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  1. ONLY in the window of Burtons
  2. Seeing the Leicester fans celebrating certainly brings a tear to the eye
  3. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if potential targets were made some time ago and deals have been struck already
  4. Craig Shakespeare next to be linked ?????
  5. Wanchor Bell ? Hey we've got Micky Bell
  6. No no no , Baker has played 700 minutes in his career
  7. I would, but i'm in bit of a pickle
  8. Excuse me its SIR Colin Daniel OBE MBE STD QC VD ACCA ISWOS
  9. Must say in her late 70s pomp, I would have loved to have guarded Kates body
  10. Big Bottom , Talk About Bum Cakes Waels Got Em
  11. gasandelectricity Moderator Posts: 4,986 Member is Online Posting Level Next Level in 14 posts 2 minutes ago Quote Post by gasandelectricity on 2 minutes ago 9 minutes ago Bolders said: I'm off to find a horse. I want a fight. This'll be on OTIB by midnight WELL I DIDN'T LET THEM DOWN
  12. Bolders Reserve Team Posts: 189 Posting Level Next Level in 311 posts 4 minutes ago Gas-Ed likes this Quote Post by Bolders on 4 minutes ago I'm off to find a horse. I want a fight.
  13. ANOTHER SLAGCHAT CLASSIC 'Disappointing that a few on here sound like they're gonna be knocking one out because we're relegated' No, but we are over here at OTIB Central
  14. LATER ??? I do believe most of us are already reading it
  15. Still one of the funniest things I have EVER seen - Love it
  16. Well so far this season it has been 'A Comedy Of Errors' , all we need now is to find a position for '(Gus) Julius Caesar'
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