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  1. 4-3-3 with Weimann and Pring as wingers?
  2. Honestly I expect a loss with a former player's goal (probably Flint), but I'll listen to the match, hoping for a better result. COYR!
  3. Partly agree with the commercial side (considering the financial Covid effects), and surely he will score some goals; he has a winning mentality (now a cheating one too, considering where he played recently) but I don't know if he will galvanise the other players or create problems because he wants to be the star, always play, etc. Anyway, I hope you're right and that this deal will benefit more Man Utd than Rubentus.
  4. Hopefully he will play regular football in Scotland. Good to have the January recall option too, because we don't know if Cundy can be a good reserve in our league and Baker has come back after a long injury.
  5. Past his best and on enormous wages, so probably Man Utd did a favour to Rubentus (another one after overpaying Pogba ). Not a good idea, IMO.
  6. Bentley Simpson, Baker, Kalas, Dasilva Massengo, James Weimann, King, Pring Martin
  7. No ''undisclosed fee'' mentioned on the site. Maybe not having to pay his wages means that we can afford to keep Kalas at least?
  8. It's a pity to lose a good midfielder, but I'd have understood it we gained good money: seeing him leaving on a free is disappointing. From a footballing perspective I don't see think it's a good move for him neither...but good luck to him.
  9. IMO in the first half he was not that bad, but in the second he gifted them some freekicks and ignored some clear fouls on our players, so I disagree with ''for both teams''. Shame because we would have had more chances with more freekicks, especially after the changes in the 2nd half. It happens...
  10. So undeserved. The second half was more even and our attacks were less effective, but their best player probably was the referee, who gifted them a lot of free kicks whereas he didn'r punished many of their fauls. Shame, but I hope that similar performances will bring us points soon.
  11. Ref giving us nothing. Our attacks are becoming less dangerous now.
  12. Frustrating first half: the lads showed energy, good attacking play and created chances...but one of the rare dangers caused by Swansea is deciding the match. Maybe we could have defended better, but that rebound was lucky. Still time to get something from this match. COYR!!
  13. FFS! We were playing better. Undeserved.
  14. Good move for Owura. We have many youngsters in attack so I expect at least another departure.
  15. I'll watch the match on DAZN Italy. To me a draw wouldn't be a bad result at all, because Swansea remain a good team...but maybe we can take advantage of their difficult moment, like we did against Reading.
  16. PHEW! You write anxiety,you read Bristol City. Finally back to winning ways!
  17. No need to give injury time,ref!!
  18. Not again City. Not again,please!
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