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  1. 64 points
    It is very difficult for me to say on this fantastic forum about my Dad who love Bristol City very much and been supporting them since early 70s. Sadly, my Dad was passed away yesterday after he lost his battle with very rare cancer. He was 68 just two days before his 69th birthday. He was season ticket holder with me in Landsown Stand Lower A4 seat 25 in Disabled Bay. He sat with me (I am wheelchair user). He missed whole season this season cos he wasn't well enough to go to Ashton Gate to cheer his beloved team. He always get excited to go to the match with me and have a good old pint of ciders on pre-match. His favourite player was Chris Garland, Gerry Gow, Clive Whitehead and Joe Jordan. Now it is going to be hard for me when I go back to Ashton Gate without my Dad. Cos I have got no ones to come with me as regular. My Dad will be missed.
  2. 24 points
    So sad ... maybe not of coronavirus but still a hero for giving up ventilator RIP x
  3. 21 points
    I have already renewed the season tickets for next season and always support the club. My Dad wouldn’t let me to give up and want me to carry on to cheer the club forever, that what he want and I will do it for myself, Dad, the fans and this beautiful club that I love. Up the City!
  4. 16 points
    "I had a family, three kids, a mortgage. I think I lost about a stone in weight, it was devastating. None of us wanted to leave - but everybody wanted Bristol City to remain."( Geoff Merrick) Premiership and Championship players please take note. Get your snout out of the trough right now and support your club and the community that pays you and make the same sacrifices as so many are making. My love affair with football is being severely tested Angry rant over
  5. 16 points
    I'm a long standing Swindon fan and very sorry to hear that your dad has passed away. When everything settles down and we have some normality back in our lives try and continue supporting your team just like your dad would want you to and where you have so many good memories together
  6. 15 points
    ...and this is why, as I mentioned a couple of pages ago, I have little sympathy with their situation (not that I think that they’re that close to the edge). I appreciate that not EVERY Gashead wants us to go out of business and fold but it does seem that the majority would love nothing more than for City to disappear for good. So to every Gashead who has called us ‘82ers’, every Gashead who has bored other clubs fans about our financial troubles 40 years ago, every Gashead who has said how they can’t wait for SL to go and leave us in the shit..... **** YOU!
  7. 15 points
    You know when you’re sat in one of those training sessions, and the facilitator asks for your most fascinating fact about your life, well....... my very kindly Aunt gave me one of those Reliant Robins as a gift. It was the Estate version mind, which, if you had slightly impaired vision could - on a good day - give a passable impression of a proper car. Now then, to salvage any credibility on OTIB that remains, it did have an 850cc BMC engine - the same as fitted to the mini at the time. Body weight was a fraction of a ‘normal’ car, so it shifted! Regularly did the Bristol-Tamworth ‘commute’ in the outside lane of the M5. The only problem with them, was not tipping over ( my only near-tip was the BBC junction Whiteladies Road at 10mph slightly misjudging the position of the high, granite curb), but in the snow. Having that centralised front wheel meant you were ploughing your own furrow - quite often with alarming consequences!!!! You felt you were in a bob slay travelling down a boulder strewn mountain. Did a good impression of one of those nodding dogs in the front seat The other major embarrassment was that other Robin drivers would wave at you, as if you were in some kind of freak club!!! Anyhows, don’t tell anyone will you.
  8. 15 points
    I’m sure that occasionally people in these 3 wheel invalid cars were allowed to watch the match from near the touch line. Can anyone else remember this or am I imagining it?
  9. 13 points
    A bit like being in the away end when Wycombe relegated them to the basement for the first time..! It took Wycombe fans a while to realise why half the away end were so enthusiastic - and they they realised that a good percentage in there were city fans and a sprinkling of Swindon fans, celebrating Rovers demise. I can only imagine how magnified that would have been as they crashed out of the entire football league..! I’d have been in there again for it, had my new born son not been born a couple of days before and still not released from hospital. I left from being with him at about 4:15. Turned on the radio and heard it all unraveling on there, before an impromptu party round my mates hose later that evening! My newborn son did get in on the spirit of the day though...!
