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  1. So Bakinson scores for Ipswich today - Surely thats adds more value ? Maybe Dickface will really spash out for his services , £20 Million ??
  2. Nice to that Derby Fan clapping both AW and CM off of the Coach
  3. Done, best of luck wih this and your studies
  4. Making OR Sewing Curtains
  5. That is what happens when you install Championship Ready Sprinklers
  6. Hey, is that young blonde girl on the right wearing Bentleys Jersey on her legs
  7. Taylor could certainly sing as well, check his vocal to an unfinished Dennis Wilson song (who Taylor adored) from a number of years ago 'Holy Man' indeed
  8. Taylor Hawkins (Foos Drummer) so so young at 50 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-60884259
  9. Oh No, you poor elitist pricks - Just ask FGR / Exeter how they travelled to Carlisle
  10. Is that a mask the ref is wearing OR a face guard
  11. The mannerisms are SO Gareth Keenan out of The Office
  12. I found my '240 Volt Fist Master Mark 3' 2nd hand on EBay for £ 7.99 (Inl P&P) BARGAIN ! " I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations "
  13. I'm going to miss his perfect English in interviews
  14. https://soccer24hd.com/game/match/5986/Nottingham-Vs-Bristol-City.html
  15. Hi, being that we are the away game i guess/assume Radio Bristol on 719 should be broadcasting it
  16. Certainly not the old beauts we had but sure do look like the old Eastville ones , but an awful lot shorter
  17. I remember the goal really well, I was lording it right on the half way line in the Schoolboys Enclosure
  18. Nice read with todays on-line programme HOWEVER in reference to the Aston Gate 8 , it really pisses me off the line '8 Men Had A dream' !! Dream ?? IMHO Gun against head and nightmare for all of those lads
  19. When the chips are down, just use your Brains (faggotts)
  20. IF the game goes ahead considering the awful weather, I really think the Boro Fans who have travelled will deserve a serious round of applause
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