City have made him an offer, but LJ does not want to force the issue. JDS is ambitious, has received a good offer from the club, and is thinking about it. The ball is in his court. No decision imminent because JDS is off captaining the England U21s. Sounds like the only issue is whether JDS accepts City's financial offer. LJ stressed how much of a blow Korey Smith's injuries were this season. Other clubs now believe BCFC can get promotion, so that helps when you are signing players because you can use a promotion clause to get the fee lower. LJ is painfully aware we haven't scored enough goals at home, owing to the respect other teams show us when they come to Ashton Gate. Says up to the box we have been consistent, but not good enough in the box at home. He says it is difficult when teams come for a draw, and that we have had 99 golden chances in front of goal, but only taken 35. We have hit the woodwork 19 times. LJ says he likes an unchanged side ideally, and when you pick a team you only have to pick it to get to half time. He said that as a lot of our players are under 23, that comes with inconsistency. Said that Nicolas Eliasson is "one minute the best player on the pitch, then next minute he goes mission." But he is not afraid to take someone off because you can always put your arm around them after the match. Semenyo. He needs work, because he has never scored a goal in the box in his career. "Physically he is a beast." Famara. Says he needs to be on the move more, so that he can get a cross out of a wideman with his movement, like Beckham-Van Nistelroy. Eisa. We have had a few bids for Eisa, but we do believe in him. LJ stressed what a big jump the level was for him, and seemed fairly clear that he was not ready yet. There have been offers, and that could be from SPL/League One/Championship/abroad. He will sit down with him this summer, and he could easily go out on loan. Says he has improved, though, but the Championship is "a big old level". Vyner and Moore. Decisions have to be made about them. Because you have to be a Premier League standard player to play for BCFC, since to get promoted you need five or six of them and this is the fifth best league in the world. The usual story about they have to compete, and we will see how they are doing in pre-season. Reading between the lines you get the feeling LJ is dubious about them, but he did stress that you have to leave the pathway open for these guys, and they can surprise you in pre-season, particularly if they put on 3kg of muscle. He mentioned Rory Holden on loan at Rochdale, who is 21 but with the physique of an 18 year old. Kalas - Difficult to talk about. A host of clubs after him, and he will not come cheap. We are looking to sign him. Hopeful but it will be tough. Lloyd Kelly. When asked whether 13 million was correct LJ said he did not know (come on, Lee!) but said it was a record sale, which surely is him saying it is above the 15 million for Kodja, even if we never got those add ons. He points out that LK is going from an U23 contract to a Premier League wage. LJ sounded very disappointed to lose him and lose the opportunity to carry on working with him. Repeated he is a centre half. Physically a late developer. Clever from Bournemouth to go early and buy him, and LJ seems to think the bigger clubs were interested but will now watch him at Bournemouth. LJ assumes there is a sell on because Mark Ashton is good at his job. Thinks Bournemouth is good for Lloyd because he will get games. Says that it was Lloyd's England performances that got the top clubs interested. Said that at times this season he had to put his arm around him, and at other times he needed a kick up the backside, and that Lloyd is intelligent and over-thinks things, which creates its own problems. Oh yes, Lloyd has a new girlfriend, and is punching above his weight. Geoff Twentyman said that Aidy Boothroyd told him that at an England training session they were practising diagonal cross field passes, and Lloyd, with little backlift, instantly pinged an 80 yard ball from left to right and the right winger on the end of it did not have to break stride. There were Premier League players there who were impressed. Joe Morrell. "I was thinking about releasing him, but I forced my dad to take him for free and it worked well, he is a great lad, a proper footballer and we plan to loan him out again. I believe he can play at Championship level, but we have had 4 or 5 offers at League 1 level.