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  1. 148 points
    Truly today must be our 'finest hour'. I learn today that Weimann should not be on the pitch and Fammy is actually the problem in our team. Meanwhile signing a truly mega exciting player age 18 with Champions League experience from a major European club is questioned as worryingly too much money and a big gamble- then largely glossed over on our forum because it's just not enough or the right position . Un-####in believable !! ( Welcome Han-Noah - I will cheer you at every touch) Signing a goal keeper with the pedigree of Dan Bentley, Making our Chelsea loans of Kallas, DaSilva and Palmer permanent for mega millions. Boom. Signing a very exciting player from Benfica ( Benfica FFS!) who gave one of the best messages about joining BCFC that I have ever read- but no, it's irrelevant because it's nothing compared to an unknown Arse second string player who may or may not condescend to play for our great club. And people are making it out to be the end of the world???? We have a chance of signing a great quality Hungarian International and who knows who else?. Meanwhile-loads of spoilt school children think that SL or MA or more stupidly Lee Johnson only had one single striker target in Eddie whatshisface whose Club has made it clear of no guarantees of him going anywhere. So really??? In a market where virtually every single club in Europe- no, the world, wants a striker who can get goals and our fans believe club's will obviously sell to BCFC? - you silly silly children. There will be a Plan B even if it's not the one fans dreamt of. So- just to sum up what has been the most unappreciative day in OTIB history - we've made some cracking signings and cracking sales. We are doing stuff that I never dreamt possible because I saw my Club almost disappear in 1982, I stood on the terraces of Trumpton when we lost the title and when the Green'un announced yet another pointless journeyman signing for us in order to join a team of journeymen not playing for us. Same old same old for decades. I'm actually in heaven about what's now going on at BCFC, so grateful to SL and pretty much laugh at a 50± page thread of hysteria about a player that 99.9% of posters have never seen play, can't spell and can't pronounce. And the funniest thing that it's always the same group of posters who never believe( I'll be reminding you later in the season, boys) because they always criticise and unless we are guaranteed the Prem - they'll keep on being pretend supporters. If we get to the play-offs we'll have done well- actually,brilliantly in a tough tough League but I just don't get how people are just not able to see how far we've come and how far we can still go. COYR
  2. 146 points
    As a three year old my dad took me to Ashton Gate for the first time, he was a steward in the old grandstand for over 40 years. I have consequently spent the past 58 years supporting the City. He died at 5 am today aged 90. Thank you dad, rest in peace.
  3. 132 points
    I have been an avid reader of OTIB and a very occasional contributor for several years but I must say now, I have had enough and I’m off. The forum has been completely taken over by people who profess to hate Lee Johnson and everything about the club. Not a topic is posted on here that does not attract somebody who blames LJ, Bristol Sport or Steve Lansdown for it. The final straw for me was when LJ was criticised for what he SAID in the Geoff Twentyman interview BEFORE it had taken place. Every topic seems to degenerate into a diatribe on at least one of the following, He: · was a useless footballer who only got into any side because his father was the manager · is a bad coach · is too short · won’t publicly confess to every mistake he makes · didn’t get every team selection right · didn’t get any substitutions right · signed over 30 players for millions of pounds, none of whom are any good · only has a half decent team because Cotterill left him the spine · giggles · oversaw a fall off in form · uses long words and jargon · didn’t get us promoted · stopped us enjoying a season long fight against relegation · introduced Southville parking restrictions (good job we didn’t get promoted then) · prevented us getting a train station at Ashton Halt · ruined the Metrobus and the Park and Ride · measures the grass · uses drones · fools bookies into making him a low priced option for managerial vacancies · was responsible for the relegation of Barnsley and Oldham Add to that the constant harping on that Bristol Sport has drained the soul from our club by: Developing the ground beyond all recognition to one that is the envy of many in the Premier League Upgrading training facilities Taking away the fun of queuing next to the dustbins and outside the smelly toilets to buy and eat an indifferent pie Removing the pleasure of standing for an hour in the rain before kick off so that you could get pushed around and get an imperfect view of a match Providing a pitch that looks as good in May as it did in August Removing the fun of attending matches with the prime reason of inflicting GBH on anyone who looked remotely like an opposition supporter (What fun we had in the 1970s and 80s) Replacing coded tin sheets with WiFi and loud speaker announcements to get half time scores Employing people who wear suits. How much better life was when clubs were run by inarticulate former players who learnt about management by heading a heavy leather ball for 15 years Bringing highest crowds ever in the all-seating era Changing things Steve Lansdown is also completely flawed because he: doesn’t understand football won’t spend money and always takes the cheap option won’t break FFP rules won’t spend money on linguists makes us pay more for season tickets (easier to spend other people’s money) sacks people we like lives in Guernsey only employs Yes Men only employs his son employs Mark Ashton appointed LJ won’t sack LJ And just before I go why must you all ‘hate’ and ‘despise’ or ‘detest’ other clubs and managers. I don’t hate the Gas but I get a real buzz when they lose and when they are relegated. Similarly I would have smiled if Fulham had beaten Cardiff/Colin to automatic promotion. It’s more schadenfreude. Perhaps that is too long a word for most of you on here who seem to think that writing **** and **** isn’t swearing. Bob Binalong has left the building
  4. 95 points
    Allow me to introduce Bristol’s newest football team : Bristol Sands Utd FC Made up of blokes and their families who’ve suffered the devasting impact of babyloss, Bristol Sands Utd FC has been set up by one the committee members of Bristol Sands - the Stillbirth and Neo-Natal Death Society - to try and reach out to guys who find it hard to talk about their experience in a more formal setting. Using football and shared experiences to break down barriers we hope to get men talking about babyloss and the impact it has had on them. Statistically there will be plenty of guys on here who have been through this, myself included. Our daughter, Elizabeth, was born sleeping in March 2012. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about her and only yesterday I ran the Bristol 10k to raise funds for Bristol Sands. So. If you’re a bereaved parent, or your close family have been affected too, and you fancy a kickabout with others who just understand, feel free to get in touch. PM more for more details. Here’s a few links to give you some more info about the football team, Bristol Sands and our fundraising efforts https://m.facebook.com/sandsunitedbristolfc/ https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/my-world-crumbled--men-2695048 http://bristol.sands.org.uk/ https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/reg-coombs
  5. 88 points
    Hello everyone, Someone asked in another thread how Oskar was getting on. I’ve contacted Lizzy his mum and she’s given me permission to post the following.