  10. 13 points
    Sorry for your loss, may he rest in peace x Never feel alone, this forum alone shows what a powerful family we all are. We'll make sure between us that you have company should you want to go to a game. If you are ever stuck message me on here I'll more than happily sit with you and am sure there are many others that would do the same. Now is about grieving for your sad loss in the future just remember we are all one big football family that go through the good and the bad times together
  11. 13 points
    Maybe in the next 12 months if Wally plays his card right he can get carried through North Street......
  12. 12 points
    I was shocked at this post (because it wasn't aimed at Henbury)!! The problem for you (not for any of us thankfully) is that you're so thick as pig sh** you can't lie in a straight line. Because you've got nothing going upstairs apart from your deluded Walter Mitty fantasies you can't remember the made up crap you've posted on here. Which really makes life simple for us because (again probably because you are cerebrally low functioning) you haven't realised that this is the internet and we can just look back at all the deluded bollocks you've written over the years which contradicts the other deluded bollocks you've written. How have you not figured out yet how you've destroyed your own credibility several times over? Oh yes ... because you have the cognitive capacity of a gastropod.
  13. 12 points
    Let`s hope he recovers fully as we do with everyone who has this bastard disease.
  14. 11 points
    Think the main point is that a lot of the time it's the unrecognised folk who keep the clubs running behind closed doors, and who I imagine get paid an average salary with wives/husbands/kids/mortgages etc still to pay and support. These are people getting laid off and furloughed. Yet we also pay other people 20k a week who arent currently having to do their sole job of entertaining fans. As a club who we all put our hard earned cash into supporting you want to do things done the right way and many people are probably of the opinion that some of the privileged players we choose to support would see that situation and maybe suggest they could survive of 19500 quid a week and help keep someone else in employment. I think the players would accept given the current situation that a 10% salary decrease to keep others in employment would be fair, seeing as they arent actually playing any games right now. However, to hear that people are getting furloughed with option to lose jobs while other collect 20k a week to do nothing just helps reiterate the them and us divide between fans and players that has come about since all the money has been pumped in
  15. 11 points
    Does that include clubs who are 1 point off the play offs..... You can't decide the fate of this season until you know when football is allowed to restart, if things take a turn for the worse we may not even see any football until the new year at which point there isn't really any point in starting a new season and you may as well make it a 19/20/21 season. Flip side if cases rapidly decreased in say 4 weeks or so for whatever miraculous reason then you'd have time to finish this season and adjust next season to perhaps just having no domestic cups which creates several more mid week slots. Most of society is waiting indefinitely for life to recommence so can football, no decisions need to be taken soon.
  16. 11 points
    Spot on @RedM, both myself and my wife are classed as essential workers, she works in a supermarket but I’m lucky as I can self isolate in my office but still need to be in attendance. We have the luxury of savings so could have managed to self isolate on £94 per week but she didn’t want to because as she put it “has a lot of elderly customers who she feels she would let down”. She’s a absolute hero in my eyes and a much better person than me, I’m managing to take her and pick her up every day which makes me feel a bit more at ease at this terrible time. God knows how a Nurses husband/wife must be feeling when they leave for their shift, boredom is the least of their worries. Keep up the good work RedM the heroes of 2020 don’t wear capes any more its shop tabards and overalls, as well as the NHS uniform. Stay safe.
  17. 11 points
  18. 10 points
  19. 10 points
    Sorry to read this BCFC76. RIP fellow Red. I'm sure the supporters trust & club can sort something out so that you will be able to watch City. I'm certainly willing to ship in if needed. All the best Tommy
  20. 10 points
    Wally been reported to the EFL to be investigated under the "fit and proper person rules"!!! https://gaschat.co.uk/thread/16145/wael-alqadi-reported-efl
  21. 10 points
    The fire icon, is truly apt. Though wasn’t aware of many of these going up in flames unlike their cousins, the Bond Bug, the melted remains of which were commonplace on the roads around Britain in the 70’s. Treasured memories of those parked up alongside the railing at the Open End. Can also remember with ten minutes to go the long line of bus drivers/conductors leaving the ground to man the football special buses. Also the men in ‘white coats’ with the half time lettered score boards, a cunning plan to make sure you bought a programme!
  22. 9 points
    I've got one in my garage that you can have. I wanted to use it on my decking as a beer seat but that was vetoed. It's one seat plus two supports. Think I paid a tenner for it originally but it's yours for free if you want it.