@ Walsh. LJ praised his talent, and said that he can pass a ball with backspin and topspin and all kinds of spin, but said he needs 40 games, either for City or for somebody else, plus some home truths, and a good pre-season, and I hope he can produce what we are after. Sounded less than impressed with him. Callum O'Dowda. LJ sounded very frustrated and disappointed when talking about Callum. Says after his injury he did not want to play because he did not feel 100%, but with knee ligaments you don't get 100% fitness, and you have to play through them a bit. COD made a wage demand of the club in negotiations, and the club eventually agreed, and then COD said no to his own demands, so LJ said someone has got into his head. Stressed he liked COD, and wants him to sign, but has to be professional and do what is right for the club. Really sounds like a lot of tension and ill-feeling between the two of them. How does LJ relax? He doesn't, but he is highly motivated and does not feel tired or exhausted. SL ordered Mrs Johnson to put Lee's phone in a safe for five days on their holiday recently. Next season. He wants promotion but obviously cannot guarantee it. Said finishing 7th is not progression. (that's a relief) Progression is top 6. Said if we make enough right decisions promotion will come to us. Future at BCFC. Says he is committed to the club and the project. Has no roving eye. Does not court the media. Does not go on "The Debate" on Sky Sports, even though he is often asked. They were supposed to speak about a new contract last week, but he was in Portugal and SL was not in England. LJ does not use agents, and negotiates face to face. LJ squashed Geoff's suggestion that LJ will make demands about transfer money to be made available. The usual PR about the club and the long-term project and the good working relationship SL, MA, and LJ have.
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    It's no secret that over the first half of this season the atmosphere in our corner, as well as Ashton Gate on the whole has been noticeably flat when compared to that of last season. Granted, City haven't excelled to the same levels on the pitch either (yet), but that shouldn't be an excuse for the noise in the stands to be any less. LJ and the players have said repeatedly how much the noise generated in AG can push the team on. Although we didn't ultimately get the result we wanted, the Stoke game earlier this season is a perfect example. The second half was a constant wall of noise, and but for some world class goalkeeping on the day, the result would undoubtedly have swung in our favour. The Norwich and most recently Rotherham games also come to mind. When we stick with the players, there's no doubt that their performances lift with it. In English Football we've all witnessed the corporate sanitisation inside grounds, soulless bowls that cater more towards a tourist experience than that of the life and blood of every club - the fans. Although we all know that over the last 5 years AG has changed drastically from the ground that we all hold fond memories of, there's no need for it to go the same way. Regardless of the change in layout/position (for 90 minutes at least) we, as that life and soul, still have the power to make the experience what we want it to be. Of course that ideal will vary for everyone and we fully respect that. But for S82 (and we'd hope the majority of those that stand with us in S25 & S26) that is to be vocally and visually supportive for whichever 11 players are out there wearing our beloved Red & White. We'll continue to provide the platform for that support, but we as a group are only a part of the South Stand. We've never claimed to speak or act on anyone else's behalf and are always open to ideas. Therefore we'd encourage any fans that would like to be more involved with S82 to get in touch - drop us a DM on here or come and see us in the ground. Regardless of which part of the ground you sit in, let's take the Bolton match this Saturday as an opportunity to remind ourselves what a buzzing Ashton Gate can be like, on and off the pitch! The players have been doing their bit, now let's do ours - who knows where it'll take us! COYR S82
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    I bumped into josh in Cabot circus the day after the Millwall game and we had a chat . Coincidentally my son was mascot the following game vs Blackburn - I explained to josh that he was very nervous and suffered with anxiety . Josh made a call there and then into the club - when we got to the ground the staff all knew about my son and said he would be walking out first with him . Something he was over the moon with . I could see on the big screens of Josh chatting with him - my son said he was really kind and talked to him about various things. I didn’t ask for any of that to happen - but the fact it did has made memories for my son and I for the rest of our lives . Thanks Josh - a truly amazing thing to have done .
