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  1. Is anybody out there? The silence is deafening! Customer services 2021 Have you tried social media forums for an answer madame there are many other people in your situation. Were just happy to have your money and make it more effort than its worth to get it back....
  2. You are welcome to give it to charity . i will pay £15
  3. are the moderators of this football forum actually interested in football who are they???
  4. its so childish! badges fffffffssssss does anybody like this ?
  5. what is it? A poster Aphoto A canvas What Size???
  6. Thank you for such a detailed reply ! Considering im earning 10k per week the bonuses you suggest dont seem like much of an incentive . A contract whereby a lose earns me 1k whereas a win gets me 20k would seem better . But only since i am so confident of my teammates and managers abilities! I could do without a holiday to bermuda with the team as a bonus though. Likewise 2k on the bench ?
  7. Isnt that the whole point! surely we want your teammates to be pissed off when you miss hit a backpass. you mean like Tommy Rowe the other week!!?
  8. Do they get paid more if they play? do they get paid more if they win /score/ clean sheet?? promotion relegation etc how does this affect? Assuming a 10K per week average wage is that £520000 per year. how does it work if a player gets injured genuinely intrigued. Surely players would play really well if they only got paid if they won!!!! Is there something wrong with bcfc contracts that is not giving players AND managers enough incentive.
  9. Seriously dont see why not..... someones got to get lucky ! on a six month contract of course!!! Howe would be better but better be quick!
  10. That Mr Pearson appears to be able to do no wrong suggests that fans are so desperate almost that they feel he is our last hope before the ship finally sinks. These players are not all wronguns as some suggest . Some of them will be successful at other clubs after moving on for derisory fees, others may well fade into obscurity. However it should be seen as a failure of the management and not these individuals, that we have been unable to get the best out of them even if they are not the best of them.
  11. Exactly . We start next season in the championship. Hopefully with a new manager and an ashton gate full of fans and renewed optimism!
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