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  1. Another promising player on board. Welcome to Bristol, Kane!
  2. Hmm, from this photo the sponsor seems OK [source: footballkitarchive.com], so...for me this kit is a full YES.
  3. Maybe it's a hint: the birth year of our next signings?
  4. I like the style of the home kit and the reference to the past...whereas I find the sponsor too large/bulky, at least from the photos (maybe on the pitch it will look better).
  5. IMO the purple one is not so bad, but the other one...
  6. It seems a very good signing.Welcome to Bristol, Kal! Maybe Baker's replacement?
  7. I forgot the experience at Grimsby. Good point. With ''two players'' as answer, I confirm my 21 points.
  8. 21 point for me. Anyway, I guess there is an error in the question about debuts: Idehen played in the U23 team (so Academy) and then he made his first appearance for the first team, so the debuts should be three, right?
  9. Welcome to Bristol, Mark! I didn't expect a signing in mid-May!
  10. Klose signing would be great, especially if rumours about Baker's departure/retirement will be confirmed. Cundy seem to have impressed too. About COD...I think that he lost himself a bit, but he was also unlucky to get injured after he hit form. Anyway, I understand the choice of releasing him.
  11. Well, he already was a great player, but this season he has been oustanding...helped by the manager and his team-mates (especially his attacking partners). He remains our best player. Anyway, great afternoon: winning is good, but thrashing the hateful Hull is better!
  12. Gimme five, Andi! Not a bad player, this Weimann!
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