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  1. It was 0-0 I think. Southend?
  2. Chat shit get banged. Worth every yard of the penalty.
  3. The rest of this seasons games are on BT Sport.
  4. I got it to play with no issues on Chrome.
  5. I’m using FireFox and all I have is a black screen.
  6. A Ravens fan here. I’m already in a FF league so will pass.
  7. Very interesting that Ashton keeps saying Dean is the RIGHT man and not the BEST man for the job.
  8. Sorry, yes it’s bright lime or yes it’s a darker green?
  9. The lime looks more green in the photos on the shop website. Has anyone been to the Gate today and seen one in person? If so, is it lime green like the photos released yesterday, or a darker green like on the shop website?
  10. Been watching since 2005 (first was Red Sox @ old Yankee Stadium), and have been to a dozen or so games in the States, including two in Tampa last month. Wasn’t going to go to this on account of the prices, but cracked on Tuesday and got tickets for the first base side. Looks like they’ll be home runs as people have said, Yankees form not withstanding, only 385 to centre.
  11. Apparently you can watch all Premiership games on the Bet365 site. Only just seen your post or I would have replied last night.
  12. I thought about heading down the Gate for today's game, but £26 for the South Stand! Guess I won't be watching Bris this season then.
  13. The Universiry of Virginia Cavaliers have a nice 50,000+ stadium. Obviously that would be too small for the gas.
  14. I shit you not, a gas head mate just posted this. "Wherever we end up playing in the future in needs to have the potential to be expanded beyond 25k. We can't limit our progress."
  15. #gaslogic says they'll go up from League 1 as they're 5th, but we won't go up when we're in 6th.
  16. I went to the Melbourne test match in 2010 and on day two I was sat next to a gas head. Thankfully he sat somewhere else after lunch.
  17. Really? Have you seen what Ashton Gate looks like these days?
  18. Lansdown wouldn't be seen walking up West Street with City fans, no he wouldn't. But give me the Bristolian who has invested millions in to his local club, including a £47m redevelopment of their ground. Gas logic strikes again.
  19. I'm a City fan in my mid 30s who grew up in north Bristol, and I have more mates who are Rovers fans then City fans, as a result. I remember the late 80s and early to mid 90s, and our inability to beat them for a number of years. As a result, they will always be our rivals to me, if not literally because, you know.. http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/soccer?iso=20001028T1645&p0=299&font=cursive
  20. Meanwhile on ass chat http://gaschat.co.uk/thread/7116/otib-watch Apparently we've had a dull season. Admittedly we aren't going for promotion, but I would say it's been interesting for us in the CHAMPIONSHIP. Our last 2 games have had nothing on them, but we are playing a team who have spent 3 of the 4 seasons in the Premier League, in our last game of the season. I'd rather flirt with relegation in the Championship than push for top 3 in the basement myself.
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