  6. 78 points
    Maybe it's my selective sight. But all I see on here and other social platforms is people complaining about us being bottle jobs and not worthy of the play offs. And at games themselves, very subdued atmospheres, hardly inspiring for anyone involved. Just wondering if there are many fans out there who recognise how far we have come this year and what an unreal season we've had, play offs or not. People love to hammer LJ, Ashton and the Lansdowns. But they are currently in the process of putting this club in its strongest position ever, both on and off the pitch. Joint 5th in the league and an academy and infrastructure that seems to be thriving. Yet all I see is people moan, moan and moan. Like this post if you are a realist who understands what a good place this club is in at the moment. Just to restore some faith in each other if nothing else...
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  8. 71 points
    Whether he’s been shite for a few games or not, for the postition we are currently in, to treat one of our own the way a few hundred did was nothing short of disgraceful. Helps no-one whatsoever.
  9. 68 points
    Absolutely superb today. Apart from the poor finish with his head first half. Not seen him play so well at home all season. Won most balls and held it up well. Passed it well and even went on some runs with the ball. What a handful. MOTM
  10. 67 points
    Currently out of work and spending some quality time with my young son, but time to start getting some feelers out there, so been getting the CV out to see what is going on Yesterday morning I had a missed call from a Leicester number and a message from Tony at ATA Recruitment to give him a call. Never heard of them before, so googled them and they had a useful 'meet the team' page on their website. Tony looks very much like the Tony Thorpe. So give him a call back, little chat about the situation then I ask the question, and it's the man himself Great guy and remembers his time here with great affection. Also described his spell at Swindon as his worst time in the game! Had a follow up conversation this afternoon and another little chat. Still good mates with Scott Murray and Louis Carey and gets down a couple of times a season. I said that he's remembered fondly by the fans, suspect the winner against the Blue Few in the Christmas game helps, and the lightning quick opening day hat trick at Northampton are the highlights Anyway, ex player so of no interest to some (keep the comments to yourself if so ) but thought I'd mention it to anyone else who remembers him in the same way I do If he gets me the dream job then he'll be even more of a legend in my eyes!
  11. 62 points
    Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute just sit or kneel I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Horfield In west Jordan town born and raised In the watch shop where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all watching Tom Nicholls hitting row Q When a couple of guys, they were up to no good Started making trouble in da fional turd I got in one little fight with a horse and my mom got scared And said "You're moving with Nick Higgs and the Tramp in Horfield” I whistled for a dog and when it came near The Collar said "Darrell” and it **ssed Fanta clear I bought a TV and thought it would fit on a tent spine But I thought nah, forget it, these things take time I pulled up to a slum about seven and a bit And I yelled to the cabby "Yo, homes This ain’t Stamford Bridge” Looked at my kingdom I was finally sealed To sit on my throne as the prince of Horfield
  12. 62 points
    I’ve come to the decision that I’m not going to renew. My ticket in the South Stand has not changed in price but this whole episode has made me feel a lot more disenfranchised from the club to the extent that I’m not sure I want to be part of it any more. Treating disabled, elderly & children in this way is simply despicable and I’m very angry with the club over this. They just don’t get it, and I guess they never will. Whilst on the pitch we’ve had a great season, I can’t say the same for off the pitch. My matchday experience has been regularly soured by the way we in the South Stand corner have been treated. I don’t particularly enjoy being surrounded by police and being stared at and filmed for 90 minutes whilst I am innocently trying to enjoy a football match. I don’t appreciate the fact that I always used to stand outside the Spanish bar with a beer but the police clamped down on that and don’t allow drinking outside on the pavement before the match. I don’t enjoy having to drive in from 20 miles away and having little parking options because the club & council can’t get their arses in gear to arrange a proper use of the pretty much empty park and ride facility 5 minutes walk away. It takes me an hour sometimes to get to Ashton and then another half hour finding somewhere to park. It’s frustrating and impinges on my matchday experience, particularly when there is a simple solution just over the road! Above all, I despise the way the club are treating our fans of the future and the more vulnerable / less well-off of our fanbase. It’s disgusting. As I said before, my ticket would be the same price, but to me that’s not important. I would have happily paid another 10% on my ticket if it meant the club didn’t rip off families who don’t want to be split up. They just don’t get it. I’ve got a 4 year old daughter who will now enjoy spending some more time with Daddy on a Saturday afternoon. I’ll still attend occasionally, but if the club think they’re having season ticket money from me in the next 2 weeks plus drinks money for 23 games per season, they can blow. Yes, the product being served is better than it’s been in many a year, but the customer experience is sour and the treatment of loyal supporters, kids, elderly & disabled is shocking. I’m out.
  13. 60 points
    I don't get why people on here have this attitude about players who have left, at least not the ones who love the club. If it were Maynard or someone who left in that manner then I'd understand but I like Joe and I wish him well, it's nice to see him doing well.
