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  1. ipswitch won so i expect ashton will claim it again. that man should never been allowed to ruin our club. i can only wish him all the bad luck in the world
  2. do we have to use the weasles name perhaps self seeking scrout would be a better way to refer to him
  3. we are so lucky to be rid of ashton and his mob.
  4. the very special touch of dr hamstring. best wishes to all the injured to be tractor boys
  5. thank god ashton and his clan are gone thank god a straight non bullshit honest person in place
  6. ashton is latin for bullsh.t
  7. i for one feel sorry for the tractor boys now the smiling creep has got through the door with his cronies he has now starting building his empire and will scheme until he is sussed by the owners. we are now day two without ashon and his gang and i feel so much better
  8. another slick sam gone. all these smilling creeps will need to hand out the sunglasses at ipswich.
  9. yesterday our problem, today gone hopefully never to appear again. smug git
  10. has the creep gone or is he still here until the last day of the month
  11. hope he not a hamstring specialist
  12. first thing this duo would do is get the measure out and cut the pitch.and then start preaching bull st'T
  13. his mate slimmy ashton will come to the rescue
  14. stawey

    Phil Tottle

    i believe he died some years ago. he lived at redcliffe bay portishead . a nice man
  15. ashton must be owed some holiday so he well be gone in days. we can only hope
  16. silk purses out of sows ears come to mind
  17. how sad is that wayne rooneys derby i expect he will rush home to his whiskey and cigar room
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