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  1. Gone Swiss Toni ... Winning 1 nil away at Lincoln, Paul, is very much like making love to a beautiful woman ...
  2. In his head, Ashton is a leader, a winner, a player, but in our heads, Colin Hunt:
  3. Indeed, they could kill you. I think you mean roasted sweet chesnuts. Still get 'em around London Town, don't you know.
  4. Need a time machine to go and support West Germany to be fair.
  5. It should be horses for courses. I'm far from right all the time but yesterday was obvious: It isn't about rotating with Martin as some say, it's using what we have when required. Against "footballing" sides who dominate, we need exactly what we saw in the 93rd minute yesterday.
  6. Well as a wife beater, he'll certainly get a few in chokey.
  7. It should, against passing sides we need that quality on the break when under pressure. Fulham at home will most likely feel like an away game at times. Which, quite frankly, will suit us well(s).
  8. Too ferkin well brung up me, polite 'n' all.
  9. "Hair" to Sir Gerry Gow. Here there, everywhere.
  10. Well enough, some poor decisions and some poor crosses when going forward. Will improve I'm sure. One delightful nutmeg, looks like a footballer rather than a slug it and slog defender.
  11. Yes, a couple of thin lines (or one fat one) a great pick me up.
  12. Ridiculous extra time on extra time by the ref. Still, irrelevant now.
  13. It's an observation not a criticism. Delighted for the goal, but he clearly is in love with QPR.
  14. 2 assists from "Flappy" again today, great comeback from a year out.
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