  14. 58 points
    Only listened on the radio so I hope I've got this right but LJ brought on Palmer and Taylor in the 73rd minute to "go for it" so to speak. Blackburn have one of the best home records in the league and have only lost at Ewood Park twice all season. So what was Mowbray's response? One minute later he took off his main attacking threat Dack for the more defensively minded Rothwell. In other words he decided to try and hold out for the point. That shows where we are right now in terms of strength in depth and the respect that decent teams with very experienced managers are showing us. As soon as LJ brought on Taylor and Palmer we must've all been confident we would go on and win the game as we've already seen these two change games - Taylor did so in the Blackburn home game in fact and maybe that was playing on Mowbray's mind. We're in a great place right now and time will tell if we're able to mix it with the Boro, Leeds and WBA's come the seasons end.
  15. 57 points
    Ladies and gents... our post of the day goes to the highly talented @Olé albeit on Twitter... note the reply also... Just beautiful... take a bow...
  16. 55 points
    Lansdown's Job for the Fans: 1)We are still Bristol City 2)We play in an amazing Stadium 3)We have a fantastic training set up and facilities 4) Our youth policy is actually working for the first time ever. 5) Despite losing millions and millions and millions - he still covers the losses and invests in the club I'm completely bewildered why he does it especially when the minute it's not going to the fan's plans or time frame - he and his family get contemptible abuse but please Steve..... Do it again.
  17. 55 points
    www.bristol-sport.co.uk/news/steve-lansdown-receives-cbe-at-buckingham-palace/ Well done Steve and thank you for all you've done for Bristol City.
  18. 54 points
    Batch was one of my best mates & I was in contact with him daily my last message from him was at 1:45am today & there was no sign of what was to come today I messaged him this morning, as we did daily to say good morning & ask him how his night was & normally I got a reply within half an hour. Not this morning though & as the hours went on, I started fearing for the worst & then my phone went & it was his number calling me!! I said “hey mate, how you doing” & then I heard Thalia’s voice & my heart just sank!! Gutted doesn’t even go close to explaining how I feel & I know everyone says it about someone who has just passed but he truly was one of the good guys!! He phoned me after his visit from Scott & Joe & you could tell he was buzzing & he was so positive & wanted to know if there were any rumours of us signing anyone & how the team was getting on in general & he was talking about us making the playoffs!! I truly never expected this to happen so soon & it’s yet another ‘good guy’ who has been taken way before his time!! Take care, I’ll miss you mate!!
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    Evening all Apologies after disappearing for several reasons after the forum posts - Anyone who asked a specific q resulting from it and not answered below - I will try and answer directly at some point Will stay out of the today’s post match reaction and rewind the clock to my Post Forum thoughts and some bits that came out that some might find interesting, relevant and want to chew over , and clarify some misinformation that has surfaced from the Forum The badge I see one of our posters has indicated that ‘Concorde’ was mentioned unless it was mentioned Post Forum it wasn’t mentioned by JL on stage ‘ Replacing / Finding a striker from the academy ‘ In fairness this has been misrepresented , when asked about finding a Goalscorer MA and LJ explained that they are at a premium and very costly in the Championship and we had to look to see how we could replace goals including seeing what we could develop from within. - it was NOT a case of we will / need to replace from academy Leaders & Characters Lee was asked about characters / Leaders and having said in 2016 we needed leaders and the same again recently 2 years or so later , why we were still saying the same thing and hadn’t recruited a leader(s) LJ explained that they had been retrying to develop leaders amongst the group and mentioned MP specifically Position in Possession LJ , in response to a question spent some time explaining what he means by this. I won’t go into detail on this post but simplified , where he wants players to be when we are in possession - suppporting , or, protecting the player in possession - ( becoming more cautious ? may be relevant to some of our turgid play IMHO) Side v Leeds said he was picking a side that would ‘run and sprint’ Then named side as played today except COD was starting instead of Adelukan When he named Paterson I think most let out a noise of surprise off the back of his run and sprint comment Which takes me into Jamie Paterson From a number of comment , Lee is clearly confused himself whether or real problem is creativity or taking of chances and unsure whether to look for a Goalscorer or a creator Lee didn’t say this specifically but he clearly sees JP as one of our best chance of being a creator and I think that’s why he keeps trying to shoehorn him in Famara Diedhiou LJ appears, unsurprisingly , clearly disappointed in Famaras influence / performances recently and kept saying he ‘needs to get him going’ as he did with a number of the players and the players as a collective Matt Taylor Been struggling as he’s been having 2 hrs sleep at a time due to a new baby The way we’ve been playing Lee thinks we have been playing well , and cutting through the first two thirds of the pitch with ease but struggling with creating and taking chances He, on a number of occasions , accepted Preston performance was awful but put it down to one bad game on a number of occasions it was pointed out to him that in Fans opinions it wasn’t a one off bad game and cited Wigan , Rotherham etc but LJ didn’t accept that I thought it summed up when one chap said to Lee ‘ It’s not one bad game Lee it’s 10 wins or so since January’ LJ turned to the supporter and said ‘ I know , and why ? ‘ the supporter together with the others present looked bemused and the supporter rightly said ‘ I don’t know Lee , you’re the manager , you tell me’ Lee’s explanations were a mix of refereeing decisions , injuries , the loss of ‘ 3 £15. Million pound strikers’ in 3 seasons and the loss of Flint Bryan and particularly Reid (I think he’s right about Reid) Slightly worryingly he particularly highlighted as an example Hordurs long throw to Flint but in fairness also explained why he felt Bobby so valuable I won’t go into full detail but he is absolutely