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  1. I wouldn't normally go in for this sort of thing, but just wanted to pay tribute to a fellow Red, my Dad, who sadly lost his long battle with COPD last week. He became very unwell in January 2018, and whilst he was in a coma fighting for his life I contacted the club who sent him a get well card and an incredibly moving video message from Mad Frankie Fielding. I showed him the vid very soon after he came out of the coma, and will never forget the moment. He was absolutely delighted. He first took me to AG in December 76, when I was 6 years old, when we played Leeds United. We stood in the enclosure in front of the Williams stand, and although the game was abandoned due to fog, I was well and truly hooked. He then used to take me and my two brothers into the East End, with a rickety stool each to stand on. He'd plant us right in the middle behind the goal, in front of a barrier to protect us from the surges. He was always one to start the chanting, and often used to nearly split my ear drums belting out "come on you reds". The only time I remember him leaving us alone was when Arsenal tried to take the East End. Well, he wasn't having that and off he went with his steel toe capped boots and donkey jacket to sort it out! Some great away days followed when me and my mates would pile in the back of our clapped out Bedford Romany camper, and go off on an adventure. One of those occasions was the notorious Corinthian Casuals game, where once again he stepped up when Millwall made their unwelcome appearance. He dearly loved the club, and would always write letters to various managers with his insights. In his mind, I think he was the best manager we never had He was also a great supporter of local youth players. Having not been able to visit him for six months because of covid, I was finally allowed to see him last week and even when I was saying my goodbyes he was asking about Zak Vyner! Sorry to bang on, but I just wanted to put it out there as he'd love the attention from fellow Reds! In the words of my dearly loved old man "COME ON YOU REDDDDSSSS!"
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  2. Hello. Brighton fan in here, in peace. I just wanted to say that I think you've made a fantastic appointment in Chris Hughton. He's an excellent manager and a very decent and measured guy. He did an amazing job with us, taking us on near the bottom of the Championship, getting us promoted and then keeping us up twice. The end of his reign here was pretty dismal but he is still thought of as arguably our best ever manager. He is often criticised for being negative or too defensive. He is certainly a pragmatist and at time in the PL he took a safety first approach but that is largely due to the fact that we had a good defence and almost nothing up front (except for Glenn Murray who was already in his mid-thirties when we were promoted). In his final season with us we started really well but, in my opinion, CH struggled to accommodate some new, expensive (and largely shit) signings in to the team who, I suspect, were not really his cup of tea to begin with. We lost our way and we survived by being very defensive and grinding out points. Still, in his two years in charge in the PL we stayed up twice, beat Man Utd twice, got some very pleasing wins against Palace and got to the FA Cup semi-final. Unless you're about to spent £500m on new players, that is, sadly, about as good as it gets as a "small" PL club. We're all there to make up the numbers and give the big clubs someone to thrash. I haven't seen much of Bristol City of late so am not sure how you guys set up or what your strengths and weaknesses are. However, in the Championship we mostly played a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 and we weren't a particularly defensive or cautious side. We had a good squad, played good football and scored lots of goals. One thing that is often overlooked with CH is his man management. He did an excellent job at Brighton of managing some big characters (Knockaert was INCREDIBLE for us but is also a big personality and very emotional) and also keeping everyone together when we missed out on promotion one season on goal difference. Anyway, a bit of a ramble but I wish you all the best with CH. I, and many other Brighton fans, will be keeping an eye on you next season and hoping to see you in the PL in the next few years.
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  3. Just driving past the two storey framed structure of the new training ground building at Failand this morning you realise that SL won't be leaving the next managerial appointment to chance. The new training facility which will also house the u-23s is a multi-million pound development that will be ready in around 9 months. There is absolutely no way he has invested this kind of off-field money to employ a novice, or someone of limited experience, to run. Bristol City is now a sizeable club and a sizeable project that requires a manager with plenty of experience at Championship and Premier League level. You can rule out the likes of Ryan Lowe and even the Paul Cook's of this world. We need a manager who has achieved what we want to achieve, and has been where we want to be. The timing is good. Within two weeks umpteen clubs will have parted company with their managers as the season draws to a close, and we have a head start on all of them. The timing is interesting. SL was under no real pressure to fire LJ now. At the end of the season, maybe. But to have done it now, with no threat of relegation and only four games into the restart suggests we are going to act fast. With a quick turnaround before next season starts (possibly end of September) the rest of this season could be treated as a mini pre-season. There is little merit in letting Holden continue for the next five games. Getting our man in quickly and letting him assess the squad will give us an advantage over rivals who will be scrabbling around for a new manager in a matter of 2-3 weeks. The squad is now a well-paid one with numerous multi-million pound signings. Again, you don't go after a manager with only L1/L2 experience to manage these types of players. Someone who will command the full respect of the senior players is required. Someone experienced. Someone proven. SL has seen first-hand what a manager/coach with these credentials is capable of at Bristol Bears; and he likes what he sees. Bristol City won't be able to attract a Pat Lam equivalent, he is one of the highest paid coaches in world rugby and the highest paid in the Premiership. But the success he is delivering, and the best is surely still to come, cannot be lost on SL. We are a different beast to the club that LJ took over 4.5 years ago and a man for the occasion is needed. SL has got the timing right, has the infrastructure right, and now needs to be bold and go and get the right man for the job.
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  4. I know that many of you on here were members of the Junior Reds back in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s where there were many awaydays and the club room, formerly behind the Williams and latterly under the Dolman. The main man running the Junior Reds, which took up many hours and with many stresses, all for nothing, was my father, John Banks. Even after ceasing involvement in the Junior Reds, he continued to attend every home game in the South stand despite deteriorating health. John died today at the age of 72. Fittingly, the team won for him and he passed shortly after the final whistle. RIP Dad. Proud of you and the work you did at our great club.
