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  1. Got to say that Henbury (The IT Genius) is one such character
  2. I honestly didn't realise that Clint Hill had to pay to get in
  3. My Bro bought a new one last year - Stunning motor AND built like a tank
  4. Well another great thread on Asschat, certainly can't beat this comment - Please do tell us something that we don't know 'Our fanbase has always been rife with pricks. Having Joey Barton in charge coupled with terrible form for 2 years has merely shown many people’s true colours, with the ability to act like children behind the safety of a computer/ phone screen.'
  5. Talking of old footy pics , is this Marlon Packs Dad ??????
  6. Yeah , Mr Muller trying out the Red Prototype at the Atyeo End
  7. Or going through a (very tight) turnstile and handing over cash (CASH Remember that?) to an old guy who would have a special peddle (one to let you in, and the other for the Des Williams Tax Collection Fund)
  8. Incidentally and rather spooky - A song written by King (Carole King)
  9. Well i certainly didn't post such a posh adjective
  10. Yeah But HOW on earth can you get manual manipulator out of that name ?
  11. Yep, just looked it up - I must be going senile
  12. Andy Cole was not a loan, he was bought from the Arsenal Reseves for something like £ 250k
  13. So on this day we signed one Legend and one Leg End
  14. Got to say how surprising (especially considering it now 8 years) it is that so many of that City team are still playing AND at high levels of football AS for the Rovers team well ????
  15. Love watching the Tunnel Cam vid (again) and still laugh (rather loudly) at the Rovers Team Coach Reg Plate GA5 2 UWE - Well that aged well
  16. The open end at QPR was the same away end (School End) - I was on the very first Cats trip when that bugger Busby scored in the last minute (1978 ?)


    Right I am not talking Rock here, BUT ABBA are quite possibly the greatest Pop Band of all time - Those 2 guys had a real genius talent for writing great hooks that turn into ear worms
  18. Don't forget 3-0 is a very dangerous scoreline , and yes I see Puskas warming up
  19. I am really pleased that there is a feast of goals as I was feeling a little Hungry
  20. Yeah , It was like being at The Mem
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