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  1. I went to York with a mate who lived there in about 95. City won the game, but I can't remember the score. After we went for a pint in a pub owned by Henry Wharton a former (then present) super middleweight boxer. I seem to remember as York were in red, City wore their green and black hooped away kit. Happy days and sad an historic ground has bit the dust.
  2. All the teams are still involved bar Accrington, if the earlier poster is indeed correct.
  3. No teams south of Birmingham were involved.
  4. Spot on, so many fans think that changing the manager is the answer to all their prayers when more often than not it is not the case. Arsenal have gone steadily backwards since easing Wenger out the door. Further proof if it is needed is the Gas, their revolving door of managers has led them to the bottom of the fourth tier!
  5. Like 'let's go again'
  6. Could have gone to Ritzy instead, a few Liz Hurley lookalikes in there..a few more Terry Hurlock lookalikes granted.
  7. Imagine if Rovers came in for him, he probably take a loan move to Kabul United over that option.
  8. They would be, at Southmead hospital within 20 minutes of their first training session together.
  9. Ayteo has joined from Pompey.
  10. Child's play compared to Cardiff v City next weekend
  11. It will be all about Barton's management, if he gets willing runners around Pitman and players to provide the service then Brett will deliver. If he expects Pitman to put in a shift or do it for himself up front, it will end in tears.
  12. On that same subject, I believe the record for an English 4th tier fixture is something like 48,000 for a Sheffield derby. Amazing to think both Sheffield teams could have fallen that far down the pyramid.
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