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  5. This may get moved to the Transfer Forum but I'll post here initially as the departure of Ashton may open up a different approach to recruitment this summer, so it's quite topical. We have 14 players in the first team squad who are out of contract and coming off the wage bill (including the loans of Mawson & Sessegnon). This is a huge opportunity to completely reshape the squad in one window. We’ve heard Steve Lansdown say that covid-finances will make things tricky, and we’ve heard Pearson say that we will need to be very “clever” in the transfer market. With this in mind, I thought I’d put together a ‘long-list’ and then shorten this down, of what I’d think are realistic (some semi-realistic) targets within the budget, but also trying to play the free agency market as best we can, and also utilising Pearson’s contacts and influence (these elements are the ‘clever’ that Pearson alludes). The OOC players should free up anywhere in the region of £6.5 to £8m in wages. I don’t think we’d need to spend anywhere close to that for replacements and upgrades. Out of Contract – approx. £130k - £150k pw These are approximate salaries, but I don’t think they’d be too far off the mark judging by most sources. Mawson CB £30k pw, Diedhiou ST £20k, Baker CB £19k, Weimann FW £18k, Lansbury CM £15k, Hunt RB £13k, Watkins FW £12k, Mariappa CB £5k, Paterson AM £7k, Walsh CM £6k, Adelakun RW £5k, Rowe LB £3.5k, Simpson RB £3k, Sessegnon RB £2k, Gilmartin GK £1k For players on the 'long list', I've broken them down into a few categories : Championship Experienced – Out of Contract Adam Reach 28 – LW – Sheff Weds £23k pw Andre Wisdom 27 – RB – Derby £27k pw Ryan Nyambe 23 – RB – Blackburn £4.5k pw Joe Rothwell 26 – CM – Blackburn £4.5k pw Cyrus Christie 28 – RB – Fulham £20k pw Nick Powell 27 – AM – Stoke £15k pw Britt Assombalonga 28 – ST – Middlesbrough £39k pw Ashley Fletcher 25 – ST – Middlesbrough £15k pw Alex Mowett 26 – CM – Barnsley £6.5k pw Prem Loanees/Others – Out of Contract Josh Knight 23 – CB – Leicester / Wycombe £4.5k pw Leo Ostigard 21 – CB – Brighton / Coventry £4.5k pw Izzy Brown 24 – AM – Chelsea / Sheff Weds £20k pw Ben Sheaf 23 – DM – Arsenal /Coventry £5k pw Callum Wright 20 – CM – Leicester / Cheltenham Taylor Richards 20 – AM – Brighton / Doncaster £7.5k pw Scott Twine 21 – AM – Swindon Reece Burke 24 – CB – Hull £3.5k pw Alfie Jones 23 – DM – Hull £2.5k pw Prem Loanees this season with potential Champ level loan next season Matty James 29 – CM – Leicester / Coventry £30k pw James Garner 20 – CM – Man Utd / Forest £9.5k pw Matt Clarke 24 – CB – Brighton / Derby £21k pw Luke McCormick 22 – CM – Chelsea / Rovers Dion Sanderson 21 – CB – Wolves / Sunderland Victor Gyokeres 22 – ST – Brighton / Coventry Ryan Longman 20 – RW – Brighton / Wimbledon Trevor Chalobah 21 – CB – Chelsea / France Timothy Eyoma 21 – RB – Spurs / Lincoln Harvey Elliott 18 – RW – Liverpool / Blackburn Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall 22 – DM – Leicester / Luton Ryan Giles 21 – LW – Wolves / Rotherham £2k pw Jake Clarke-Salter 23 – CB – Chelsea / Birmingham Dan Ballard 21 – CB – Arsenal / Blackpool Champ Players in Contract at ‘lesser attractive’ clubs, but worth a fee Ryan Woods 27 – DM – Stoke £15k pw Lewis O’Brien 22 – CM – Huddersfield £5k pw Tom Lawrence 27 – LW – Derby £27k pw (Pearson link) Jed Wallace 27 – RW – Millwall £12k pw Callum O’Hare 22 – AM – Coventry £10k pw Jamie Lindsay 25 – CM – Rotherham £2k pw Matt Crooks 27 – DM – Rotherham £2k pw L1/L2 Players in Contract, but worth a fee/punt Elliott Moore 24 – CB – Oxford Stephen Humphrys 23 – ST – Rochdale Jacob Greaves 20 – CB – Hull Luke Jephcott 21 – ST – Plymouth Jerry Yates 24 – ST – Blackpool Jack Tucker 21 – CB - Gillingham Matt Jay 25 – ST – Exeter Josh Key 21 – RB – Exeter Joel Randall 21 – LW - Exeter Random Foreigner Thomas Henry 26 – ST - Leuven For me, if we want to look at the Championship ready free agents, our top targets should be Joe Rothwell, Ryan Nyambe & Alex Mowatt. I think the rest of them will be too expensive a wage to justify. All 3 will have a number of suitors, but we ought to be having the discussion. The only other one would be Ashley Fletcher, currently on a more reasonable wage than some of the others – he’s not actually someone I’d personally go for, but he comes with good experience in this league. Looking at the current loanees from the Prem who are due to be free agents, and other free agents, I am most interested in Josh Knight, Leo Ostigard, Ben Sheaf, Taylor Richards, Scott Twine & Callum Wright. Josh Knight is an athletic 23 year old CB who has had a very good season at Wycombe, on loan from Leicester. When I watch him I get the same kind of vibe as I did when I watched Alfie Mawson in a Wycombe shirt back in 2013. Knight always seems to be around the ball, his positioning and awareness seem good, in fact he’s been quite unlucky as I’ve seen a number of goals conceded have seen him so nearly block it or it’s gone through his legs and ricocheted. He’s played a bit at DM as well and is decent enough on the ball as a CB. Being a Leicester player, I am certain Pearson will know all about his qualities, but I’ve seen various descriptions of him as a “Rolls Royce” and a “Ferrari” of a centre back. Leo Ostigard, 21, has been on loan at Coventry from Brighton and is a Norway u21. He’s a CB who has a tremendous leap on him and is very much a threat/target from set pieces. Likewise Ben Sheaf, 23, has also been on loan at Coventry from Arsenal. He’s a DM who’s played very well in his loan at Doncaster last year and progressed to the Champ this year. Apparently Cov had a fee agreed which was ‘obligatory’ at £750k, which is why they’ve not played him recently as I think it would trigger the fee. I’m unsure of his contract status as I thought he was OOC but given the fee I think he may have another year. Scott Twine is a 21 year old AM/Second Striker. He was on loan at Newport before returning to Swindon and has been putting in some great performances and scored some superb strikes. He’s got a great free kick on him too. He’s bright and breezy and a definite threat. An ideal replacement for Paterson’s role. Taylor Richards is a 20 year old AM/W on loan at Doncaster from Brighton. Brighton had signed him from Man City a couple of years ago for £2.5m. He’s done well in L1 this season, with goals and assists. His style is a bit of a mix of Palmer and Semenyo, but I think he’s got more talent than both, as long as he commits to it. He’s been said to be able to dribble a football in a phone box. Callum Wright is a 20 year old CM on loan at Cheltenham from Leicester, where he’s been skipper of the u23’s. He arrived on loan at Chelts at the end of the last window and has been magnificent so far, chipping in with 3 goals from CM already. Again, someone you’d hope Pearson knows a fair bit about. As side thoughts, both Reece Burke and Alfie Jones have been doing very well at Hull this year, and Jones is a Bristol boy. That’s the OOC market, now