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  1. Apart from that, what town are you going for?
  2. Sad news. RIP Jimmy.
  3. Give it a while and they'll think he's a penius...
  4. I remember that thread. I'm pretty certain it was when Bucks Red passed on.
  5. Thank you kind Sir. I see Mr O'Grady now. He must've been missed by my Celebrity Crowd ID app that doesn't actually exist. . I think Andrew Ridgely is in there too. Possibly Jeremy Clarkson's brother also. Will report back.
  6. Originally thought it was Billy Gibbons. I think you may be correct.
  7. Using OTIB suggestions and a few of my own, I've made this handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the Gooners. They do attract a crowd, mind.
  8. And former captain Bailey Wright, bottom right, grey top. Looks like he's carrying some timber.
  9. I agree, Robbie Lundy would be a geographically apt name for a West Country boy.
  10. RIP Richard. Havanatopia's posts were always worth reading. Rest easy fellow Red.
  11. Here's a sneak preview of the proposed changes to the PA.
  12. Linky: https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/robins-uncut-012-opening-game-preparations/
  13. My pet caterpillar has asked me to inform you that he resents the comparison of R*vers plight with his gonads. He would prefer that you use the term 'Millipede's Manbag' from now on. Thanks.
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