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  1. It sounds like we had players at loggerheads in the dressing room afterwards & some of them still don’t care enough about playing for this club. Easy targets in my opinion tonight would be Martin, James & JD. Additionally Palmer & O’Dowda came on to add fresh legs & actually made us less effective due to their rubbish work ethics.
  2. You only have took at Forest tonight & see they have much much better attacking players than us. They were a shambles defensively but we gave up attacking them in the second half anyway.
  3. The singing section at home is really poor in my opinion - certainly not helped though by location in the stadium. Such a limited, one dimensional set of chants with still no reference to many of the players. Yes there are a couple of decent ones but does JD need to be sung about so often just because they can’t think of anything for any else?! As someone said above - the S82’ers really do need educating on what good chants sound & look like. It’s a bit embarrassing when old guys like me have more idea than the Youth!!
  4. This is as bad as anything in the last 3 seasons. No passion, no commitment, no desire. Not good enough by a long way.
  5. I thought we were actually decent for the first 20 mins of the second half & showed what a poor team they are. The injuries & subs have had a big impact tonight because in any other game Bakinson would have been hooked & O'Dowda not on the pitch at all. Awful last 20 mins & completely punchless up front all game..
  6. Ahh fair enough about Wells then. Not a great night with injuries all round then. Such a winnable game seemingly chucked away though.
  7. Fleming has messed our subs right up tonight. 1-0 down with 20 mins to go and Wells is now stuck on the bench.
  8. How the hell are we losing this after the way we started the second half?
  9. How about a song for Kalas after 3 years?? Even ‘There’s only one Tomas Kalas’ is better than what we have now as far as I am aware.
  10. Does anyone know if this is on the Red button? Thanks
  11. Ohhhhhhh the dooby dooby do!! That was an absolute classic in the 80’s & 90’s. The fact that so many of our decent players don’t even have a song is really poor though. The next generation of the East End really need to up their game from the constant Jay Dasilva & HNM efforts. Im thinking Kalas, Martin & James in particular should have recognisable chants by now. Would love to hear the Baker song more often aswell. I think I heard ‘Oh Robert Atkinson’ on Saturday which has potential though to be fair. C’mon you Reds.
  12. There’s no dressing it up - HNM is a massive loss. Bakinson needs to step up & deliver - great chance for the lad now.
  13. Jeez that guy and his spin machine is on full throttle. Absolute bluffer who will hopefully crash & burn ASAP.
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