  23. 9 points
    Why are Bristol City football club living rent free inside your massive balloon head you embarrassing mess?
  24. 9 points
    Gotta take my hat off to you Tommy I'll be honest and say I find some of your posts tough to read sometimes, but nobody can knock your kindness to fellow posters. Good on you mate!
  25. 8 points
    Hosting a party involving two sex workers during a coronavirus lockdown? That really ought to be the end of his England career at the very least.
  26. 8 points
    My deepest condolences to you @BCFC76. You sound like you have made some wonderful memories which will stay with you forever. Having lost both parents myself, who were huge City fans too, be assured that they never really are far away. Especially when you are at places you used to go together like football. It’s been a few years since I lost my Dad,who just about the only thing I had in common was him was football, I used to phone him as soon as I got home from the match and tell him about it. I still miss doing that but have found other ways, if we score a great goal I look to the skies and silently say ‘ you would have enjoyed that one Dad’. You will find a way too. Take care, we are all thinking of you until the time we can go ‘home’ again. It’s going to be quite emotional for all sorts of reasons. M x
  27. 8 points
    Ah yes, Johnny Harding..........the guy that tried to get me and my mate thrown out of the "hospitality suite" at Trumpton (1-1, Super Bob's debut) because he knew we were gert teds, despite that we had been invited by a more senior Rovers president (at the time) and we were in our best bib and tucker ! Mr Harding was told in no uncertain terms by said "worthy" to mind his own business and don't be so childish !
  28. 8 points
    Nonsense! Massengo is an extremely talented lad - lad being the important word. He’s 18 going on 19 and hasn’t finished growing yet................ City have signed a boy full of potential and that potential has been recognised by several other bigger clubs and when he signed for us LJ received at least two phone calls from PL clubs asking how City pulled ithe deal off...... If we remember Brownhill when he first joined City. He was slight and very lightweight but over a couple of seasons he developed into a PL quality player. Massengo is exactly the same. We ain’t seen nothing yet.
  29. 8 points
    So things can be built at the UWE, who'd of thought.
  30. 8 points
    The whole thing is beyond cringeworthy. Why Sunderland signed up to do it a second time is beyond me. The first series was an interesting insight albeit like watching a slow car crash. This second series seems to be a self-pitying mess of Sunderland fans with sad music and repeated attempts to build up disappointment and then highlight their misery (and swearing). By the time they lost at Wembley a second time a lady in floods of tears was going "why is it never us, why is it never ****** us". At that point you just have to laugh at this utter garbage. As a reminder Sunderland was in the Premier League three years ago, and for the best part of over 20 years before that. They've also won the Championship 4 times in the last 25 years. They need to get a grip. I'd be embarrassed if our club lacked that much self awareness or proportion. The only interesting insight was deadline day (also emotional rather than sensible). Oh, and marketing guy was literally David Brent does football. "My role is to have a vision. To imagine things. To - feel things. And to then express those feelings into plan, strategies, ideas."
  31. 8 points
    I was thinking this earlier. Football at the top has bred a bunch of self important selfish individuals who are about as useful to society as an inflatable dartboard (witness Jack Grealish). I figured that Football (at some point) would financially implode....this may be the start
  32. 8 points
    Haven't they suffered enough? We all know what our form is like after an extended break.
  33. 7 points
    Because the football club has sufficient money to support their staff during this time. We will all pay for this in the next 10+ years through increased taxes etc. Furlough in my opinion should be used to keep small businesses afloat not for big businesses to offload their payroll onto the government as to keep their shareholders happy. A decision which will later cost the whole country
  34. 7 points
    Ah so kind of exactly the opposite then rather than the same. Looks like @Northern Red was closest by being completely wrong!