onto any current Prem loanees, who might either be available for loan again or worth an enquiry for purchase. Matty James and Matt Clarke will likely both be available for loan or purchase, but I think both have wages that I wouldn’t pay. Likewise James Garner would be a great loan signing but I wonder if Man U might allow him back to Forest or even want him loaned to the Prem next year. Luke McCormick is a 22 year old CM on loan at Rovers from Chelsea. Yes, he’s playing in an utter tripe gas side, but he’s been doing well by all accounts, and wouldn’t it be hilarious if he joined us next year, ha ha. Ryan Giles is a 21 year old left winger at Wolves. You may remember him tearing us open on numerous occasions when we played Shrewsbury last season. I like Giles, and he’ll no doubt be available for loan again next year. Dan Ballard is 21, a CB on loan from Arsenal to Blackpool. He’s been instrumental in Blackpool’s fantastic form that sees them vying for promotion. Very highly thought of at Arsenal, definitely a Champ loan beckons next season. Trevor Chalobah is an interesting one, 21 year old CB at Chelsea. Did well on loans to Ipswich, then Huddersfield, but he’s gone to France this season. Would Chelsea loan him to the Champ again next season? We then come to players who would cost. If we have a decent enough budget available, these players would interest me : Lewis O’Brien, 22, CM at Huddersfield. He’ll have 1 year left on his deal. I love O’Brien, such a tidy footballer. May have Prem interest, but I’d love us to be asking about him. Jed Wallace – again one year left this summer, could Millwall be willing to sell? I’ve always liked Wallace, makes things happen. Callum O’Hare, 22 year old AM at Coventry. He’s still got 2 years left, but if Cov get relegated I’m certain he’ll be leaving. Jamie Lindsay, 25, CM at Rotherham. An under-the-radar type who goes about his midfield business in a neat and steady fashion and works hard. Contract up next year and again, if Rotherham are relegated, can be picked up. Next we look at lower league ‘punts’. I use that term, but none of these are ‘punts’, I think they are all very capable players who could do a job in this league. The ‘punt’ element would more be in regard to how much they may cost in a transfer fee vs the gamble. Elliott Moore 24 – CB – Oxford. Big lad, 6ft 4ins, known to Pearson through Leicester & Leuven. Stephen Humphrys 23 – ST – Rochdale. I really like the look of this lad and had my eye on him a few years when back at Fulham. Started drawing serious attention when on loan at Southend and now at Rochdale and proving a real threat. He’s quick, strong, a powerful runner, has a bag of tricks and a hell of a strike on him. His style reminds me of a fitter, faster and more dedicated Tomlin. Jacob Greaves 20 – CB – Hull. Ex Cheltenham loanee, performing well for Hull this year. Luke Jephcott 21 – ST – Plymouth. Many already know of Jephcott’s record at Plymouth. He’ll have a number of Champ clubs interested. Jerry Yates 24 – ST – Blackpool. Likewise, lots of Champ clubs will be keen on Jerry. I think Yates links play better than Jephcott and is a bit quicker. Jack Tucker 21 – CB – Gillingham. In the same kind of mould as Josh Knight, above. He’s had interest from the old firm and I think he’s definitely leaving Gills this summer for a fee. We’ve then got 3 very good lads down the road at Exeter. Matt Jay 25 – ST, Josh Key 21 – RB, Joel Randall 21 – LW. All 3 are worth a shot, but Exeter drive a decent deal nowadays and all are under contract, so they won’t be normal L2 prices. We do need to establish a better relationship with Exeter though, as they continue to produce talent. Finally, a bit of a random shout, and unlikely, but we have Thomas Henry at Leuven, who Pearson signed when he was managing over there. Big striker, banging plenty of goals, great target man, with good control and tidy feet (for a big man!). Ideal Fam replacement. However, I think Leicester, through their joint ownership of Leuven, might be interested. That’s my long list, then whittled down to a shorter list. If it was me, here’s what I’d do. Release all of our Out of Contract players, freeing up around £7m-£8m in wages. I might keep Walsh, but only if he accepts the same wage he’s on. We are ok at left back, with Dasilva hopefully fit and can be backed up by Pring. At right back, we need 2. I’d try to attract Ryan Nyambe on a free and Josh Key from Exeter. Both are young and talented and can share the load at that position, lots of energy required so keeping them fit on rotation. At centre back, we have Kalas and then a need. Vyner is ok, and Moore is meh. I’d make Josh Knight a priority on a free from Leicester. Due to his age I’d guess there’d be compensation. As noted earlier, Pearson should know all about him and can use his influence at Leicester to attract him. I think we need one more there, and I’d target Leo Ostigard on a free (compensation). Failing that, I’d put in a bid for Elliott Moore and ask Arsenal for Dan Ballard on a season loan. In Centre Mid we have a decent-ish stock if all fit. Williams, Walsh & HNM should be a decent midfield. Behind that though, I don’t particularly rate the rest of our midfield. We should be asking serious questions to one of Rothwell or Mowatt. We should also look at more depth and I’d be keen on Ben Sheaf. In an ideal world I’d make Lewis O’Brien a priority, but I’m not hopeful on that one. If not Rothwell or Mowatt, I’d have a look at Jamie Lindsay for a fee and Callum Wright on loan. In the attacking midfield and wide positions, again I’m not convinced on our current options. Semenyo is likely best as wideman or wide striker, so I include him here, Palmer is hit and miss, O’Dowda is, well, yeah. I would already be talking to Scott Twine’s agent and get him in pronto. If Cov went down I’d enquire about Callum O’Hare’s fee. Failing that, I’d also give serious consideration to Taylor Richards. If we went for a 3-pronged attacking midfield, Semenyo one side, Richards the other and Twine behind the striker would be a scary prospect for defences. Finally, up front. We have Wells and Martin under contract. I would want a younger player with movement, pace and strength, and also a younger, more mobile target man than Martin. Of the 3 players which will attract the most attention this summer, Yates, Jephcott & Humphrys, if I had to choose 1, I’d put a bid in for Stephen Humphrys. If we had money available, I’d see what we could nab Thomas Henry for, but I think we’ve got to get in there quick to have any chance on him – although again, Pearson’s link could play in our favour. Failing Henry, it wouldn’t be my first choice by any stretch, but you’d probably have to look at Fletcher on a free as your targetman type. In summary, I’d be looking at : RB – Nyambe & Key CB – Knight & Ostigard CM – Sheaf plus one of Rothwell or Mowett AM – Twine & Richards ST – Henry & Humphrys I realise that’s 10 players, but we are losing 14 from the current squad, so the squad places are there to fill. Thanks for reading.
