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  1. Random drug testing on Monday and he's ******.
  2. Smokey


    I thought he had a good game apart from the mistake, I also think he's had a good season so far.
  3. He thought he was and tried that with Mark Ashton.
  4. I'd like to see Wells start, I thought he looked pretty sharp when he came on against Preston. Im not sure if it would be at the expense of Martin or Weimann though. Maybe keep them both in and change it up a bit. Do we try and keep it tight at the back by keeping Baker at full back or go a bit more attacking with Dasilva coming in? **** it, lets go a bit more attacking. Play Scott in front of Dasilva so he can "tuck" in and let Dasilva overlap. Bentley Tanner----Kalas----Atkinson----Dasilva Weimann----James----Massengo----Scott Martin----Wells Something like that maybe. If it goes wrong it gives us an excuse to have a moan. :laugh: I'd also like to see Tanner, only because he's a new signing and I haven't seen him play yet. :laugh:.
  5. To Lansdown it. Say one thing and do the opposite.
  6. They are going to learn so much from him. Its good for the England team.
  7. I was looking forward to the start of the season and here we are, two league games into the season and fans name calling and arguing already. ******* pathetic.
  8. Lots of bed wetter's on here tonight.
  9. I just hope we don't lose James Wilson to Everton.
  10. I think we need to be a bit more attacking and go for it. So something like this Pickford Stones Maguire Henderson Phillips Foden Grealish Sancho Calvert-Lewin Kane Rashford
  11. It's the curse of ITV. 3 wins in normal time since 1998 in tournament football on ITV in 23 games. 15 wins in 21 games on BBC.
  12. Perhaps you've seen more of Max than I have but he reminds me of an under 14s keeper who's been asked to fill in for the under 18s, 3rd goal today being a prime example. Being "young" for a keeper he might get more confident and grow into it, but at the moment Id be hesitant about starting next season as him as our number one.
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