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  1. What a film, what a great thing Macari did for the guy. One of my favourite films, gives you a warm feeling.
  2. A walk along the river Barle. Over the bridge then back into Dulverton for a beer and baguette in the Bridge Inn. Heaven.
  3. LJ gets the credit for me and 2 others not renewing our season cards. Bored rigid watching the dross he served up.
  4. My observation was tactically was we stood off and kept our shape, not my preferred way to play but that’s the system Dean seems to have set up. What I do have an issue with is that it was clear as crystal as soon as we had possession Sheffield Utd were in our faces straight away. Why oh why are our players out of possession not imeadiatly making themselves available to receive the ball, reading the game if you wish to call it that. Time after time it was a punt up field as there were no options. Completely naive. What is going down there with the coaching.
  5. I seem to remember countless reports in the Evening Post that Dickie Rooks was receiving pain killing injections into his big toe before most games. Is my mind muddled, any one else have this obscure memory.
  6. Had some business dealings involving MA. His response to our price was "Thats ridiculous" even though it real terms it was a bargain. The next day we he spunked out £1.5mill on Gustav Engvall. Oh how I wish I had rang him to give my opinion on Mr Engvalls worth some months latter.
  7. It was indeed Ken Avery. Gerald was his son. Been racking my brains for the dads name. Well done.
  8. Not sure it was ever Fowlers. It was Averys for many years. I used to play rugby with Gerald the son. Fowlers could of bought it guess but i cant remember that.
  9. I had already decided prior to Covid that I would not be renewing my season card. Numerous reasons really, mostly the poor quality of entertainment severed up, bored rigid would sum it up. Parking nightmares around AG, traffic in general getting there and the pi55 poor atmosphere associated with the crap served up. Not missed it in the slightest, simply revisited old hobbies and interests as a substitute. Let’s hope for those returning when normality finally prevails that the powers that be and players recognise the importance of fans in the ground. Let’s face it footie without fans is just 22 blokes kicking a ball around. Footballs dead without bums on seats.
  10. This is the very reason i have given up going or even watching football. The modern game bores the life out of me. Sterile risk free sideways football. Not the game for me anymore.
  11. Some years ago I went to an event and was seated next too a quite elderly lady who I had never meet before. With Introductions complete she said "so what are you interests". Football I replied, "Bristol City since I was a small kid". She smiled and said "Your too young to remember him but I sold my house to a City player named John Galley. That was enough we got on like a house on fire after that.
  12. I decided prior to the lock down that I would not be renewing. Two years of sterile football and restrictions on parking was the last straw for me after many years of being a season card holder. Lock down has simply reinforced my resolve. I have not missed football in the slightest, to such an extent that I could not even be bothered to watch the bcfc live games via the net. I think quite a few will have found other interests and will not bother renewing. Even my visits onto this forum have plummeted. Still be looking out for results though.
  13. Tried make this thread as simple as possible. Who is NOT renewing. Clearly most people will but a significant number won’t, the ones that are not was my interest. I think I will just give up.
  14. It seems like me numerous posters are not looking to renew their season cards for next year. It would be interesting to get an idea of otib posters planning not to renew. Maybe just post numbers rather than full on text reply. Please don’t derail the thread by posting comments, just numbers. 3 of us.
  15. Not fussed about what game/games it will be, may not be any. Simply jarred off with the whole deal really. Who knows i may miss it I may not. All i do know is have had enough.
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