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  1. I am pretty sure it was earlier, but you are right, it was certainly the Park End. Maybe they did it more than once.
  2. I don't remember that, but I do remember them lifting the big red iron gates off their hinges after a City v Cardiff game in the mid to late 80s. The gates were locked to allow the away fans to be kept in but Cardiff weren't having it. Next the thing the gates are removed and it's carnage
  3. If a Rovers fan, why turn up at Ashton when your team are involved in their big local derby at Swindle. If a Cardiff fan, why fly a Rovers flag, they hate you nearly as much as us. I cannot imagine City supporters flying a Swansea flag.
  4. Match Over - Dunfermline 1 Inverness 1. I didn't see much involvement from Pearson.
  5. I hope he packed his gloves!
  6. On for Inverness in the 75th minute. Match streaming live on hes goal now. Hope he does well for them.
  7. It will be a cracking atmosphere on Saturday, no fear.
  8. The bloke has played in the Premier League, an FA Cup Final and been a superb defender for City. Anybody that can't see that really doesn't know a lot about football. If it wasn't for his injury record he would be spoken about as one of the best defenders we've had since the top flight days.
  9. Would be a blow to lose him, but as previous posters have said, his well being must come first. Are we in for Alfie Mawson?
  10. Very clear photo for the mid 1980s. It must have been quite easy for the football 'spotters' to identify main culprits. With 4K (or whatever the top spec is nowadays) for cameras, they would be identify every last minor detail on any hooligans face unless they were wearing a balaclava!
  11. Not much of a crowd, is that the Memorial Stadium?
  12. In more recent times I remember winning at Cardiff when Scott Murray did 'that celebration' after scoring. After the match I had to get across the Ninian Park car park to get to my motor. There was a full scale riot and the Soul Crew were driving back the South Wales Police. I turned to one copper and said 'I have to get across the car park' he just grinned and said 'good luck, we can't help you because we have lost control' I still don't really know how I made it across, I kept looking at my feet and walking, I felt breath on my neck more than once but just didn't look up. The vicious atmosphere was such that if I'd been hit to the ground I really think there would have been a good chance of me being killed.
  13. Let us be completely honest here, Joe Bryan was a fantastic player for Bristol City and has performed in the Premiership for a Fulham team that have seriously splashed the cash over the past 20 years. To even be talking about Cameron Pring as better or similar in ability to Bryan tells us what an exciting prospect we have on our hands.
  14. Pearson said as much today when the Radio Bristol interviewer talked of City having turned the corner and things are much better. Pearson said there will still be ups and downs, but we are starting to get the right people into the club and the right mix out on the park. He said it will take time though and we are not there yet. To be fair that has been a consistent message, time and transfer windows, no magic wand.
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