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  1. Same here - Weird optical psychedelic stuff
  2. From Sagchat 'Last night's display should boost Sat's crowd by a few hundred.They won't bring many but with a rare positive display last night the Gas will hoping for a much needed three points' What a few hundred more than last nights 750+ ??????
  3. AND to think they do indeed have a J.R. in their team
  4. Janneh ---> Tanner Cundy -----> What ?? C&*ty
  5. £ 300 Grand for a Tanner - Well, that's inflation for you
  6. Reflections of My Life - Marmalade
  7. OK THEN , who cut his lip ? His Mrs in a revence attack
  8. WOW and to think of the money that Pantsdown wasted on the shit at the Gate AND he stole the Rugby as well
  9. IF (Big Big IF) he displays the levels of consistency , then yes I think he can be that good
  10. Got to say AND THIS WILL SHOCK OLDER LADS - He reminded me (and a few of my mates) of Sir Gerry Gow in his pomp
  11. The interesting element is the FACT that BRFC do not own the training ground - Grab a large bucket of popcorn folks, as this could get rather interesting
  12. HARP Stays Sharp to the bottom of the glass
  13. A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing
  14. Stupid Stupid - Nicki Minaj
  15. Mary's Prayer - Danny Wilson (NO, Not that one)
  16. Well I paid my £2.50 to PAFC and must say the commentary and broadcast is very good , and puts a number of other Clubs to shame
  17. I just hope he is to Cope (land) very well
  18. But surely said person (and will all know who he is) only knows the route to Wembley with a cargo of Gasheads
  19. And just a few days later (on the Tuesday) look what happened to the Cheese
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