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  1. OK , SO Fox Shit on the training ground and now the advancement of that well known Chemical Warfare Weapon GAS PISS
  2. Yep, they will be promoted in November trust me (just like before)
  3. Video City, owned and run by a guy called Kevin and after that my Mum Diana (RIP)
  4. Balls have they, more like 6 years isn't it ?
  5. It certainly was a cracking site for a Stadium Funny story though, Harry Dolman was invited to a Rovers Board meeting in the 50's to discuss the ownership of the ground and potential sale of - Harry said 'keep it its a super asset' , he was promptly asked to leave the meeting AND the rest is history
  6. ONLY in the window of Burtons
  7. Seeing the Leicester fans celebrating certainly brings a tear to the eye
  8. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if potential targets were made some time ago and deals have been struck already
  9. Craig Shakespeare next to be linked ?????
  10. NO Poety is 'F*$k OFF ROVERS'
  11. Wanchor Bell ? Hey we've got Micky Bell
  12. No no no , Baker has played 700 minutes in his career
  13. I would, but i'm in bit of a pickle
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