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  6. Is it only me that doesn’t find this news in the least bit exciting?
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  7. Am I alone in being the only one who liked and appreciated it? He may have a shoddy record in appointing head coaches, but he comes across as well meaning and that interview has given me some confidence he might just get it right this time. I wasn’t expecting the interview, but I feel better now than I did before it.
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  8. We can all agree 2020 has been a year like no other any of us have experienced before, and with that has brought many added pressures to people at a time of year where suicide rates increase. Please, if you feel alone or are struggling, try to talk to someone. Life might not always feel like living and you may feel like you are at rock bottom, but the world is a much better place with you in it. Personally this site really helps me, I have really low and negative days but keeping in touch with the Bristol City family is a massive thing. If anyone ever feels alone, please reach out. You can message me, or one of the many other supportive posters on here, or even talk to someone. I won't divulge personal information but I can't thank those people enough that have picked up when I've been struggling and taken the time to message me. We come from all backgrounds, beliefs, age groups and football teams etc, but I believe everyone on here would look out for a friend in need. A few of the Bristol City social media accounts shared the below today. Hopefully it'll also appear on the official website too.
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  9. Mark Ashton speaks to the fans Following the departure of Head Coach Lee Johnson I felt it important to communicate with our supporters and let them understand the direction of travel that the club is taking as we continue to make progress towards our mission goal of bringing Premier League football to Ashton Gate. Let me begin by paying tribute to the hard work Lee has put in on behalf of this football club, I have worked successfully at the top level of the football industry and it is never pleasant when a colleague has to move on but the football club must move forward, and I felt that this football club had stopped progressing under Lee, and if you don’t progress you go backwards, and I will never allow this football club to move backwards. The most important aspect of my role as CEO is managing emotion. Emotion of the staff, fans, manager, board and owner while trying to steer a very steady ship through these difficult waters, Our owner Steve Lansdown was very saddened when I informed him that Lee’s time as Head Coach was at an end and, frankly, it’s never pleasant to hear a grown man crying and begging for you to change your mind but the change had to be made for the benefit of this football club. I worked very closely with Lee on recruitment and he had the benefit of my extensive network of contacts and the world class scouting database that I introduced. By virtue of my relationships in the Premier League and throughout Europe I was able to support Lee by obtaining the loans of Tammy Abraham and Afobe and the contracted signings of Webster, Nagy, Diedhiou, Massengo,Kalas and DaSilva. Lee made a telling contribution himself as he identified and signed the likes of Marionovic, Watkins, Adam Matthews, Hegelar, Engvall,and the loan signings Ryan Kent and Lois Diony. So you can see we have built the squad together. Finally as we continue to progress I assure supporters that I am leaving no stone ,rock, or pebble unturned in my search for the next Head Coach and I continue to fish in ponds, rivers, and lakes to ensure the next Head Coach has the right credentials to build on the progress I have made in developing the stadium, training ground and infrastructure, and lead this football to the Premier League where I truly believe I belong.
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  10. Incredibly tedious to try point scoring immediately after such a good result so early in the season. Honestly, the best thing you could do is not start antagonistic threads like this and keep quiet. All the satisfaction would then be if we keep doing well and the appointment speaks for itself.
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  11. My brother Dave passed away this morning in a Poole nursing home after an 18 month battle with the big C. He was a Red home and away in the 60's and 70's 'till he moved to Christchurch (Dorset) he then took up with Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic (so not a glory hunter), but still had City at heart. He will have a grandstand view of his two favorites now .
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  12. I have rarely ever in the last few years experienced such an outpouring of negativity and posters seemingly desperate for us to fail. We didn't. We won. Get over it you muppets. Still in the chase , still in the pack - winning very ugly yet up the league and still in the FA Cup.
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  13. It is with a heavy heart that I have to share with you that OTIB member “One Team in Keynsham” (Phil is his real name) has sadly lost his fight with colon cancer and passed away in the last few days Many of you would have known of him, he’s someone I counted as a friend. He used to live in the Cayman Islands, but returned to the UK in 2019 to get treatment for his cancer. It sadly spread and he was told in March that there was nothing further they could do. He’d been writing a blog, and I’m going to share the last post he wrote on there, when he was told that treatment was no longer an option. Night mate https://roadtorecovery1967.wixsite.com/website
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  14. On any objective measure, he's one of the best owners in the football league. He consistently funds the club as generously as the rules allow and has invested in the stadium and training facillities to put the club on a sound footing for the long term. Although I appreciate his loyalty to LJ infuriated some, I respect and prefer his measured approach which contrasts to knee-jerk decisions that you commonly see elsewhere. There are SO many examples of poor ownership littering the football league and its recent history and he compares SO favourably, that it's difficult to understand where this impression comes from.