  38. 69 points
    And me too. Have a lovely memory of TC from a year earlier I think. We all remember how he brought the club through times of hardship and back almost single handedly. Well some may remember that he said at one point that his office was open to any fan at any time. I was working at Eagle House Youth Centre and being cynical thought I would test him out. The next day I phoned the ground to complain that no Bristol City player had been seen in Knowle West for a long time and how they should send a player to coach our kids. To my great surprise I was put straight through to Terry. “Eh lad what can I do for you” like he was talking to one of his players. He quickly agreed to send a player to us and asked if there was anything else that I would like. I told him a stadium tour for my boys would be good and he said “hang on I will find out who the guy is to speak to about that.” After a fairly lengthy pause he came back to the phone and said “well apparently you’re speaking to the man that organises the tours”. He called me back later on having arranged the tour and asked me if I could pop down the ground the next evening to pick up a player and take him to meet the boys. Next day I went down and David Moyes literally having just signed for us that day was waiting, as he was once a week from then on. What times they were Terry Cooper an absolute legend and Moysie who was inspirational to a bunch of young Knowle Westers’.
  39. 69 points
    9 match unbeaten run, Mark Ashton surfaces.....What a uncanny coincidence .
  40. 69 points
    Alternative version, courtesy of @Cheesleysmate , this is class!
  41. 68 points
    Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere but feel the magnificent support today is worthy of mention. I took a non City fan and he was hugely impressed with how the fans supported the team and the atmosphere created. He asked at half time whether the fans would keep up the level of support if we went behind. Well he certainly got his answer. The fans stayed with the team right to the finish. What a moving moment with that young Blues mascot getting great applause and a big cheer from the City fans and giving a thumbs up. Not ashamed to say that brought a tear to my eye. Extra proud to be a City fan today - well done lads and lasses.
  42. 68 points
    Absolutely superb today. Apart from the poor finish with his head first half. Not seen him play so well at home all season. Won most balls and held it up well. Passed it well and even went on some runs with the ball. What a handful. MOTM
  43. 67 points
    On the day that we gave a debut to an expensive new striker, City’s established frontman Famara Diedhiou, so often the source of dismissal and ridicule from fans who barely set foot anywhere but Ashton Gate, produced not only his best performance under Lee Johnson, but perhaps the most complete forward contribution City has seen for a generation. For 90 minutes the Senegalese would not be knocked off the ball, QPR could not get close to him, and as well as drifting off his markers to power a first half header past the hosts keeper, he also reproduced Nicky Maynard’s insane overhead kick from a far harder location, then finally sprinted back to head an 89th minute equaliser away at the far post. It is no exaggeration to say that Diedhiou secured City not only the lead, but the three points - in a fixture where he was simply the best player on the pitch: a striker that lead the line, imperiously maintained possession, but somehow roared back into the backline to defend corners and (impossibly) in the final stages head off the line when others were lost. City are in form and they came flying out of the traps as they did at Reading on Tuesday - in fact it was a carbon copy of the Madejski Stadium as Diedhiou marauded from the left wing channel and exchanged passes with Paterson before cutting inside and curling an early tester at the Rangers keeper which was well held as it arced towards the top corner. QPR were having to bundle into Eliasson and others to curtail City’s early purpose and after 7 minutes Ashley Williams took a free kick from the halfway line into the box which was half cleared, but Paterson collected, fed the irrepressible Diedhiou who easily skipped past a defender and forced the keeper to save down low. So far all City - QPR non-existent. On 15 Paterson did well to intercept in his own half and send Weimann away, and when the Austrian miscued, determined City recycled possession quickly and Hunt at right back turned his opposite number brilliantly to break, hooking a long distance cross which saw Diedhiou roar into space to prepare an unmarked diving header into the bottom corner. A stunning lead for City and comfortably deserved as the only side showing any ability to threaten. It could have been more - at the midway point of the half Hunt scooped in for a rusty Massengo whose cross was half cleared, but from Eliasson’s