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  1. Forest had a lot of luck in this game.
  2. Tommy looks like young Billy to me.
  3. Fine if you know all the players, I don't. A bit of balance between stat overload and actual action helps. With mens football I know enough that I'd generally and quite happily have no commentary, just crowd noise. Options would be good. I'm not so familiar with the women's game.
  4. This " commentator " is rubbish, largely just reads stats and waffle. Hardly describes the actual play or whom is in possession or receiving a pass.
  5. Shame about the still hideous badge.
  6. "Commentary" is abysmal. Robyn last night barely described a pass. JP just mumbling and reading stat lists. Oh for Barry D or similar.
  7. That "new" badge is still an absolute stinker.
  8. Very poor quality 2nd half, utterly turgid.
  9. What is respectfully known as a Glenn Hoddle now, in football circles.
  10. Remove agents and there's a lot more money staying in the game.
  11. I had similar on links and videos earlier.
  12. Destroying the goal, mindless vandalism.
  13. Is there a split screen option on Sky today?
  14. Scousers chasing it too much,
  15. Thanks, but flicking between the Sky games now.
  16. All I get is adverts and crap.
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