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  1. Do you think a female manager would instruct her players to tone down their pace and power on her arrival? It's all relative so I'm not sure what difference you think it will make. Players are responsible for their conditioning, the manager is responsible for tactics.
  2. No you're right I think I did mean you. My bad, guilty of skim reading, sorry :).
  3. Lots of people saying that certain players wouldn't respect a manager if they were female: 1) that's quite an assumption to make about people you don't know personally 2) If any of our players truly had that attitude then I would be perfectly happy for the to leave my club, whoever they were. Also to people saying that the first female manager should go WSL > X > Y > Z > assistant > manager, this is nothing more than setting barriers in someones way. The first female manager will come about as soon as a chairman has the guts to appoint one that they think is good enough. Plenty of blokes get managerial jobs based on next-to-no genuine credentials because they are the "right candidate", and it should be no different for women. I agree with whoever said Dale Vince is a possible for being the first chairmen to do so. For the record I think the first female manager will actually do very well and surprise a lot of people, the mental fortitude to get to that position as a female would already show she had more about her than a great number of blokes in football.
  4. That sounds like it's describing a bacteria, rather than a virus. More terrifyingly in that parallel universe Trumps ramblings about finding an antibiotic that the 'germ' can't outmanoeuvre would have been completely apt.
  5. Scott golbourne has had some interesting moves, after each time he's left us.
  6. Everyone knows how important it is to get the eighth goal in the championship
  7. Got Barnsley Villa double 7/1 Only time I've ever bet against City was Huddersfield at home XD
  8. What frequency is this on the radio, having trouble finding it, in central bristol
  9. Not zonal marking, LJ said before the game we only marked zonally against Hull due to our lack of height. Plus it was a breakaway goal.
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