full of and focused on stats Lee Himself In discussing the pressure on him I thought Lee made a very good point Someone on here asked if LJ feared the sack - would he have been brave enough to blood Max Lee made a similar point insomuch he said he tries to get involved with U 13s etc and if he thought he was going to get the sack soon why would he bother with the acdemy, ie was he doing the right thing and the message that he needs that security / backing to get involved that way - It’s a fair and valid point but more a question of priorities at present time for me Lee comes across as a decent bloke and have to say again how I admired him for stating so long stood amongst supporters answering questions and discussing various things There are some things he mentioned that I don’t think fair to post on here but most don’t reflect on him or his abilities or otherwise Having listened to him at close hand for a hour some of my general thoughts about him were strengthened Very passionate lives and breathes football and his post Very confident in his abilities, possibly to a degree not yet born out by his performance. He made a claim at one point that with a top end budget he’d ‘walk the championship’ - Confidence is good, indeed probably vital but over confidence or belief is possibly not Lee appears a bit confused and maybe shocked by recent performances or lack of and kept saying about needing to get the ‘players going’ Unsurprisingly, He is clearly feeling the pressure He also appears in confusion and dilemna as to whether our real problems lie in our creativity in the final third or our lack of real goal scorer I have to confess, listening to him closely I think he could be described as dillusional ( IMHO ) in the way he describes and sees us playing and our performances He again spoke about his ‘Busy Bee’ philosophy , but when asked how Famara fitted into any ‘Busy Bee’ philosophy he couldn’t really explain In all honesty Having spoken to him on a few occasions and watched him since he’s been here I keep coming back to the same thing Somebody on the Forum thread mentioned ‘aura’ I heard GJ speak and on a number of occasions and thought he epitomised aura, I recall thinking ‘Yep I’d want to play for you’ I’ve been lucky enough, on occasions to meet various characters in the game and some have had a natural aura and presence , some not For me personally , Lee just doesn’t have that aura / presence - that’s not a criticism , that’s just the way it is So when it comes to managing the players and getting the best from them Lee can try the bullying or Churchill approach , or cajoling with a backdrop of credibility If I’m honest I believe that Lee has , and does try both For me he simply doesn’t have the presence / aura or credibility to,pulll off the first the second, - He clearly tries this and clearly appears to back up his coaching with a lot of stats and analysis - credibility still a question ? His passion is clear , but I just don’t see him tactically or maybe more importantly , a clever / good ‘manager / leader / motivator’ Personally I think he gets too hung up in details and stats and he has the misfortune of saying , what I regard as silly or strange things which as I stood there the other night , and on previous occasions , if I was a player I’d be thinking ‘oh shut up’ or ‘What ?..eh ? ‘ I’m not at all sure he has either the respect of players or that they fear him or any other motivational factor I’d love to know the real truth about recruitment - a conversation I had at the Forum makes me suspect MAs fingers in the pie I think LJ is trying to follow some demanding ‘wants’ from the owner as best he can if I’m honest I’m not sure he’s up to the whole task At one point you could almost see his exasperation as he said ‘ I’ve got to develop players from the academy , sell players to get funds in , and be twenty points clear at the top of this league’ Slightly dramatic but you get his drift So just a few bits for people to mull over My immediate fear is that I sense / smell a Head Coach and Squad that looks lacking in ideas or consistency in approach and has a relegation fight feel all over it atm - And Personally I don’t fancy this squad in a relegation battle As I said earlier in the week , right man , wrong job for me
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    Maybe we need an addendum. Ohh Kasey Palmer I'd let you shag my wife. But it's her decision I don't control her life Oh Kasey Palmer Nothing's sexier than conseeeent.
  22. 52 points
    Amazing 45. Barely put a foot wrong, kept us ticking over, clever passing and lots of creativity. Has to start next week. MOTM for me.
  23. 51 points
    So it appears that those who said that the reason he failed here was that Johnson didn't know how to handle him, and that a Manager like Warnock would get more out of him due to his superior Man-Management skills, were right again...................
  24. 51 points
    Mentioned it before but David Silvas premature born son 8s fighting for his life Jake Livermore’s incident the other day made me think that we should show some class and acknowledge Silvas very difficult time Whether he’s present or not what about a sustained applause (Doesn’t need to be a minute ) in the 21st Minute (Silvas Squad No) An accompanying , short ‘David Silva’ chant would send the message Appreciate those who come on here are only a small slice of our support but worth giving it a go ? @Harry Don’t know what you think - whether the Sec 82 lads n lasses could help -?
  25. 51 points
    City fan here. You lot were fantastic, genuinely one of the best away team performances I've seen at the Etihad. Put it this way, I've never felt the need to register on the forum of an opponent just to say good game before, but you were very impressive tonight; well played. It's only half time. We're going to have to be at our absolute best to get to the final. I hope you get promoted, you deserve it.
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    I’m not one for overreactions and I’m usually quick to jump to Lansdown’s defence (as are most on here, so I’m aware this won’t go down well) but think what you like about this season and whether we finish 6th or not, the fact we were in the position we were at the end of January and the owner interfered with the playing side of things and instructed Johnson to recall a L2 striker that had scored something like 3 in 19 instead of signing the striker Johnson wanted is the reason we may well struggle for 6th place. I also said on here before that one of the management team was frustrated at Lansdown somewhat in January, and I think with good reason unfortunately. Questions to answer Steve if we **** this up.
