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  1. Although I think it will be a 4, teams have been known to do that before for diversions sake. COYR
  2. I get the impression Pearson had been happy with Baker at left back, so personally don’t see any formation changes, but as you said, who knows. COYR
  3. Why do people think we are suddenly going back to a 3 at the back? He’s stuck to his principles with a 4-4-2/ 4-4-1-1. Just wondering, as I see it as Tanner at right back, Bakinson into the middle, with Massengo right & Pring carrying on at left midfield. COYR
  4. Agree, best with the pitch in front of him. Just like Trent Alexander Arnold. Could do it undoubtedly, but better coming onto the ball. COYR
  5. Or maybe someone he knows/trusts? Bit like Pearson & Rennie. COYR
  6. It really isn’t any better in the Lansdown. Listening to the pre match interviews they use to do was an absolute waste of time. COYR
  7. I thought it was some sort of mood colour sensing technology...... oh well. COYR
  8. Very tough player, but easy to forget he was also a very good player with a great touch. COYR
  9. If it was Walshys left foot against the post in the Semi Final against Forest, I’ll say Walshy! COYR
  10. Correct, as you said, it’s Spanish employment law. I believe they wouldn’t of been able to cover the 50% anyway, even if it was allowed by law. COYR
  11. Obvious one for me, HNM. It amazes me that anyone doesn’t rate him. COYR
  12. So what’s the view on changing our team to counteract the opposition? Seem to remember previous managers getting a fair bit of stick because of that. COYR
  13. I believe there are other terms (cannot be returned) once you have a shirt printed. I recently did the same for my son & I’m fairly sure there was a box I had to tick before payment. COYR
  14. Basso Orr Carey Webster Scott Docherty Noble Tinnion Jacki Cole Taylor Subs Waugh Walsh ( Alan ) Caulker Murray Maynard Bell Trundle Jet Solid with flair. What a front three that would be. COYR
  15. He won’t make the grade. COYR
  16. If you start loading it now, you can play it after lunch! Those were the days. COYR
  17. I agree that he wasn’t as bad as some are saying. He brings an energy & spark that we were possibly missing. But for me last night summed him up from what I’ve seen of him before. It’s all so close & nearly with him, ultimately it’s all about end product. Unfortunately I think City have a few too many players of that ilk. I don’t think the position he plays will change that too be honest, although I think if he can add composure & develop his technique to his game, he could play centrally as well as wide. COYR
  18. Simply an exceptional talent. Shows composure, touch, technique, an ability to slow or quicken the game when needed, has good awareness for someone so young & he’s not afraid to work hard. He will thrive with better players around him, has by far the highest ceiling of any player at City for me. Enjoy him while he’s here. COYR
  19. I think Semenyo quite simply has a lot of tools that COULD create a good modern day player. He lacks composure & football intelligence in some parts of his game. I’m not his biggest fan, he doesn’t look like a natural, but I’m happy to give him some time to develop. I think to keep reverting back to a lack of professional development is getting a bit long in the tooth at this point, he’s had 3 years in & around the first team/ league football. For me he needs to learn to breathe when on the ball, I’m not sure he knows what he’s going to do, let alone his teammates. I remember seeing Traore ( Wolves ) & thinking the same a few seasons ago, but now he’s apparently worth millions, so it shows he could develop. Our very own Scotty Murray was similar in some ways to start with, his consistency came with age. He’s not a natural like Alex Scott, but he is a bit of a physical machine, which seems to be what a lot of footballers are today. Quite simply, he needs to develop his flaws this season & if he can, he could be a real asset. COYR
  20. I just heard the halftime analysis of their goal. I disagree up to a point, the scorer hits the first shot, this is when Kalas turns to see the shot come of the post, while this is happening, the scorer has momentum taking him into the path where the ball rebounds to. Somewhat lucky possibly? Personally would be looking at why Atkinson wanted to engage rather than stay touch tight & goal side. COYR
  21. Makes you wonder what is going on in between some peoples ears, not a lot apparently! COYR
  22. His kicking was definitely something I remember. He would drop kick it like a not particularly gifted footballer would or a ageing dad! I do remember him moaning about the quality of balls in the Championship as well, very heavy apparently. Oh & how he would rush out to look to throw to someone to start an attack, only to find everyone else strolling with their backs to him. COYR
  23. With the potential team ( if selected ) we can put out, I cannot see how relegation in any way shape or form would be considered acceptable. abilty wise Bentley - top half/ play off contender kalas - top half/play off contender DaSilva - top half/ play off contender Baker - top half/play off contender James - top half/ play off contender Weimann - top half Martin - top half Wells - top half ( maybe more if confident ) Massengo - top half King - top half ( if fit ) Odowda - top half Palmer - top half (maybe more if confident) on top of that, an underbelly of talented youngsters. We should not be near a relegation scrap with our squad. He has a job on his hands, because his hands are tied somewhat due to the Covid impact on finances, but I honestly don’t think Pearson would be thinking about a relegation scrap at the start of the season. We should be fine & steps put in place to really progress next season & beyond. COYR
  24. I believe he said it would take 3 transfer windows to deliver his squad, or words to that affect wasn’t it? The difference though, that in the meantime, he won some games. I would just like to state, I’m fully behind Pearson. I’m someone who likes consistency on the manager front, unless I see some real warning signs. I was behind LJ, even at the end ( know your not his biggest fan ), but I can understand the decision that was made, where as I didn’t like the Holden appointment, saw some worrying things in his caretaker role, which ultimately carried on into his permanent role. Back to Pearson, ultimately he has to win some games to give him self some time to implement whatever it is he wants to implement, just win some games, not get us into the playoffs. He has his hands tied in some ways, because of the financial impact Covid has had, more so than anything LJ did ( not forgetting there was a manager in between!). Nobody knew a global pandemic was on its way, so I presume we spent what could be afforded at the time. The club (owner) chose to go down the route of seemingly stockpiling potential gems to then make a future profit on. That hasn’t materialised on a number of transfers, but that was the club’s decision to go down that route. I’m sure most managers would like seasoned championship pros rather than young potential, which now seems to be the way we may be going. So ultimately we have to be patient with what we are seeing, but he has in my opinion a reasonable squad to deliver Championship safety at the very least. COYR
  25. Does any modern keeper command their box? COYR
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