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  1. Didn't Wendy Rooney used to be in Eastenders ?
  2. Stella Cooper WTF is that ???? The afterbirth ??
  3. Martin Belsten Memorial Match 2021! Fair play in respect of the above Charity Game played yeasterday at the Mangos Ground - Gas Legends (no, Windass did not play) v Fans 11 with a crowd over 2,000 - Very Impressive, and I guess over £30k for Charity Part of the off field entertainment was Sponge Throwing at Scotty
  4. I pronounce Barton COCK (however he is doing a great job)
  5. Got to say that Henbury (The IT Genius) is one such character
  6. I honestly didn't realise that Clint Hill had to pay to get in
  7. My Bro bought a new one last year - Stunning motor AND built like a tank
  8. Well another great thread on Asschat, certainly can't beat this comment - Please do tell us something that we don't know 'Our fanbase has always been rife with pricks. Having Joey Barton in charge coupled with terrible form for 2 years has merely shown many people’s true colours, with the ability to act like children behind the safety of a computer/ phone screen.'
  9. Talking of old footy pics , is this Marlon Packs Dad ??????
  10. Yeah , Mr Muller trying out the Red Prototype at the Atyeo End
  11. Or going through a (very tight) turnstile and handing over cash (CASH Remember that?) to an old guy who would have a special peddle (one to let you in, and the other for the Des Williams Tax Collection Fund)
  12. Incidentally and rather spooky - A song written by King (Carole King)
  13. Well i certainly didn't post such a posh adjective
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