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  1. Im hopeful that Pearson will be appointed, but if he isn't who else would come to this shitshow of a club in its current state. And to think we were league champions just a few short seasons ago, and everything looking rosy.
  2. I blame the training ground name.. Failand. Where city always Fail. Rename the trg ground get better fortunes.
  3. Commentator on iptv, no fight, no energy just sleepwalking through the game,
  4. You shit Uno.... had me going for a minute there
  5. Could Ashton be keeping information from Lansdown senior and junior, conspiracy theory i know but why else can't S L see what a smarmy snake Ashton is.
  6. Jeeso you've obviously never met my wife...
  7. No your right, he wasn't, but I wanted a bit more than I have a beautiful wife
  8. Well never have I felt so despondent about this club. Its all bullshit words. Lost all respect for Holden after that.
  9. Totally agree here. If we performed in our jobs like Holden etc has I'd be sacked long before now. No sentiment shown cos I'm a nice guy. Get rid ßoon as no ******* about.
  10. My misses, who knows Jack shit about football. Do they just stand round and let the other team score?
  11. Got to laugh, if not ill cry. This is so embarrassing.
  12. You did and boy did we make it easy for you. No fight no passion no clue... and thats unforgivable.
  13. Maybe wolves at home when we were 4 down at half time.
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