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  15. Can't believe how excitable some of you lot are. Just chill and have a relaxing evening away from all the nonsense like what I'm doing.
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  16. Dean needs to go and I wish him every best wishes for his future. But please please can we at least appreciate that whilst he was not the right - can posters on OTIB at least let him go with a bit of dignity and not the personal attacks that seem fair game for so many. He is not personally responsible for all the faults at BCFC, or the injuries, or the strategy which comes from the top. Top bloke- wish him well but time for SL to rethink exactly what he wants from this Club because, Lord knows, he's testing our loyalty.
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  17. I've been reading this forum from afar, and I've now finally had enough and signed up. I've been supporting Bristol City for 30 years now, followed home and away, so I'm not a new fan by any means. What has shocked me though over resent years it the complete entitlement of our fans, especially at the moment. Mark Ashton For me, the man has a done a decent job at the football club. He is a fantastic negotiator and for the first time that I can remember we have been a force to reckon with when it comes to negotiation etc. We've already heard from several employees within the club that Mark is a decent guy and works extremely really hard behind the scenes. David Lloyd also said as much on OSIB this week. He's obviously highly regarded within footballing circles as he's been giving a role on the EFL board! So, because some of our fanbase wouldn't have a pint with him, wears a suit, he's suddenly slimy and a snake. Honestly, who cares? He's overseen one of the most successful periods in Bristol City's history. He is an articulate and intelligent CEO, but lets hound him out with an absolute pipe dream of getting Scudamore in. Are you having a laugh? Lets be honest, most people who have jumped on this witch hunt, as that is what it is, haven't got a clue what his role actually is. Fans just see a well groomed man in a suit and have just made their minds up that they don't like him because he, funnily enough, talks like a CEO. Lets be clear for the fans that can't compute this...... MARK ASHTON DOES IDENFIFTY PLAYERS TO SIGN. Mark Ashton overseas the recruitment team who finds the players. They send lists of players to the manager, who then says YES or No. The manager will also suggest players for the recruitment team to analyse. Where people have got the idea Mark Ashton identifies players, is beyond me and blows my mind. But that doesn't fit in with the narrative does it. Why do our fans expect so much? I don't know another CEO in the football league that is expected to come out on radio and talk all of the time, its madness. Steve Lansdown It beggars belief how anyone would have a bad word to say about one of our own, who has ploughed over £200m into this club. He has built a premier league standard stadium, a premier league quality training ground and has moved this club forward beyond recognition over the past 18 years. But yet all people want to do is abuse the guy!! Are you serious? Its like people think that running a successful football club is easy. Simply black and white. Could you imagine where we would be without the mans help? I'm not saying that he's always got it right, but he's sure got more right than wrong over the years and he is still ploughing money in. You can tell that SL and JL are both at the end of the road with it, ploughing millions upon millions trying to elevate this club with nothing put abuse. I'd have pulled the plug years ago. The club would have been in great hands moving forward under JL, but SL has also said this week he isn't interested. Are you surprised? Again, the abuse he gets on here is horrendous. 10 clubs in the championship are now on a transfer ban! We aren't one of them. Can you guess why? Yeah, thats it, the CEO and the Owner have done a fantastic job to make sure that didn't happen during a worldwide pandemic. We have a financially stable club when others all over the football league are crumbling. So if the fans got their way, we'd hound out an experienced CEO and a billionaire Bristol City supporting owner. But where do you go from there once they leave in this little fantasy land ours? Maybe we can get in some Asian investment from owners that could barely point to Bristol on the map and have Ashton Gate sponsored by a betting company, as that's what it sounds like supporters want. I'd hate to think what out fans would be like if we ACTUALLY had something bad to moan about. I love this club, I always will, but why do we as fans always have this need to press the self destruct button? We do we feel so entitled? We do we always need someone to blame? Every club go through ups and downs, but just think back and see how far we have come and tell me we haven't progressed in every department of this football club. I'm sorry if you don't agree, and I'm expecting a lot of abuse instead of constructive debate. But is everything that bad?
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  18. Really gutted to have heard lifelong friend and fellow City fan Lester Solway has lost his battle with cancer. He passed away listening to The Wurzels earlier today. I first met Lester watching Weston-super-Mare FC and other time got more involved in the club there, he even roped me into repainting their old Woodspring Park ground one summer !! When we realised we had a mutual liking of all things Bristol City we started following City more and more, home and away Those that know about the "Yellow Submarine" he was a regular on the early coach trips that were organised including the infamous double decker bus to Sheffield Wednesday He always had a smile on his face and would light up a room with his funny anecdotes and jokes May he now Rest In Peace
    89 points
  19. https://www.bristolcitysupporters.org/communicating-with-fans/ "Following today’s announcement from Bristol City FC that Dean Holden has been appointed Head Coach, the Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust wish Dean every success in his new role. We would also like to take this opportunity to impress on the club how vital we believe it is for all communication with fans to be timely, transparent, consistent and empathetic. At the time of Lee Johnson’s dismissal back in the first week of July, Steve Lansdown talked of the need to “bring a breath of fresh air into the club”, said the club wanted to find “somebody who can take us that next step” up to the Premier League and explained that the timing of Lee’s dismissal was in order to give the new man “as much time as possible to get ready for the new season”. He said that the club had in mind “a particular type of person that we want to have come in” and that “the aim is to get into the Premier League as soon as we can”. At the same time, Mark Ashton told fans that “we have been inundated with applicants, internationally, nationally, coaches/managers from right across the globe”. While we recognise that it is only right and proper for the club not to provide a running commentary during such a recruitment process, now that it has been concluded we would encourage Mark Ashton to be transparent with fans in explaining the thinking behind it. Many City supporters have been angered, bewildered and upset over the last couple of months by the way in which their club has communicated with them. From the option of season ticket refunds being hidden in the small print to belated confirmation of the longest serving player’s departure only after he had been forced by media reports to announce it himself, a series of poorly worded and/or poorly timed communications has left many with the impression that the club places little value on keeping fans informed in a timely, transparent manner. However, as we have said privately and publicly to the club before, we believe that timely, open and empathetic communication with fans is vital if the club is to keep supporters on board. And at a time when, due to Covid-19, we are unable to have any physical contact with the club by attending games, we would suggest that good communication is essential if fans are not to feel an emotional as well as a physical disconnect with their club. We stand ready, as ever, to act as a sounding board for proposed communications to help the club avoid inadvertently striking what only fans may recognise as the wrong tone."
