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  1. Why does the transfer window never close quietly?
  2. Who was it who started the ‘I will boo thread’? Him
  3. Yes cursed by the living voodoo doll, Ian Holloway
  4. Feels like a huge game even though it’s so early in the season! Get a win against a struggling Swansea and we consolidate the belief after Saturday. Lose at home against struggling Swansea and the players and fans may fall into thinking we’re in for a tough season. Take a draw?!
  5. Is the day after the game really so terrible considering it was a late kick off? In any case I suspect any delays are due to the ownership rights - ie Sky not making them available to the other channels.
  6. What train are we getting Callum? Tench nervous haddock?
  7. Tough love is what the fans have been crying out for. Let’s hope everyone gets on board! Great win, should kick start something
  8. Apparently he was captain because NP selected him to be. Interesting stuff from the evening post
  9. “Pointless question” Wheres the SO’D gif?!
  10. May as well throw in Mbappe then. Get that striker we all want
  11. Apparently French football is in dire straits financially due partly to covid but also because they sold the TV rights to a company that had assets of £4.50 cash, 3 berets and a string of onions. Unfortunate as that situation is I think there could be some gems to be had at bargain basement prices, plus we’ve shopped there before. Send Nige over to the hyper marche with a minivan I reckon!
  12. It’s demonstrably sustainable because clubs by and large survive. Not saying it’s the right way to run a club and that’s what FFP is all about. Companies outside of football post huge losses all the time. They raise/borrow money and do things differently or someone comes in and buys them… or they go out of business.
  13. I’ve got a bad ‘penalties’ feeling about this one
  14. The Italians have been doing this for decades and get labelled as pragmatic and respected for their win at all costs approach. England have been plucky losers for 50+ years and now suddenly figure out how to succeed at international tournaments and they are hung out to dry.
  15. It is demonstrably a sustainable strategy in football. Not saying I agree with it
  16. There have been almost no clubs go out of business in recent memory. Compared to the % of normal businesses that go bust I would say it is incredibly sustainable. My only point is only that clubs should be allowed to return to some sort of business as usual with regard to fan attendance and income before FFP rules come back into play
  17. Not sure I follow this logic. Maybe you think people shouldn’t have been furloughed either? Just sell the house if you can’t afford the mortgage with no income
  18. Surely some concessions will be made for FFP given the circumstances of the pandemic? Has that been announced yet? Clubs will have huge losses based on something that was impossible to plan for. If the rules remain for the period that no fans were allowed in the stadiums it would be frankly ridiculous
  19. I’m on a 5 a side WhatsApp group with a load of Irish. As soon as England lose in anything the memes come flooding in depending on which country have beaten us. always makes me wonder how many random memes there are that have never been used, like all the Ukraine ones ready for the last round, Danish ones from last night etc. Our provincial cousins will be spending the entire week getting Italy memes ready on their mum’s computer
  20. England have been the second best team in the tournament. Italy have been the best. Seems like a pretty fair final to me
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