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  1. That would be their Prawn Sandwich (out of date of course) brigade no doubt
  2. https://www.afcb.co.uk/videos/live/bristol-city-v-afc-bournemouth/ Good link With Radio Bristol commentary
  3. The Jazz Great Chris Baber has died. Chris Barber, British trad jazz bandleader, dies aged 90 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/mar/02/chris-barber-british-trad-jazz-bandleader-dies-aged-90
  4. SO is Barton going to show his arse in BURTON(S) Disclaimer, those old enough will understand this
  5. If there was one player that we sorely missed through injury this season, it really has to be AW - Good to see him
  6. Sorry, honest Very poor (and low) sense of humour on my behalf
  7. Well he just seen his team being mugged , what a shame
  8. AND Palmer is in the impending position (like very very soon) of becoming a dad again - Fair play, rather a good day for the lad
  9. Mate , you spelt KENT wrong - It starts with a C, then a U
  10. 2 Million locked out away at Shepton Mallet (or wherever it is was in the Conference) AND now ladies and gents they now post a video on youpube with a different score to actuality from the game against BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE Wigan Town (Whatever) Do PLEASE leave suitable comments
  11. His comments certainly made my eyebrows raise (AND HIS)
  12. WOW - What a post 'No need to give that @#king free kick away. Total lack of inexperience ... absolute bollocks' SO He is experienced then ?
  13. I know, I know - Christ what a night , if I was still married my wife would be in for a treat tonight
  14. I also think that KP put in a good shift against Barnsley, tracking back and tackling ( I know TACKLING )
  15. It's like watching Brazil (obviously in comparison to recent displays)
  16. Blimey our new MANAGER has named himself on the bench
  17. Do note the destroyed goal posts , typical Scottish 'It's What They Do'
  18. As much as I like (top bloke) and rate Darren, I do believe he really is too much a nice guy
  19. No doubt Wael will be there showing off his watch to his Chelsea mates
  20. WOW, didn't see that rather sad news - Graham was a top quy (met him loads of times) , last time (a number of years ago now) i chatted to him he was working behind the bar at Longwell Green Community Centre
  21. Fair play to Rovers, if there is no Agent involved they do the honourable thing and let the opposition wear their away kit
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