  28. 50 points
    I believe that the Mem has been virtually cashless for some time
  29. 50 points
    Last time we lost 5-0 it was the punctuation mark to an awful run, a culmination to weeks of mostly poor football. Faces contorted with rage in the Deepdale away end. Players were ashamed. There were no obvious redeeming features to our performance. Where was the hope going to come from when a team can't even turn up for a trip to a mid-table club. Today we have lost 5-0 away from home and the only consistent with many prior weeks is the bright, energetic way that City went after Villa from the off. Not only did we seek a fast rebound from the Wolves result, we made an expensive Villa side look anonymous as neat triangles and overlaps carved them open. At 20 minutes my mate looked at me and said "we really have some sensational players". So THIS was the match that we'd lose 5-0. Paterson and Brownhill repeatedly sprinted in on the Villa defence, while in rare breaks into our half, Pack, Baker or Wright were comfortably stepping up into through balls and tidying up the danger. Bobby Reid had the ball in the net after a flicked header on (ruled out for offside), Pack lashed a shot just past the post from outside the box, and Brownhill also went close from similar range after some neat underplay. It was surely a case of when not if. Home fans were silent. Much has been made of our overworked and barebones side being physically exhausted. While this is true, it is nothing compared to impact of mental exhaustion. We have made every game for the past month into a high stakes encounter. Convert one of our early chances tonight and they would have found an extra reserve of energy. Villa Park can be easily demoralised and quiet, as teams have shown at this level. Many of our wins have come from a confidence and sheer bloody mindedness. Today the real breaking point was not physical but mental. They broke to score against the run of play, and our hearts sunk. Suddenly the home team had a spark. I actually thought early in the build up to the goal that the Villa player (Jedinak?) rolled a 50-50 ball off his arm to start the move. But what followed was as incisive as it was fast. Grealish released Adomah on the left and he got to the byline before crossing for Hogan to head home. It was a swift counter attack and if anything we were victims of quite how comfortable we had felt pushing up. All of a sudden Villa had their gameplan, launching wave upon wave of quick attacks out via the wings. Magnússon looked ill at ease with the pressure, Baker scythed down Grealish on one break, and our midfield 5 started to sink deeper out of fear, only exacerbating a lack of out ball - Reid marooned up front among large Villa defenders. City were all at sea. In minutes it was two. Grealish had already been leading our defence a merry dance, but it was Adomah once again with a cross, from which Steele made a reaction save from the header, but Snodgrass was on hand yards out, unmarked (but apparently not offside) to tap home. Suddenly Villa Park came to life while players like Magnússon visibly shrunk. Careless with the ball and uncertain what to do. We reverted to the nervous passing back of last season. In a calamitous close to the half Grealish would drill a low shot into the post as Villa sensed blood in the water. But more evidence that this was not the 0-5 of Preston last season emerged with City's adjustments after the break. Kelly came on for Magnússon, Taylor on for Pack, and Flint once again sent forward to lead the line - with Smith adopting a curious clearing up role at the back in front of Wright and Baker. Almost immediately it was City on top again. From a well worked move the ball looped to Flint inside the Villa defence just yards out, but as he tried to turn home Taylor also laid claim to the ball with his back to goal, and succeeded only in blocking a certain Flint strike on the goal line, letting Villa bundle clear. City had Villa back tracking now and minutes later another swift move saw the ball break loose on the edge of the box but as Baker and Taylor converged, this time it was Flint guilty of trying to connect with a ball he was poorly placed to finish, snuffing out the clear opportunity. At the other end Snodgrass did get inside Kelly and fire over, but it was City who looked liveliest and from another break, Taylor released Brownhill on the right and he raced to the edge of the box, with Flint and others converging in the middle, the young midfielder blazed an ambitious shot over. It was now telling that despite throwing Flint forward, City had yet to truly pepper the box with crosses and that would have been the best chance to try. And like the first half, City had emerged to take the game to Villa and in failing to secure any reward yet again, finally both their fragile mental and physical energy would really evapourate. On the hour mark Grealish would go on a surging run through the middle from his own half. Weary players back tracked, Smith tried to wrestle the ball clear, but Grealish finally released a square pass inside Kelly in the box and Snodgrass raced past him and applied the finish. Now City truly were shattered. This team has done so much this season and anyone with a heart would have wanted the team to escape anymore punishment now, regardless of the result. There was little fight left, only a cruel spectacle of our exhausted players in a now precipitous shape, clinging on for dear life while still speculatively trying to break, but finding their legs and their touch giving out on them - resulting in only wildly over-hit or underhit passes and none of the fluency with which this team has made its name. Two more painful Villa goals would follow before the end - the fourth a carbon copy of the third, as City defenders again back tracked and dropped off, this time from Hutton's mazy run, allowing some sub I've never heard of to convert. At the end a cross from the Villa right was poorly and hesitantly dealt with in a crowded box, the ball left free for Hourihane to smash home. If the players couldn't escape the humiliation, City's fans had been streaming out since the third, and those still left now beat a hasty retreat. But while there were plenty of prophets of doom to be found filtering out talking about perceived weaknesses in the team, this was a freak result for a side that has played with a flamboyancy and confidence that so often has delivered rewards home and away (this only our second away defeat of the season) but tonight treaded a very fine line between capitalising on our typical early endeavour or surrendering to sheer mental and physical fatigue of recent weeks. As it was, the team did challenge those fine margins for as long as they could, but the moment the match slipped the wrong side of that line, City's fragility was exposed and their capitulation became more and more inevitable the more they fought in vein to prevent it. Steele 4 Magnússon 4 Wright 5 Baker 6 Flint 5 Pack 6 Smith 5 Bryan 6 Paterson 6 Brownhill 5 Reid 5 Taylor 4 Kelly 5 Woodrow 5