    89 points
  20. It's been confirmed today that SL approached Pearson, and SL made the call to give him the job. Thank You SL for giving us belief in Bristol City again. An inspired appointment (overwhelmingly popular with the fans), combined with last night's result has completely changed the mood, from grim despair to genuine hope for the future. Instead of thinking of the next game with dread, now looking forward to it in anticipation. If NP can lead us to comfortable safety with good performances thrown in, please make sure we retain him even if he steps on Ashton's toes!
    86 points
  21. It’s now apparent that despite the talk of recent years, investment in the stadium and on players fees/wages, Mr Lansdown has given up on the promise of the premier league. Yes he has been great for the club over the years. As above, he has invested greatly. I’ve always had greatly belief in what he was trying to achieve. That’s all now out the window. As being as close as we are to a decent team breaking into the top 6, all that felt like it was missing was that quality manager with the know how to get us there. Today’s soon to be confirmed announcement all but confirms this is now nothing more than hope rather than expectation. He interests and loyalty lay elsewhere. Many of us had seen for years Johnson wasn’t going to deliver what was required yet he continued to stick by him. Worse than that is who he has chosen to replace him with. Thanks for the memories but time to hand over the reigns to some willing to do what is needed to get us over that line.
    86 points
  22. Those new to this forum may have looked on with some confusion over recent weeks, and as a long term user myself, I thought it might be useful to clarify the meaning of some of the often repeated phrases on here, particularly in recent weeks. The cheap option: £30m annual wage bill, and a total investment of £123m. Yes man: Someone who can work as part of a team to a mutually agreed plan. Puppet: See ‘yes man’. Football man: Someone who has worked in football for their entire working life in a variety of capacities, both as player and administrator, is hugely respected within the football world and knows the game inside out. Smarmy bastard / sleazeball: Someone who has worked in football for their entire working life in a variety of capacities, both as player and administrator, is hugely respected within the football world and knows the game inside out, but has a tendency to speak in a ‘corporate’ way, which obviously negates the previous points. Another PR disaster for the club: a decision with which I disagree. Cone putter-outer: Someone who has worked in football for their entire life in a variety of capacities, both as player and coach, is hugely respected within the football world, knows the game inside out. I’m done with this club: I was drunk when I wrote this, and will be back next season. Pal/mate/buddy/fellah: I loathe you with all my being. A disgusting decision: a decision that may not have been taken yet, and could well be a made-up rumour, but if ever it does turn out to be true, I will be disgusted by it. If it doesn’t, I will still be disgusted anyway, because the whole situation is disgusting. A joke: not remotely funny. Speculate to accumulate / spend big: commit millions of pounds against the background of a huge loss in annual income, a looming recession and a global financial crisis. Rookie appointment: a risk. Bring in a named manager: a risk. Destined for relegation: Here are next week’s winning Lottery numbers. ITK: my man crush. A known fact: a rumour that has been repeated often enough that it must be true, even without any evidence whatsoever to suggest that it is. According to Twitter: Twitter is the oracle. The source of all truth in the world. Somebody on Facebook: A drunken conspiracy theorist. The fans are all against this: I am against this. It’s a forum: how dare you disagree with me. Happy clapper: See ‘It’s a forum’. Good luck to Deano and the team. Next season will be interesting for sure! COYR
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  23. 84 points
  24. This is a piece by Gregor Mc I thought it was a good , well written view / piece , by somebody who is pretty close eyes to what goes on , but without the anger that many of us fans feel Thought I’d post it for those that otherwise may miss it ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bristol City verdict: The football club excelling at everything except football Bristol City's ambition burns bright. But that red glow you see is not the sun on the horizon but the reverse lights after the current team crash from Championship defeat to defeat. The direction of travel is not so much south west. Just south. Everywhere the team goes or whenever they play host they impress. Whether it's food donations from the Robins Foundation, the club's imminent plans for moving into state of the art training facilities, to their top-class stadium, hospitality and concert programmes and burgeoning sports quarter plans. The work of the academy is regarded as top notch and there is talent constantly being pushed into the senior side (we'll come onto this more in a second) attracting attention elsewhere. Both the CEO and media teams have won industry best-in-class awards of late. But the club is simply not impressing where it matters most: on the pitch. Every year the mission is to go up or at the least be 'competitive' as Mark Ashton explained recently. The club is now failing on that account and it doesn't take a backroom team of analysts to work that out. If this writer is being harsh given that Manchester United were beaten not so long ago, then put down the cider and wake up to 2021. We're four years on from that point. The club has wasted those talents that forged those heady nights and the current squad looks way off the pace. Saturday's capitulation, the worst for a decade, will at least see BS3 gilded cages rattled and hard questions asked. Jon Lansdown gave up tweeting about Bristol City some time ago but after a fourth league defeat in a row, but a ninth in the last 12 games, there will at least be some discussion behind the scenes. City's relegation form for the last three and a half months (only Birmingham and Wycombe have taken fewer points than City since 1 December) demands it. Alarm bells will ring around super hub Ashton Gate after this one and a vaccination for incompetence needs be sought, after the defending reduced a club legend to swearing 'f****** hell' on live broadcast. By some twisted quirk, the Robins are still just one point off seventh position. But to acknowledge that is to dismiss the ineptitude of recent matches and a side that is in freefall. It was just one shot on target by the end of Saturday's one-sided contest, making it nine in total in the last five games, less than two per match. Savior them, Bristol City fans, as you're liable to have to wait around an hour of drab match action to see another. Indeed, given that City recorded an Expected Goals total of 0.02 of a goal at Carrow Road against Norwich City, this was a comparative feast of attacking football as Han-Noah Massengo shot low at Daniel Bachmann in goal eight minutes from the end to finally warm the Austrian's hands on a chilly day. It certainly was an attacking display of splendour going the other way up the pitch though, as City were once