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  1. Is that not the same for any preseason? It’s like people are thinking Pearson is reinventing the wheel or something. Every preseason in essence are fitness/shape/style/partnerships or training matches if you want. I’d be really interested in previous preseason match interview questions & there answers from different managers. I wouldn’t think the questions would be too much different, but I’d be confident the answers would be. The sad thing is its not helpful for anyone. Still think he’s the man for the job, just maybe needs some PR training COYR
  2. You think? Seems like their normal relationship to me. COYR
  3. Yeah unfortunately. My little lad is more vulnerable. So will give it a swerve to start with. See how things go & then assess from there. Haven’t told him yet though! COYR
  4. Ours arrived yesterday, but unfortunately won’t be attending to start with. Seem much more organised this season, had the email Thursday to say they were on their way & arrived on my doorstep Friday. I’m fairly sure we are usually panicking about them turning up aren’t we? COYR
  5. Totally agree. We had the Plummers in the 90’s I think, who never made the grade but were highly thought of. It’s certainly a reoccurring theme with City. Hopefully this latest batch will break the mould. Is it the most difficult position to break into & hold down as a youngster? COYR
  6. Bobby Reid would be the latest. COYR
  7. Difficult to think there is no issue between Pearson & GMG to be honest. He openly smirks & laughs at some questions, he comes across as annoyed at some questions, I’m fairly sure he has made snide ( for want of a better word ) comments before he has been even asked a question (thinking of the Covid video interviews). So you don’t have to be Sherlock to work out that at the very least he doesn’t like journalists or imo this is a bit more personal. I’ve mentioned on another thread that Dave ( the in house interviewer ) seems to get a a much easier ride, with to me just as silly questions like ‘ what are you hoping to get from preseason?’ (paraphrasing a bit possibly). Personally would prefer him to act with a little bit more class, but hey, if he brings winning football, that’s what he’ll be remembered for. COYR
  8. 100% keep him. He’s actually managed to get me interested in the National team for a start. He conducts himself in a manner that I wish more managers would follow, the players like him & until we missed 3 penalties, he & his team had brought the country back together. He seemed to get every call correct with regards his team selection upto the final, ignoring the clamour for certain players. I’ve heard some saying that Mancini is some sort of master tactician ( he is a good manager ), but it took his team penalties to win. The other thing to consider, would be who is going to replace him? I can’t think of anyone who is realistic. This team should get better & hopefully they will go one better in the World Cup. COYR
  9. My Dad for me. He took me to my first ever game which was the Freight Rover Trophy final against Bolton at Wembley. He passed away suddenly age 67 in 2018. Weirdly he was a fan of Southgate as well, he thought he would of been a good option for City back in the day. So he will be definitely be in my thoughts tomorrow. COYR
  10. That will explain last season’s performances then. COYR
  11. Good player, not so sure he isn’t suited to the Championship personally. Maybe not so suited to the shower he was surrounded with last season? Saw an article yesterday that said Liverpool & Chelsea were watching him. Definitely a player in there. COYR
  12. Not sure on people putting it solely at the managers door. Yes he made a few baffling decisions, Foden off ( could of been a knock ), 2 holding midfielders etc. But for me, they aren’t as good as they are made out to be in my opinion. Players nowadays seem to be like robots, they cannot think for themselves, they seemingly cannot problem solve ( something I think O’driscoll identified ). I think the stat was 2 shots on target last night, that in itself baffles me. Move the bloody ball, move it with some tempo, beat your opponent, all of that is not tactics etc. The lack of movement staggers me & that for me is the problem, these players at club level have multiple options when on the ball, but does that coincide with playing with foreign players? I was not impressed with the Croatia game, yes it was a clean sheet & a win, but did it mask over the problem? Because again, I cannot remember us creating a lot in that game either. Hopefully we will grow into the competition, because ultimately it’s about getting through the group stages I suppose. COYR
  13. Mixture of things for me. Not keen on the formation, it relies a lot on movement & rotation, something we are generally poor at. We lack real pace to stretch teams, personally would of liked to of seen Sancho come on. 2 holding midfielders baffles me against a team like Scotland, be brave & try to dominate. Poor substitutions, taking Foden of was bizarre, unless carrying a knock. And maybe the simple fact that they are not quite as good as they are made out to be. Same old England for me, boring, lacking in any real imagination & uninspiring. COYR
  14. Teach me to multi task! Read the original post as the final. COYR
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