  30. 48 points
    Update- one male arrested after being captured on club cctv, currently still in police custody( time 8.10pm) myself and the other football officer immediately went to the disabled area as soon as the smoke grenade landed. I can confirm 3 disabled persons at least had to leave the area immediately to obtain oxygen/ fresh air and water. I have been given permission by Oscar to tell everyone he was one of the people and left in total for about 10 mins. He really is a pleasure to talk to , but he is very sad and angry this has happened, and wants it to not happen again I can confirm the ref had to halt the game until the grenade burnt out as it was pitchside. He will be writing a report to the league as per policy . Everyone on here is aware of the work we have done in all areas to prevent this, and I am really disappointed that eduacation does not seem to have worked in this case. however what I can say is that the Male in question is not someone I have previously known as a section 82 member and it is wrong to blame that group for one persons choices . The group work alongside the club/ police and manager to create the atmosphere like today and have always supported the work done to prevent these incidents. As soon as I have an update on the Male in custody I will put it here
  31. 48 points
    Tomorrow everyone knows the importance of 3 points so please don’t just sit there moaning and having a go at manager or players , get out your seat and show your passion , show how much you want the club to go forward , cheer these players who have taken the season down to the last home game and gave us something to cling to cheer them on Congradulate them on another year of improvement we can’t ask for more , we have no Devine right to promotion in this ever improving division -so enjoy tomorrow, paint the kids faces red and be PROUD to be a city fan . Let’s hear the ASHTON ROAR it’s down to you boys
  32. 48 points
    So Bobby Reid is a 'snake'. After spending his whole career with us. Putting in the effort to try and make something of himself. And then he gets his season in the sun and his big break. And we get £10m for a one season wonder. What a snake. Meanwhile, the best centre back in the country outside the prem goes for half the price. He is not a snake though. Nor is an Icelandic bit part player because he is great at engaging with fans on social media. Flint should have gone for £15m minimum. But hey, let's ignore that like the suits want us to and call Bobby Reid a snake. Ffs. Wake up people. (Waiting for the abuse from those that only read the title...)
  33. 46 points
    Obviously, I hope that the stars align on Sunday and we sneak into the playoffs and extend our season, but even if not I think it's definitely worth looking at how far we've come in the last few years, both in terms of league positions and off the pitch. 2012/13 - 24th/Championship - Avg Attendance: 13,348 2013/14 - 12th/League 1 - Avg Attendance: 11,929 2014/15 - 1st/League 1 - Avg Attendance: 12,056 2015/16 - 18th/Championship - Avg Attendance: 15,292 2016/17 - 17th/Championship - Avg Attendance: 19,256 2017/18 - 11th/Championship - Avg Attendance: 20,953 2018/19 - 8th*/Championship - Avg Attendance: 21,079 *at least As you can see, following our last relegation, we've improved our league position and average attendance in every single season. And just look at the difference between this season's average attendance and that in our final season in our last stint in the Championship. Hopefully, Rotherham and West Brom can do us a favour on Sunday, but even if not let's just appreciate the progress we're making and hope it continues next year.
  34. 46 points
    It was with interest that I read @Michael McIndoe 's post back in January that urged City not to make the same mistakes as they did in 2008 in regard to player recruitment. I think it’s fair to say it was a widely held view amongst the fanbase that we didn’t strengthen sufficiently in that window and so it was interesting to see that view was also held by at least one member of the playing staff from that time. The particularly pertinent line from Michael’s post (link below) is as follows: “I remember 10 years ago when Gary was sat in a very similar position and we signed a foreigner who didn't know the division and someone who didn't suit our style of play.” I assume the players Michael is referring to are: 1) Nick Carle (a foreigner who didn’t know the division); and 2) Dele Adebola (someone who didn’t suit our style of play). Skip forward 10 years and the similarities regarding our two ‘marquee’ signings in January are uncanny: 1) Lois Diony (a foreigner who doesn’t know the division & hasn’t scored all season); and 2) Ryan Kent (someone who IMO it is becoming clear doesn’t suit our style of play – I will allow @spudski to elaborate!) We also signed Liam Walsh of course, however I don’t think he can be considered a ‘starter’ just yet. @Michael McIndoe has detailed how our style of play changed once Adebola was signed in that we abandoned our quick, counter, passing game for a more direct approach that didn’t suit most of the personnel we had at the club. Since January we are seeing very similar; the style of play that got us to the top of the Championship appears to have been ditched in favour of a more frantic, direct style not helped by team selection, the re-introduction of Diedhou and the more recent introduction of Diony. We didn’t stick to our playing principles in 2008 or strengthen sufficiently in January and it ultimately cost us promotion. I believe the same is happening again, it has already cost us a top two spot and unless we return to team selection/style of play we adopted pre-Christmas then it may very well cost us a play-off spot which is frankly there for the taking. We need to get back to basics and what we were doing in that brilliant run in Nov/Dec: Fielding; Wright, Flint, Baker, Mags; Brownhill, Pack, Smith, Bryan; Paterson; Reid. http://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/191776-new-signings-needed-for-promotion/
  35. 45 points
