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  1. I remember it as Mciness & Millen. But unfortunately mainly Mciness! COYR
  2. Although I agree with your sentiment, it is great to see so many in the squad. Timing is everything, in any walk of life. Before this current group, who would of been ready for a first team place? Morrell possibly? After that, I’d struggle to name any in the last 5 years that didn’t have a chance & were worthy. I think this current crop have been talked about for 2 or 3 years, so great that it’s coming to fruition now. As you said, patience will be needed at times, but it really feels like we are on an upward trajectory at last! COYR
  3. Remember that fondly, one of a very few things I remember about that group fondly! Always played with a smile on his face. Congratulations Albert, great achievement. COYR
  4. Think I said 10th - 12th would be par for City this season & I see no reason why that still shouldn’t be the aim/possible. Especially when you take into account other teams having points deducted. COYR
  5. I seem to remember that he tripled his wages & that at that stage of his career, it was too big a move to turn down? That’s before you add on signing on fees. It was good money for City & a good move ( money wise ) for Pack. COYR
  6. Liam Rosenior is one, ex City. Quite highly thought of in the game & has always come across well on tv when doing punditry. COYR
  7. Was definitely a strange set up with COD marking him, possibly doubled up with Scott (only saw a quick glimpse on the highlights). Also was worth taking note how Mitrovic just gives a little nudge while the ball is in flight, clever from him & we need to be stronger. COYR
  8. Really can’t get my head around people saying that the questions should be more open, better worded etc etc. One of the worst of the lot, is the official City guy ‘ Dave ‘. Yet he gets a pass does he? Just say it as it is, Nige can be a bit of d**k when it comes to the press. It’s the same questions for all managers up & down the country, yet they seem to manage it. Good news is that we are hopefully starting to see some progress on the pitch, keep up the good work Nige & be polite! COYR
  9. Although I agree in a way with your general tone, in other words, play smart, a few things. When are the conditions bad nowadays on a Championship pitch? They are like bowling greens. The weather, always best to keep it on the deck when it’s windy & then it’s zippy (is that a word?) in the rain. Also, does that mean we play without one of the latest buzz words, ‘ identity ‘? Really, we just need to be really good at what we do! COYR
  10. I’d hate to watch that, I’d also hate to play in a team like that. Worth a thought when trying to sign players I would imagine. Playing with intelligence is the key. COYR
  11. Glad I’m not the only one, sent shivers down my spine! A reminder that things can always get worse! COYR
  12. Well, it goes like this...... We are Bristol City = Barnsley. COYR
  13. Hope he never leaves then! Job for life. COYR
  14. Thanks. From that angle, just confirms what I originally thought, reacting instead of acting. Two players I presume stood by the corner & we are slow to react to it. Then there are two Fulham players ( can’t see who loses their player from either camera angle) who could of scored on the end of the cross, marked by one City player, compounding the first mistake. Sounds like a good performance overall, but games are won or lost over small margins. Promising though at least. COYR
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