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  1. So basically we have one of the best centre backs in Europe playing for us in the Championship?!? I assume his centre back partner for Czech Rep has similar attributes to say Adam Webster. Kalas can without doubt be a great player however his performance level seems to be dictated by who he plays alongside.
  2. It sounds like Luton have signed him off the back of one decent first half performance for us against them. Silly boys.
  3. Few people will have left Ashton Gate so low in the popularity stakes though. Pulls?
  4. Because although they pressed a lot they didn’t have the quality to do anything with the ball when they got it and perhaps they didn’t have many passes to start with - hence the high shot %? The chart is powerful but doesn’t tell the whole story - although it would indicate that all other teams gave more effort / energy than ours.
  5. Andy Costin’s CV.... Just WOW. How on earth was he even allowed in the door?? Agh that’s right Rolls & Ashton were the bouncers. This story paints an awful picture of how we have ended up where we are & makes it clearer than ever before just how incompetent Ashton was - to the point where some might conclude that our club was corrupt & negligent in some quarters.
  6. The only flaw in that logic is that our team didn’t have a Carragher either. I agree that the influence of the captain is reduced if you already have multiple other leaders within the team. The problem is we don’t!
  7. No smoke without fire and I would conclude that some contact has atleast been made.
  8. Sammie will be the one who got away I reckon. Will be interesting to see how he does next season.
  9. I might drop down AG next Sat morning & say goodbye to a few of our wonderfully professional players. It’s the least I can do to say thank you for their fantastic service this season & wish them well for the rest of their careers. What a bunch of wasters.
  10. Surely he either meant to say ‘fans’ instead of ‘players’ or was on about the injured players?
  11. I would be all in favour of releasing early as long as we have enough for a team. Sends a strong signal although probably involves a mountain of paperwork that MA isn’t really interested in anymore.
  12. Online, credit card, no fee
  13. No announcement before May 4th could be commercial suicide unless the deadline gets extended. My scenario is if Pearson is announced before the deadline then I’m all in for next season. If he isn’t then I’m £650 better off. If he is announced after the deadline we still won’t be renewing if we have lost our seats due to the club not being organised enough to get the decision made in time. We will pick and choose games based on other factors which will have taken over the priority for Saturday afternoons. If someone in the ilk of Robins is appointed then we are out for the foreseeable future.
  14. An astonishing stat for a team that was supposedly targeting 90 league goals. As much as Pearson has struggled to change the notes this tune has been composed by MA, LJ & DH. A team supposedly built on the ethos of a tight defence & trying not to lose - with the faint hope of nicking one nil wins here & there. This stat alone shows third parties just how poor & boring it has been watching City this season which ultimately is a culmination of atleast the previous two seasons in terms of recruitment, mentality & style of play. Quite frankly it is a miracle we have not been relegated this season & sadly this was all so predictable when the club in their wisdom decided to appoint a ‘good human’ as head coach last August.
  15. To be honest I would leave the corks in the bottles this year.
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