    There won't be many games this season City approach with the upheaval of radical change to their squad and formation, but Lee Johnson's men settled quickly and on their second half deserved the win from a close, well matched day at Birmingham. Kasey Palmer was the standout player, by his prior standards on loan, a much more conventional all action midfield threat that dropped as needed and was at the heart of everything City did well. No surprise his third sublime through ball got City level. Alongside him Adam Nagy also impressed as the rebooted City midfield showed first glimpses of the fluid, incisive passing LJ wants, albeit City fell behind after Hunt's reckless challenge, Rowe's unstoppable equaliser grabbing a well deserved point. The new look side went into the game in a thoroughly different 3-5-2 formation with debuts in Rowe and Pereira as wing backs and Nagy in midfield and Afobe up front. It took a while for City to find their football in a forgettable, cagey first half. The highlight was probably Pereira having a painful first 25, twice putting the ball out via unforced errors, the second time with no threat he decided to announce himself with a typically Portuguese Ronaldo-style slash turn and back heeled it out of play. The only action in that period was lively Birmingham midfielder Villalba flashing a rising shot at the top corner which Bentley did well to tip over. It was a rare moment of threat as City stayed solid while trying to pick out Afobe via quick deep balls. But on the midway point of the half City's fans were on their feet, Nagy robbing the hosts in attack, feeding Palmer, who picked the first of three exquisite through balls of the day, Afobe clear to test the keeper, Weimann unable to snare the rebound. On the half hour Brownhill robbed the ball in the Blues half and spread play wide to the lively Pereira, and his swept cross into the box had to be headed behind at the far post as Afobe closed to finish. City's new look side were finding their range. Three minutes before the break again it was Palmer, starting and finishing another sweeping counter attack, Weimann racing off the last man before reversing to swing it over for Afobe on the left, his miscontrol requiring a lay back to Palmer who smashed over. After the break City looked confident and came out fast. Pereira was crudely chopped down - he'd later depart injured - and at the second attempt from a resultant free kick, Brownhill crossed, Kalas nodded down and Brum hacked out with Afobe ready to finish. A minute later Bailey Wright, who'd been particularly poor with forward balls when called upon, produced a brilliant overhead kick from a Pereira long throw (yes we've got that threat back) which drew a good save right in front of the massed City fans. Pereira was forced off by his injury and on 54 replacement Hunt crossed into the box and both Weimann and Afobe tried to turn over the line in a desperate scramble by the hosts - before Nagy finally connected at the far post, his shot deflected over. Minutes later City goalkeeper Dan Bentley produced a world class save at the other end following a neat passing move by the hosts, feeding Jutkiewicz on the edge of the box, his turn and rising shot destined for the top corner - brilliantly tipped wide. On the hour City were looking more and more fluid and Weimann dispossessed a home player in the Birmingham half, from the resultant clearance Nagy charged the ball down and collected it to stride clear, forcing a diving save with a hooked shot. Yet it was the home side that went in front against the run of play minutes later. Brum broke quickly, Hunt choosing to clatter his man on the half way line - lucky just to get a yellow. Off the free kick Roberts crossed and Jutkiewicz headed in at the far post. City threw on both their remaining subs - Diedhiou and Eliasson - and it took until 15 to go for Diedhiou and Palmer to combine clinically, the latter picking a killer pass to put Afobe clear on goal, his tame low shot straight at keeper Camp, parried away. But by now Palmer was running the show, dropping deep, holding off opponents and looking for passes, and in the 83rd minute it told - dominating midfield he spied a 20 yard angle to left wing, Famara dragging defenders as Rowe raced in to laser into the far corner. A stunning equaliser and certainly no less than City deserved - and right in front of their 2200 fans. Bentley looked careless in the aftermath as Birmingham threatened a quick response but in truth City finished by far the stronger and well worth 3 points. Not a win but good response after Leeds and against a well organised side. Given we were in a new formation and with new players we found our game relatively fast and in Nagy and Palmer had a far better midfield than City have enjoyed recently. Bentley 6 Tidy, one world class save but not asked to do much and bit of a muddle right after our goal Baker 7 Pick of our centre backs, quietly efficient Kalas 6 By his own standards looked a bit loose and wasted two chances at the other end Wright 5 Looks out of his depth in this side continually wasted possession with poor distribution Pereira 5 Was real culture shock - flashes of quality but blowing after 20 and gave it away cheaply twice. Crosses were good and brings a long throw. Will be okay but clearly Pisano style rabbit in headlights intro to Championship. Rowe 6 Not a real wing back or full back, positioning often suspect but got forward well and finish was perfect Nagy 7 Very clever footballer always in the right place and covering. Unspectacular but vital to how we played, covered all the hard yards and made sure we were never exposed Brownhill 6 Muscled off the ball too easily for my liking a few times but looked like he was taking on responsibility post Pack and always busy Palmer 9 Absolute stand out performer - was not the show pony of Ashton Gate last season, always in space, used the ball well, never muscled off it, and picked sublime through balls not once but three times Weimann 7 Much better through the middle and worked his proverbials off against his old rivals, makes such a difference having two up front as there is always space for one or other Afobe 6 Definitely an upgrade and always running off last man and will score a hatful of goals... BUT didn't today and he blew a clear one on one, if it was Fam he'd be crucified Hunt 6 Stupid foul led to their goal, more comfortable than Pereira after that Diedhiou 6 Funny how his headers find others when there are two up top. Looked hungry and was busy once on Eliasson 5 Not quite the threat that was anticipated when he came on, largely bypassed by Palmer's stunning midfield play
  36. 44 points
    Interesting reading some Monaco views on Twitter. Even accounting for dodgy translation it seems as though they think he’s been really badly advised by his father in coming here. We’ll show them when we finish 14th and go all the way to the third round of the Carabao Cup!
  37. 44 points
    I’m not sure I’ve ever known such a consistently good performer play for city for so long and just not get the level of respect they deserve. Frankie is very nearly worthy of legendary status at this club. It’ll be a sad day for me when he leaves. Top bloke and really good keeper. Won us many, many points.