follow up Dasivla retained possession and slammed a rising shot at goal that was desperately deflected wide. Direct City had the better of the chances but not the possession, and despite QPR rallying, on the half hour centre back Williams lifted a long ball over the home defence to where Diedhiou drifted off the shoulder of the last man and let the ball drop to fire a stunning - but technically tough - first time volley which rose over the crossbar and into the crowd. QPR had probed with slick passing and interplay but off the ball Johnson’s men had been brilliantly compact and unplayable - causing the hosts to exert energy without chances. But before the break Baker slipped on halfway and right winger Osayi-Samuel ran on, laid the ball into the path of Jordan Hugill, whose early angled shot sailed over the far post. City went in at half time rightly - and comfortably - ahead, but the second period saw the Londoners move the ball quicker and more directly as the whole balance of the match changed to favour the hosts. Although in minutes star man Eberechi Eze cut a frustrated figure as again he collected a ball in space but his pot shot from range was well wide. The second period was more scrappy as Johnson’s side highlighted their ability to simply absorb and repel pressure, but right winger Osayi-Samuel - incredibly raw with propensity to simply dribble out of bounds - also got to the byline and cut back dangerously, indeed when City turned behind for a corner, on the hour Hugill’s header was blockd point blank. City sent on new signing Nahki Wells for Paterson, and then Pedro Perreira for the injured Jack Hunt - who once again showed Loftus Road is where he plays his best football - and it was the debutant who almost doubled City’s advantage, Weimann’s throw in lifted over the top by Massengo and Wells sprinting clear to glance a header on the turn just over. A minute later Diedhiou underlined a faultless display as Pereira threw in from the right, and 10 yards out and wide, the City top scorer watched the ball drop, held off a defender, flicked it up into the air, then executed a flawless bicycle kick from an acute angle which was tipped away near post . Maynard’s famous goal in W12, but from an improbable angle. City were not finished and a throw in on the left inside the last 20 minutes saw the irrepressible Diedhiou muscle clear with defenders hanging off him, powering into the box before seeing his shot - under a lot of pressure from retreating defenders - easily held by the hosts keeper at the near post. This was simply a tour-de-force from the underrated striker. By now QPR had found their range and were blitzing their visitors when in possession, in growing expectation of an equaliser, indeed Oseyi-Samuel, occasionally careless, was now proving a nuisance or Dasilva and regularly getting to the byline in City’s box before cutting back and hoping for a finish - thanks to Baker and Williams no such finish was possible. In the last ten minutes on 82 the classy Eze swept a long cross into the back post which striker Hugill met and forced Nathan Bentley to brilliantly tip wide. And then finally - and perhaps fittingly - in a last 10 minute assault on City’s goal, before injury time Diedhiou, already racing back repeatedly to help City, headed away a certain goal at the back post. For five painful minutes added on, QPR - dominant in possession but nowhere close to City on quality of chances or shots on target - would bombard the visitors box: occasionally aided by a remarkably lenient referee who insisted on booking no one despite the hosts continually hacking down City breaks, and yet carding manager Johnson late for protesting. In the end the match was won as it was at Reading, and so often away from home last season - by sheer will to win and organisation at the back, Baker and Williams putting their bodies on the line to clear any ball thrown at then, while their teammates also capped a flawless display of organisation and compact shape, by stalling every last QPR attack. Bentley 7 A couple of fantastic saves at the end - and again his reaction at the end shows how much he wants it Hunt 7 Like the cup game in August, loves playing here, was a threat all first half and setup our winning goal Dasilva 7 Some brilliant interceptions on the run and always busy but got Oseyi-Samuel beat him more late on Baker 8 Threw himself at and won everything he could - one mistake late in the first half but otherwise perfect Williams 9 Actually was perfect, think we take him for granted too much, tidies up with such class it’s ridiculous Smith 8 Possibly a 9 - City didn’t own midfield but Korey regularly turned markers and kept possession - classy Massengo 6 Looked rusty, gave it away cheaply 2-3 times in the first half. Always energetic but not strong enough Eliasson 8 A nuisance, was sure he would create another goal, as it was deserves credit for being solid throughout Paterson 7 Link up early was a feature of how dangerous Diedhiou was - but quickly faded in the second half Weimann 6 Yet again lots of energy but not really on the wavelength of teammates, not the same level of threat Diedhiou 10 His best ever, not sure how you sum it up, unplayable centre forward who was best on pitch at both ends Wells 5 Bar early headed chance an odd debut, either too keen or doing QPR a favour: gave them free kick after free kick Pereira 6 A little raw replacing the injured Hunt but settled and made some important later interventions in midfield Rowe 6 Came on too late to really rate, but certainly part of a team full of character that were never going to surrender
