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  1. Pisano beginning to make Adam Matthews look fit. Talks the talk but not walking the walk.
  2. League 1 table looks good tonight!
  3. The carpet & the curtains apparently??
  4. Sounds like they are lining their ducks up legally to me. Can they they sue for some sort of breached contract - if nothing else but to recover their costs?
  5. Like lambs to the slaughter. I dread to think what the score might be if Newky score early.
  6. Crap 5 days - 2 shit performances against poor teams & the great start to the season has started to disintegrate. We desperately need another striker & the option of playing 442 from the start of matches.
  7. Our ******* brain dead manager has thrown this match away. As soon as he got that final warning he should have been taken off. Pathetic.
  8. Hi mate. Sounds good. Shouldn't be any issues using someone else's ticket - but how would I get the ticket from him & how much would he want for it for the day?

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    2. JBFC II

      JBFC II

      apparently you can get them reprinted for the game if you forget them, so if you still want it I could do that for you?

    3. Cardy


      Ah no worries mate. All sorted now - thanks for your time. Cheers

    4. JBFC II
  9. Maybe we aren't as good as we think we are & perhaps Preston are actually the best team in this division. One thing for sure they are MUCH stronger in attack than we are. Squad is too small in my opinion and could cost us.
  10. Piss poor performance and result for a team with ambitions of winning the league. Another point towards promotion but we are now opening the door for Preston to win the title.
  11. Let's be honest we are pretty powderpuff upfront without Big Smith.
  12. A draw would be ok if Preston don't win but that is not the case and we have to look to match their result.
  13. David Lloyd is such a poor un-inspirational commentator & has just proven what little he knows. No David a draw at Oldham would not be a good result in my opinion.
  14. Well that sounded awful. Hopefully it is another Yeovil where we have managed the game in the first half and will blow them away in the second.
  15. Wolves worst away result last season was a 2-1 defeat at Crawley. They didn't capitulate like we have done today. Very worrying.
  16. Title winning teams don't get tonked by the likes of Colchester. MK Dons showing us how to do it again today. They don't mess about 'managing games' - they go for the jugular and kill teams off. I fear Wembley is going to get to us. Thank god Swindon are losing at the mo.
  17. Please take Elliott off and put Pack on. I fear for us - the squad is not big enough and some players are running out of legs at the most important part of the season.
  18. For god sake - there's a rookie goalie in. Just hit the ******* target!!
  19. We desperately need reinforcements in January. The same 12 or 13 have played every week and it is starting to show badly. Williams clearly showed a lack of discipline and ultimately cost us atleast a point. We are slipping - Champions don't lose at the bottom of the table team that's for sure.
  20. Me and my 9 year old are ST holders and can't make it now as have made other arrangements with my family. This club is being run by complete and utter morons.
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