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  1. I don't like that keeper's top, but the Celtic Adidas home strip is their best for years - https://www.jdsports.co.uk/product/green-adidas-celtic-fc-202021-home-shirt-junior-pre-order/16011949/?istCompanyId=9c5cf6f7-3142-4f9f-be57-2fce9c67adfd&istFeedId=3a1c0ff4-8c67-4184-8da1-a597cd473b5a&istItemId=ilwwtilmm&istBid=tztx&msclkid=b93f7e61e3b91d7115a22146a0cfcc2b&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=*Shopping - adidas&utm_term=4581390078044263&utm_content=adidas - Kids&gclid=CLrCv-rN_eoCFRjuGwodckYDYw&gclsrc=ds
  2. I agree with pretty much everything that has been said but I'm still looking forward to today's match. Both teams will be desperate for silverware and it is their sole focus ahead of the break. Should be a cracker.
  3. When I was on an annual holiday for 2 weeks in North Wales during the 80s, I'd ask one of my school mates to cut out any news report concerning City that appeared in the Evening Post. When I got home I'd eagerly read everything to 'get up to speed'. Very, very different days now, when you can simply click on the website and get to know everything about City's managerial search .
  4. 'Empties the Ashton Gate stands'. City had their highest average attendances since the late 70s with Johnson in charge.
  5. Well the new gaffer has been 4 weeks of teasers
  6. Saw Brighton wearing this kit on Sky today and wondered where the stripes had gone, but upon checking 'Historical Brighton kits' it shows that Brighton have worn an all blue shirt for at least 20 seasons of their history. I then remembered they wore all blue in the 80s when they nearly won the FA Cup. Very nice shirt, I wouldn't mind this in red with white pinstripes for City.
  7. The lack of television money is what has really hammered Scottish football, like it has all the 'small' leagues around Europe. Sadly, gone are the days when the likes of Aberdeen, Dundee United, AZ Alkmaar, Gothenburg etc would be making major European finals. If the SPL/Championship sides were dropped into the English set up with all the financial advantages etc, Rangers and Celtic would be challenging for the title within a few seasons, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs would be capable of being lower Prem or Top Championship teams, Dundee and Dundee United would be between lower championship a
  8. I'm a big fan of Scottish football (I Know I'm in a minority) so I can't agree. Celtic are desperate to achieve 10 in a row for the first time in Scottish history (both Celtic and Rangers have done 9 in a row). Rangers will know they will be heroes forever if they can stop them. That should be a fascinating battle as both teams are equally desperate to achieve their goals. If football was played on paper, Celtic would win, but we all know it is not. Elsewhere, it will be interesting to see if the other teams pick up more points against the Old Firm now there are no fans at games. For half the
  9. Coventry have only been training for 10 days so they knew that Rangers would have a big advantage in terms of sharpness. The Gers kick off at the weekend v Aberdeen. Final score was Light Blues 2 Sky Blues 0.
  10. I really don't understand comparisons with Sky, BT, NetFlix etc. This is a service that allows you to watch Bristol City Home and Away from the comfort of your own home for a tenner a match. Just for comparison, a tenner is two pints of lager OR Fish and Chips, curry Source and a can of coke OR enough petrol to get you a couple of hours up the motorway. What do people expect? The match to take place in your garden? Lisa Knights to serve you half time beers topless? Carragher and Neville to pop into the studio for some cutting edge analysis? Brian Moore to be dug up to provide commentary?
  11. Time has now passed, please someone tell me this was a joke/wind up? If not, Villa fans will have a field day on Monday (if they avoid relegation first) and Baggies fans must be already making hay.
  12. Imagine if his coaching was a huge contributory factor in us reaching the Premier league, the Gas would be apoplectic
  13. You'd like to think that Leicester would see the Championship as a better grounding for him than some of those leagues. I'd also be amazed if those teams could afford him unless they are Champions League teams. it would be a great coup to have him on a season long loan, but if I was Rodgers I'd want him back challenging for a first team spot at Leicester.
  14. thank you, that is great
  15. I can't seem to download this programme, I was able to download the others. Can anyone help, what am I doing wrong?
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