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  1. All six of them?? Didn't they win 4-1? Had to look it up, always have to look it up when they win, only losses get reported on here, odd that. Still they are 6th now, and hanging in there, looks like the new money has made a huge difference already.
  2. Shouldn't read too much into this take over, hasn't made the football headlines really, and don't forget Bankers are not renowned for throwing money around are they? Seems like it's more of a case of something to 'boast' about to his Dinner Guests, but then it all falls apart when he has to repeat Bristol Rovers, and explain they are not actually Premier League, or even Championship, or a league below that, but the next one down.
  3. All six of them?? Sorry... just trying to win some Kudos on here, fed up with sticking up for you lot, now you might actually become a club that is worthy of the Bristol tag, and possibly our sibling rivals, so no more Mr Nice Guy
  4. I considered it a stigma because, and I repeat, to have a non league shambles of a football club that bears the name of Bristol in its title does the fair City of Bristol no good whatsoever. I also said in as many words that some outside Bristol may not differentiate between the two clubs..as in 'Bristol' Mind you that idiot Dad of the blogger does no one any favours, truly cringeworthy, I just hope we City fans remain a class above, this knuckle dragging name calling rivalry is embarrassing, is it any wonder how some view us as being thick?
  5. New server all over the place, new balls please.
  6. Well constructed reply, not. Sounds like you are in a bit of denial here. It must mean they will become a real adversary to us, something to look forward to, unless you actually enjoy having the stigma in Bristol of having a non league outfit that actually does Bristol City FC no favours at all, especially when we are lumped together with them by the less well informed. As Sweden says this might encourage SL to kick on a bit more, especially with the Bristol Sport ethos, can't see he would want to be considered the poor man of Bristol Sport really. What do you say Monkeh? Think befo
  7. Sorry lads and possibly ladies, this does taste of sour grapes, I have continually tried to warn you over too much gloating, and now this!!! But some on here are acting like petulant kids, look on the positive side, a stronger Rovers always seem to push us on, and really it does put Bristol on the map more, too long been a Footballing backwater.
  8. Anyone that uses ffs as in a reply deserves contempt, what about trying to reply with dialogue? Try and put your point over, in a way that I might be persuaded, go on.
  9. Commiserations, my local recycling centre has a bin dedicated to Dyson cleaners, Just seen this and scanned quickly through this news...Blimey what a to-do, and yes I am flabbergasted and slightly jealous if it's true, as I suspect if (if) we were being honest we all are envious With a huge war chest Rovers will be a force to reckon with, all the way to knocking on the door to the Prem. Perhaps that what we need a kick up the backside, after all we have so underachieved it's embarrassing, Bristol need a team to be playing in the top flight, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ..
  10. Tuned in to look at our new signings, and guess what? Top of the list..... More of our own fans being fanatical about the Gas
  11. Touched a nerve? Go for a walk, clear your head, stop worrying about rovers, even they are telling you the same.
  12. Why don't you lot get a room with Irene and perhaps that my rid you of your frustrations. Meanwhile in the World of FIFA there is something that might be of passing interest even to the obsessed with Rovers that post on such trivia.
  13. That's the second like I have attributed to you within an hour....have you switched agents?
  14. Signings of Nosworthy, Osbourne, Elliot.W, and Paterson make us look like auto promotion contenders, too late though.
  15. Of this I agree, if anyone needed proof of this they need to look at the Chelsea way as far as work rate and willingness to cover the hard yards for the cause. The harsh facts is that we always concede, that puts us at least 1-0 down before we kick a ball, no wonder the strikers have to score, and none more so than JET
  16. Haha!! I remember it as Gibson Briggs Thresher Parr Connor Low Derrick Clark Atyeo Williams Hooper. with 5 up front and 5 at the back !!
  17. I know how you feel mate, at least the Severn is in the river not the fields at last, how about the Thames?
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