  35. 7 points
    Wrexham were appealing to ALL away fans to support them by coming to Wrexhams home games as they were in deep financicial poo. I could have posted the headline a bit better,but here is my answer We gave them their highest attendance of the season and they gave us our lowest attendance of the season. I am off to have a rest now as I have just got through SIX hours of the North Yorkshire moors railway programme. So I'll have a look at all the flak I might get in the morning.Like 3 o clock in the morning
  36. 7 points
    On the 14th of December the 15ers beat Ipswich 2-1 at Portman Road to move 4th in League 1, two points from second with a game in hand. Since then: Their manager walked out on them for Mansfield in League 2 His replacement managed to win just 2 league games in the next 3 months seeing them fall down the table The club reveal a 24 million pound debt and a 3.4 million pound loss One director resigns and the chairman kicks another off the board leaving Wally to run the club like a dictatorship The supporters club and the supporters implode and start fighting each other accusing Wally of not being fit and proper to run the club and not issuing shares to the supporters club. All of this in the middle of a viral pandemic which may bring some football clubs to their financial knees. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.
  37. 7 points
    I think the government could be missing a trick here. They should be seeking advice from BRFC. They have been setting the standards for what we are all doing now, for a long, long while. Staying at home - Social distancing on the terraces - Panic bulk buying stock (which then goes out of date) - Putting complete faith in the words of their leader -
  38. 7 points
    What annoys me is how everything is driven by money. Football isn’t important, it’s just a game, yet somehow we’ve let money and greed consume it. The truth is it really wouldn’t matter if we just stopped this season and started again in August/September. It really doesn’t matter. When you pose arguments for why we should finish it, the truth is they always boil down to money. Sad and depressing .
  39. 7 points
    All this recent stuff actually makes for pretty sad reading - the roverzzzz seem to be teetering towards oblivion in the same way the most drunk girl on a hen night does in six inch heels ... and to think they have constantly taunted us about what would happen to us when Lansdown “gets bored and pulls his money out” - oh, well, they might just be realising that their doomsday scenario for us just ain’t gonna happen....but theirs? Well, that must seem just a little bit real right now - they thought they had a billionaire new owner = no, they thought they were the sixth richest club in England overnight = no, they were mouthing ‘unlucky da shit’ on social media platforms = no, they thought they were getting a new training ground = no, they told us they had outgrown the Mem and were getting a new stadium = no - so all their hopes have crashed on the rocks of dreams - and they are right back where they started, a tinpot little club that will never go anywhere in the world of football ... oh well, **** ‘em ....
  40. 7 points
    Beat me to it. One of my faves. The album Still Bill is really recommended. Amazing voice which was powerful without sounding strained at all. BW accomplished what he wanted in music then got out of the showbiz rat race and lived the rest of his life on the proceeds. Admirable, I think.
  41. 7 points
  42. 7 points
    My first experience of driving was in a dumper truck on a site in Thornbury. They had rear wheel steering which was over positive, so tended to be difficult to keep straight. Anyway, it was bumpy and my foot kept slipping off the accelerator. I was heading for the new warehouse and swung in a bit fast, so put my foot on the brake nice and hard, it wasn't the brake. We hurtled forward with people leaping out of the way and then I swung the wheel to avoid the foreman's car. Too late, the back wheel hit the rear of his car and ripped the back corner right off. It was a Reliant Robin, which he was very proud of. I'd like to say he was a Gashead to keep this on topic, it was blue though.
  43. 7 points
    And all this whilst we wait to hear if football players are getting full or part salaries!
  44. 7 points
    Think yourself lucky that you have been granted the opportunity to remove yourself from what’s out there, it really isn’t nice or safe. I’d take boredom over what many people including myself have to deal with every day. Yes I’m missing ‘normal’ including football, but that seems so insignificant now. You got a long few months ahead if you are already at a loss with what to do.
  45. 7 points
    There is nothing stopping them getting another job after there short career or downsizing the size of the house they live in ,many industries are making tough decisions why should footballers be treated any different
  46. 7 points
    I seem to remember the £6m Leicester bid being made, and I thought that he actually said he wasn't interested in going there? I may be wrong, but I remember a figure in that region.
  47. 7 points
    Well done to Jos Buttler selling his WC winning cricket shirt on ebay with money going to NHS. 6 days to go and already at 65k.
  48. 7 points
    Went to the supermarket this morning, I just watched a guy purchase a piñata, some paella and a sombrero. I thought to myself... Hispanic buying.
  49. 7 points
    Good opportunity to finally sort out the Dolman PA system..............
  50. 6 points
    8 O'clock. Emotional stuff again. Thank you to everybody in the NHS who are doing what they are doing. Heroes is not a strong enough word.
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