again outclassed. Ismaela Sarr was the star turn, but Ken Sema and Joao Pedro can have thoroughly enjoyed this one too.No-one comes out of Saturday's trip east well for the visitors, despite the Robins heading to parachute-payment enhanced opposition and a side who had a full week to prepare. City by contrast looked like they'd had a full hour. Watford were backslapping to the tune of John Barnes and Nigel Callaghan on the wings following this game, as the home side recorded their biggest margin of victory in a league game since 1982, when Eye of the Tiger by Survivor was top of the charts and Graham Taylor in thrall at Vicarage Road. But there was little fight on show from the Robins. Survival was gone after just half an hour of play, being three down. And to think that some critics have lambasted Mark Ashton for never solely helping the Hertfordshire club to achieve anything... Questions will be asked of Holden, Ashton, the board and the strategy going forward, and so they should be. This was men against boys stuff. Quite literally with 18-year-old Ryley Towler looking a good talent but why on earth would you put him on the left against arguably the best winger in the entire division, courted by Manchester United and Liverpool? For his second league game ever. Having not played that position ever before in a league game. And likely no team ever, bar last Wednesday. Perhaps if Alfie Mawson had been behind the academy graduate it may have been worth the risk, but an untested young talent thrust into the senior side because of injuries and not on ability was a recipe for disaster. Taylor Moore had a regrettable afternoon and the fact that he was on for a hat-trick of own goals and not mentioned by the head coach after the game tells its own story (Lee Johnson would have publicly rebuked; Holden takes the flak now). As for the head coach, he looked shell-shocked in his post-match press conference. We don't suggest that there will be a replacement as the message from the club has been that this is an extraordinary season and Holden has not yet had a fair crack of the whip. There are other reasons for the drop-off in form of late too: poor recruitment, a threadbare squad ravaged by injury and more, while the club seem happy to bumble along until pressed to actually do something. For City, things could rapidly deteriorate in the next games ahead with some difficult fixtures to come at home against Reading and away to Middlesbrough and Swansea City, with confidence having taken an almighty Harry Wilson-like stamp to the mid-drift. Things change very quickly in football and further humiliating scorelines may force a quick rethink. Mark Ashton explained ahead of the season that "challenging for promotion is definitely the aim". "It's definitely more than achievable," he added. Jon Lansdown expected a promotion challenge too. "I believe we had a squad last year that should have been challenging for the top six and I think going into next year, there's no reason to think that we can't be in that bracket again. We want to be at the right end of the table challenging for promotion," he said. What do you say now, chaps?
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  25. I genuinely don’t know how Ashton can spin this appointment to be anything other than the pathetic shambles that it is. What on earth can he say? How the hell can he claim he is the right man for the job? What credentials can he point to? What experience or achievements? How can he say he was the “standout candidate” with so many good prospective candidates readily available? How does he explain a 5 week recruitment process that ends up with the bloke that puts out the cones? How can he talk about “ambition” ever again? I’m asking genuinely here - I really can’t see a way the club can present this in any sort of positive light. Any ideas? This strikes me as the most appallingly damaging episode I can remember in over 30 years supporting this club, in terms of fanbase relations and cohesion between club and supporters. It’s a disaster. And it’s beyond my comprehension how the club can’t see that and how they are going to let it happen.
    83 points
  26. Potentially, or potentially not. Strange how SL’s cheque book was found after he sacked SC wasn’t it. SC gave us fans the best season in decades, he deserved some loyalty from the owner imo.
    79 points
  27. When LJ was sacked, Steve Lansdown told us we wanted a breath of fresh air in the club. We didn’t get one. We got a man who spent the most of his managerial career under a man who played complete dross. Said assistant is now serving up that same dross and it should come as no surprise. As I said on the match day thread, these performances deserve the sack, however, the results don’t. The false position warnings are now being realised. We’re atrocious to watch and the only way we seem to win a game is by nicking it - we’ve dominated a grand total of no games. I don’t advocate the sacking of Dean Holden, but my word needs to pick up the pace a little or we’ll be heading for mid table obscurity before we know it. I don’t blame Dean Holden, but I do blame Mark Ashton & Steve Lansdown. It doesn’t look like a good appointment to me, not at all. Things were so promising when we were promised that “breath of fresh air”. Sorry.
    78 points
  28. Our gaffer right? Putting football aside, just saw on Twitter that his Daughter Cici Milly would have been enjoying her 10th birthday today. Thoughts are with him today, his wife and his family
    78 points
  29. I try to reset and be positive, but that was frankly abysmal. We are only going one way. 1 deflected free kick from 35 yards was our only shot on target in 102mins of derby football. That line up is so much better than what we dished up despite deciding we can play without a left-back. The substitutions? Our best midfielder for two games running hooked, and our best midfielder across the course of this season dropped. A centre-forward who refuses to commit himself to this club has somehow become a man that has to play every minute of every game. McCarthy and TC are probably beside themselves with disbelief at how easy that was. Plus Marlon Pack who seemed more animated and tactically aware than the whole of our bench. Deary me, time to be realistic, this is dire. Out-fought, out-thought, out-played. Only silver lining for the board is that there was not 25k plus in the ground today as that would have been toxic. Cannot see how anyone can draw any positive signs from the descent we are in.
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  30. We need to get him to sign a longer term deal ASAP. End of the season is only 8 weeks away and there are a hell of a lot of decisions to be made in terms of incomings and outgoings. Him committing long term will be a major factor in whether players want to stay, and he will be a big selling point for attracting new players to the club. Get it done, SL.
    73 points
  31. Margaret Dodds died yesterday at the age of 103. She had supported City over many decades, and attended every match , in all weathers, until last year. She was a lovely lady , who greatly enjoyed her football, and will be greatly missed. She was amazingly fit for her age, until becoming unwell a couple of days ago. My most enduring memory of her was going to the pub after we defeated Manchester United. A great night !
