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  1. Sshhhhh. 'Operation Herd' is supposed to be top secret. A black van may well arrive outside your house shortly.
  2. Ashton's dashboard has a hot airbag.
  3. Whenever I see it written as RHPC, I immediately think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  4. RiverRed


    A dance-off.
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. I'm an explorer - haven't really been outside for 18 months. It must be broken.
  7. Not one picture of the shorts. Maybe playing in pants this time around?
  8. RiverRed


    He's doing bird after doing some robbing.
  9. If they 'poached' SL and JL, by my reckoning that would make Tins and Scotty Murray the new owners/board.
  10. Players and staff are celebrating the corner they won in the Brentford game.
  11. Coldplay aren't fit to polish Radiohead's boots!
  12. Crikey! That's being a bit harsh on Radiohead.
  13. Relax folks. We've sign her replacement. The best in the business. We're in good hands.
  14. There been a lot of debate about it in the 'POMO' thread. Seems once a streaky, always a streaky.
  15. It was the tragic sponge, Dave.
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