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  1. A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing
  2. Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson (NO, Not that one)
  3. Well I paid my £2.50 to PAFC and must say the commentary and broadcast is very good , and puts a number of other Clubs to shame
  4. I just hope he is to Cope (land) very well
  5. But surely said person (and will all know who he is) only knows the route to Wembley with a cargo of Gasheads
  6. And just a few days later (on the Tuesday) look what happened to the Cheese
  7. That Away shirt really is a thing of beauty - In the clock end that day and PHEW it was hot
  8. 'So Boss are you really going to replace me with a 83 Year Old Left Back who used to play for Leicester' ?
  9. Blimey just like the video for our new shirt launch, THEY HAVE DOGS IN IT
  10. FIRE - Crazy World Of Authur Brown
  11. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run
  12. Kinky Boots - Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman
  13. The Night - The Four Seasons
  14. TV Gantry up to film/stream the friendlies no doubt ?
  15. Oh yes, I have had that experience a few times (with women of course)
  16. I was going to post a picture of a 'Tiny Penis' (for the obvious true likeness) sadly this site blocked it
  17. Big Mac was certainly on the ROOF at St James when he signed
  18. Contingency plan SHOULD Kalas be tempted away ??
  19. What a 'Good Fellow' you are to remind us of that
  20. Bloody deserved , Torquay have played really really well 2nd half
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