  44. 67 points
    What a player this guy is. When Aden Flint left I was gutted but Webster’s positioning intelligence and calmness on the ball is amazing and is twice the player Aden is. The way he brings the ball out and links the play to midfield is very refreshing as not sure if any city centre back has had these attributes. Great signing for LJ and well done to Adam Webster keep it up don
  45. 66 points
    Currently out of work and spending some quality time with my young son, but time to start getting some feelers out there, so been getting the CV out to see what is going on Yesterday morning I had a missed call from a Leicester number and a message from Tony at ATA Recruitment to give him a call. Never heard of them before, so googled them and they had a useful 'meet the team' page on their website. Tony looks very much like the Tony Thorpe. So give him a call back, little chat about the situation then I ask the question, and it's the man himself Great guy and remembers his time here with great affection. Also described his spell at Swindon as his worst time in the game! Had a follow up conversation this afternoon and another little chat. Still good mates with Scott Murray and Louis Carey and gets down a couple of times a season. I said that he's remembered fondly by the fans, suspect the winner against the Blue Few in the Christmas game helps, and the lightning quick opening day hat trick at Northampton are the highlights Anyway, ex player so of no interest to some (keep the comments to yourself if so ) but thought I'd mention it to anyone else who remembers him in the same way I do If he gets me the dream job then he'll be even more of a legend in my eyes!
  46. 66 points
    GT: Hi Mark, how are you? MA: Holistically, I'm fine, however I think it's important that we take a step back, put a straw man in place, open up the consideration of my wellbeing to some blue sky thinking and look at the synergies between the question and the expected reply........ <30 minutes later....> GT: Well, than concludes the show for this evening, sorry we had no time to get to the phones or Tweets, but we can end here safe in the knowledge that Mark is probably 'alright'.
  47. 66 points
    I honestly do try to avoid veering from one extreme to another or engaging in hyperbole but that really was the most convincing and commanding performance under LJ. Every player was better than their opposite number (Kelly frighteningly so), every second or loose ball was pounced on by us, and finally we moved the ball short and quick. Yes Swansea looked casual and behaved like they just needed to turn up, but it owed a lot to City's relentless energy, that left them like we often look - devoid of passing options. But you just can't underplay City's display, a lot of the game was utterly one sided before they got Fer on, their chances non-existent, ours arriving in bursts across 70 minutes. Eliasson was the standout attacking player on the pitch, he was everywhere, this was his Championship arrival, and no surprise he setup a stunning opener within 30 seconds. An early ball put the Swede in behind their static defence on the left and he raced to the byline and slid an inviting ball across the keeper, Weimann reacting fast to bundle in. A capacity away end did not need anymore invitation to roar their approval and from the word go City's tails were up, dominating an ex-Premiership opponent who never settled. Watkins headed just wide after the illusive Eliasson again got to byline and pulled back, in response Swansea wasted a soft free kick - after a high foot on Weimann was ignored. But City won an identical free kick in the left channel on their next attack as Watkins was cut down, and that man Eliasson's swerving dipping shot was desperately beaten away. Despite their dominance against a lethargic Swansea, City had to regroup as Watkins went off afrer the earlier challenge, though arguably with O'Dowda they were stronger. The best move of the half arrived soon after as City fashioned a series of clear chances in a minute - started from a probing move that switched the ball patiently around the box. Having started on the right, the ball made it to Eliasson on the left, he worked defenders before City retreated, returning on