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  1. I decided prior to the lock down that I would not be renewing. Two years of sterile football and restrictions on parking was the last straw for me after many years of being a season card holder. Lock down has simply reinforced my resolve. I have not missed football in the slightest, to such an extent that I could not even be bothered to watch the bcfc live games via the net. I think quite a few will have found other interests and will not bother renewing. Even my visits onto this forum have plummeted. Still be looking out for results though.
  2. Tried make this thread as simple as possible. Who is NOT renewing. Clearly most people will but a significant number won’t, the ones that are not was my interest. I think I will just give up.
  3. It seems like me numerous posters are not looking to renew their season cards for next year. It would be interesting to get an idea of otib posters planning not to renew. Maybe just post numbers rather than full on text reply. Please don’t derail the thread by posting comments, just numbers. 3 of us.
  4. Not fussed about what game/games it will be, may not be any. Simply jarred off with the whole deal really. Who knows i may miss it I may not. All i do know is have had enough.
  5. Completely in agreement with the OP. Sad day for me, but I have quite simply have had enough of the whole experience.
  6. Our group of 3 will not be renewing. Just pick the games we fancy next year. The whole experience has gone very flat for us. Parking restrictions, shite sideways footbal, loads of matchs not on a sat at 3.0 poor atmosphere. The reward is just no longer worth the expence or the effort. It maybe we are just a bunch of tired old gits now, who knows. It will feel strange but at least i wont be trolling out the same old “why do i bother” line when leaving the ground.
  7. Maybe your just easily pleased.
  8. How true is that. I am calling it a day after this season for that very reason. Going to games has become such a chore, I am simply not enjoying the bore thats served up. Its been the best part of 60 years going to the gate, never for once thought it would come to this.
  9. Wow. That cop is off his head. He could easily have killed the young lad. Surely they must be trained and know the dangers of cracking someone like that. He needs a spell in the nick for that.
  10. Thats enough is a very apt title for me. Tonight was the last straw, the moment that tipped the balance. After last season i really had, had enough, boring predictable football. My son talked me around to renewing for this year. We both find it a dirge to watch and a dirge to get there and park. After the latest bore feast we both aggree that next year we will not be renewing our season tickets. Pick our games when it suits i guess. Football first and formost is about entertainment, we ain't sering that. Sorry borIng BCFC you have besten us .
  11. He is without doubt the best player I have ever seen live. The way he appeared to glide across the turf seemingly without effort remains in my mind to this day. Colin Todd was the best defender I ever saw.
  12. The adams family tune. You sister is your mother your uncle is you brother etc. Remember the first time i heard it against Plymouth. They did not seem to like it much.
  13. I have been banging on for ages about our lack of taking on the full back. Its deadly when it comes off and entertaining. More of the same please, not constant sideways and backward football.
  14. Anything but sideways. The square ,square , square and square again followed by the inevitable wosh is numbingly boring to watch. Fast pace with use of the wings is my cup of tea.
  15. DNA. So yesterday, it’s now DNE. Do Not Entertain.
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