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  1. We deserved more...but when your team plays with pride, passion and quality...there's no space for regrets, but only for claps. An oustanding performance in the first half, and a good one in the second period. Matt Smith was a real giant, but unfortunately he didn't find the net; Freeman, in the first half was classy, JET wasn't too inspired but was very useful from a tactical point of view, Korey Smith was everywhere, and the defense looked always solid. Well done, Robins!
  2. Fantastic performance and a very important win, which increases the gap between us and our promotion rivals.
  3. Very happy for the the result, but also for the performance. Little & Freeman were oustanding, but all the team played well. COYR!!!
  4. Fantastic first-half performance by the lads. Keep it going in the second half!
  5. I became interested in the Robins in their last League One season, but I started watching & supporting City only in the following season...so I didn't really experienced League One: this relegation makes me feel in a strange way...but I'm trying to be positive, and considering L1 an opportunity to rebuild a competitive team, and fly back to the Championship soon. After 6 seasons in the Championship, a new chapter of BC's history is approaching: a relegation is not easy to accept, but our club will come back stronger! Sempre forza Robins!
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