the right, Hunt's cross deep to Eliasson to force a save. Almost immediately O'Dowda would slip in Weimann and reminiscent of City's opener, he was close to forcing home, and from the block O'Dowda himself nearly followed in. Before the end of the half City again got in on the flank, crossing from the right to the near post where Eliasson's run forced the keeper to claim untidily under pressure. At the other end a completely shackled and frustrated Swansea's first serious attempt saw a long range shot drift wide of City's right hand post, in front of bouyant away fans. City had one more chance before half time, Taylor chased a deep ball on the right, held it up and layed it back to O'Dowda who raced towards the box before drawing a fine save. In injury time even Maenappa got in on the act, Swansea finally breaking in numbers to find room on their left, but their quick cross was claimed brilliantly by the Finn in a crowd. After a one sided first half, City sat in for the opening exchanges of the second half to see what Swansea would do, but amazingly City would go on to again dominate the chances. From an Eliasson free kick, the Swansea half clearance was slipped to Weimann on the edge of box, he drew defenders and squared to Kalas, who drilled just past the far post. On the midway point of the second half the City move of the game - and their season so far - arrived, only a small miracle denying City from deservedly going further in front. An inch perfect deep crossfield pass found Eliasson on the left touchline, his first time control was good and with quick thinking he sprung the overlapping Kelly to the byline. The speed of the move had Swansea again off guard and Kelly drilled a fast cross to the near post where like City's opener, Weimann eluded everyone and almost swept home. It was a desperate parry from the Swansea keeper, but Weimann recovered the ball to the left of goal and played it into the path of Taylor, who forced a second desperate save. For a second half it was one way traffic and within seconds Eliasson got in behind them again and his cross was hacked away by the rattled home defence. Away end noise rose. Swansea did manage a long range shot wide right on the break, but the game only turned into a contest in the final quarter of an hour after Leroy Fer came on in a playmaker role. Almost immediately a sweeping break from the newly organised home side found room on the left and a dangerous ball into the near post was badly sliced wide by their forward. Next O'Dowda hesitated in possession from a Hunt clearance and Swansea raced down the middle where Fer's shot deflected over. From the corner Weimann cleared off the line. Another Swansea shot from long range was tipped over by Maenappa but in truth was rising all the time, and Johnson reacted by throwing his subs on - Hunt's enforced. City had to defend the final ten minutes and did so comfortably, Swansea putting the last two shots well wide, for City, Brownhill hit a dipping 25 yard shot just wide from a corner. For a match that was routinely one sided, it ended appropriately with City clearing easily - led by Kalas at the first ball - and regularly driving into the corner flag, led by Paterson. In the end a more than deserved 1-0 win for City at Swansea, a score that easily flattered the home side, such was City's desire off the ball and quality, speed and organisation with it. All recent faults were eliminated - we moved the ball quickly and gave each other options, while simultaneously denying the same for Swansea, leaving them hitting long passes. It started at the back, the two centre backs imperious led by the impressive Kalas, but in Kelly we saw THE most outstanding showing from a City academy player I have ever seen. Playing left-back he competely shutdown a costly Premiership opponent, not once, but every time asked - strength, timing and the quality needed to win AND play the ball. It's no exaggeration to say that he did things today that have you wondering when not if he leaves City and plays for England at full international level. He is an absolute gem. And yet possibly not man of the match! As well as contenders in a for once dominant City midfield, Eliasson turned in a relentless attacking showing - a defenders nightmare. So out of nowhere a second consecutive away win but also quite probably the most convincing performance ever under Johnson - because simply every player bossed it. Maenappa 7 Not tested much but his take at the end of the first half was a commanding display of a dangerous moment that we've not seen from a City keeper for years Hunt 6 A bit loose with a few forward balls - at times a Matt Hill throwback - but in the main solid at the back and got forward when needed Kelly 9 Not sure what I'm even dropping a point for here but an astonishing performance for such a young defender, classy and looks like he has been playing professionals for years Kalas 8 Won everything in the