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  1. scott parker complimetary after doing huddersfield 3-0 today. saw us as a tough game apparently even though we so say didnt really turn up for that one either Bournemouth boss Scott Parker told BBC Radio Solent: "2-0 is always a precarious position, especially when you're dominating like we were. We were superb in the first half with two goals, but we've been in this position a few times and probably needed the third to kill the game off. "I thought again today we were very, very good, well worthy of the three points. "I was really impressed with us, I thought in the second-half we were a bit slow out of the blocks but this has been a monster week for us, with two tough away games at Bristol City and Stoke. "We were relentless and it was a very good performance."
  2. did the ball sort of stick to the turf on simpsons attempted backpass? looks like it sort of almost stops and changes direction a bit after first hitting the turf?
  3. dont think so. the ice cream van has moved to ashton court
  4. youd like to think so Dave. can you imagine scotty measuring out the aerial in the soap drawer? he'd just chuck the box in the drum with the kit
  5. it was flinty moonlighting. bystander heard the driver shouting 'no,no,no'
  6. bents said ashton gate should be like a fortress. more like Takeshi's Castle at the moment
  7. id get prepared to get slaughtered saturday against west brom
  8. he will be on cloud nine now.lets see the confidence flood out
  9. from memory it was always better scoring in the old eastend second half. what they need is a few mics in s 82 and pipe it very loud over the pa system
  10. makes perfect sense to me to sit with a bit of space around him given he had covid again last week
  11. assumed it was Bob Taylor
  12. and they been cheating for a while, give them the option of 12 points deducted for the next 3 seasons or 18 for 2
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