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  1. Any chance of an apostrophe?
  2. What happens if you fluff chances and try to showboat chances. Composure and the game would be dead.
  3. All set up for a big blunder at one end soon, very slippery out there.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/11/mendes-wilder-and-the-sas-how-lee-johnson-has-bristol-city-on-the-rise FYI. Seems the journalist is a Bristol boy with ties to City.
  5. Not having a go at you Dave. I just feel that our head coach is busking it to a large extent. Some herein agree, others do not. I just don't want to debate it endlessly so I don't. It wasn't about you post per se. I'm just amazed that he had the front to call us "a work in progress" again.
  6. In recent news, we are a "work in progress ". That's why I can' t be arsed to intervene in the endless spats herein. I encounter equally endless buskers in my profession. I have no time for others.
  7. You Sir, are a Gentleman. Wish it was like the old days when players and fans knew their place. I remember seeing Dennis Mortimer turn out for Redditch in the eighties. No fuss or sense of entitlement (I lived near Cov at the time). Better days . .
  8. I think Stoke are merely trying to provoke action as they are desperate to get players out the door. Frankly, Benik may even be released as will others. They are in no position to play the big club card. Desperate times for them, we wait and see. Easy poker choice.
  9. Of equal concern to them is it looks like Grealish is too tired (emotionally) to carry them anymore. In any case, no chance with that set of defenders. Big Sam etc. would have sorted that first. Not pretty but staying up and building is the way.
  10. Getting stuffed, only going one way, down.
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