air, combined well with Webster, more composed than Baker, the first confident pairing this season Webster 7 Ditto Kalas. His best game in a City shirt. Didn't have to make his trademark marauding but risky runs, as the midfield was far more fluid moving the ball themselves Pack 7 Worked hard to deny Swansea space to pass the ball easily, and was at the heart of all our new found quick passing Brownhill 8 Second straight game that he has shown what he offers in a central role, tireless, box to box, and probably sets the example of the desire needed to get away wins like this - always focused Watkins 6 A nuisance for Swansea with his presence running wide, but didn't last for long Eliasson 9 He was everywhere, and always good value with the ball, beat defenders and put in consistently dangerous crosses, but also worked the ball back when he needed to. A threat at set pieces and got in the box as an option as well. A real asset Taylor 8 As on Tuesday, getting much more suitable for this level when asked to run the channels with the ball in space than asked to handle long aerial punts. His quick thinking in forward positions was a big factor in our long awaited ability to move the ball smartly through fast short passing Weimann 8 Ran down every ball forward, showed quick thinking in the box as per, and involved in all our best chances. The player of the season campaign is well underway O'Dowda 7 Combined well with Taylor and looked stronger, but the whole team looked more convincing with a goal to defend and the crowd behind them Paterson 7 Some great runs with the ball when we needed someone to occupy their resurgent team in advanced areas following the Fer introduction Pisano 6 Didn't have too much to do
  48. 66 points
    The bar has now been set for the acceptable set of circumstances in which you can post a transfer rumour. Three club members, the player, an agent, a photograph, a FIFA Ultimate Team card, recent achievements, anticipated fee and wage. Anything less and it's an instant forum ban.
  49. 65 points
    Would be a shame if he retires. I know there's this whole Pantomime villain dislike between him and Bristol City (which is a well rehearsed act to divert attention away from his players), but he's a real character and a good man too. His autobiography is a good read, he has a lot of respect for our club despite all the history.
  50. 65 points
    So we're the franchise. And they are the quirky, historical club full of identity. Alright, hold my beer lads. We are playing in our spiritual home ground, where we've played for nearly 120 years. Rovers traditional home is now stocked with flat pack furniture, whilst the team have scrounged around rugby grounds, and venues in ANOTHER CITY ENTIRELY. Our owner is Steve Landsdown, a local businessman who loves the club, has owned us for nearly 20 years and will pass his legacy onto his son. Rovers owner is Dwayne Sports PLC, a bunch of foreign chancers with no affiliation to the club who only bought it on the off chance of relocating it to South Gloucestershire, but now regret their decision and are desperate to get rid of them like a turd that won't flush. Our club anthem(s) were written by a local band who are supporters of the club. Goodnight Irene has absolutely nothing to do with Bristol Rovers and was in fact stolen from Plymouth Argyle after they sang it as a piss take. Our nickname the Robins is indeed shared by two other football league clubs, but I do believe we've been around as the Robins for longer than either of them (I stand to be corrected on that one). Rovers nickname of "the gas" was in fact invented by us as an insult so you can thank your artificial and boring neighbours for your quirky and unique nickname. As for the Pirates? Yeah OK, granted. But the pirate on your badge looks like a cross dressing fanny. So there. Ashton Alf, the Bristol Babes, John Atyeo, Norman Hunter bites your legs, the Ashton Gate Eight, Super Bob Taylor, the team of 1976, super Jacki from another planet, Tom Thumb, Fatty Wedlock, Drink up ye Cider, the Walshie shuffle, Bounce around the ground, East End agro, 118 years in the football league. Bristol City FC is a football club oozing with history and tradition. Sure, we've had to modernise to keep up with the rest of the footballing world but we're still BCFC, we still play at Ashton Gate in red and white, we are still the Robins and we have the same supporters. Your "identity" however, just consists of being a rag bag bunch of tramps who scrape by day to day by doing everything on the cheap. And whilst you might think that makes you cool and unique, it really doesn't. It just makes you stand out like a sore thumb as being an absolute failure of a football club, on life support, desperately trying to cling on to the tail coats of your bigger and better city rivals. So shove that in your pipe and smoke it, you bunch of ****s!!
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