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  1. Every time this topic comes up on this forum I ask people to remember what OTIB stands for!
  2. Why does the transfer window never close quietly?
  3. Who was it who started the ‘I will boo thread’? Him
  4. Yes cursed by the living voodoo doll, Ian Holloway
  5. Feels like a huge game even though it’s so early in the season! Get a win against a struggling Swansea and we consolidate the belief after Saturday. Lose at home against struggling Swansea and the players and fans may fall into thinking we’re in for a tough season. Take a draw?!
  6. Is the day after the game really so terrible considering it was a late kick off? In any case I suspect any delays are due to the ownership rights - ie Sky not making them available to the other channels.
  7. What train are we getting Callum? Tench nervous haddock?
  8. Tough love is what the fans have been crying out for. Let’s hope everyone gets on board! Great win, should kick start something
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