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  1. They wouldn’t be able to agree who was who.
  2. Yes a small part of me is trying to hang on to the prospect that this is all one big elaborate hoax to try & oust a mole in the camp.
  3. I know what was the likelihood of that?? I mean fancy all the other clubs in the world overlooking our Assistant Coach before now. We have got unbelievably lucky here...!
  4. “We’re Bristol City - we’ll have what we want!”. :laugh:. Our goal GIFs were groundbreaking at the time maybe our new Management structure will be now aswell. Then again - probably not!
  5. Steve Lansdown’s words mean nothing from now on. He is just full of bluster & hot air and ultimately has completely over promised on what this new appointment would be all about. Even his business strategy makes no sense - ‘I’m going to sell my best players every season but expect progress on the pitch’.
  6. He must now realise he is better off moving on when he did with his reputation still largely in tact.
  7. Protest needs to be ASAP not next week I reckon. Holden has been offered the job - the decision has been made by the club. Why wait a week?
  8. Yeah all sounds a bit weird to me. Things don’t add up one bit. Presumably he showed more desire during the interview process than he is showing now. What’s changed his mind?!
  9. Season ticket holder for over 20 years - I’m done with this club. There are more important things in life than following a tin pot club run by control freaks. Forget the Prem - start looking downwards. I actually feel sick at this news - our worst appointment ever & we have made some bad ones in the past. Oh & why is this news coming from the local rag & not the club itself? Suggests a boardroom split of some kind.
  10. It’s got nothing to do with messing up the rugby other than exposure to a time when we know people will be at the stadium. There’s little point in going up at 6pm on a Friday evening if no one of any importance is there?
  11. Assuming it is announced beforehand would people be up for 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon just as the rugby is kicking off - maximum impact?!
  12. So who’s up for a good old fashioned protest up the ground when this is announced?! We are being mugged off here.
  13. If we appoint a DOF & a Head Coach which one do the bookies pay out on for next ‘Manager’?!
  14. As others have said in any normal season there would be no chance of a refund. However this time round I’m pretty sure they may have to offer one as part of the COVID contingency plan. I would predict Option 4 being extremely popular this time around if Holden really is appointed. There’s no way I will be paying £10 per match to watch relegation fodder.
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