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  1. I fully agree with this view of the game. City on the night didn't have a striker (winger played up front) and it showed. It was indeed a very young team, even the couple of "U23s" that played are only in their first year out of U18s. City's keeper was Aaron Sainsbury, just turned 17. Fair play to Cheddar, played very well and in a good spirit too, their second goal was a tremendous move.
  2. From my BHA mate: He's a very good signing for a league one side. He's quite solid but can't get a decent run in our side as Gordon Greer and Matt Upson are better than him. I'm surprised he's dropped down a division but we are side moving up and he's not good enough for the Premier so it makes sense to move on. He'll do a great job, not the paciest but isn't afraid to put himself about and really winds the opposition players up. He's played over 300 times for us and gives his all in every match. I wish him all the best and you have got a good one there.
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