  38. 44 points
    We can sum this season up in 2 words. "Just started"
  39. 44 points
  40. 44 points
    How refreshing it is to see an owner/chairman have the courage of his convictions. He had a plan, which I think 99% of us thought was a good plan. Most of us wanted our club to be different from the sacking culture that is modern day football as well. So when it would be easier to sack his man or to disappear for a while, he comes out and speaks. I admire both of these reactions, to what must be a very difficult situation for him. I believe that the club are putting the building blocks in place for a brighter future. I'm really pleased he has this belief in what he is trying to do, I agree with him for what it's worth! I know I'm currently in the minority ( possibly on my own!) , I said months ago that I'm fed up with sacking & rebuilding. So I hope that LJ and the squad start putting some results together & pull away from the relegation zone sooner rather than later! Always Believe. TIN HAT IS FIRMLY ON!!! COYR
  41. 43 points
    Just a question then, why doesn't Taylor get the same vitriol? It's like a "face doesn't fit" thing with our supports sometimes I feel. It's like if you're funny, or have a good chant, our supporters seem to overlook things. It's actually pretty funny. I'll give you a few examples: Matty Taylor. Awful. Not good enough at this level. He's 15% of Fams ability, but because he runs around a lot and we stole him from Rovers he's like a cult ******* hero. He's shite. Flint. Wasn't actually that good (defensively). Says a comment about Swindon and becomes some sort of superhero. Albert Adomah; Had flashes of brilliance, but was an absolute liability when it came to tracking back and lost the ball in some stupid areas fairly consistently. But because these players have / had good chants etc all the other stuff is overlooked. My advice to Fam would be, ask the media team to do an interview with you so you can do a silly dance or drop in how you much you hate the Gas and then you'll be fine. The fans will then love you. There is no consistency and a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to "picking" on a player too. Look at Hunt for example. The guy in the last few games has scored an absolute screamer and a couple of assists, but he's too inconsistent according to some, but yet Palmer is a footballing god. Erm, he's probably one of the most inconsistent players on our books. He's always giving the ball away, but yet because he has a chant about "shagging people's wives" this is overlooked. Then we have the Afobe situation. A lot of our fan base said on transfer day that he was awful. A panic buy and we were scrapping the bottom of the barrel. He's scores some great goals, but that's now because he's a confidence player and that he's playing well because we love him and the Stoke fans got on his back. That's why he was bad for them. Erm, but it's ok to do it to Fam? Maybe he needs some love? Has anyone thought about that? Anyway, rant over.
  42. 43 points
    As regular readers will know, I was probably one of Pack’s biggest supporters on here, always defending him against what I thought was unnecessary criticism for a bloke who was instrumental in getting us to establishing ourselves as a regular top 10 championship team. However, I always said that he was not irreplaceable and that if an upgrade could be found and funded then I didn’t mind Pack being replaced. Nagy is certainly an upgrade. And I am very happy with that. Thing is though, they are actually very different players. We have built our playing style and tempo around Pack for the last 3 years. Everything went through him and it was a methodical tempo, probing, retaining, probing again. With Nagy, we won’t be gently passing our way through midfield. We now have a front man who will make runs in behind, but can also collect the ball to feet, and this means we can feed the strikers quicker and in a variety of ways. So our style and tempo on the ball will be very different. It’s the complimentary skills of a quicker midfielder, an attacking mid with creativity and a striker with the ability to go either way, to the ball or in behind. Also, off the ball our style will change. Pack mainly held the DM position, defended the edge of the box, rarely got dragged out wide to close down wingers and full backs. This gave Brownhill a bit of freedom to be wherever he wanted to be because Pack was always going to be patrolling the D. With Nagy, due to his increased mobility, his energy, his tenaciousness and his pace, he charges around everywhere and closes down opponents all over the pitch. This is great, and gives us something extra. However, this means Brownhills role changes, and he has to be more alert to when Nagy defends out wide or up higher. Brownhill now doesn’t have the safety net of Pack always on the D (the last line of midfield as it were), and so he needs to ensure he covers back there when Nagy is closing out wide. So our style both with and without the ball changes due to Nagy’s increased mobility. It might take a while for others to compliment his all action style. Others have to step up in other areas of the pitch. I think everyone ought to be appreciative of the job that Pack (and Paterson) have done to establish us as a top 10 championship team. But every player can be upgraded and I’m more than happy that we’ve found a potential gem in both Nagy & Massengo. The most relieving thing though is that I now don’t have to spend hours defending Pack on here from those who could never see what he brought to the table - so I can now enjoy more hours in my day. Phew.
  43. 42 points
    Great predictions from this belter a couple of years ago. UWE Stadium? Home crowds under 7k Mind the Gap Sagheads...
  44. 42 points
  45. 42 points
  46. 41 points
    I really don’t know what your problem is with Joe Bryan. As a casual observer of this forum I’ve noticed that every time Joe comes up in conversation you’re straight into it trying to bring him down. I even remember you commenting that he didn’t like football, and because he was privately educated he preferred rugby (how you came to that conclusion I have no idea). Joe Bryan did a lot for Bristol City both on and off the pitch. I certainly don’t resent him leaving or looking to better himself. Perhaps you could take a leaf from his book and post something more constructive rather than trying to garner favour for your agenda against him.
  47. 41 points
    Cancel your Sky subscription, stop buying products advertised at football and so on. Or stop complaining about it.
  48. 41 points
  49. 41 points
    Don't think he was that bad tonight to be fair, the OG was just unlucky
  50. 40 points
    Tonight’s cup tie at Loftus Road is being billed as:- The Wally With the Brolly vs. The Wally With No Lolly. Probably...
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