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  1. Honourable mention for Wigan. Play-off form over those 9 games.
  2. Ed Winchester, with Greg Goodridge assisting.
  3. RiverRed


    My favourite one was Mr Bump, aka Nathan Baker.
  4. David Coleman wasn't too bad.
  5. A proper legend. RIP Jack.
  6. PS If you ever manage to find out what the fabled 'Identity' was/is, please let us know. It's become our Roswell. Cheers Drive.
  7. It's all falling nicely into place. #AnnounceHenryVIII
  8. Let's be clear; I'm only replying here so that I can be a part of this classic thread in the making.
  9. I think Henry VIII would be a better bet. Good with large squads. Takes no sh!t from people. Old school disciplanarian and if all else fails, he'll start a new breakaway league and declare BCFC as champions.
  10. Our posts are now socially-distanced.
  11. Suit yourself. I'm staying in in. Properly in.
  12. "To be honest, I thought we were the better team in the first half."
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