    73 points
  32. I’ve been watching City for 35 years and this is by quite some distance the city team I’ve disliked the most - I would not care one bit if i never saw the vast majority of this lot never pull on a City top again
    72 points
  33. ......bring it on, It made a pleasant change to see a game where we looked like we had more players on the pitch than the opposition. I know it was "only Birmingham" but in the Championship every team is there to be beaten or lose to, and we looked in control for longer periods than I have seen for a long time.
    72 points
  34. Gutted at the result but my wife has just had a successful operation today to treat bone cancer on her hip joint so even city cant get me down today.
    72 points
  35. Does anyone else feel like this? I thought I would be annoyed but I actually don't care that we lost 6-0 which is pretty bad... Completely disconnected from the club at the moment!
    72 points
  36. It has become clear that there may be a very difficult set of financial circumstances facing our club and others in our division. Our own @MrPopodopolous has set out these concerns very well in a different thread. Our squad is in need of supplementation and there will be comings and goings as usual, but our ambitions will be tempered by financial constraints. Our strength in the youth department gives cause for optimism and it seems that the board have decided to double down on our original strategy of developing youth - both for sale and to build the first team. The new additions reported in the Bristol Post show that the efforts to leverage the youth policy will effectively be put on steroids. Our new head coach has the advantage of being very well known and is obviously admired by the board, players and others in the club. What he may lack in experience can be made up by his knowledge of the club and players and willingness to adhere to our corporate strategy. He also fits in with the budget and is the continuity candidate because a new experienced manager may well have wanted to make very expensive changes to playing squad, staff and modus operandi. Everything the board appear to have decided so far looks sound and logical from the perspective of what is best for our long term interests and gets us over the, hopefully, short term financial obstacles. Given all this, maybe it is about time for the fans to be rather more understanding of the owner and board and to come to terms with the fact that we are living in unprecedented times and we will need to make wise and prudent decisions to benefit in the long run. Give the plans a chance to work by boosting them with your total support. Bury the negatives because we are not able to do much to change the landscape in which we have to operate. Try being supporters rather than antagonistic critics. This does not apply to all - but there are some who need to consider this carefully. Just get real!
    72 points
  37. I thought it was a good read, an interesting interview with a decent bloke who did his best for a club he clearly loves, and I didn’t see much BS at all.
    72 points
  38. Hello all, my presence on this forum is somewhat limited these days, due to this 13 week old monkey, however I can’t help but feel guilty that I haven’t coordinated a card for Steve Cotterill in the same way I’ve done for others connected with our club who have been ill or suffered tragic events in their lives. Therefore I’m happy to put one together and get it to him, it just might take me a bit longer than usual. If people think this is a good idea, leave your messages below and I’ll put them all together in a card as I have done before. Hope everyone’s ok in these strange times
    71 points
  39. Can't win can he! Honest interview i thought. Confirms he is still the final decision maker.
    70 points
  40. He was unlucky on The Chase tonight
    69 points
  41. Oh dear ...what a bunch .Ashton Gate will be better off without all you losers ..The guy has built great facilities and the basis of a good team and this is what we hear from you lot. Cloud cuckooland ....or just maybe you would want Chinese for Far East betting consortia to take over ....we would probably be out of business in 12 months.
    69 points
  42. Doris the tea lady at Ashton Gate is leaving the club with immediate effect to join Ipswich Town where she will again link up with Mark Ashton. Doris - the Head of Refreshment and Beverage - has been at Ashton Gate for 5 years and previously worked with Mark at Oxford and Watford. Speaking to Ipswich Live today Mark said "Before I commence any task I sit down and have a nice cup of tea and Doris can deliver a class leading brew. As soon as I accepted the role at Ipswich Town the first person I wanted to come on board ws Doris. She will bring a strong work ethic, excellent people skills the right DNA, and of course always has a packet of my favourite iced biscuits on the trolly for me"
    68 points
  43. Mate, people aren’t desperate for us to fail. I was sat there kicking every ball and desperate for us to hold on. People are negative because the football is negative. People are negative because Holden plays negative. People are negative because if your tactic is to hang in a game, pretty soon your goalie won’t be in the form of his life and the woodwork won’t save you. People aren’t desperate for us to fail. They’re bloody worried as to how we’re set up and can see it’s not sustainable.
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  44. Thank you Lee for improving us. This is the right time and good luck for your future career.
    67 points
  45. "In addition to the school measures announced by Mr Johnson, the Prime Minister has confirmed that the restrictions that stopped Bristol City players leaving their own half will be relaxed. From this week, the PM continued, City's midfield and defence will no longer have to maintain a 15 yard social distance from its attack; City defenders will be allowed to tackle opponents who are likely to score; and City attackers will be allowed to visit opponents goal mouth and may bring a ball with them."
    66 points
  46. Really impressed with him tonight. Showed great maturity against a very tricky and strong opponent. Also to comeback with a performance like that after the Watford game shows the character of the lad . Well done
    65 points
  47. I have no idea, of course, but I can only think you must be under about 30 years of age...? It's very easy to mistake Rovers for the shambolic, embarrassing, joke of a club that we see today and think they are just a little figment of fun, there to keep us amused as an aside to whatever we are doing.... Those that remember them as a rival however, will/should never forget what a vile, rancid, cesspit of scum actually lurks over there. The absolute definition of "little man syndrome" who'd rather drink each others piss than help us if we were burning infront of them. Untterly vile club, whose supporters turn into mouth foaming, neanderthals at the very thought of any game that might possibly attract more than 8/9000 fans to it and their hatred of us goes beyond anything you might see in many other places. It's the 1 reason I'd actually entertain another Bristol Derby, so that those young enough to only think of Rovers as a jovial laughing stock, get to actually see the grotesque underbelly of what they've only ever seen from a distance. For many, who remember them from 20+ years ago, their troubles are a delight to behold and they couldn't happen to a more fu###d up bunch of spawn. Their kit, their dirge of a song, their inferiority complex, their inbred, bitter, deluded interpretation of who/what they are, makes every moment they struggle, a real pleasure..!
    64 points
  48. I turned it off at “I went on talksport, I said what I said and I believe we’ve got it.” I think we’re very lucky to have SL, but that’s utter horse shit. This is an extreme gamble and not at all what he described we were looking for. I need to hear no further. He’s defending the indefensible.
    64 points
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