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  1. Assuming none of the injured players are fit to return my team would be: - Bentley Tanner. Kalas. Atkinson. Pring Scott James. King Palmer Weimann Martin
  2. I would go with the back 4 that finished the Luton game with Kalas right back, De Silva left back and Atkinson and Baker in the middle. I can also see King coming back into the Centre of midfield and Massengo going back to the right. O’Dowda if fit could then come back in for Pring. Bentley Kalas Atkinson Baker De Silva James. King Massengo Weimann. O’Dowda/Pring Martin
  3. I reckon it’s a 4-4-1-1. With Baker at LB
  4. I can see it on ‘Bonus Stream’ on Now TV but only via Roku
  5. I thought we played ok but just lacking quality at full back and up front. Martin and Weiman work hard but just don’t have that burst of pace that will hurt the opposition. There are going to be some poor teams in this league particularly those with transfer embargoes . As we get deeper into the season teams like Derby, Reading, Preston, Huddersfield will find it harder to compete. Add to that the promoted teams of Blackpool, Peterborough who may struggle I think we should have enough to survive this year. We need to keep our players fit and back NP.
  6. The Paddy Power guy on Talksport said our game was 2 teams with poor defences so expect a high scoring game!!!! Proves how little they know. I’d go for 0-0.
  7. There are some weak squads in the Championship this season so as long as we can avoid the injuries like last season I am expecting a lower/ mid table league position
  8. I spoke to some Blackpool fans on Saturday who spoke highly of his time with them. They couldn’t believe he was not good enough to even make our bench.
  9. 1. WBA 2. Sheffield Utd 3. Fulham 4. Bournemouth 5. QPR 6. Stoke 7. Millwall 8. Middlesbrough 9. Nottingham Forest 10. Cardiff 11. Hull 12 City 13 Barnsley 14 Swansea 15 Reading 16 Huddersfield 17 Birmingham 18 Luton 19 Preston 20 Blackburn 21 Peterborough 22 Coventry 23 Blackpool 24 Derby
  10. I am now expecting tonight’s team v Plymouth to be close to our starting 11 for Blackpool. I am assuming Kalas, Nagy and Wells not sufficiently advanced in their pre-season to be included as starters for first game
  11. Not expecting any announcements until we are mathematically safe
  12. The only way to move him on for a decent fee would be to get him scoring goals again. If we get him scoring goals we would then want to keep him. We have little choice but to stick with him and NP needs to get him playing in his best position and hopefully Nakhi will then re-discover his form
  13. As a child I lived in Coventry during the time Ian St John briefly played for the Sky Blues. He lived just up the road and it seemed completely normal to often see him. His son was also in the same year at school as me. Also it was Saint & Greavesie who presented the Freight Rover Trophy when we beat Bolton. It’s very sad when players and personalities that you grew up with pass on.
  14. Didn’t Jordan also say he threw a cup of coffee over SL in the Palace boardroom after the play off semi final. Looking forward to the SL interview
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