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  1. Great performance last night, but that isn’t the Luton of last year in all honesty, even though they have apparently made signings. Think they have only scored once this season & it showed. Would not be surprised if they struggle. COYR
  2. He gives you movement, in behind & he can come short with his back to goal. He also plays with his head up & sees a pass. First start & I thought he took his opportunity well. COYR
  3. Played well tonight, but some of the things he did tonight on another night, don’t come off & people on here will be slaughtering him. Personally I’m happy with how he plays & accept that occasionally he’s going to come a cropper! COYR
  4. I think that is exactly right. Would of loved Wells & Conway to stay on, but they haven’t had a lot of football & we’re probably blowing after the effort they had put in tonight. Think he went with height & experience. COYR
  5. Movement, movement, movement. Really enjoyed that first half. Good movement, good rotations, tenacity, running in behind, coming short, looking after the ball well. Keep it going & don’t let the tempo drop. They will come out quick I would imagine, so might be able to catch them out on the break. COYR
  6. Simon79


    When I use to play, to be able to pass the ball, you had to A) have someone want it & B) have someone move to a position ( with intent!) that creates the angle for the ball carrier to be able to pass it. Now I know the game is full of stats & phases now, but it’s still the same bloody simple game. As with anything, you have to get the basics right first. Bentley is one of our lesser problems I would say. COYR
  7. Too true. I thought there was some really good stuff first half, I can even put up with the 3rd minute blooper, as long as we’re trying to play the right way. Yes, there is 90 minutes in a game & that for me is my biggest concern from yesterday, we seemed to run out of steam around 55 - 60 minutes. Nige has said we are fitter than we were, I don’t see it on yesterday’s second half performance. Don’t know if it’s just me, but we seem to often look slower & smaller physically. We dropped too much in the second half & possibly the lines became too stretched. But the scapegoating on here on certain players is a bit much, especially after the second game of the season & one of which wasn’t meant to be starting! Definitely room for improvement, but some good signs in there that are seemingly easily forgotten after a loss. COYR
  8. One of the best players in the first 30 minutes. Did he get a whack just before half-time? Definitely tired in the second half, did he recover from the whack? As for people not rating him, game of opinions I suppose, but he could play a higher standard than most in our team. Seems to get highlighted by a lot on here, yet others don’t seem to get a mention & were fairly anonymous for most of the game. COYR
  9. Sun is shining, the pitch looks great & ever the optimist, I’ll go 3-1 to City. Think we will come out of the traps quickly today. Get in their faces, play at a high tempo & get the Gate rocking! COYR
  10. Scott & Semenyo both get a mention, scroll down, they are near the bottom! COYR
  11. Hi mate, much appreciated. Luckily have Wednesday off, so have booked the Stadium tour. Thanks once again. COYR
  12. Norwich, Peterborough & Mansfield to be promoted. Man City, Bayern, Celtic & PSG to win their leagues at 177/1. COYR
  13. Might be able to stop at Nigel’s family home for a while, until he settles in up there! COYR
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